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Chapter 273 - Unspoken Rules of the Industry

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 273: Unspoken Rules of the IndustryTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    "I didn't expect to meet you here, Mr. Chen." Yun Qianqian looked at Chen Fan, eyes glistening with surprise.

    Chen Fan was her savior. Chen Fan had saved her the last two times she met him. He had also told her about the curse in the Buddhism Bead Bracelet. The second time she met him, Chen Fan had saved her from two assassins from the Heavenly Kill. Having met Chen Fan again, Yun Qianqian's heart was filled with excitement, appreciation, and expectation.

    It was a pity that they couldn't spend more time together the last two times they met and therefore, Chen Fan's background and his power was still shrouded in mystery to Yun Qianqian. She had thought that Chen Fan was just a tycoon from the Jiang Bei region, however, later, she overheard the assassins from Heavenly Kill call him "Grandmaster Chen Beixuan." Yun Qianqian had brought the name up to many of her good friends in the entertainment industry, but no one could tell her who he was.

    "Long time no see" Chen Fan replied as he held a cup of Champagne.

    Yun Qianqian was nothing but a passerby in his life. He had saved her twice, but he didn't do it for her. The first time he did it for his best friend Lin Weiwei and the second time he did it because he thought the Heavenly Kill were after him.

    Qiu Yilun and the other teenagers were rendered speechless as they watched Chen Fan chatted with the famous actress.

    She was Yun Qianqian, the most popular A-list actress in China. Qiu Yilun wagered that he could at most flirt with a C-list model or an actress no one would recognize. It would take someone as powerful and rich as Shen Junwen or Gao Zhengbang to be able to acquaint Yun Qianqian.

    Based on the two's interaction, Qiu Yilun noticed that Yun Qianqian seemed to have known Chen Fan before. She talked to Chen Fan respectfully and gazed at Chen Fan with a pair of watery and innocent eyes. It was as if Chen Fan was an idol and Yun Qianqian a fan.

    Even Qi Wangsun was taken aback by the development.

    He had been evaluating and reevaluating her roommate's social status. He first thought Chen Fan was an ordinary member of the Chen family, then he turned out to be the heir of the Chens Group. However, there and then, Chen Fan surprised Qi Wangsun again by revealing his connection with the superstar Yun Qianqian

    "Boss, can you introduce us please?" Qiu Yilun demanded excitedly.

    Chen Fan couldn't refuse, so he introduced all of his teenage friends to Yun Qianqian.

    "Hi, there. I am Yun Qianqian, and I am Mr. Chen's friends and also his fan. Nice to meet you." Yun Qianqian said humbly, all the while, a blooming smile didn't leave her face.

    "You said you are a fan of my boss?" Qiu Yilun asked incredulously.

    "Why of course! Mr. Chen is a mighty hero. He saved my life." Yun Qianqian covered her mouth as he giggled. Her eyes suddenly became softer and sultry as she thought to herself: "If not because of his lack of interest in me, I would love to marry him."

    "He saved you? OMG! Boss, you are badass!" Qiu Yilun slammed a hand on Chen Fan's shoulder. Meanwhile, Qiu Yilun and the others seemed to regard Chen Fan in a new light.

    Yun Qianqian's words were brimming with her admiration toward Chen Fan. However, Chen Fan didn't react to it, he lowered his head and sipped her drink in silence. Seeing Chen Fan's lack of interest, Yun Qianqian was disappointed.

    "Chen Fan is becoming more and more impressive as we get to know him. Do you think Qinya should have chosen him instead?"

    Qian Lulu thought to herself with a hint of regret.

    She had thought that Qiu Yilun was the wealthiest among his roommates and never had even thought that Chen Fan would suddenly rise to her attention. Based on what she knew of Chen Fan so far, she could sense that Chen Fan's family background and wealth were both superior to Qiu Yilun. That being said, Lu Zhengyu was an heir of the rich family in Hong Kong and a tycoon in a mainland city couldn't compare. Therefore, she wagered that it was still too early to say if Zhou Qinya had made the wrong decision going off with Lu Zhengyu.

    Meanwhile, Lu Zhengyu had led Zhou Qinya to the man in a white suit. Lu Zhengyu lowered his head and plastered on a toady smile.

    "Nice to meet you, Young Lord Nie."

    "Ah, it's you, Xiao Lu." The man in the white suit was called Nie Shunchen. He was the heir of the Hua Yi Entertainment. He carried a cup of wine in one hand and embraced the actress Li Xinru in the other. He exchanged greetings with the rich and powerful men that surrounded him and only spared Lu Zhengyu a barely noticeable nod as a greeting. He looked haughty and arrogant.

    "Young Lord Nie, this is my new friend. Her name is Zhou Qinya. She is your fan, and wanted to meet you in person." Lu Zhengyu suddenly pushed Zhou Qinya forward.

    By now, Zhou Qinya already started to regret her decision.

    Based on Young Lord Nie's attitude toward Lu Zhengyu, it was evident that Lu Zhengyu was not his friend as he had claimed. He could be one of Young Lord Nie's goons at best. It was a far cry from what Lu Zhengyu had boasted about himself. However, she was before the presence of a powerful heir, so she quickly gathered herself and greeted the man in the white suit.

    "Young Lord Nie, my name is Zhou Qinya and I am from the Jin City of Jiang Nan Province in the mainland. I study performance arts at Jin City University."

    Zhou Qinya played a ruse and omitted the name of the Business School and only mentioned the Jin City University. This would suddenly make her academic achievement much more impressive.

