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Chapter 271 - Banquet Party on the Cruise Ship

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 271: Banquet Party on the Cruise ShipTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    The Hilton Hotel resided on the eastern side of the city. A larger limousine swimming across traffic like a large sleek blackfish pulled to a stop before the hotel. A door boy hurried to open the back seat door and a refined-looking young man in a white outfit emerged.

    "He must be an heir of some rich family." The doorman thought to himself.

    "Mr. Chen, do you want us to follow you?" Two men stood beside the young man, both looking serious and stately. One of them was wearing round-shaped glasses. They were Cui Qinhe and Mr. Shi.

    Although Chen Fan had kicked all the Zheng family members out of their houses, he had treated their former employees very well. After all, it was these former employees who had kept the company going. Although Chen Fan was the enemy of the Zheng family, none of the Zheng family's employees felt that way. They simply had a change of bosses.

    Mr. Shi and Cui Qinhe felt honored to work for the most powerful Grandmaster in China. If Chen Fan was in a good mood and showed them a thing or two about his skill, their cultivation would improve significantly.

    "There is no need. You may leave now." Chen Fan ordered.


    Mr. Shi and Cui Qinhe both bowed slightly and returned to the car.

    As soon as Qiu Yilun saw Chen Fan, he complained: "Boss, where have you been? We have been waiting for you in the hotel for days! We agreed to stick together once we got here, didn't we?"

    Liu Xiaojin and Qian Lulu also complained to Chen Fan. Zhou Qinya looked upset and the most indignant. She was convinced that Chen Fan had left the group because he didn't want to share a room with her.

    "It's all my fault. I will spend more time with you guys tonight." Chen Fan surrendered immediately and gave everyone a wry smile.

    If Mr. Shi saw his reaction right now, he might fall into utter disbelief. Why did a Grandmaster listed on the Heaven Roll have to apologize to a bunch of teenagers?

    Little did Mr. Shi know that Chen Fan was a Curmudgeon who had been alive for over five hundred years and had experienced nearly anything in the world there was for him to experience. He knew that he had nothing to hide before his old friends and therefore, he would lower his guard and act like a normal person. Qiu Yilun and Qi Wangsun were both his best friends in his past life. They had spent over four years together, sharing the same room. Even Immortal Cultivators were mortals once and therefore enjoyed company as much as a mortal would.

    Chen Fan had apologized many times before Qiu Yilun finally dropped the matter.

    Everyone gathered in Qiu Yilun's room, discussing where to go to spend the last day of the national holiday.

    "Qiu Yilun got a few tickets to a fancy banquet from his friends. We should go there tonight." Qian Lulu suggested.

    "What's so fun about this Banquet?" Zhou Qinya yawned.

    Her parents' wealth was worth over a hundred million, even her allowance was enough to buy her a BMW mini. As a frequent guest of expensive banquets, she was already sick of them.

    "This banquet was different. It was on a luxury cruise. The ship would cruise around the Victoria Bay so that we could enjoy our meal while looking at the splendid view of the bay. There will also be exquisite food and shows to watch on the cruise." Qian Lulu said longingly.

    "Indeed. I have heard from one of my friends that this party was thrown by one of the richest heirs in Hong Kong. Many actors and actresses are going to attend as well." Qiu Yilun nodded.

    His announcement caught everyone's attention.

    Movie stars were a rare sight for most ordinary people.

    "Wow, you are so awesome Yilun. How do you know someone so powerful in Hong Kong?"

    Liu Xiaojin exclaimed with admiration. Even Zhou Qinya was impressed and gave Qiu Yilun an approving glance.

    Qiu Yilun cracked a smug smile.

    He was bad at almost everything but has a knack for looking for somewhere fun to go. Regardless of where he was, he could always find a friend or two who could lead him to a fun venue.

    The promise of seeing a celebrity was too tempting for girls to pass up the opportunity. Therefore they turned down the other two suggestions— street food at Causeway Bay and Science museum at the Hong Kong Technology University—and decided to go to the party on the cruise ship.

    In order to match the party's dress code, Qiu Yilun drove everyone to the downtown shopping district. Hong Kong's downtown shopping district was well known for its comprehensive luxury brands.

    Qiu Yilun walked into a Chanel outlet with Qian Lulu in his arms. Qian Lulu's face was lit up with excitement, she knew her boyfriend was going to spoil her today. Qi Wangsun quietly browsed a few shops with Liu Xiaojin in tow and finally entered a Parada outlet.

    In the end, Chen Fan and Zhou Qinya were walking by themselves.

    "Do you need help? You can't wear a hoodie to a party you know." After a long silence, Zhou Qinya finally broke the awkward spell.

    "Sure." Chen Fan shrugged and said indifferently.

    Zhou Qinya knew Chen Fan was rich after seeing him buy the Dharma Artifact for thirty million. She knew Chen Fan could afford to splurge so she led him straight into an Armani outlet.

    "Sir, Madam, what can I help you?"

    "We are going to a banquet party and we are looking for formal party dress." Zhou Qinya said.

