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Chapter 275 - Mr. Chen?

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 275: Mr. Chen?

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    “One more word, I will kill you.”

    Chen Fan uttered his threat with such nonchalance that it was as if he had asked the Young Lord how his day was.

    However, the slap on Lu Zhengyu’s face was decisive and to the point, revealing his overbearing methods. The fact that it was the heir of the Hua Yi Entertainment on the receiving end of the threat made his threat even more stunning and unexpected.

    Nie Shunchen was the chief of the Hua Yi Entertainment. As one of the biggest entertainment firms in China, its influences ran deep into every facet of society. Rumor had it that the Nie family’s influence reached as far as the mainland. Thanks to its connections to the rich and the powerful, the Nie family was able to pull the large enterprise together and rally a great number of tycoons and celebrities to attend the banquet.

    That being said, despite the luxury venue on the world-class cruise ship, this was far from the most high profile party. None of the top twenty richest were present. Those magnates of Hong Kong had long passed the age of chasing after celebrities. At most, their grandsons might show up on their behalf.

    A deadly silence fell over the room after Chen Fan uttered his warning.

    Everyone in the room, including Nie Shunchen couldn’t believe what they just heard. How did anyone dare to openly threaten the heir of Hua Yi Entertainment? Chen Fan’s friends were beyond shock, they hoped Chen Fan’s bold if not reckless comment would not backfire on them.

    Li Xinru suddenly let out a peal of laughter. She laughed so hard that her breasts jiggled as she struggled for air.

    “Qianqian, your friend is so funny.”

    Yun Qianqian shivered a little.

    Of all the people here, she knew that Chen Fan really meant what he said. If he really got riled up, he could have killed Scorpion, the member of the Heavenly Kill with ease much less a defenseless young man.

    Yun Qianqian didn’t care about the snickers from her former BFF turned rival. She grabbed hold of Chen Fan’s arm and said: “Please calm down, Mr. Chen.”

    Little did she know that her action rubbed Nie Shunchen the wrong way. Nie Shunchen snorted and said: “My friend, you have not only crashed my party, injured my friend but also threatened to kill me. I can put you behind the bars for ten years for that.”

    “Oh really?” Chen Fan said slowly “The last person who said the exact same time to me still had a bruised face from my slapping on his face. What was his name? Lawyer Hu? he said he will bring me to justice and make me sit in a jail. Well, look at me now.”

    “What lawyer Hu?” Nie Shunchen was taken aback.

    Boss Gu who was wearing a fancy suit flung back at Chen Fan.

    “Young Lord Nie, why are we wasting time with a northern bumpkin from the mainland. Call the security guards and kick him out.”

    “Over my dead body!”

    Qiu Yilun shouted out in a fit of anger.

    “Insolence! This is my party and I have the right to decide who should stay and who should leave.” Nie Shunchen had gathered himself and said: “Not only I am the host of the banquet, but also the long term tenant of the cruise ship. I have the right to ask you to get off the ship.”

    “And don’t worry, we will give each one of you a floaty so you can float back to Hong Kong.” Nie Shunchen jested with a shrug of the shoulder.

    His joke invited laughter from everyone. Many tycoons and lesser well-known celebrities rubbed their bellies as they struggle for air.

    “Young Lord Nie.. you are too funny.”

    “Yes, yes! Let them swim back!”

    “Hey dipshit, it’s time to put your swimming skills to use. Don’t drown.”

    Everyone hurled insults at Chen Fan and his friends. Most of the guests of the party were friends and employees of the young heir, therefore, they were all on Nie Shunchen’s side. Not only that, some of them would even view this as a golden opportunity to show Nie Shunchen their loyalty.

    “How dare you!”

    Qiu Yilun rounded his eyes in anger and disbelief. Even Qi Wangsun’s eyes started to grow cold and hard.

    Nie Shunchen is planning to kill them all. The cruise ship by then had already sailed to the middle of the Victoria Bay and despite the mild temperature in Hong Kong, it was nearly impossible to swim all the way back to shore, especially when there were a few girls in their group.

    “Is that how the Nie family shows their hospitality by throwing their guests off the deck?” Qi Wangsun asked harshly.

    “It doesn’t have to be like that. As long as you apologize to my friend, providing that he forgives you, you can still remain on the ship for one more night.” Nie Shunchen said with disdain written all over his face.

    “I want to see him kneel before me and apologize!” Lu Zhengyu covered his injured face and struggled to his feet. He glared at Chen Fan with hatred burning in his eyes.

    Chen Fan had used less than one-thousandth of his power and had already destroyed half of Lu Zhengyu’s face. Lu Zhengyu had never been assaulted like this before. Even when he was fighting with his family member for the inheritance, no one had ever landed a finger on him. This was the first time he had ever slapped in the face in public. Words couldn’t describe his anger and eager for revenge.

    “Kneel and apologize?”

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and gave him a half-smile.

    “That’s right. I will let the matter slide if you kneel down and apologize to my friend.” Nie Shunchen announced.

    Flanked by Li Xinru, he had the support of all the rich and powerful men and women in the room. Plus, they were on his turf, he had rented the cruise ship for crying out loud. Nie Shunchen had never thought that he would end up losing the conflict. He was convinced that he could get away with killing a group of mainland college students by pulling some strings.

    “Young Lord Nie!”

    Yun Qianqian shouted at the top of her lungs.

    Nie Shunchen didn’t even spare a glance at Yun Qianqian. To solidify her victory, Li Xinru pressed her red lips onto Nie Shunchen’s cheek and gave Yun Qianqian a smug smile.

