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Chapter 289 - Tell Them My Name

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 289: Tell Them My Name

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    Three months had passed since Chen Fan had come back.

    Within this three month time, Chen Fan had spent most of his time on the Green Dragon Grand Array. Seeing the completion of the large scale dharma array was finally underway, Chen Fan let out a sigh of relief. As long as he had this Dharma Array, he could ward off any attack even if his enemy had modern weapons at their disposal.

    The Green Dragon Grand Array was different than Zhou Daoji’s Grand Array of Nine Dragons because it could be used multiple times. In addition, the energy inside of the Green Dragon Grand Array was much easier to control and had multiple functions. It could be used to gather spirit qi, confuse intruders, attack, and defend. Even modern artillery wouldn’t be able to destroy the defense of the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    After this array was finished, the Misty Mountain Array at Chu Zhou City would lose its function. Therefore, Chen Fan planned to get rid of the Misty Mountain Array and transfer the Array Spirit there into the Green Dragon Grand Array. Spirit creatures such as the Yin Snake were very hard to come by, and it would be the final touch that completed the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    “Boss, boss! I met a high school hot chick! She is supposed to be the class leader of her class and she has a lot of pretty friends. Do you want to join us at the bar tonight?” Qiu Yilun came up to Chen Fan and said with a lewd smile.

    “Bug off!” Chen Fan waved a hand and said: “I have a date with Xiao Qiong tonight.”

    “Tsk..tsk! Boss, you need a life. Xiao Qiong is nice and all, but you also need to appreciate other kinds of beauty in your life. It’s good for your relationship as well.” Qiu Yilun shook his head and lamented. “Ah-right, boss. Zhou Qinya seemed to have gotten back with her boyfriend. Lulu saw the two of them going out for dinner together in a Ferrari.”

    “I see.” Chen Fan’s eyes remain locked on his book.

    The night he was back from Hong Kong, Chen Fan erased the memories of the girls. His actions were backed by Qiu Yilun and Qi Wangsun

    “We are bros! I can keep a secret for you. However, we don’t trust those three girls, they might spread rumors.”

    To believe a woman could keep a secret was like believing bears were not interested in honey.

    In order to avoid his cover as a college student being blown, Chen Fan erased the three girl’s memory using secret arts. Zhou Qinya and the other girl only remembered that they had been to Hong Kong but nothing about what had happened at the Cruise Ship.

    “To be frank with you, boss, you shouldn’t have erased Zhou Qinya’s memory. She is nothing like Lulu nor Xiaojin. I don’t think she would spill the beans but she might use your secret as leverage to make you sleep with her. A win-win situation! What a pity, she was one of the best in our Business School both in terms of looks and brains.” Qiu Yilun lamented.

    He still believed that Chen Fan needed to loosen up a bit.

    Chen Fan cracked a smile. If his identity was made public, there would be countless pretty birds flocking to him. The greatest idol of all girls in China became an idol only because he was the son of the richest man in China, however, even now, Chen Fan already had enough wealth to claim the title as the richest man in the world.

    Jiang Bei, Zheng family, Medicine God Valley Sect, Lu family and Kunloon, all of these subjects of his owned over a few dozen billion at least.

    “Ah, right. Have you noticed that something is off about Senior Brother?” Qiu Yilun asked abruptly.

    Chen Fan furrowed brows and put down the book.

    He, too, had found Qi Wangsun was acting strangely recently. For example, he was gone early in the morning and wouldn’t return to the dorm until very late in the night. Even when he made a phone call, he would find a quiet place to talk. Despite that, Chen Fan could still hear clearly of his conversation. Chen Fan respected his roommate’s privacy, so he often blocked his room mate’s private conversation.

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin as he recalled what had happened in his past life.

    “Could it be that the Qi Family is here?”

    Qi Wangsun always kept things to himself, and he was like that in Chen Fan’s past life as well. All Chen Fan knew about him was that he was from a prestigious family in Northern China and Qi Wangsun also had a fiance. He had come to this southern university just to avoid seeing the fiance that he never liked. After he graduated from Jin City University, he went overseas to continue his education.

    Meanwhile, inside a high-class Japanese Spa Center.

    The restaurant was filled with attractive maids wearing kimonos. The large V-neck exposed their neck caked with white power. They wore their hair up with an intricate braids decorated with glittering headdress. Their asses swayed sultrily with every step they took. Each one of them was carrying a tray full of Sake, Sushi, Sashimi and other expensive food.

    “Young Master, all these maids are hand-picked by me from Japan. They all have just graduated from high school and most of them are still virgins. would you like me to prepare one for you tonight?”

    Inside of a plain but elegantly decorated room, a bald brawny man sat on his legs. His arm was inked with a menacing dragon, it’s withering body contrasted a large scar that ran across his bald head. His body was encased in a black suit and his burgeoning muscles had stretched the suit so much that it was about to rip at the seams. He was at least two meters tall and even when he was sitting down, he was about the same height as an ordinary Chinese person.

