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Chapter 285 - Kill You With One Slap

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 285: Kill You With One Slap

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    “Who is that??”

    Alodi was the first to react to the voice that came from the entrance before the Loong family members did. He dashed forward with the speed of a panther and arrived before the gate. He stood between the threshold and the people in the room. He stood with legs bent slightly and bare feet. His glinting gaze locked on the closed door, as an air of belligerence emanated from his tensed-up body. Suddenly, the Loong family felt a chill down their spines.


    The heaven wooden door swung open, as a young man walked into the house. He hitched his thumbs in his pockets and carried a great measure of levity. The numerous bodyguards and guard dogs were nowhere to be seen behind the opened door.

    “Who are you?”

    Alodi asked with in broken Chinese.

    Alodi could sense no sign of cultivation in this young man, but his sixth sense kicked his body into overdrive as if he was standing before the biggest threat of his life. Alodi had relied on his sixth sense many times to get out of harm’s way and therefore he trusted it greatly.

    “He is Chen Beixuan!”

    Loong Jun nearly shouted.

    Chen Fan had used his normal appearance, but since Alodi had only seen Chen Fan’s picture when he was in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body, Alodi was clueless as to who the young man was. However, Loong Jun had picked up similarities in this boy’s face and that of Chen Beixuan’s picture, so he recognized him immediately.

    “Are you Chen Beixuan?”

    Alodi tensed up his body a little bit more as he felt his heart pounded in his chest, pumping blood and energy into every cell of his body. He felt that he had gathered enough force to punch through a one-meter thick steel plate.

    Alodi was getting increasingly excited and agitated; the steam was building quickly inside of him.

    He was one of the most powerful Ancient Muay Thai Grandmaster and had unbeatable match records. He was undefeatable until he had faced Kunloon’s deadly spells. Although he knew that China was well known for its Martial Arts Grandmasters, and Chen Fan was one of them, he was not at all afraid. He totally despised the use of Internal Force by the Chinese Martial Artists and thought it was a disgrace to the Martial arts.

    The real Martial arts was the arts of pure strength. Every strike must be sure and deadly, so much so that they could kill a galloping horse if not a raging tiger.

    “What makes you think that you can call me by name?”

    Chen Fan snorted and took a step forward. He opened up his palm and shot out an arm at Alodi.

    He was here to kill the chicken to warn the monkeys, so to speak. However, he was surprised to find two Thais among his original targets. Chen Fan didn’t think too much, whether they were from Thailand or Hong Kong, they were all chickens.


    Alodi’s eyes lit up with excitement. He let out a deep growling that sounded like the wet croak of fog on steroids. His chest also puffed up to unnatural proportions, just as a frog’s belly would. He then stomped the ground, generating enough force to tear apart the wool blanket and to create a depression on the floor at his feet. If he was wearing any shoes, the soles of the shoes would have been gone by now.

    “Chakravarti’s Fist Seal!”

    Alodi’s fingers dances in the air and formed a great number of hand signs, the motion turned his fingers into blurry shadows, making his hands look like blooming lotus. In the end, he ended the movement in a fist, representing the greatest and fullest enlightenment of power. In the void dimension, a turning golden wheel appeared. The power in this attack was so deadly that he threatened to disrupt the time and space. A wave of explosions came up in the air due to the eruption of heavily condensed energy packets.

    Chen Fan had meet another martial artist from Thailand called Song Tao, the Eight-Armed Arhat. He was able to use hand, elbow, knees, and legs at the same time, raining his attack onto his opponent.

    Alodi’s understanding of strength was beyond any boxing technique. It had enlightened him to the way to Dao and Dharma. The Chakravarti’s Fist Seal was a secret technique from Theravada Buddhism. It was the core component of Ancient Muay Thai. Each and every hand sign he used would unlock one of Circle of Chakra to unleash the secrets of flesh. Once he was completed, he would pose enough strength to wrestle with an elephant.

    “This punch of Alodi should be able to defeat a peak level Grandmaster.”

    Kunloon calmly sat in his seat and said with an approving nod.

    Alodi had dominated Thailand, however, when it came down to his level of attainment, it was about as high as a mid-stage Transcendent State Grandmaster in China. Suddenly, the punch which he threw at Chen Fan with abandon exploded with such ferocity that even Lei Qianjue or Lin Tatian would have to get out of harm’s way if they were standing before it.

    Kunloon was convinced that the spell would make Chen Fan scramble for safety, so he had already started to prepare for the next spell.

    Everyone, including the members of the Loong family, rounded their eyes in surprise as they watched the development unfold. Alodi’s punch had filled the entire house with a deadly fury of the fist. Under everyone’s incredulous watch, the Thai fighter’s small body increased in size until his head reached the ceiling. Chen Fan seemed small and fragile before his hulking frame and looked like an egg that was about to hit the giant wall.

    “That’s incredible! Is that the power of a Grandmaster?”

    Liu Yuze, Loong Jianxin, and Loong Jun were all stunned.

    They knew about Grandmasters, but this was the first time they had ever seen one with their own eyes. They simply couldn’t believe the crushing force that came from that man who was half the size of an average Chinese. His hulking presence instilled fear and admiration into these men’s minds.

    “If even Alodi was this powerful, how powerful exactly is Kunloon going to be?”

