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Chapter 272 - Meeting Yu Qianqian Again

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 272: Meeting Yu Qianqian AgainTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    When it was nightfall, everyone drove toward the marina where the cruise was docked. Lu Zhengyu drove a silver Maserati with a sleek profile, befitting its title as the queen of sports cars.

    The Swan Princess was a large luxury cruise ship with a ship weight of over fifty thousand tons. It can hold up to 2000 people at the same time. There were over 99 sauna spas and over ten cafeterias that served food from all over the world. On its deck was a meticulously cultivated garden of about 450 square feet in size. Beside it was a large swimming pool and a few Imax sized screens. At the center of the ship was a large ballroom that took up over 5500 square feet, the largest ballroom on a cruise ship in East Asia. Many important banquets were booked here inside the Swan Princess.

    Everyone was stunned by the opulence on the luxury cruise ship. Even though Qiu Yilun and Zhou Qinya were both from wealthy families, they had never seen such an extravagant cruise ship. The cost of this ship would be worth the combined wealth of both of their parents.

    "Follow me, I will take you guys to the banquet hall."

    Pride and arrogance flashed in Lu Zhengyu's eyes as he led the way toward the banquet hall.

    As they walked along the deck, they noticed that despite it being fall, there were many girls wearing bikinis in the swimming pool. All al them had attractive faces, hot and fit bodies. Some of them were as pretty as Zhou Qinya.

    "These are fresh meat for the modeling agency. Feel free to talk to them. If you can get them a ticket into the Banquet, they would let you do whatever you want." Lu Zhengyu said as if he had done that many times. "I mean WHATEVER you want."

    This banquet was hosted by the heir of the Hua Yi Entertainment, and it wasn't open to the public. The host had only invited celebrities and famous men and women and without an invitation, no one could get into the event even if they were able to get on to the ship. These models had bought a boarding pass and waited at the deck for any lonely rich heir to bring them in as a companion.

    "I'm good. I'm good."

    Qiu Yilun refused the invitation. These models looked tempting enough, however, his girlfriend was right next to him.

    Lu Zhengyu looked to Chen Fan was surprised to see the calm expression on Chen Fan's face. It was as if Chen Fan was already used to things as fancy and gorgeous as these frolicking bikini girls. However, he quickly brushed his surprise aside. After all, how could a lowly mainlander compare to a young lord from the international metropolis of Hong Kong?

    Lo and behold, there was a group of bouncers guarding the entrance to the banquet.

    Lu Zhengyu walked straight in, but Chen Fan and his friends were stopped by the bouncers.

    "We have tickets, why don't you let us in?" Qiu Yilun asked indignantly.

    "I am very sorry sir. Your ticket was just a boarding ticket for the ship, but in order to get into the banquet, you will need an invitation." A large black bouncer announced.

    Qiu Yilun's face flushed red for making such an embarrassing mishap.

    Lu Zhengyu smirked at Qiu Yilun as disdain crawl onto his face.

    "I was wondering who they were toget be able to get invited to the Banquet. It turned out that they were just a bunch of nobodies from the mainland."

    Many rich and powerful men and women walked through the entrance and examined the group of teenagers with a strange look. Qiu Yilun hurried to call his friend who got the ticket for him. However, what he heard didn't please him.

    "Come on Yilong. Who do you think I am, Jackie Chan? I can only get you the ticket to the ship, not the banquet. Not even I can be invited to the banquet, much less you. That was Young Lord Nie's party, and only celebrities and the super-rich were invited and could bring guests to the event."

    When Qiu Yilun disconnected his phone with embarrassment was written all over his face, Lu Zhengyu knew that it was his moment to shine. Lu Zhengyu clapped his hands to attract the attention of the bouncers. "These are my friends, can I bring them in?"

    "Why of course, young lord Lu." The black bouncer moved out of the way.

    Words could not express Qiu Yilun's gratitude for Lu Zhengyu. Any doubt in his mind evaporated after the latter saved his face at the last moment.

    He was indeed an heir of a rich family in Hong Kong.

    Both Qiu Yilun and Zhou Qinya were impressed by the mature and reliable Lu Zhengyu. Compared to the Young Lord of Hong Kong, Qiu Yilun and Chen Fan acted like a brash fledgling.

    As soon as they entered the banquet, they immediately felt the guests inside were much more prestigious and high profile than that outside.

    Every one of them was well dressed. Men wore spiffy tuxedos and women wore dazzling jewelry and painted their face meticulously. Although none of them were particularly pretty, their elegant demeanor spoke loudly of their impressive status in the society. Many of them looked very familiar to the teenagers as they might have seen their faces in movies or Tv shows.

    "You guys enjoy yourself, I will have to meet Young Lord Nie first."

    Lu Zhengyu left the group as soon as he entered the banquet.

    Qiu Yilun and the other teenagers were not even from Hong Kong, much less belonging to the local elite circle. Therefore, that came off as self-conscious and nervous before the presence of so many influential men and women. However, Chen Fan was unfazed by the fancy crowd. He took a glass of Champagne from a waiter and started to work on the drink.

    Such a banquet was a networking event for people who were involved in a small circle. Without the induction of a member of the right clique, it was very difficult for an outsider to break into the circle.

    "That's fine, we will enjoy ourselves nonetheless."

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    "Hey, isn't that Yun Qianqian?" Liu Xiaojin shouted quietly.

    The teenagers looked across the room and saw a beautiful girl surrounded by a large crowd. She was the most popular celebrity of the day, Yun Qianqian.

