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Chapter 277 - The Ambition of An Overlord

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 277: The Ambition of An Overlord

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    To Chen Fan, Nie Shunchen was just a small crawling insect. He had a million different ways to make Nie Shunchen’s life hell. The simplest method, for example, Chen Fan could make a phone call to the Zheng’s Financial Group and order the CFO of the company to start hedging against the stock of Hua Yi Entertainment. In terms of market worth, the Hua Yi Entertainment was just a drop in the bucket when compared with the Zheng’s Financial Group.

    However profitable and valuable an entertainment group was, its financial clout was a far cry from that of an investment firm such as the Zheng’s Financial Group.

    Nie Yuanhu and the Shareholders of Hua Yi Entertainment would be unnerved by their losses, but Chen Fan wouldn’t. If he wanted to, he could squander all of the Zheng’s Financial Group on making Hua Yi Entertainment’s life hell.

    Chen Fan was also backed by many influential forces in Hong Kong, including powerful spellcasters, high-level officials in the mainland, Lu family of Lin City, Medicine God Valley Sect, and the military. The combined might of all these forces could easily crush Hua Yi Entertainment. However, Chen Fan had chosen the most direct and quick method.


    When Nie Shunchen demanded him and his friends to bend their knees and threatened to throw them off the ship, Chen Fan had already had the urge to kill him. Although he would like to continue pretending and play the life of an ordinary college student, he wouldn’t let these dogs step on his toes and do nothing.

    The number one rule in the Martial arts community was not to mess with Grandmasters, let along the North Mystic Celestial Lord.

    In the known universe, Chen Fan would display his strength for the entire planet to see by killing a large group of cultivators who dared to insult him. To claim supremacy, Chen Fan not only needed strength, but also the will power to put such strength to use.

    The necessity of having the willpower to use destructive force was evident during the Cuba Nuclear Crisis. The American president threatened to use nuclear warheads, and finally scared off the Soviet Union.

    The detail of what Chen Fan had done to the Zheng family was a well-kept secret among very few individuals. Therefore, most of the tycoons in Hong Kong only considered Chen Fan a new rising star. Even though they had heard bits and pieces about the event that occurred at the Jiu Long mountain, no one really believed in it. Therefore. Nie Shunchen was not scared of him even after Chen Fan’s identity was revealed and hoped to resolve the conflict through peaceful means. He was not alone in his delusion, many investment groups had planned to hedge against the Zheng’s Financial Group when it was rudderless.

    However, after they saw Chen Fan had killed Nie Shunchen with such decisiveness, they were all shocked to the core.

    From then on, no one in the entire Hong Kong would ever flaunt their dominance over the Zheng’s Financial Group.

    That was why Chen Fan killed the young man.

    “Perfected Cultivator Chen, I am afraid that the party has ended. I will accompany you back to your accommodation.” Qiu Yulin bowed slightly and said.

    “There is no need.” Chen Fan waved a hand at him.

    He had already achieved his goal here, and there was no need for him to linger.

    Chen Fan scanned the crowd and noticed that everyone, including Lu Zhengyu and Li Xinru, were shaken by the development. The color drained from their faces as they registered Chen Fan’s gaze landed on them. Li Xinru’s legs trembled in fear and finally gave in, bringing the actress down to the ground.

    None of the tycoons and magnates dared to look Chen Fan in the eyes. Qiu Yilun and the other teenagers were more surprised than afraid compared to the other people. The unimaginable power of their roommate had stunned them. They finally realized that Chen Fan was not only just a new rising billionaire in Hong Kong, but he could also take other’s life on a whim.

    “Let’s go.”

    Chen Fan slapped Qiu Yilun’s shoulder and walked toward the exit. The crowd made way for him, making a path in the crowded room. Everyone looked to Chen Fan with complicated yet strong feelings. There were shock, doubt and fear. However, no one dared to protest against his display of brutality.

    Qiu Yilun and the others finally gathered themselves and caught up with Chen Fan. Zhou Qinya paused a second as a light flashed in her eyes before she hurried to follow her friends. Yun Qianqian hesitated for a while, unsure if she should leave or stay.

    On one side was the CEO of her company, the other was Chen Fan. She was at a loss as to what to do.

    “Qianqian, please look after Mr. Chen for me.”

    A voice rose behind her, she looked back and saw it was Nie Yuanhu who call out to her.

    Despite the immeasurable pain and sadness in his husky voice, he was able to remain calm. He was one of the most influential men in the entertainment industry and had lived a rough and tumble life before he rose to power. Therefore, he was able to hold back his anger and sorrow and remain relatively clear-minded.

    “Yes, Boss Nie.” Yun Qianqian was taken aback at first and then nodded her consent. She turned around and caught up with Chen Fan.

    After Yun Qianqian was gone, Nie Yuanhu finally rose to his feet. Despite himself, he squeezed out a smile and said: “I apologize for the accident, my son had a stroke and needs medical care.”

    Even as Nie Yuanhu apologized, he called out to the manager of the banquet hall. “Xiao Nin, please look after the guests for me.”

    “Will do, Boss Nie.” Manager Nin nodded.

    Many people hurried to offer their condolences: “Boss Nie, no one wanted to see this happen. Don’t worry about us, please take good care of your son.”

    Under everyone’s watchful eyes, Nie Shunchen carried Nie Shunchen’s lifeless body and plodded out of the banquet hall.