    Everyone was terrified by what they saw.

    However, Chen Fan was unfazed. He lifted a hand and slapped at his opponent with nearly lazy movements.

    “Courting death!”

    A vicious light came up in Alodi’s eyes as he doubled down on his attack. The muscles on his arms and shoulders bulged up and looked like they were filled with molten iron. It was so hard that even a bullet landed on it would be ricochet away.


    A clank erupted that sounded like a wood stick hitting a bronze bell.

    Under everyone’s expectant watch, the two finally collided.

    Alodi’s mighty fist that was able to crash an armored vehicle landed squarely on Chen Fan’s chest. However, Chen Fan’s body barely moved by the attack. Under Alodi’s incredulous watch, Chen Fan’s slow slap landed at the top of his head.


    A loud snapping sound shot through the room.

    Alodi’s head was squashed into his chest and his body was driven into the ground by the impact, filling up the hole created by Chen Fan using his body. Alodi was nowhere to be seen, only a little lump on the ground where he was just standing remained.

    A pin-drop silence suddenly fell over the room.

    Everyone was dumbfounded and the only thing they could do was stare.

    Even Dashava Kunloon, the deadly Gong Taun master nearly fell from his chair.

    No one had thought that the powerful Muay Thai Grandmaster who had a body as hard as diamond was killed by Chen Fan with a slap on the head.

    Using the One Eye Divine Spell, Kunloon was able to observe the battle more keenly than others. His acute soul energy sensed that not only was Chen Fan unharmed by Alodi’s punch, but Alodi’s hand was also injured by the hard impact. The moment Chen Fan’s hand landed on Alodi’s head, Alodi’s brain was shattered in an instant and fragments of his skull penetrated through his chest cavity and embedded in his lungs. In the end, Chen Fan drove Alodi’s body into the ground like driving a stake.

    “How is that possible?”

    Kunloon couldn’t believe what he had sensed.

    He knew first hand the power of Alodi and was convinced that even a male elephant during the mating season would be easily killed by Alodi’s punch. Even Kunloon himself did not dare to counter Alodi’s attack using his body, instead, he had to carefully and patiently weaken the fighter’s body and then he constrained his movements using his soul energies.

    However, Chen Fan had taken the brunt of the attack and was unscathed.

    Alodi’s punch didn’t seem to have any effect on the young man, which made Kunloon wonder how powerful exactly was Chen Fan’s body? It has to be harder than steel since Alodi’s punch should have at least left a dent on a steel plate.

    With that thought in mind, Kunloon’s heart was seized by an overwhelming sense of threat.

    He had never felt more scared in his life, not even when he had to stand before the Grand Array of Nine Dragons. At that time, he was more amazed by Zhou Daoji’s Array formation than scared by it. After all, the power in Zhou Daoji’s Array formation did not belong to the spell caster since it was borrowed from nature. However, Chen Fan’s indestructible body was very much his own ability, and it outright terrified Kunloon.

    “I finally understand how Zhou Daoji lost the fight.”

    Kunloon let out an ugly grin. Chen Fan’s physical strength was so overwhelmingly strong that Zhou Daoji must have already been killed before he could cast any spells. Any Array formation or Dharma Spells were jokes before someone who could tear apart an armored tank barehanded.

    “Foolish kid, he shouldn’t have tried to fight me with his bare hands.”

    Chen Fan dusted his shirt and shrugged.

    Alodi’s power was not that much weaker than Lin Tatian. Lin Tatian had lasted much longer during his fight with Chen Fan, however, Alodi was killed with only one strike. His weakness compared to Chen Fan contributed only part of his downfall, the other factors was his overconfidence and ignorance.

    Chen Fan loved the thrill of killing using such brute force.

    Not even an immortal state cultivator couldn’t harm him through his Azure Thearch Longevity Body, much less Alodi. The best method to fight with Chen Fan was to keep distance and kite him with long-distance spells or True Qi to weaken him.

    “Didn’t you say that you wanted to challenge me in ten days? Why don’t we do it now?”

    Chen Fan looked over his shoulder toward Kunloon. He gave the old man a broad smile, revealing a row of healthy teeth. “If you can survive one punch from me, I will leave Hong Kong.”

    “Chen Beixuan, you think too lightly of me!”

    Kunloon pulled a taut face and shouted at Chen Fan as he slammed the table. Suddenly, the red line on his forehead turned into an eye with golden pupils. it looked like an eye of a giant dragon. A golden light shot out from the eye and surrounded Chen Fan.

    This was the Art of One-eyed Pupil Art which Kunloon had perfected over three decades. In order to master this art, he even has forsaken his real eyes, so that he could focus on this eye born out of his mind.

    Kunloon was convinced that no martial artists, other than an Immortal State cultivator could survive his Pupil Art. The golden light that shot out from his eye was pure soul energy and regardless of how strong one’s body was, their soul would be shattered by Pupil Art, leaving only an empty husk.

    This was the trump card that gave Kunloon the confidence to challenge Zhou Daoji and Chen Fan.

    “The last one trying to attack me using brute force, now you wish to fight me using Divine Will?”

    To Kunloon’s surprise, Chen Fan let out a lighthearted smirk.

    His soul energy was far more powerful than mortals on earth. The difference was even greater than that in their level of attainments of Dharma Cultivation