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Chapter 274 - One More Word From You, I Will End Your Life

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 274: One More Word From You, I Will End Your LifeTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    "Who the hell is that little shit?" Nie Shunchen lowered his wine glasses and asked with an icy voice.

    "Er…" Everyone looked at each other in confusion. No one had recognized Chen Fan.

    Everyone at the banquet had heard of Chen Beixuan's name. He had toppled the Zheng family and rose to power in Hong Kong. However, only a very small number of people had ever seen Chen Beixuan in person.

    The only group of people who had met Chen Fan was the small number of tycoons during Zheng Anqi's birthday party, the Zheng family members and a few people who had made it to the peak of the Jiu Long Mountain.

    The Hong Kong city was very small in size but it was huge in terms of population.

    On this less than 1000 square kilometer area, there were over a few hundred publicly traded firms and countless billionaires. A few decades ago, the wealth in Hong Kong would take up a third of the total wealth among Chinese communities. Even nowadays, there was enough money flowing in Hong Kong to rival the combined might of all riches in mainland China. Even in the more developed areas such as the Jiang Nan Province, there were only a few hundred publicly traded companies, a fraction of what Hong Kong had.

    Zheng Anqi's only invited friends in her close circle to her birthday party and therefore was only a small fraction of the total number of tycoons in Hong Kong. On the other hand, those who had made it to the Jiu Long Mountain were the very few top dogs in Hong Kong, they were the elites among the elites. Therefore, only very few people had seen Chen Fan in person.

    However, even if they had seen Chen Fan before, their attention right now would have been attracted by Zhou Qinya.

    "He is my classmate at Jin City University."

    Even as Zhou Qinya said that she also couldn't wrap her mind around how Chen Fan and Yun Qianqian knew each other.

    Not only did they know each other, but they also looked like good friends.

    If she knew that earlier, she wouldn't leave the group with Lu Zhengyu in the first place. Although Yun Qianqian was not as rich and powerful as Nie Shunchen, she was an influential character in the entertainment industry nonetheless. If she could have Yun Qianqian's blessing and support, she would have a much easier time during her career. Once she made a name for herself in the industry and then when she met Nie Shunchen, she would be seen in a very different light. They would think twice to exploit her as what they were trying to do now.

    With that thought in mind, Zhou Qinya regretted her decision again.

    "A student from Jin City University?" Nie Shunchen snorted.

    He wouldn't take a student from Jin City University seriously. There were at least a dozen young men and women currently working for his company who were graduates from the Ivy League.

    "Young Lord Nie, is it just me or Qinqian too close to that young man? I wonder where she met him. Urgh.. he is so ugly." Li Xinru put in, trying to rub salt into Young Lord Nie's injury.

    She had always been envious of Yun Qianqian.

    They were both famous actresses, but for some reason, everyone liked Yun Qianqian much more than her. Let it be investors or rich heirs, they flocked to Yun Qianqian and fawned over her even though she was also present. Worse, most men who flirted with her only wanted to have a taste of her body, but that was not the case for the devotees of Yun Qianqian: most of them wanted to marry her for real.

    After knowing that Nie Shunchen was also one of Yun Qianqian's fans and wanted to marry her, Li Xinru's jealousy was exacerbated. She had tried all she could to please this rich heir of the company, however, in the end, Nie Shunchen was still on team Yun Qianqian.


    Nie Shunchen could no longer hold back his anger. He pushed a couple of men before him to the side and walked over to Chen Fan.

    Li Xinru trailed behind the young lord as a gloating smile surfaced on her face.

    Lu Zhengyu was furious. He stomped the floor and grumbled at Zhou Qinya hotly: "Look what your friends have done! They pissed off Young Lord Nie. They are dead now, I tell you."

    Zhou Qinya's face darkened and kept her silence.

    By now, Nie Shunchen had already made his way to Chen Fan's group. Suddenly, everyone's attention was on this small corner of the room. After all, two of the most attention-worthy men and women —Yun Qianqian and Nie Shunchen were both here.


    When Nie Shunchen called out to Yun Qianqian, she had one hand on Chen Fan's shoulder and the over rubbing her belly, trying to calm the ache in her stomach from laughing too hard. She looked up and met with Nie Shunchen's icy glare.

    "Young Lord Nie?"

    A pang of panic flashed in Yun Qianqian's eyes.

    She was aware of Nie Shunchen's desire for her, but she was even more aware of the rich heir's behavior. There was no way that she would trust an heir of an entertainment company with the rest of her life. Nie Shunchen would always be surrounded by younger bodies and more attractive faces and it wouldn't be long before he got bored of Yun Qianqian's aging appearance. Such a relationship would be unfair to her, in her mind's eyes, she could see Nie Shunchen divorcing her and marrying a new eighteen year old girl after they got married.

    That was how she felt even before she met Chen Fan. Now she was even less likely to look back.

    "Qianqian, Director Zhang is still waiting for you. Let's go to have a drink with him." Nie Shunchen managed to squeeze a smile onto his face and shot out an arm to grab Yun Qianqian.

    Yun Qianqian acted out of instinct and hide behind Chen Fan.

    Suddenly, Nie Shunchen's smile froze no his face as a flame started up in his eyes.

    "Qianqian, is this your new friend? Why don't you introduce us?" Li Xinru arrived at the table. Her languid casualness was so seductive that it immediately grabbed Qiu Yilun and the other men's attention.

