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Chapter 280 - The Besieged Zheng’s Group

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 280: The Besieged Zheng’s Group

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    The death of Nie Shunchen didn’t stir up any news. Other than some chintzy girly magazines that had reported the death of the young heir, none of the other major news outlets did. The Nie family didn’t even report the death to the police and neither did any guests at the banquet dare to speak about what had happened fearing Chen Beixuan’s retribution.

    However, the news had spread quickly across the elite class of Hong Kong. After the death of Zhou Daoji, and the falling of the Zheng family, any news related to Chen Beixuan would quickly catch the elite class’s attention.

    “It seems Mr. Chen has a lot of attitude.”

    Inside a luxury golf course, a man was swung his club and hit the ball off the tee. Hong Kong has very limited space for land development and to be able to build such a huge Golf Course spoke loudly of the owner’s prowess. However, only those insiders knew that this golf club was not open for business, it was a private leisure venue for a certain rich heir to pass his time.

    “He is killing the chicken to warn the monkey.”

    A young man with a cold expression said in a deep voice.

    “Not the monkeys, he is warning us.” The man who spoke up first shook his head and smirked. “Despite Nie Shunchen’s fame, his power is insignificant; therefore, killing him wouldn’t cause much damage. Chen Beixuan was very smart to use him as an example to teach the entire Hong Kong a lesson.”

    The man was in his forties. He was wearing beach sandals and a gold hat, looking relaxed and confident. No one would have known based on his clothing that he was the owner of a public firm that was worth over ten billion.

    “Are you afraid?” The cold-face young man asked with a frown.

    “Why of course.” The middle-aged man blurted out a laugh.

    “Chen Beixuan has unimaginable power and is not afraid of killing people. I am just a businessman, why shouldn’t I be afraid? I have so little precious time left in my life, so many more gorgeous asses to sit on my lap while I enjoy my delicious food. I am an idiot if I butt my head against him.”

    “However, did you know that brute force could kill people but it wouldn’t be able to run a business. Even if he has incredible power to use Dharma Spells, he is still a rookie when it comes down to business.” The cold-face young man said.

    “The Zheng’s Financial Group has four firms under its banner and was worth over a dozen billion yuan. His savagery alone wouldn’t help him to command over ten thousand employees. When he finally feels the pressure, he would have to compromise with us.”

    “Little Stock God, you are right!” The man clapped his hands and said with a broad smile: “Dharma Spells and Financial Investments are two very different things. If Chen Beixuan wishes to run the Zheng family’s business, he would have to play by the rules, our rules. I doubt that he would dare to destroy us Loong family right after he has done away with the Zhengs. If that is the case, he wouldn’t be able to stay anywhere in China much less Hong Kong.”

    So saying, the man lengthened his body slightly as the light started to glint in his eyes. Suddenly, he transformed from a lazy middle-aged man leisurely stroking golf ball to a powerful tycoon that controlled mighty power.

    “The Zheng’s Financial Group’s board meeting will be held in three days, I am looking forward to seeing how he fares among the grilling of the stakeholders.”

    The two attractive ball girls that flanked the middle-aged men were wearing revealing sports shorts and tank tops. Their eyes glinted as they gazed at the middle-age man as they would a shiny precious diamond.

    The man’s name was Loong Jun

    He was the owner of the Xin Hai Investment bank and had been on the top thirty rich list in Hong Kong as soon as he reached forty. As a tycoon in the financial sector, his wealth was well over a few dozen billion. Worse, Loong Jun was backed by the mighty Loong family of Hong Kong, equal to the former Zheng family.

    The young man stood beside him was called Liu Yuze, the Little Stock God. He was the Chief Securities Officer and Dealer for the Xin Hai Investment Bank. A renowned genius who had graduated from the business school of Harvard at the age of 16. He then went on to get two masters degrees from MIT and worked at Goldman Sachs as the Senior Securities Officer for a few years. After he returned to Hong Kong, he joined Xin Hai Investment Bank and quickly became Loong Jun’s most trusted assistant.

    To most magnates of Hong Kong, the turmoil at the Zheng family was an opportunity they couldn’t miss. An astronomical amount of money flooded the market, trying to hedge against the four companies under the Zheng’s Financial Group.

    These stock prices of these four companies had been falling ever since yesterday.

    The vicious attack from competitors aside, the news about the death of the Old Man Zheng and handing over of the Zheng’s Financial Group to a new owner didn’t help with the stakeholder’s confidence in the company. Most people didn’t think that they could rely on the young owner of the company to lead the Zheng’s Financial Group to weather the financial storm.

    Many stakeholders requested a board meeting to choose another CEO.

