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Chapter 284 - Are You Talking About Me?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 284: Are You Talking About Me?

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    After Chen Fan had tied up the rest of the loose ends, he was ready to leave Hong Kong.

    All the material for building the Dharma Array was stuffed by him into the Dimension Altering Dharma Treasure. The Dharma Array material, like most Spirit Material, didn’t take up much space at all. Chen Fan didn’t end up going to the Chinese Esotericism conference since he had already gotten what he was looking for.

    Meanwhile, the Zheng’s Financial Group was also finally on the right track, the last remaining issue yet to be resolved was the Loong family.

    “People would die for money just as birds would for food.”

    Chen Fan stood at the top of the mountain and looked into the distance. On the sparkling shore of Deep Water Bay, the Loong family’s mansion was well lit, shining like a jewel.

    People would always risk their lives for money. They could engage in all kinds of dangerous activities such as murder, arson, robbery, drugs and so on. For money, the would trample the rule of law under their feet. The Zheng’s Financial Group looked like a tender mutton chop, luring the alligators to prowl about, waiting for their opportunity to lash out. Chen Fan was convinced that as soon as he left Hong Kong, they would unsheathe their fangs and bury their teeth and dig them into the Zheng’s Financial Group.

    However competent and talented Zheng Anqi was, she was just a girl.

    Without the same rough and tumble experience as her grandpa had, she lacked prestige and connections. Even her father had worked from the bottom of the Zheng’s Group and therefore had earned the trust of many employees.

    Even now, rumors were spreading that Zheng Anqi had capitulated to Chen Fan both mentally and physically. Without offering pleasure to Chen Fan during the night, she would never be able to sit in the CEO’s position. Sometimes even Zheng Anqi felt the rumor seemed more plausible than reality.

    A girl such as her would be able to run a company when everything was smooth sailing, but would quickly be overwhelmed once the other magnates swarmed at her.

    “There were over a few dozen billion at stake. If I were them, I would do the same.”

    Chen Fan shook his head.

    In his past life, the Sheng family had orchestrated his mother’s car accident for the Jin Xiu Group. It wouldn’t be hard to imagine what people would do when the stakes were as high as a corporation that owned four public companies. Chen Fan might have successfully projected a large shadow in others’ minds, in reality, he had only killed four men in Hong Kong so far.

    They were Nin Tianchen, Zhou Daoji, Zheng Zhongming, and Nie Shunchen.

    The Chen’s Group had forgiven Zhang Ziru, the Zhou Family, the Zheng family, and the Nie family. Chen Fan was not surprised at all that the Loong family would brave the risk to get a piece of pie from the Zheng’s Financial Group due to his benevolence. Even a superpower such as America has enemies who dared to hijack planes and crash them into their national symbol of pride and wealth.

    “But I wager that after today, there should be no one who dares to challenge me again.”

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and made his way toward the mansion of the Loong family.

    The Loong family was one of the top ten family clans in Hong Kong and most of their business was in the financial sector, such as banks, insurance, and stock shares. In part, that was what drove the Loong family to vie for a share from the falling Zheng’s Financial Group.

    The Loong family mansion was lit up with bright lights.

    The Old man Loong, Loong Jun and many other leaders of the Loong family gathered around an old man.

    The old man was wearing a plain colored robe that reached his bare feet on the expensive wool blanket. He wore no trinkets nor was there any decorative elements on his clothing, making him look like a mendicant monk. This monk’s eyes were closed shut as if he was blind; on his forehead, a red line wiggled about.

    A short and small man stood behind the old man, he was the Muay Thai Grandmaster, Alodi.

    “Master Dashava, your presence honors us.”

    The Old Man Loong, Loong Jianxin slapped the armrest and said with a broad smile on his face.

    At the age of seventy, he was the youngest of all the top dogs in Hong Kong. He made his first pot of gold in the finance sector and rose to power. His profession had given him a shrewd mind and a sharp vision for the future. Even as the other top dogs were dithering about whether they should accept Chen Fan or rise against him, Loong Jianxin was the first to notice the power vacuum left by the last Feng Shui Master and sought to fill that vacuum with one of his allies.

    That vacuum was left by Zhou Daoji. No one dared to think of challenging him when he was still alive. However, as soon as he was dead, opportunity arose, particularly when most of the elites in Hong Kong had yet to accept Chen Fan.

    Therefore, Loong Jianxin acted decisively and went to Chiang Mai to personally invite one of the four deadliest Gong Tau master Dashava Kunloon to Hong Kong. Kunloon was of Chinese descent, therefore could be easily accepted by the elites of Hong Kong compared to other candidates. Many rich and powerful people had already visited this powerful master during some point in their lives.

    “Lord Loong can just call me by my Chinese name ‘Zhang Qinhuan’ or Kunloon”

    Kunloon looked very humble.

    He had just arrived in Hong Kong and still need to rely on Loong family’s power to slowly exert his influence. Unlike Chen Fan, he understood the importance of building an amicable relationship with the elites of Hong Kong. Chen Fan had chosen fear as a tool to bring the elites to their knees, but Kunlong had adopted a different method.

    He had designed to plant his roots in Hong Kong, hire a large number of disciples and eventually become the next guardian of Hong Kong.

    “You are too humble, master.” Lord Loong’s face bloomed.

    “Master Kunloon, we are all curious as to how you are going to deal with Chen Beixuan?” Loong Jun asked impatiently.