    As soon as Nie Yuanhu was gone, the entire hall boiled over.

    “No one should mess with Chen Beixuan, he is too terrifying.”

    Someone shook his head and lamented. Their voices were laced with fear.

    Chen Fan’s methods were unconventional since the struggle between upper-class families rarely involved violence. The battle was usually carried out invisibly in stock markets or in the court. Chen Fan’s brutal and no-nonsense methods had shaken most people to their cores.

    No ordinary men or women could be unfazed by such savagery and outright disregard of rule of law.

    Chen Fan’s unforgiving methods deterred a lot of opportunists who had hopped to carve a piece of pie for themselves by attacking the Zheng’s Financial Group during its weakest state.

    No one could guarantee that they could be immune to Chen Fan’s brutality. They had been blinded by their ignorance and thought that they would get away with taking advantage of Chen Fan. However, after today, they finally realized that they were wrong. Chen Fan had killed the chicken to warn the monkeys, so to speak. The death of Nie Shunchen was a loud and clear warning to opportunists who lurked in the darkness, waiting for their chance.

    “What does Nie Shunchen mean? He said his son passed out from a stroke, but we saw it with our own eyes how lively he had been…” Some young guests who had been close friends with Nie Shunchen asked indignantly with angry red faces.

    “Shut up!” Some senior guests flung back at them.

    “The reason Boss Nie said so, was that he didn’t wish to further the bad blood between him and Master Chen. Hua Yi Entertainment is a powerful player in Hong Kong, but it was no match against Master Chen.” Someone explained. “Plus, didn’t you see Master Chen didn’t even lift a finger on Nie Shunchen?”

    Nie Shunchen’s friends were suddenly at a loss for words.

    Chen Fan had only verbally threatened Nie Shunchen and no one had seen him attack Nie Shunchen. They wagered that even after a full examination of the forensic doctor, the cause of death would be something along the lines of a cardiovascular disease.

    Everyone at the banquet knew that Chen Fan had used some kind of spell to kill Nie Shunchen, but no jury would believe such witness claims.

    “Boss Nie is a smart man. He knew not to fight a losing battle; therefore he could hold back his sadness and remain rational. He was the founder of the Hua Yi Entertainment and you can see why.” An old man nodded approvingly and remarked.

    Meanwhile, some other guests snickered in their mind and muttered: “Mr. Nie Yuanhu’s appetite for young girls was well known in the industry, and he had slept with nearly all actress who wished to have a head start in their career. Therefore, he had sired quite a few bastard sons and daughters. He might not even moan the death of one son as badly as everyone thinks.”

    “Plus, if Nie Shunchen hadn’t modeled after his dad, he wouldn’t have become the loser that he was.”

    Despite the person had spoken under his breath, his harsh remark was heard by many guests around him. Despite the inappropriateness of the comment, many people agreed with him.

    It was impossible for a tycoon of the entertainment industry such as Nie Yuanhu to remain loyal to marriage. Even if he didn’t actively seek prey, the young girls who wished to get ahead of their peers would throw themselves into his embrace by themselves. Worse, if they could bore a son for the magnate, they would simply live on the billionaire’s child support checks and never have to work for the rest of their lives.

    Those were many young managers in the Hua Yi Entertainment who called Nie Yuanhu father when they were in private. Therefore, many people believed that Nie Yuanhu was not as shaken by the death of Nie Shunchen as he appeared to be.

    Lo and behold, as soon as Nie Yuanhu walked out of the banquet hall, the saddened expression on his face suddenly disappeared.

    With a calm face and great measure of levity, he threw the body of his dead son to the bodyguards around him.

    “Boss Nie, what should we do next? Are we going to avenge Young Lord’s death?” One of the managers at Hua Yi Entertainment hazarded.

    “Revenge?” Nie Yuanhu’s face twitched and chided the man: “This good-for-nothing idiot had nearly destroyed all that I have build-up, including my life for a woman! I say it’s a good thing that he died before he caused any real damage to his family.”

    Nie Yuanhu grieved the death of his son, however, his grieving was overtaken by fear.

    In addition to the three legitimate sons and one daughter, he also sired a dozen or so bastards. The death of one son was not a big deal to him. The Entertainment industry was a cesspool of intrigue and unsavory actions. if Nie Yuanhu had been naive and innocent, he wouldn’t have risen to dominate the industry. He had even hired assassins to kill his first wife, so he could cope with the death of a useless son pretty well.

    What Nie Shunchen did that had really irked his father was to drag him and the Nie family into his stupid feud with Master Chen.

    If he lost a son, he would just have another one. However, if Hua Yi Entertainment became the victim of Nie Shunchen’s doomed war with Chen Fan, Nie Yuanhu would suddenly lose everything he had and became a worthless nobody. That was an outcome more terrifying than death for Nie Yuanhu.

    “I can’t just sit around. I don’t think Yun Qianqian alone would be enough to quell the anger of Chen Beixuan.”

    Nie Yuanhu thought as a light came up in his eyes.

    He tried to put himself in Chen Fan’s shoes and thought that if anyone had threatened to throw him off the ship, he wouldn’t stop the retribution until all members of the Nie Family was dead.

    “I think I would have to visit Mr. Chen myself and apologize in person.”

    “If I can manage the situation well, I might be able to turn the disaster into a blessing.”

    Nie Yuanhu gritted his teeth and called out to one of his assistants. “Go fetch Li Xinru, I need to see her.”