    Yun Qianqian was wearing a white strapless ballroom dress that hugged tightly against her busty bosom. The dress was decorated with a few pieces of silver plates that looked like mermaid scales. Adding on her meticulously painted face, she could melt any man's heart in the room. Not even Zhou Qinya's youthful beauty could compare with hers.

    "You are right! That is Yun Qianqian!"

    Qiu Yilun and the others nodded. Although Yun Qianqian had been inactive recently, she was still an A-list actress in the entertainment industry. Her charm and influence were evident by the large crowd of men gathered around her.

    "Yun Qianqian is my idol! I wish I can ask her for an autograph." Qian Lulu said cheerfully.

    The group of teenagers huddled together in a corner. Anyone in this room would have wielded more power and prestige then all of them combined.

    Qi Wangsun had been quiet ever since he boarded the cruise ship. It was evident that he didn't care to brush his shoulders with the rich and the powerful and the same went for Chen Fan.

    Suddenly, a wave of exclamation and cheers came up from the entrance that caught everyone's attention. They looked over and saw a couple walking into the hall.

    The man was wearing a white suit with a handsome face and an upright body. Despite the pale face, his steps were energetic and snappy. The woman was wearing a flaming red dress with a bold low-cut back. Her porcelain-like skin on her back scintillated under the stage lights. The dress's deep V neck at the front accentuated her breathtaking curves. She was as attractive as Yun Qianqian if not more sultry. The two women on each side of the room quickly started to compete for attention without them even trying to do so.

    "That's Li Xinru. She is here as well!" Liu Xiaojin exclaimed.

    Li Xinru was one of the most famous actresses in China. She was a sexy symbol on TV and all her roles were seductive and dangerous women such as Empress Wu Zetian and Concert Daji. She was technically a coworker of Yun Qianqian since they work for the same company. On the screen, the two were often portrayed as BFFs.

    Chen Fan was taken aback by Li Xinru's face. She looked very familiar with the girl he saw in the illusion created by the Buddhism bracelet.

    "Could it be that Li Xinru was the one who gave the bracelet to Yun Qianqian?"

    Even as Chen Fan contemplated, Lu Zhengyu came up to them and said: "Young Lord Nie is here now. Qinya, come with me to meet him."

    So saying, he grabbed hold of Zhou Qinya's arm. Zhou Qinya hesitated. "I thought everyone would go with me."

    "Don't be a silly girl. Young Lord Nie will not grant just anyone audience." Lu Zhengyu suddenly flung back at the girl. "I can bring you there and that's all. We need to hurry, don't let Young Lord Nie wait for us."

    Seeing Zhou Qinya was still reluctant to go with him, he pressed on. "Young Lord Nie is the heir of the Hua Yi Entertainment. There are many other owners of entertainment companies in the party. If they like you, you might have an easy way into the entertainment business."

    Zhou Qinya finally wavered. Although her parents had over a few hundred million, their wealth was insignificant and had to treat even a minor official from the government with respect. If she was able to break into the entertainment industry and get to know people such as Young Lord Nie, she would make her family proud. After all, this would not be the first time she befriended someone in order to further her status. She had befriended Brother Long and Chen Xu to get ahead in life a long time ago. so why stop now?

    Plus, all the girls had dreamed of being a celebrity, otherwise, she wouldn't choose performance arts as her major at university.

    But… Zhou Qinya looked up at Chen Fan with complicated feelings.

    She had come to Hong Kong for Chen Fan. Ever since she learned that Chen Fan was a member of the Chen family of Jin City and saw Seventh Lord Huang chauffeured him around, she made up her mind to win this man over. Just recently, Chen Fan had further impressed Zhou Qinya by buying a useless filigree for thirty million. It was a clear sign of his incredible wealth.

    However, as Lu Zhengyu and Young Lord Nie presented themselves before her, she felt she had found even better options.

    "Come on, Qinya. This is a rare opportunity for you." Qian Lulu pushed gently at her friend.

    Zhou Qinya presented to have lost her balance as she fell towards Lu Zhengyu. Lu Zhengyu hurried to grab hold of her smooth arms and steadied her. Then, he pulled her toward the middle of the hall to meet Young Lord Nie. Before Zhou Qinya was pulled away, she looked back and gave Chen Fan an apologetic glance. Lu Zhengyu didn't seem to mind the subtle exchange of glances between Chen Fan and the girl. After the two left the group, Qiu Yilun lamented.

    "That's Bullshit!"

    So saying, he gave Chen Fan a consolatory look.

    If he didn't insist on coming to the cruise, Zhou Qinya wouldn't run away with another man.

    "Don't worry." Chen Fan cracked a smile.

    He had never liked Zhou Qinya. Not only did she have a boyfriend before, but her sitting on the fence between her boyfriend and other men really irked Chen Fan. Despite her innocent looks, she was calculating and selfish.

    "Don't worry boss, I will introduce my cousin to you next time. She is young and cute as a button. Very innocent too." Qiu Yilun said as he pounded his chest.

    "I have a girlfriend, remember?"

    Chen Fan shot his friend a glare and chuckled.

    Even as the two threw banter at each other, a surprised voice came up next to Chen Fan.

    "Mr. Chen, what are you doing here?"

    Chen Fan looked over and saw it was Yun Qianqian calling out to him. Yun Qianqian looked at him with surprise and glee on her face. It was as if she had reunited with a long lost lover.

    Qiu Yilun and Qian Lulu were so shocked by the development that could only gape.

    Chen Fan knew Yun Qianqian?