    "Ok, please come this way." The retailers were used to customers such as Chen Fan. However, the other customers in the shop were taken aback by the odd couple: one was a drop-dead gorgeous the other an ordinary-looking college student.

    "The changing room is there."

    Zhou Qinya had a wealthy upbringing and therefore was good at picking out clothing that were appropriate for the occasion. She handed the outfit to Chen Fan and asked him to try it on. Chen Fan couldn't care less about what other people thought of him. To him, all the people around him were simply ants. However, in order to get the full experience as an ordinary mortal, Chen Fan had to oblige.

    He entered the changing room and changed his outfit with a snap of a finger.

    Then he was impressed. He admitted that Zhou Qinya had a very good taste in terms of clothing. With the outfit she picked out for Chen Fan, he no longer looked like a fledgling who had just entered university, instead, he looked like a mature and confident rich heir.

    "So you are going to the party at Swan Princess as well? What a small world!"

    As soon as Chen Fan walked out of the changing room, he saw a young man talking to Zhou Qinya. Despite the smile on Zhou Qinya's face, it was obvious that she was annoyed by the young man's small talk. She saw Chen Fan emerged out of the change room and said: "Oh, my boyfriend is done."

    Then she came up to Chen Fan and put her arm through the hole by Chen Fan's elbow and looked as joyful as ever.

    The young man was taken aback by the development but managed to maintain his gentlemen's courtesy. He extended an arm to Chen Fan.

    "Nice to meet you, my name is Lu Zhengyu. Your girlfriend told me that you two are going to the party at the Swan Princess as well? Why don't we go together? I am a local Hong Konger and know a few friends there. I could introduce them to you at the party. It would be more fun than hanging out by yourself."

    So saying, he seemingly inadvertently showed Chen Fan the Patek Philippe on his wrist.

    Chen Fan grumbled a consent and then shook his hand.

    Seeing there was nothing on Chen Fan's wrist, a hint of disdain flickered in Lu Zhengyu's eyes. However, he managed to hide his contempt under his fake smile and started to introduce the history of the Swan Princess Cruise ship to the couple.

    Slowly, the topic of the conversation drifted to the young man himself. He claimed to be the heir of a large family in Hong Kong that opened three publicly-traded firms. He was working as a CEO in many large corporations. He also owned a luxury mansion in Repulse Bay that was worth over a few hundred million, blablabla.

    "They are not only going to have many already famous celebrities at the party, but also many new rising stars such as Yun Qianqian. This party was hosted by Young Lord Nie of the Hua Yi Entertainment. I know him pretty well, so I will introduce you to him."

    Lu Zhengyu said proudly and then he gave Zhou Qinya a glace.

    The moment he saw Zhou Qinya, Lu Zhengyu knew that this aloof hottie has an opportunistic spirit. She would latch onto any opportunity that could make her famous.

    "I can't pass up such a hottie!" Lu Zhengyu thought to himself.

    Lu Zhengyu couldn't care less about the boy and neither did he think Chen Fan would pose any threat to him. Soon, they met up with the group. Even Qiu Yilun was impressed by Lu Zhengyu's family background and demeanor. After all, Qiu Yilun was only an ordinary heir of a wealthy family in a small town, while Lu Zhengyu was a member of the super-rich in the Metropolis.

    "Too bad, Zheng Anqi won't be at the party. I really liked her style."

    Zhou Qinya lamented after knowing the list of guests attending the party.

    Although Zheng Anqi was born into a powerful family, she had made her own career as a supermodel and a fashion designer without the family's help. She was Zhou Qinya's number one idol.

    "Miss. Zhou, didn't you hear the news? Zheng Anqi had gotten a strange sickness and had become as ugly as a crone. The entire Zheng family is in knee-deep debt now and were all kicked out of their houses. Even the Zheng's Financial Group has changed ownership. The new owner is a mysterious young man. The Zheng family is history now." Lu Zhengyu said with a smirk.


    Everyone was shocked by the announcement.

    They had been focusing on their trip and paid little to no attention to the news.

    "I remembered that the Zheng family was a renowned household in Hong Kong and owned over a few hundred billion assets. Whoever took over the family wealth must be super-rich now." Qiu Yilun exclaimed.

    "Just so! His wealth must rank at least within the top thirty among all the Chinese communities." Lu Zhengyu cracked a faint smile and then said mysteriously. "I am actually a friend of this young man. I could introduce you guys to him."


    Qiu Yilun and the other's faces were lit up with joy. Even Zhou Qinya seemed to be interested.

    Most tycoons they had met were billionaires. These billionaires might be a big deal in Jinlin City or Lin City. However, they were ordinary rich men when compared to all the businessmen in China. That young man, on the other hand, owned hundreds of billions and could be on the list of Forbes Rich List. Those local tycoons simply couldn't compare.

    "Of course!" Lu Zhengyu said proudly.

    Chen Fan was amused by the conversation. He wondered how this show was going to end.

    It was evident that Lu Zhengyu had made up most of his family wealth. It was questionable that he knew Young Lord Nie. However, Lu Zhengyu's demeanor and pretty words had beguiled Qiu Yilun and the other teenagers.