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Chapter 286 - Kneel and Plead

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 286: Kneel and Plead

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    The so-called Divine Body was a highly concentrated form of Soul Energy.

    A normal person’s soul energy was insignificant and fragile, and therefore, Chen Fan was able to put out the flame of soul energy in Nie Shunchen with a glare. The soul energy of a cultivator was a different story. Not only were they more powerful, but they could also be projected outward as a weapon. Those Soul Energy Masters could even pose a threat to Chen Fan. Some Soul Energy Masters could use their soul energy to hypnotize their victims or kill them from miles away. There were many different schools of soul energy cultivation, and almost every country on earth had their own unique methods.

    Kunloon’s One-eyed Pupil Art, for example, required him to forsake his own eyes in order to open his Mind Eye. He can then condensed his Soul Energy and shot it out from his Minds Eye in a beam of deadly light. This light was as powerful as Kunloon’s most deadly spells and could have annihilated the soul energy of any living person.

    However, little did Kunloon know that Chen Fan’s level of attainment in Soul Energy was far greater than that of Dharma Spells.

    Chen Fan was only at the early-stage of Ethereal Enlightenment level, therefore, his Dharmic powers and Divine powers were only a few notches deadlier than Kunloon. However, he had gone much further in his soul energy arts, and he was able to form Divine Will from his soul energy a while ago.

    Comparing the Soul Energy to the Divine Will was the same as comparing a steel blade with a wooden stick. However, solid a wooden stick was, it would be severed in half by any steel blade. Ever since Chen Fan obtained the golden statue, his Divine Will had strengthened at least ten times. Therefore, he was already able to unleash as much power as he could in the Divine Sea level.


    Kunloon’s Mind Eye opened up as a golden light lanced out, making him look like the three-eyed Erlang Shen in Chinese mythology. His soul energy had taken physical form in real-life: a clear sign that he was as powerful as an early-stage Ethereal Enlightenment level cultivator. However, to Kunloon’s surprise, he watched as an azure-colored light flashed in Chen Fan’s eyes and then an azure flame, more powerful than his golden energy lanced out from Chen Fan’s eyes.

    This azure-colored flame danced around unequivocally in the real world just as a real flame would.

    Suddenly, the azure-colored Divine Light turned up the intensity and it started to crackle, creating countless azure tendrils of sparks.

    Any ordinary mortal who connected eye contact with Chen Fan would have been blinded by the sizzling energy. Even a cultivator would be terrified by the presence of deadly power. However, Kunloon didn’t back down. Instead, he locked his gaze onto Chen Fan’s and doubled down on his attack.

    The two pulses of soul energy clashed together, creating a giant explosion in the void dimension.


    Kunloon howled out a saddend cry.

    If he didn’t open his Mind Eye to cast out his soul energy, Chen Fan might not have had the chance to deliver a blow to him. After all, Chen Fan’s Divine Will would not be able to outright kill a spellcaster who had reached the peak of the Dharma Cultivation. However, since Kunloon had attacked with abandon, Chen Fan was able to negate his defense and strike where it hurts.

    Kunloon’s golden light was washed away as soon as it came in contact with the azure-colored flame. The flame barraged into Kunloon’s Mind Eye and destroyed it in a blink, turning it into an ordinary-looking line of red ink.

    Kunloon stumbled back a few feet and collapsed into a chair. the Chair was made out yellow-rosewood and was crushed by Kunloon’s weight and momentum. Two lines of red blood trickled down Kunloon’s cheeks.

    In a fraction of a second, his Pupil Art was crushed by Chen Fan’s overbearing Divine Will. His spirit shattered and soul damaged. Even an ordinary man could have killed him much less a powerful cultivator.

    Such was the danger of battling with soul energy.

    Unlike normal spell battles, fighting using soul energy was a risky business. A person’s soul and spirit was the most vulnerable aspect of life and although they could be turned into a deadly weapon, they also positioned the users into a very dangerous situation. It was not uncommon to have both cultivators gravely injured after a battle. Because of that, there was rarely any direct confrontation among Immortal Cultivators.

    “Why, why are you so strong!”

    Blood running down from Kunloon’s eyes and his Mind Eye unresponsive. He collapsed on the ground in a half death state as he asked in a feeble and shaky voice.

    The moment he came into contact with Chen Fan’s Divine Will, he could sense the immense breadth and depth of his soul energy. It was ten times stronger than his. The Soul Energy was as hard as steel and it hammered squarely on his soul and spirit. After taking the brunt of the attack, Kunloon had survived thanks to his decades of cultivation. However, it was a near escape. His Pupil Art was countered, his soul and spirit shattered. It would take him a few years to recuperate.

    Kunloon simply couldn’t imagine that Chen Fan at such a young age was able to master not only the Martial arts, Dharma Spells and Physical refinement, but also Soul Energy. That was unheard of and outright impossible. Not even a cultivation prodigy could have pulled that off.

    “You are too weak.”

    Chen Fan waved a hand and looked up at the Loong family members.

    Although the azure-colored lights had mostly dissipated, there was still a hint of blue in his eyes. Suddenly, he sent out a fiery Divine Will that swept across the room. The Loong family members were ordinary mortals and therefore they were shaken to the core by the wave of immense energy. Their hearts skipped a few beats and then all of them collapsed to the ground.

    “Chen Beixuan… I… will never… surrender!”

