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Chapter 287 - Covenant of Soul and Spiri

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 287: Covenant of Soul and Spirit

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    Chen Fan was not afraid of the Loong family going back on their word.

    The difference between humans and beasts were a sense of dignity and respect. The loong family had been jumping up and down, challenging him because they didn’t quite understand his power. However, after seeing Chen Fan’s ability first hand, and knowing that whatever they did would not affect Chen Fan, they would behave obediently like Chen Fan’s lap dog.

    However, Kunloon was a different story.

    Kunloon was one of the four deadliest Gong Tau masters, a Perfected Cultivator at the peak of the Dharma Cultivation. He was even slightly more powerful than Chen Fan when he was still in the early-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment level. Such a mighty figure might have treated Chen Fan with respect now after he had recovered and regained his Pupil Art, he would seek to harm Chen Fan again.

    After all, Kunloon had dominated Northern Thailand for many years. He sat in the seat of power in Chiang Mai and projected his power to the entire Thailand. Many warlords of northern Thailand were his disciples. If he was go back to Thailand, he would reconnect with the military that supported him, he would quickly throw his respect and fear toward Chen Fan out of the window. He might have thought that Chen Fan was an Immortal State cultivator, but he might backtrack later and regret the fact that he had surrendered so quickly.

    However, Chen Fan had mastered the art of manipulating powerful cultivators during his past life’s cultivation.

    When he had the run-in with the Lu family, he was only at the late-stage of the Foundation Establishment level. He had to kill Lu Tianfen since he lacked the means of controlling a Grandmaster at that time. However, now Chen Fan had already reached the Ethereal Enlightenment and had many Divine powers at his disposal.

    On Earth, even a Grandmaster was a rare sight much less a Perfected Cultivator. Therefore, Chen Fan didn’t want to outright kill him, instead, he sought to placate and enlist him as his assistant.

    Chen Fan called out his name.


    “Yes, Master.” Kunloon came up to Chen Fan and bowed deeply.

    “Since you wish to become my disciple, and serve me, I have to warn you about my rules.” Chen Beixuan sat stately on a high chair as awe-inspiring energy generated from his majestic demeanor making him look like a god.

    “I would love to hear the rules of Immortal Master Chen.”

    Kunloon shivered a little as a sense of foreboding rose inside of him.

    He had been using his obedience as a ruse to lower Chen Fan’s guard. However powerful Chen Fan was, he was just a young man and lacked the shrewdness and meticulousness in his calculation. Like all young man, he must love complements and Kunloon hoped to capitalize on that. He hoped that Chen Fan would one day release him back to Thailand after his ego was bloated enough.

    Kunloon had risen to power a few decades ago, and therefore would not be satisfied with forever being a servant.

    “If you wish to serve me, you have to give me your life.”

    Chen Fan said slowly.

    “Give you my life?”

    Everyone quickly understood what Chen Fan meant. He wanted to turn the old man into his slave and Chen Fan would have the right to dictate his life or death.

    “I understand.”

    Kunloon plastered on a calm face and then replied.

    However, deep down, he had already made up his mind to run away to Thailand as soon as he got the chance and never set foot in Hong Kong ever again. If Chen Fan even went to Chiang Mai to look for him, he would have the support of an army a thousand strong. Even an Immortal State cultivator was no match against a modern army.

    “Let’s seal the deal then.”

    Chen Fan rose to his feet abruptly.

    Everyone watched as he formed a Dharma Seal in the air and drove his True Essence into the seal to form a True Essence. In the Void Dimension, countless rays of azure symbols appeared and they converged toward each other. In the end, they formed a complicated web of True Essence that emanated primordial energy.


    Chen Fan pointed a finger at Kunloon and the azure-colored talisman turned into a light and lanced into Kunloon’s body.

    “What is that?”

    Kunloon’s face darkened and was not sure what had happened to him. However, he felt a strong sense of foreboding rise up in his heart and his sixth sense screamed at him about the danger of the Talisman Inscription.

    “This is the Covenant of Soul and Spirit, it bound your soul and spirit to our deal. From today onward, if you disobey me, I can destroy your physical body and soul with a thought regardless of how far away you are.” Chen Fan said in an icy voice.


    Kunloon panicked. He charged up his energy and started to search inside of his soul energy; it wasn’t long before he noticed that something wasn’t quite right. Since he was blind and used only his Mind Eye, he was very sensitive to the presence of Soul Energy. He registered a layer of azure light that suffused over his soul. This layer of glowing energy seemed benign, but it would be deadly once charged up.

    Having realized his situation, Kunloon looked disheartened.

    He reckoned that from now on, his life was in the hands of Chen Fan. He had to act carefully around Chen Fan every day; an act he only meant to put on for a short while. If he angered Chen Fan, the young boy could kill him with a thought.

    The members of the Loong family were also shocked by the development.

    Loong Jianxin and Loong Jun felt a chill down their spines. He would rather be dead if they were in Kunloon’s shoes. Who would be able to sleep soundly at night knowing that there was a blade hanging constantly over your head?

    “Fret not. I will not harm you as long as you don’t betray me. You are a valuable asset to me because of your level of attainment.” Chen Fan said slowly.


    Kunloon’s face paled and he uttered a reply reluctantly.