    Although Chen Fan’s deadly methods had made many alligators think better of their actions, Loong Jun was not one of them. He waited patiently for an opportunity to lash out a killing blow at the Zheng’s Financial Group.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was sitting in a Lincoln limousine and across from him sat a nervous Zheng Anpin. The former heir of the Zheng family shivered in the car seat and trembled before Chen Fan

    Zheng Anpin had never thought that Chen Fan would request a meeting with him

    When Cui Qinhe delivered the message to him, he nearly wet his pants. Chen Fan had toppled the Zheng family and cast Zheng Anpin to a living nightmare. Although he hated Chen Fan for what he did to him, he didn’t have the courage to actually meet face to face with Chen Fan.

    “Chen… Mr. Chen… What do you want from me?” Zheng Anpin shivered and asked in a shaky voice.

    He was wearing a wrinkled suit and his hair was matted and greasy. Exhaustion and stress were written all over his face. He looked nothing like the playboy who had countless scandals with young and attractive actresses, instead, he looked like a hobo that struggled to make ends meet.

    The reality was often cruel and unforgiving.

    The Zheng family had fallen so swiftly that none of the Zheng family members had a chance to transfer any of their assets. Before they knew it, their bank accounts were frozen, and they were kicked out of their mansions. Zheng Anpin was lucky to have acquired a few properties in the city under his mistress’s name so that he still had a roof on top of his head. However, the drastic change in people’s attitude toward him had taken a toll on his mind and soul. He had been hiding inside bars, using all kinds of poison to numb the pain of other people’s put downs and snickers.

    “I need a manager. One from the Zheng family.”

    Chen Fan knocked the armrest with a knuckle and said lightly.

    The Zheng’s Financial Group included four public companies and countless smaller privately owned firms. There were hundreds of departments and over tens of thousands of employees. Such a large enterprise could not be easily taken over by one man. It would cost any outsider countless time and resources to break into the company’s team and consolidate his power. During that time, the Zheng’s Financial Group was bound to make some sacrifices under the attack of vicious alligators of the financial sector.

    “Manager?” Zheng Anpin was taken aback.

    “Indeed. I can’t stay in Hong Kong for too long. The Zheng’s Financial Group was nothing but a pile of cash for me, so I don’t want to spend too much time on it. I would love to sell it and cash in before I leave Hong Kong.” Chen Fan said.

    To most people, to build a finance enterprise such as the Zheng’s Financial Group was a lifetime goal. However, Chen Fan was neither interested nor did he have a lifetime to spend. He only wanted some quick cash and therefore, selling the company was the way to go.

    The money could be used to build the Green Dragon Grand Array and develop the Spirit Herb Cultivation Plant. Once Chen Fan had reached the Connate Spirit Level, he would acquire trillions of wealth with ease, the Zheng’s Financial Group would mean nothing to him.

    “What? sell it?” Zheng Anpin was taken aback. He jumped out of the seat and urged.

    “No, please don’t! That’s the result of generations of Zheng family’s hard work.”

    Although Zheng Anpin was a spoiled brat who was a good-for-nothing, he couldn’t bear the thought of seeing his family’s generations of hard work being carved up into pieces and sold. Chen Fan was the new owner of the company, but the Zheng family still had some influence among the employees. So much so, that It wasn’t impossible for the Zheng family to reacquire the Zheng’s Financial Group from Chen Fan in the future. However, if Chen Fan sold the company to other powerful magnates, the company would be completely dissolved and absorbed.

    That was the last thing that Zheng Anpin wanted to see.

    “If I don’t sell it, I will need a manager to help me with the day to day operation of the company.” Chen Fan cross his legs and took a sip of wine. “What do you think?”

    “Uhh…” Zheng Anpin hesitated.

    He would recommend himself to be the manager in a heartbeat, but he also knew that Chen Fan would not accept him into the company. Plus, all his life, he had never bothered to look after the family business and had wasted his time on debauchery. He would be lying to himself if he thought that he could manage a multi-billion corporation.

    “What about my third uncle Zheng Haomin?” Zheng Anpin asked cautiously.

    “He is an old brat, incompetent and unworthy.” Chen Fan glanced at Zheng Haomin’s profile handed over to him by Mr. Shi and then said.

    “What about my ninth uncle Zheng Haochang? He used to be in charge of the Zheng’s Financial Group.” Zheng Anpin suggested.

    “He is a competent manager but lacks ambition. Plus, he had been in charge of the company before, so I can’t choose him again. I am not going to instigate a mutiny for myself.” Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He had already made up his mind to exclude the members of the second generation Zheng family.

    Those men were well connected in the Zheng’s Financial Group, and once they were let loose, they would quickly form an alliance with their former subordinates to either beguile Chen Fan or disenfranchise him. Therefore, a member of the Zheng family’s third-generation heir was a much better option as Chen Fan’s manager.

    “What about Zheng Anyi? He is the most outstanding member of my generation.” Zheng Anyi aked.

    “He is too ambitious.”

    Chen Fan crossed out a name on the paper.

    Zheng Anpin went onto to make another few suggestions, but they were all rejected by Chen Fan for being either too ambitious or lack of talent. In the end, there was only one name left on the list of potential candidates.

    Chen Fan circled the last name with a red pen.

    “Zheng Anqi.”