    “Your luck has finally run out, bitch! Although I have failed to bring you down myself, I am certain that after Young Lord Nie had completely lost interest in you, I will quickly rise to replace you like the most successful actress in the company.”

    Meanwhile, everyone else looked at the group of teenagers gloatingly.

    They were either tycoons or famous celebrities and considered themselves above everyone else. Although they wouldn’t let their emotions out of control and bully a group of helpless students, they enjoyed watching the show nonetheless.

    “Yilun, what should we do?” Qian Lulu held onto Qiu Yilun’s hand and was on the brink of tearing up.

    Qiu Yilun’s face turned black and had nothing to say.

    Meanwhile, Zhou Qinya’s elegant face also looked troubled. She knew that Chen Fan was from the Chen family of Jinlin City and never had to endure such humiliation before.

    Everyone looked to Chen Fan expectantly and waited for his decision.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes as a slight hint of coldness rose in his pupils. Suddenly, a wave of commotion rose from the entrance.

    “Boss Nie, Did you rent the entire Swan Princess? Your generosity knows no bounds! I have already met so many celebrities and elites, it’s going to be the most successful party of the year.” An old man wearing a traditional suit walked alongside with a stately looking middle-aged man.

    “Master Qiu, you have thought too highly of me.”

    The middle-aged man laughed out loud.

    Anyone from the entertainment industry would have recognized the middle-aged man. He was the owner of the Hua Yi Entertainment, Nie Yuanhu

    Nie Shunchen used to work for the recreation section of the military. He left the military when he was twenty. Together with his wife, they started the Hua Yi Entertainment and over the years, he managed to amass a huge wealth. Ever since the Hua Yi Entertainment’s conception, there had been a dozen or so A-class actresses and actors in the company, making Nie Yuanhu the godfather of Hong Kong’s entertainment industry. Those who received an invitation to the banquet simply couldn’t refuse his offer. No one refuses a god-father’s offer.

    “I apologize ahead of time for troubling you to introduce me to Master Chen.” Nie Yuanhu said.

    “Sigh… It’s difficult. Mr. Chen is not only a powerful man but also very mysterious. I have just got to know him myself, and therefore, I might not be able to help you.” Master Qiu said as he heaved a sigh.

    Master Qiu was the Qiu Yulin who met Chen Fan at Zheng Haomin’s house.

    Qiu Yulin was one of the top ten most powerful masters, a frequent guest in the home of the rich and the powerful. Rumor had it that he is now working for Mr. Chen, which made his own fame even higher.

    “Of course, of course. Mr. Chen is a mighty figure. Of course, he won’t just meet anyone.” Nie Yuanhu nodded.

    At his level, he had a better understanding of Chen Fan’s power.

    He had kidnapped Zheng Anqi and warded off three days of attack from the Law enforcement Unit. He had then killed Zhou Daoji and claimed the life of Old Man Zheng, robbed Zheng Anqi’s of her youth and toppled the Zheng family of Hong Kong.

    None of these deeds were easy to pull off and anyone of them could have help one make his name in Hong Kong. However, Chen Fan was able to achieve all of these deeds all by himself, it was evident that the young man was really a force to be feared.

    Although the failed hostage rescue mission was covered up by the Hong Kong government. What happened at the top of the Jiu Long Mountain was circulated among the elites and the spell casters. Nie Yuanhu was a well-connected man and therefore, he heard the details of the attack from his sources. He had even seen Chen Fan’s picture. His pictures were top secret and were only circulated among the top dogs in Hong Kong. No one dared to spread these images fearing Chen Fan’s retribution.

    Nie Yuanhu also heard that Chen Fan had a close tie with the military, and was an officer with general rank.

    Nie Yuanhu knew that he had to tread carefully around such a mighty figure. He was just an owner of an entertainment company and he couldn’t even rival the might of the former Zheng family. At its heyday, Hua Yi Entertainment was worth about a dozen billion, while the Zheng’s Financial group was worth a hundred billion. Old Man Zheng was also a Justice of the Peace appointed by the Queen herself. Zhou Daoji. Meanwhile, Zhou Daoji had been dominating not only Hong Kong but also the entire Southeast Asia for decades. Chen Fan had even done away with those two powerful figures with ease, much less Nie Yuanhu.

    After a while, Qiu Yulin said slowly: “Mr. Chen is going to join the International Chinese Esotericism conference, I will try to arrange a meeting between you and Master Chen. ”

    Qiu Yulin then paused a second and said under his breath.

    “Although Mr. Chen is a powerful man, he is young and passionate. I bet he likes pretty looking faces like everyone at his age.”

    “I see… I see…” Nie Yuanhu replied appreciatively.

    The entertainment industry never lacked pretty looking girls. Hua Yi Entertainment was one of the biggest firms in the industry and had countless pretty looking girl working in his company. As he made up his mind to befriend this mighty figure, his mind raced as he considered which goddess level actress to bring with him during his meeting.

    Finally, Nie Yuanhu found his answer.

    “Yun Qianqian!”

    Yun Qianqian was the most popular actress in the company and Nie Yuanhu had also worked hard to construct her persona that made her even more attractive yet unattainable. He never forced her to do any tasks that she didn’t like, but this time, she would have to suck it up and obey the order.

    “It might be a good thing for the girl if she could befriend Mr.Chen. No one in China would ever think of messing with her again.”

    With that thought in mind, Nie Yuanhu made his way into the Banquet Hall. Suddenly, he saw Chen Fan and Nie Shunchen were standing in a corner face to face. He shouted out his surprise:

    “Mr. Chen, what are you doing here?”