    Across from him sat a young scrawny man. He wore a pair of round glasses. His face was thin and had a pointy chin. He was Chen Fan’s roommate, Qi Wangsun.

    Qi Wangsun looked nothing like a wimpy college student. His kept his back straight, and eyes sharp, looking like a powerful boss.

    The brawny man lowered his head and regarded Qi Wangsun respectfully.

    He knew that the young man sitting before him was his boss’s son, the heir to an incredible heirloom.

    “No need, even if I want to have some fun tonight, I would find a virgin from Tokyo University who had a decent upbringing.” Qi Wangsun sipped the sake and said lightly.

    “Why of course! You are the heir of the Dong Sheng Group. You could have a descendant of the Japanese Royal family, much less a college girl from Tokyo University.” The bald man said with a smile.

    Tokyo University was one of the most prestigious universities in Japan. Most of the high-level government officials had graduated from this university. It ranked much higher than the Huaqin University of China globally. Being admitted to Tokyo University meant a bright future in Japan.

    “Let’s get to the point, what do you need from me? I don’t want anything to do with the mess in the Yellow Sea.”

    Qi Wangsun put down his wine cup and asked with furrowed brows.

    This brawny man was one of his father’s most trusted assistants. He had contributed a lot to his father’s success and therefore was awarded heavily as well. Seeing him in front of him gave Qi Wangsun a sense of foreboding.

    “Your father and mother tasked me to accompany you while you study here in Jin City.” The brawny man said with a smile.

    “has anything happened at home?” Qi Wangsu knotted his brows tighter and gave the brawny man a sharp glare.

    “Ermmmm… Ermmmm” The brawny man was terrible at lying. He was taken aback by the question at first and then a wry smile broke slowly broke over his face. “Young Lord, please stop pressing me for more answers. I … can’t….”

    “Anything happen to my father?” Qi Wangsun pressed on.

    “Dong Sheng Group and Fu Hai Group had a… run in.. on the sea. Your old man is concerned about your safety, so he sent me to protect you.” The brawny man said under his breath.

    “Fu Hai Group?”

    Qi Wangsun snorted.

    Both Dong Sheng Group and Fu Hai Group were reputable companies in Northern China. Although both companies were privately owned, their influence touched every facet of international trade logistics and beyond. They were involved in business such as trading ports, international shipping, seafood, real estate, international trade, warehouse, etc… The Yuan Yang Group at Tian He was peanuts compared to these two.

    Ever since Qi Wangsun was a child, the Dong Shen and Fu Hai were at each other’s throats, competing for the dominance of trading routes to Japan.

    “Fu Hai seemed to have gained the backing of a very high profile person in North-Eastern China. Therefore, they are acting up lately. Your old man wants me to ask you… if you could marry the daughter of our family ally in Japan?” The brawny man asked cautiously.


    Qi Wangsun suddenly rose to his feet knocking the wooden tray and drinks onto the floor.

    His face was flushed red and he shouted: “I will never marry that woman! If Qi Dongsheng wants to expand his business in Japan, I suggest he marry her himself.”

    After having said that, Qi Wangsun pushed open the wooden door and barged out.

    The brawny man sat awkwardly in the room by himself. After a while, the brawny man heaved a sigh and lamented disheartened.

    “Young Lord… The old man is on his last leg now.”

    “We have lost a dozen of our men in the conflict and worse, their benefactors at North-Eastern China are already on the move.”

    The thought of that man who had claimed the seat of power in North-Eastern China that bordered Russia gave the brawny man a shiver.

    He was a Martial Arts Grandmaster!

    Without the Support of Yukishiro family in Japan, the Dong Sheng Group would already have collapsed.

    Qi Wangsun returned the dorm with a long face. His roommates looked at him quietly as he entered the room.

    “What is it?”

    Qi Wangsun managed to put on a smile.

    “That is our question for you. You have been missing in action for many days, just like what boss did!” Qiu Yilun snorted. “Are we bros or not? If we are, then you should tell us what’s going on! Don’t worry, we have a boss, we can handle anything..”

    “Just some… family stuff.”

    Qi Wangsun shook his head.

    He had never thought that even in Jin City he couldn’t hide from that woman. The thought of that cold and stuck up b with an itch gave Qi Wangsun the jitters. He knew the vicious methods behind that seemingly innocent look, if she was not as conniving and ruthless as she was, she would never become the family lord of the Yukishiro family at the age of eighteen. She had the entire wealth of Kyushu in her disposal and was a CEO of the Sumii Group.

    If he married her, he would have sent himself into the blows of a vicious beast

    Seeing Qi Wangsun’s reluctance, everyone stopped pressing him for more answers.

    Chen Fan patted him on his shoulder and said: “If you are really in trouble, use my name, it might help.”

    “Your name?” Qi Wangsun asked in surprise.

    “Chen Beixuan”

    Chen Fan said and then walked out of the dorm.

    Qi Wangsun was dumbfounded by the development. He suddenly remembered that he had forgotten to ask his family to investigate the background of Chen Fan. Such a mighty figure who was rich and knows Dharma Spells shouldn’t have gone unnoticed by his family.