    "Performance Arts faculty at the Jin City University?" Young Lord Nie's interest was piqued.

    He examined Zhou Qinya from head to toe.

    Zhou Qinya was not the prettiest girl in the room and there were many other young models outside of the banquet room who were equally attractive, if not more so. Her appearance also paled in comparison with the superstar Li Xinru.

    However, the performance art department of Jin City University was a renowned institution. Nie Shunchen could tell that under Zhou Qinya's clothing, she had a damn hot body. Not only that but the way she walked and talked also suggested that she grew up with a wealthy upbringing. Based on his brief interaction with her, he already confirmed that the girl was still a virgin.

    A well-educated campus flower with a decent family upbringing… It was too tempting even for Young Lord Nie to pass up the opportunity.

    "How on earth did Xiao Lu the loser get his hands on such a pretty little thing?" Young Lord Nie thought to himself. Meanwhile, he put on a warm and welcoming smile and introduced Zhou Qinya to his friends around him.

    Zhou Qinya was suddenly flattered by all the attention given to her.

    People standing beside Young Lord Nie were either bosses of large corporations or directors and investors of major movie production firms. Some of them even looked familiar to Zhou Qinya as she used to see these faces on TV.

    "Qinya, I have other matters to attend to, maybe we should continue the conversation tonight?" After a while, Nie Shunchen suddenly suggested.

    Zhou Qinya's heart suddenly sank to the bottom.

    She was a smart girl and knew what Nie Shunchen was alluding to. Even though she was eager to get ahead in life, she didn't want to do it by sacrificing her body. Let it be Brother Loong or the other boyfriends she had, she never allowed them to touch her on the bed. Growing up in a decent family, she understood the importance of virginity to a girl. It was one of her most precious assets and she wouldn't easily give it up.

    Suddenly, the men around Nie Shunchen stopped talking and looked at her in silence, waiting for her decision. They no longer looked warm and welcoming, instead, there was lewd glints in their eyes.

    Feeling helpless, Zhou Qinya looked to Lu Zhengyu for help.

    To her dismay, the so-called heir of the Lu family avoided her gaze and pretended that it was none of his business. Zhou Qinya finally understood that Lu Zhengyu was not a rich heir, instead, he was a pimp for the rich and the powerful.

    "I am sorry, Young Lord Nie. I came here with my friends, and I have to go home with them." Zhou Qinya refused politely with a placating smile.

    She wouldn't mind seeing Nie Shunchen and becoming his girlfriend. Nie Shunchen was the heir of the Hua Yi Entertainment, one of the most famous entertainment company in China. Therefore, if she was dating Nie Shunchen, she would have no trouble breaking into the entertainment industry. However, she would refuse to become an escort and to be used by anyone.

    Zhou Qinya knew the art of playing hard to get. If she fell for Nie Shunchen's temptation too easily, he would quickly get bored with her and forget about her.

    "Silly girl. Do you know how many girls are waiting in line to meet Young Lord Nie in private?" A middle-aged man put in.

    He was called Boss Gu by the men around him and was an owner of an Entertainment company. One of the actors working for him got a break and became an A-list actor. However, his company was a far cry from the mighty Hua Yi Entertainment. Nonetheless, he was a reputable figure in the industry.

    "Just so. Xiao Zhou, you need to latch on to opportunities when you see one." Clad in a tight dress, Li Xinru wiggled her waist slightly and said.

    Li Xinru knew Young Lord Nie's appetite for fresh meat and in order to please him, she, too, often sought out prey for him.

    "Humph! College students like you are by the thousands. They will line up to be used by Young Lord Nie. This is the reality, girl. If you want fame, you will have to pay for it!"

    Another reputable director said with a smirk.

    Despite his obscenity, no one seemed to care.

    The entertainment industry was a cesspool of moral degradation and corruption. The handsome actors and pretty actresses disguised as the bright and shining examples of society during the day, but at night, they conducted many sordid and unspeakable transactions. The entire industry was laced with hidden rules that outright trampled human decency.

    Pressured by everyone around him, Zhou Qinya finally wavered

    She knew that this might be her only chance of getting a foot into the industry. Maybe it would worth it to pay with her most precious prize. That being said, she still couldn't make up her mind.

    Seeing Zhou Qinya's hesitation, Nie Shunchen laughed in his mind.

    "She is definitely a virgin. She thinks she is so special because of her pretty face and decent upbringing."

    Nie Shunchen decided to press on and claim the prize. He cracked a smile and said: "You said you came with your friends, where are they now?"

    Zhou Qinya was taken aback by the question, so Lu Zhengyu hurried to answer for her.

    "Young Lord Nie, Qinya's friends are over there."

    They looked toward the direction where Lu Zhengyu was pointing. To everyone's surprise, they saw Yun Qianqian was among her friends as well and was chatting with them. One of her arms even rested on the shoulder of a young man. Even Young Lord Nie and Yun Qianqian and never been so intimate before.

    "They know Yun Qianqian?" Young Lord Nie in surprise.

    Yun Qianqian and Li Xinru both work under Hua Yi Entertainment. They had very different styles both on stage and in real life. One was innocent and cute as a button, the other hot and seductive. He had been courting Yun Qianqian for many years but to no avail. Yun Qianqian was an A-list star, so he couldn't force her to do things that she didn't want.

    The sight of Yun Qianqian and the young man's intimate interaction immediately angered Young Lord Nie.