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Chapter 270 - The Excited Spellcasting Community

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 270: The Excited Spellcasting CommunityTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    The most powerful art was neither the Thunder Art of the Heavenly Master Sect, nor wasit the Elixir Brewing art from the Medicine God Valley Sect or the Ghost Reining art of the Ghost Witch Sect.

    It was the art of casting Array Formations.

    Array formations could tap in the source of energy inside of mountains or rivers to support itself. Since it was connected to the Power of Heaven and Earth, it was much more powerful than any individual. Legend has it that the brilliant strategist Kongmin of Shu Kingdom had stopped a hundred thousand strong army of Wu nation using an Array Formation during the three kingdom period. Although the effect of the array could have been exaggerated later by fictional portrayal, it was still a gleaming example of the Array formation's power.

    the Dao cultivators cultivated the Heavenly Dao. The higher their level of attainment, the closer they were to become one with nature. There was nothing in the world that could be more effective in utilizing the Power of Heaven and Earth. It was a pity that the art of casting Array Formations had disappeared in the mortal world, and by now, only a few remnants of the Array formations remained in deserted temples of a bygone age.

    The Feng Shui Dharma Array was inspired by the Art of Array Formation

    Feng Shui Spellcasters could use the geomantic compass, Feng Shui Dharma Artifact to cast a Dharma Array over a structure based on the position of the structure in relation to the surrounding environment. These array formations could be used to bring fortune or ward off evil spirits. However, these were of the most simple category of Array Formations. A good example of the real Array formation was the Seven Malice Poison Array from the Medicine God Valley Sect or the Grand Array of Nine Dragons cast by Zhou Daoji.

    These Array Formations mostly used the Poison Mist or the Malice Qi from under the ground, therefore, they could even destroy an Immortal State Cultivator much less a mortal. The promise of learning to cast such art was too tempting for the spellcasters to pass up the opportunity.

    Therefore, everyone was shocked when Chen Fan announced that he was going to teach everyone the art of Array formations.

    "You heard me right. As long as you can bring me useful materials that I think are worth my effort, I wouldn't mind teaching you the art of Array formation." Chen Fan said calmly.

    Array formation was an extremely advanced art that was unreachable for most cultivators on earth. However, it was a part of the foundation of cultivation for the Immortal Cultivators such as Chen Fan. It was used practically everywhere, from the small-sized Spirit Gathering Array to the mid-sized Mountain Defensive Array, and the large-scaled Grand Array of Starry Sky. Chen Fan didn't mind allowing them to catch a glimpse of such a mundane art. Even if they learned the art, they could at best cast arrays on par with the Seven Malice Poison Array and the Grand Array of Nine Dragons which could be easily countered by Chen Fan.

    Nonetheless, Chen Fan's announcement had stirred up even the more powerful spectators such as the Perfected Cultivator Soaring Cloud. He praised.

    "Bravo, bravo!"

    "Master Chen's generosity really makes him stand out as the most powerful Grandmaster the world had ever seen."

    After Chen Fan was gone, the crowd close to the mountain peak finally dispersed. However, the real impact of the battle had just started to be felt by the world.

    To most Hong Kong people, the death of Zhou Daoji was nothing. However popular and famous he was, he only rubbed his shoulders with the rich and the powerful. That being said, the death of Zhou Daoji was shocking news to the elite class of Hong Kong as well as the Chinese Esotericism society.

    Zhou Daoji had dominated Hong Kong for over a decade and his influence had been extended far and wide into nearly every facet of Hong Kong society. He was friends with all the top ten wealthiest men in Hong Kong as well as all the Governors. He had also accumulated incredible fortune which his children would not inherit.

    Everyone in the Chinese Esotericism community fell into disbelief.

    Only the elite spellcasters were able to make it near enough to the battle, and most of the spellcasters were in the conference venue when they heard the shocking news.

    "Zhou Daoji is dead? How is that possible?"

    "It's true. My master saw it happen with his own eyes. They have already located the old man's body."

    "So even Zhou Daoji could not bring down Chen Beixuan? Does that mean that from now on, the Martial Artist community is going to look down on us?"

    Many people lamented vehemently.

    Zhou Daoji was the most powerful spellcaster in the Southern Sect, he had dominated the cultivation world in southern China for years. Therefore, it was understandable that a lot of people were having a hard time coming to terms with his death.

    Their shock and disbelief were exacerbated after they have heard that he had even used the Grand Array of Nine Dragons which he had been hiding for thirty years, but his desperate attempt was to no avail, Even the Earth Qi he had summoned from the nine peaks of Jiu Long Mountain was shattered by Chen Beixuan.

    The further one went on their journey of cultivation, the more they feared the Power of Heaven and Earth. To summon and control the Power of Heaven and Earth was no simple feat. However, if even that was not able to defeat Chen Fan, they spellcasters were at a loss as to what would.

    "I have heard that Chen Beixuan was not only a powerful Martial artist but also a Perfected Cultivator."

    "Indeed. He also announced that he would teach the art of Array formation to whoever brings him a satisfactory array-building material."

    "I have heard that too. Rumor had it that a few Perfected Cultivators had already sent him invitations to join the Chinese Esotericism conference to offer some tips about cultivation."

    The drift of the conversation subtly changed from that of opposing Chen Fan to adoring and praising his handsome appearance and skills. After hearing that Chen Fan was an incredibly good looking young man, many female spellcaster's eyes turned into hearts immediately.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was finishing up the paperwork to take over the Zheng family's assets.