    "Young Lord Nie, Xinru, this is my friend Mr. Chen Fan. These are his classmates." Yun Qianqian quickly gathered herself and tucked a few loose strands of hair behind her ears. "Mr. Chen. This is Young Lord Nie. He is the heir of the Hua Yi Entertainment."

    Qiu Yilun and the other teenagers were shocked by the announcement.

    They have never thought that they would meet in person the famous heir of the Hua Yi Entertainment. Hua Yi Entertainment was one of the biggest publicly traded entertainment firms in China. It was worth over a few dozen billion. Due to the nature of its business, Hua Yi Entertainment was even more well connected with the upper class of the society than any other company of equivalent size.

    "Chen Fan?" Nie Shunchen paused a second as he found the name very familiar.

    Then he faked a smile and said: "I know that Qianqian doesn't make friends with just anyone, I wonder what's Mr. Chen's story?"

    "I have no stories to tell. I am a student at the Business School of Jin City University." Chen Fan said lightly.

    "Business School of Jin City University?" Nie Shunchen's lips curled into a contemptuous smile.

    Zhou Qinya made him believe that they were from the real Jin City University, but it turned out that they were from an inferior college that was only related to the Jin City University by name, but not in terms of administration. What a joke! He suddenly felt he had even overestimated Zhou Qinya earlier.

    "I thought you guys are from the Jin City University, but you are actually from the business school." Nie Shunchen shook his head and said connivingly: "I don't remember ever inviting you lot here. How did you get in?"

    "We came in with Young Lord Lu." Qiu Yilun answered defensively.

    They could tell that Nie Shunchen was up to no good, and his target was Chen Fan.

    "Young Lord Lu?"

    Nie Shunchen was taken aback by the title and then burst out laughing. Qiu Yilun and the others were dumbfounded by his strange reaction.

    "Xiao Lu, did you bring them in here?" Nie Shunchen waved a hand at Lu Zhengyu and summoned the pimp to his side. An unctuous smile hung on Lu Zhengyu's face, but it was unable to mask his embarrassment, trailing behind him was an equally embarrassed Zhou Qinya.

    Lu Zhengyu nodded and said: "Young Lord Nie, they are together with Qinya, so I decided to let them in. I didn't mean to cause trouble, Young Lord Nie. I will tell them to leave right now."

    After he had said that, Lu Zhengyu lengthened his body a little and then chided at the teenagers.

    "You bunch of backward country bumpkins! How dare you offend Young Lord Nie! Get the heck out of here. NOW! "

    Lu Zhengyu was in a hurry to correct his mistake to please Nie Shunchen. Although he was a member of the Nie Family, he belonged to the offshoot branch. There were many among his family who had a much bigger stake in the family business. If he didn't try so hard to please Nie Shunchen, and constantly supply him with new girls, he would never live such a comfortable life. As Nie Shunchen's lapdog, when his master told him to jump, he only asked: "how high."

    Qiu Yilun and the others were riled up by the insult, but the words caught in their throats as they realized that they were in a disadvantageous position.

    They didn't have an invitation and if Lu Zhengyu wanted them out, they had to oblige.

    Qiu Yilun and the others looked to Zhou Qinya behind Nie Shunchen and saw the girl's face was flushed red. She lowered her head in utter embarrassment.

    Nie Shunchen held a cup of wine in one hand and a hot girl in the other, looking smug as ever.

    He could do anything he wanted to a few college students from the mainland. He could even send them into jail for crashing his party, much less kicking them out.

    "Young Lord Nie!"

    Yun Qianqian looked troubled and was about to plead for the teenagers.

    Suddenly, a loud snap sounded out.


    Lu Zhengyu was slapped on the face and the force and sent his body flying out, spinning like a top. He crashed into a few banquet tables, knocking food and drinks all over the floor. When he finally thudded onto the ground, people noticed his face was distorted—a fractured cheekbone if he was lucky.

    Everyone looked to Chen Fan in disbelief.

    They watched as Chen Fan picked out a piece of kleenex and cleaned his hands.

    "Pathetic pest. How dare you yell at me."

    "Did you just hit him?" Li Xinru asked incredulously.

    Lu Zhengyu was not an official heir of the Lu family, but he was Nie Shunchen's trusty sidekick. Hitting Lu Zhengyu was the same as challenging Nie Shunchen.

    Everyone gave Chen Fan a stunned and impressed looks.

    Nie Shunchen pulled a taut face and said with a cold voice.

    "Very well, Qianqian. Your friend has some gusto in him."

    He was seized by a fit of rage and no longer cared about Yun Qianqian's feelings. Yun Qianqian turned into a bundle of nerves. She knew that if the teenagers really pissed off Nie Shunchen, there would be grave consequences for them. Many people would latch onto the opportunity of pleasing the rich heir. A large number of tycoons and famous people in this party spoke loudly about his influence.

    She also knew that Chen Fan was not an ordinary man. He was the Master Chen of Jiang Bei who used to defeat the Heavenly Kill.

    Yun Qianqian had never found it more difficult to choose a side in a conflict. On one hand, was her boss, and the other was her crush. She thought long and hard, trying to find a way to ease the tension.

    Then, she heard Chen Fan said lightly: "One more word from you, I will end your life."

    Everyone became silent after hearing Chen Fan's words.

    Zhou Qinya was so shocked and terrified that she could only stare.