    Chen Fan flicked a finger and a pill suddenly popped out from the yellow-skinned gourd. The young man snatched the pill in the air and rubbed it in both hands. Suddenly, an invisible energy formed around Kunloon’s body, and slowly made its way into Kunloon’s depleted soul, recharging it. Kunloon’s Mind Eye also regained its shape and opened up, revealing the golden pupils. The light in the pupil was even brighter than it had before.

    “What is that?”

    Kunloon looked up at Chen Fan shocked.

    “This is Soul Forming Pills. I have made it from the Seana from the Yin Dragon Pond. It helps to reform damaged soul energy. Even if your physical body had perished in this world, I can use this pill to bring your soul back to this life and slowly refine it until it gains substance.” Chen Fan said slowly.

    The art of management could be summarized into one phrase: Carrot and Stick

    The combination of punishment and reward would turn anyone into a loyal subject.

    Kunloon was a Perfected Cultivator and he dreamed of further improving his cultivation to reach the Immortal state. Chen Fan had given him an opportunity. Let it be the God Reining State on Earth or the Divine Sea Level of Immortal Cultivation, they both had high requirements for Soul and Spirit. The main signature characteristics of a Divine Sea Level cultivator was his use of Divine Will.

    “Thank you, Immortal Master Chen.”

    Kunloon dropped both knees and kowtowed to Chen Fan with genuine reverence.

    He knew how precious these elixirs were since they only existed in legends and ancient scrolls. However, Chen Fan had given one to his servant. Chen Fan’s generosity had genuinely impressed Kunloon and strengthened his loyalty. In order to achieve Immortal State, a strong soul and spirit were a must. With his soul and spirit fortified by the pill, Kunloon felt that he had inched even closer toward his goal.

    Mr. Shi, Qiu Yulin and the members of the Loong family were shocked to see a powerful mighty figure of SouthEast Asia bend his knees and kowtow to Chen Fan.

    Loong Jun, in particular, was terrified by the development. The promise of Chen Fan using the Covenant of Soul and Spirit on him made him shiver.

    Little did he know that it had cost Chen Fan a great deal of Divine Will to cast such a powerful binding spell. It was a waste to use this powerful spell on someone as insignificant as Loong Jun. At most, Chen Fan would only plant a Fire Lotus Seed in him.

    The Fire Lotus Seed was one variation of the Li Fire Golden Eyes. It could be buried inside one’s body waiting to be detonated. When the actual spell was activated, the fire seed would turn into a blooming flower of flame that engulfed its victim. Both Kunloon and Lu Tianfen have Perfected Cultivation and therefore were practically immune to regular fire damage. Another downside of this spell was that once planted, the fire seed would lose its effect after a few weeks. Chen Fan had planted a fire seed in Zhong Yaoyao’s body and that seed had long since expired.

    “After I leave Hong Kong, Kunloon will be my representative here. He will be in charge of protecting Zhen’s Financial Group and Zheng Anqi.” Chen Fan announced. “As for the Loong family, you will be responsible for providing me with cash and collect materials for me.”

    The situation at the Zheng family had just been stabilized and therefore couldn’t yet subsidize Chen Fan’s activities. However, that was not the case for the Loong family, the leader in finance and stock market investments. The Loong family even owned a bank with ample cash to spare.

    “Of course, I wouldn’t let your money go down the drain for nothing. After the East Mountain project is finished, the Loong family will have a share in the profit from the sale of the Catalyst Essence Serum. Plus, Loong family would have the exclusive rights to sell Yun Wu Spirit Water overseas.”

    Chen Fan used the carrot and the stick once again.

    “Catalyst Essence Serum? Yun Wu Spirit Water?” Even as everyone was dumbfounded by the jargon, Loong Jun suddenly remembered something. “Are you talking about the secret project undertaken by Aid International and other pharmaceutical companies in Jin City?”

    “You have heard of it?” Chen Fan gave Loong Jun a surprised glare.

    Loong family lowered his head and said in a quieter voice: “I ran an investment company, so I know all kinds of business secrets. I have noticed many top dogs in the pharmaceutical sector are buying back their stocks, so I wagered that they must have been working on a new product that they are betting on to drive their stock higher. It had to be some kind of miracle cure to have that effect. These insider traders would buy in as much stock as possible and once the price rises, they would sell them out.”

    Loong Jun gave Chen Fan a surprised look and asked: “Do you mean you are the owner of the project?”

    “Aid International had only provided some technical support, and I have the rights to the Catalyst Essence Serum’s ownership. Once the project is completed, I can sell it to anyone I want.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    Chen Fan’s announcement had made the Loong family elated. If they could have their skin in the game, and carve out a piece of the pie, the reward wouldn’t be any smaller than going after the Zheng family.

    Seeing the respect in Kunloon, Loong Jianxin, and Loong Jun, Zheng Anqi’s gaze on Chen Fan grew much softer and was filled with admiration. This young man never ceased to impress her. His impressive achievements and godly demeanor were deadly charming to her. Not even the heroic acts of her grandfather, whom she admired the most could compare with Chen Fan, much less the rich heirs of Hong Kong, such as Nin Tianchen. She knew that it would be worth it even if she had spent her entire life pursuing his affection.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan rubbed his chin and pondered.

    He wagered that the Catalyst Essence Serum project should have been wrapped up by now.