    The Zheng family was one of the top ten wealthiest families. During its heyday of the Zheng's Financial Group, it was worth over a few hundred billion on the market. Although that number had shrunk quite a bit, it was still worth over a few dozen billion. Changing hands of such a giant entity was a significant event that affected many people.

    Under normal circumstances, the death of Old Man Zheng would quickly escalate into a war for heirlooms between brothers and sisters. Lawsuits would have been filed, and insults hurled. However, there and then no one in the Zheng family was in the mood of fighting with each other. They simply stayed home and looked at the luxury houses with sorrow and sadness.

    Chen Fan didn't kill them, but he had taken their wealth. It was worse than outright killing him.

    "Get out now! This mansion belonged to Master Chen now."

    A group of brawny young men stormed into the mansion and shouted at Zheng Haomin and his family.

    Zheng Zhongming was Zheng Zhongming's third son, the CEO of Zheng's Financial Group. He was a man of great prestige and never had he ever experienced such insult in his life.

    His son Zheng Anyuan jumped out of his seat and shouted back: "Who the hell are you? Why are you in my house? Security? Where is Security? Throw them out!"

    "Humph! Do you still think you are the Young Lord of Zheng family?" The leader of the group was a large man with an angry tattoo on his arm depicting a tiger. "Everything belonging to you and your family are now the possessions of Mr. Chen. Look at the paper yourself. Here is the signature of witnesses. They are officials in the government. What do you say now?"

    "But… But…." Zheng Anyuan was suddenly at a loss for words.

    Although he hadn't seen the battle in person, he has heard the devastating news from his father.

    Zheng Anyuan had thought that the transaction of the property wouldn't happen for a few years since it would have to go through all kinds of red tape in the government. However, to his surprise, it only took a day for the debt collectors to show up at their doorstep.

    "That's enough!" Zheng Haomin slammed the table and flung at the young men. "We are down on our luck, but that doesn't mean we have to let you punks step on our toes!"

    As the CEO of a powerful company, the group of haughty young man's attitude didn't sit well with him. Then he saw another group of men walking into the house. Zheng Haomin suddenly furrowed his brows as he noticed the leader of the second group. He rose to feet and called out:

    "Master Qiu?"

    Zheng Haomin had recognized that this man was one of the top ten Spellcasters in Hong Kong and his name is Qiu Yulin. Although he was not as powerful as Zhou Daoji, Qiu Yulin was a peak Dao-Reaching Level cultivator and was a frequent guest of the rich and the powerful households. Zheng Haomin was taken aback by his visit.

    "Compared to Master Chen, I am not early as worthy of the title ‘master'." Qiu Yulin waved a hand and said: "From today on, everything in this house belongs to Master Chen. Third Lord, please leave the area with your family right now before someone gets hurt."

    Zheng Haomin's face darkened.

    He had never thought that Qiu Yulin was hired by Chen Fan to collect his debt. Most Zheng family members were convinced that it would take at least a few months to half a year before Chen Fan could even start to slowly take over the tremendous wealth of the Zheng family. Little did they know that Chen Fan was well prepared and had hired Hong Kong spellcasters to work for him as debt collectors.

    It was a brilliant move. Qiu Yulin and the other spellcasters were a powerful local force and had a connection with all departments in the Hong Kong government. No one could have short them even a penny and resistance was futile since they were all deadly spellcasters.

    With that thought in mind, Zheng Haomin's face turned pale and finally left the room reluctantly with his family.

    This scene played out not only in the house of Zheng Haomin but also in his brother's house.

    Chen Fan's promise of teaching them the art of array formation was too tempting for these spellcasters to resist. Plus, his display of power and the overbearing demeanor had invited much admiration among spellcasters. One of his biggest fans was Master Qiu.

    Not all acquisitions of the Zheng family's property went smoothly and some Zheng family members resisted. However, they were just ordinary people and were no match against deadly cultivators. Some had their legs cut off and some lost their ears. These people used to be the prince and princesses of the Zheng family, but not anymore. They were nothing but a group of useless and defenseless hobos.

    The Zheng family's property and the Zheng's Financial Group changed its owner very swiftly.

    What happened to the Zheng family was quickly heard all over Hong Kong and stirred up people's interest. Although the public was indifferent to Zhou Daoji's death, the fall of the Zheng family had grabbed their attention. The entire story sounded like an urban legend.

    "Zheng Zhongming died of cardiovascular disease."

    "The Internationally acclaimed model, Zheng Anqi had fallen ill from a strange disease that made her look forty years older."

    "Zheng's Financial Group had changed hands. The new owner remained a mystery. Zheng family is piling on debt and forced from their homes."

    Numerous newspapers from Hong Kong reported the news and the event happened to the Zheng family quickly became one of the most-watched news on Tv aside from celebrity gossip. The sudden collapse of the Zheng family had invited many people to have their imagination run wild.

    Who was the mysterious tycoon that had toppled the powerful family? What does he look like?

    He had acquired over a few dozen billion yuan worth of assets and was in direct control of the Zheng's Financial Group. That would make him a member of the Forbes Rich List, and one of the richest young men in Hong Kong.

    Despite the fervent interest in the topic, most elite families of Hong Kong became increasingly fearful of Chen Beixuan's power. He could topple the Zheng family with ease and not even the governor's personal intervention in the matter could save them. No one in their right mind in Hong Kong would ever think of messing with Chen Beixuan again.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had returned to the Hilton Hotel and the National Holiday was about to end.