    Loong Jun gritted his teeth and struggled to his feet. Blood seeped out from his gums and welled in his mouth. He glared at Chen Fan indignantly.


    Chen Fan snorted as the light in his eyes surged.


    Loong Jun’s legs gave in as he kneeled down before Chen Fan. The momentum carried his head down until it touched the floor.

    Was this Chen Beixuan’s true power? If so, he could have dominated any mortal in the world.

    The members of the Loong family were terrified by the development. They had never thought that anyone could be so unimaginably strong. They would never have believed in Chen Fan’s power if they haven’t seen in with their own eyes. And after they had seen it once, it could never be unseen.

    Thus it was, without seeing Mount Tai with one’s own eyes, one would never appreciate the grandiose of its range; without seeing the Eastern Sea with one’s own eyes, one would never understand its vastness.

    It wasn’t until they met with Chen Fan and were stunned by Chen Fan’s power, did they realize how naive they were to think they could rival him. Chen Fan could have killed them with one thought. Even their immense fortune wouldn’t help them when they were faced before such a deadly foe. Neither could they take these worldly possessions with them after they die.

    “Do you believe me now?”

    Chen Fan walked over to Loong Jun and looked down at the Financial Magnate of Hong Kong. Loong Jun had long since lost his stately demeanor; he collapsed on the ground lifelessly like a toad. He kowtowed to Chen Fan vigorously.

    “I believe in you, I believe in you!”

    Every word he spoke hurt his heart like a knife stab.

    Loong Jun was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never had he suffered such humiliation. However, looking around him, he saw his uncles and unties, even his father Loong Jianxin kneeled before the devilish young man, his will to fight back suddenly evaporated.

    “Starting from today, the Loong family will be responsible for making sure nothing will happen to the Zheng’s Financial Group. If the Zheng’s Financial Group collapses, I will kill every one of you.” Chen Fan Linked his hands behind his back and said plainly.

    His voice was as cold as the icy wind from the tundra, it made all the Loong family members feel a chill down their spines.

    “Does that mean the Loong family will become the guardians of Zheng’s Financial Group?”

    Many people thought of the same thing in their mind.

    No one dared to protest and even Lord Loong, Loong Jianxin kowtowed respectfully and said: “Please be rest assured, Mr. Chen. The Loong family will take good care of the Zheng’s Financial Group, and will not let anyone harm it.”

    Chen Fan nodded and then looked to Kunloon.

    He came to the Loong family to scare them but not to kill. He had killed everyone in Sheng family and a few in the Zheng family, if he recklessly murdered all the members of the Loong family, he wagered that not even General Li would be able to help him. The Chinese government simply would not tolerate his killing spree.

    However, Kunloon was not Chinese, so the Chinese government would not care less about his life.

    However, Kunloon had lived a rough and tumble life before and knew the right action at the right moment. He managed to get up and said in admiration: “I have eyes but failed to see mount Thai. Please spare my life, Grandmaster Chen. I will become your disciple and obey your orders from now on. If I betray you, I will perish in both my body and soul.”

    He kneeled before Chen Fan, body shivering uncontrollably. After waiting for about as long as a century, he finally heard a reply.


    When Zheng Anqi finally made her way to the Loong family’s manor, the fight had already been over for ten minutes.

    She was a supermodel, so she kept her body in good shape. Although she didn’t wear any shoes, she was still able to run with incredible speed. However, the soles of her feet were grazed by the rocky path and were riddled with small scratches.

    Zheng Anqi didn’t care about the pain in her feet and barged into the Loong family’s manor.

    When she made her way to the meeting hall, she found Chen Fan sitting on a high chair and was surrounded by Lord Loong, Loong Jun, and a thin old man.


    Zheng Anqi was perplexed by what she saw.

    She had been expecting a fight between Chen Fan and a Muay Thai fighter, but the meeting hall seemed too peaceful to be a battleground.

    As soon as Mr. Shi and Qiu Yulin saw the thin old man, their face darkened and exclaimed: “The one-eyed naga king! Dashava Kunloon?”

    “From now on, there was no more One-eyed Naga King. I am but an old servant of Master Chen and my name is Zhang Qinhuan.” Kunloon bowed slightly and said humbly.

    Although his eyes were shut, they could still tell the fear and respect on the old man’s face.

    God Reining State

    Chen Fan was a God Reining State Cultivator!

    He had to be, otherwise, his soul energy would not be so powerful. Even the most potent Soul Energy Master could not reach one-tenth of his attainment. The thought of Chen Fan’s vast and dense soul energy gave Kunloon the jitters again.

    He had never imagined that he would meet a God Reining State Immortal Master before he died. Wrose, Chen Fan was so young and so much more powerful than he had imagined.

    Kunloon didn’t think he overreacted when he kneeled before Chen Fan. After all, Chen Fan was an Immortal State master, the title Immortal State said it all.

    “Anqi, Mr. Shi and Yulin, you guys are here.”

    Chen Fan sat at the table and was savoring a cup of supreme-grade Maojian tea. He said faintly: “From now on, the Loong family is the Zheng family’s ally. Feel free to ask them for help if you need anything.”

    “Yes, master.”

    Despite the questions in their minds, Zheng Anqi and the others lowered their heads and replied.

    Meanwhile, no one in the Loong family appeared to be disheartened by what had happened. However, deep down, they cried for their loss. Little did they know that they had loaded a gun and shot themselves in the foot.