    The Chen’s Group was what’s stood in between the vultures such as the Loong family and Zheng’s Financial Group. Without striking him down, no one would have a share of the pie. The Loong family was not stupid and therefore they would never confront Chen Fan directly. All they had been doing before this point was simplifying opportunistic probings that were not enough to invite Chen Fan’s ire.

    “Chen Beixuan?” Kunloon smiled faintly. “You guys have thought too highly of him. He is just a young man, powerful as he is, but he doesn’t quite understand how to use his power yet.”

    “If I were him, I would publicly challenge Zhou Daoji and after the victory was secured, I would treat the Zheng family much more fairly than he had. What does ten billion mean to me when I can replace Zhou Daoji’s position in Hong Kong?”

    “He is reckless. He killed the Old Man Zheng, and toppled the Zheng family. That made him an enemy of all Hong Kong elites. Without the support of the Hong Kong people, he would never go far on this island.”

    Everyone nodded in agreement with what Kunloon had said.

    The elite society hated one kind of people the most: the reckless rebellers.

    Peace and opulence were what everyone wished to see. However, Chen Fan had displayed a gruesome scene that showed neither peace nor promise for opulence. Therefore, he turned himself into a thorn in the side of most well-educated professionals as well as elites of Hong Kong. They might not be able to drive Chen Fan away, they would resist him nonetheless.

    “Just so! I have gone all the way to Thailand and invited you to Hong Kong exactly because I can’t stomach Chen Beixuan’s disregard for other people’s life.” Kunloon folded his hands and bowed slightly.

    “Don’t worry, my Lord. I have promised to defeat Chen Beixuan, so I will.”

    Kunloon spoke in fluent Chinese. “Please draft a challenge letter to Chen Beixuan. I will meet him at the Jiu Long Mountain in ten days. This will not be a battle of life and death. Whoever loses the battle would simply leave Hong Kong.”

    “Very well!” Loong Jianxin slapped his thigh and said: “We will invite all the rich and powerful of Hong Kong to watch the battle. It would be a perfect chance for you to display your strength in front of everyone while you defeat Chen Fan.”

    Loong Jun nodded.

    “Chen Beixuan is just a babe in the woods, he is no match against Master Kunloon. ”

    Once Chen Fan was defeated, the Zheng’s Financial Group would be within the Loong family’s reach. That little girl Zheng Anqi would not be able to hold herself before their assault on all fronts.

    Even as everyone reveled in the promise of their success, a voice came up from the entrance.

    “Are you guys talking about me?”

    Repulse Bay, the Zheng family’s manor…

    Zheng Anqi sat beside a small desk, her long and elegant fingers danced on the keyboard of her Thinkpad T personal laptop. She pulled her hair up in a ponytail and was wearing rimless glasses. She wore a Prada’s business suit and a matching knee-length skirt, under which she wore black nylon pantyhose. Her carefully pedicured feet stepped on a heated wooly blanket, her toes twiddled mischievously.

    She was still in her business attire since she barely had the time to change ever since she arrived home.


    the doorbell rang.

    “Auntie Wang!” Zheng Anqi shouted at her maid. Then she remembered that she had let go of Auntie Wang so that she would give Chen Fan a good impression. She had been cleaning, mopping, and cooking every day, looking after her master with the greatest care.

    Zheng Anqi could feel that Chen Fan’s attitude toward her was changed by the day. They had both become much more comfortable with each other than before.

    “Must be that Lazy bum!”

    The more Zheng Anqi knew Chen Fan, the more convinced she became that Chen Fan was the laziest person alive. He would rather eat the tasteless Essence Gathering Pill than cook a meal for himself. However, as soon as Zheng Anqi prepared a meal, he would give up the Essence Gathering Pill in a heartbeat.

    “It’s almost impossible to win his heart. However, it shouldn’t be too difficult for him to rely on me.”

    So thinking, Zheng Anqi answered the door. She was greeted by Mr. Shi and another middle-aged man.

    “Mr. Shi, Master Qiu, what brings you here at this hour?”

    Zheng Anqi was taken aback.

    She recognized the middle-aged man; he was the renowned spell caster in Hong Kong, Qiu Yulin. Qiu Yulin had been visiting Chen Fan on a daily basis, delivering all kinds of weird stuff. Of all the spell casters, he was the closest to Chen Fan. Chen Fan had also trusted him with the task of looking after the Zheng family after he was gone.

    “Where is Master Chen?”

    Qiu Yulin got to the point.

    “Master had already left Hong Kong. But I remembered that he said he will visit the Loong family on his trip back.” Zheng Anqi paused and then asked. “What’s going on?”

    “We are in trouble!”

    Qiu Yulin slapped his thigh and said: “I have just got the news that one of the deadliest Gong Tau masters of SouthEast Asia, One-eyed Naga King had just arrived in Hong Kong. He had also brought with him his most powerful disciple: the Muay Thai Grandmaster: Alodi. Kunloon was a powerful Gong Tau Grandmaster in South East Asia and was well known for his unpredictability and deadlines. His spells alone could rival Zhou Daoji. With the help of Alodi, the Muay Thai Grandmaster, they might pose a serious threat to Master Chen!”


    Zheng Anqi was shocked at first and then she panicked. She stormed out of the room without even putting on a pair of shoes toward the Loong family’s residence.

    “Urh….what the…”

    Qiu Yulin and Mr. Shi looked to each other with a knowing grin.

    The two quickly ran toward Zheng Anqi to catch up with her.