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Chapter 267 - Nine Mountains of Jiu Long, Please Lend Me Your Powers

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 267: Nine Mountains of Jiu Long, Please Lend Me Your PowersTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    Despite Zhou Daoji's disdain and putting Chen Fan down, he gave all he had in the first round of exchanges. He murmured something in this mouth and formed a Void Dimension Dharma Seal in a blink. Then, two dragons formed by deadly Malice Qi shot out from under his puffed sleeves.

    Huang Wenze used to mention that Zhou Daoji was able to form a Dharma Array in under seven incantations and that ability had earned him the first place among Southern Sect's Arcane Finger branch. There and then, Zhou Daoji had formed a Dharma Array in just one incantation.


    The Malice Qi Dragon swept across the stage and stormed at Chen Fan. Zhou Daoji's hair flowed in the wind and his sleeves flapped. The two Malice Qi dragons twisted and braided their bodies together to form a thicker and more powerful Malice Qi. It lanced out at Chen Fan and the tip of its spinning top was pointing directly at Chen Fan's heart.

    Faced before the belligerent and world-devouring Malice qi Dragon, Chen Fan remained calm.

    The tornado in his hand seemed small in comparison with the dragon, however, it was formed by True Essence and was spinning at an incredible speed. The edge of the gyrating whirlwind was sharper than a blade, and as it sliced through the air, it created countless slivers of vacuum that quickly disappeared with a fantastic explosions of blue flames.


    Chen Fan gave the tornado a gentle push, sending the blue tornado flying across the air, tracing out a long tail in the air. As it whistled through the air, it rammed directly into the incoming Malice qi Dragon.

    Despite its small size, the blue tornado buried itself into the belly of the dragon and came out from the other end without any reduction in speed. It was as sleek as a knife going through a piece of Tofu.


    Zhou Daoji's face suddenly darkened.

    His array was formed using the Finger and Palm technique that gathered the Malice qi in between the Heaven and Earth. However, Chen Fan's technique was very different. Not only the tornado was much smaller, and hence the energy was more concentrated, the tornado was formed using Chen Fan's own True Essence. The Malice qi dragon's energy was too far spread out to counter the concentrated attack at one point and therefore was easily pierced through.


    Zhou Daoji let go of the Malice qi Dragon and folded his hands before his chest. His finger moved with incredible speed until they turned into a blurry shadow. As he shifted through numerous Dharma Seals, a Yin Yang Dharma Array appeared before his chest. The array was fused with the Yang Energy of the nascent sun as well as the Yin Energy that connected to the core of the earth. The two powerful energies blended inside the Dharma Array and formed a pulse of energy that was shaped like a Yin Yang Fish. The Yin Yang Fish suddenly increased in size in a spinning motion and formed a Tai Chi diagram in the air.


    The tornado sizzling with blue energy smashed into the Yin Yang Dharma Array. This Yin Yang Dharma Array was supposed to be able to stop a bullet, however, it was only able to slow down the tornado slightly before it crumbled. That being said, the spell had given Zhou Daoji a few precious moments to react. He fished out a turtle shell and shot it into the air above his head. The Turtle shell didn't fall down, instead, it floated in the air while shooting a ray of yellow light onto Zhou Daoji.

    When the tornado finally reached the yellow light, the light flickered but held itself in the end.

    "My friend, you are really worthy of being at the top of the Heaven roll. No wonder Kunlun would consider you at the peak levels of Martial arts, Dharma Spells and Physical Refinement. I had initially thought that you are just a martial arts Grandmaster, and didn't expect you to have such a high level of attainment in dharma spells as well." Zhou Daoji exclaimed.

    Although he had been extra cautious and tried to be as conservative as possible while estimating Chen Fan's power, he had still underestimated the boy's power. In the end, he was forced to use his protection Dharma Artifact just to escape Chen Fan's first attack.

    He quickly registered that the tornado Chen Fan used was not a Martial Artist skill. Instead, it was an Air Element Spell with a twist of Thunder Element.

    "If that is all you are capable of, you might as well concede defeat and let me kill you right now."

    Chen Fan said indifferently.

    He had only used a simple art called the Art of Explosive Qi, and had already forced Zhou Daoji to a corner. If the fight continued this way, Zhou Daoji would be defeated very soon.

    Compared to Martial arts, the power of Dharmic Dao was much greater, but it also needed a much longer time to prepare. Therefore, when Chen Fan was fighting Lei Qianjue, Lei Qianjue had forsaken Dharmic Dao spells and focused on martial arts. Zhou Daoji, on the other hand, would be a perfect opponent for Chen Fan to peer into the secrets of Feng Shui and compare the power of Dharmic Dao on earth with that in the Immortal Cultivation world to see which one was more powerful.

    That being said, Chen Fan already had the answer even before the fight.

    "I am starting to regret my decision of challenging you" Zhou Daoji gave Chen Fan a wry smile. Suddenly, he locked his eyes onto Chen Fan's and said in a saddening tone: "You have killed my disciple and tried my honor. I couldn't just sit around and let you disgrace me and my dear disciple. If I don't avenge him, I will have wasted six decades of hard training."

    As he said that, his hair was blown into the air and his eyes glinted an electrifying light. Sadness and sorrow were written all over his face as a wave of powerful energy loomed around him.

    He had finally revealed his true colors as the deadly spellcaster feared by everyone in Hong Kong. The previous exchange was simply a warm-up, what was going to come next would be the real battle, and it was a battle of life and death.

    "I have studied many schools of cultivation and added in a unique touch of Feng Shui arts to create the Arcane Feng Shui Art of the Zhou. I will show you its power in its full glory."

    Zhou Daoji slowly extended two palms.

    Despite his age, his skin was as smooth as that of a sixteen-year-old girl.

    In the traditional Tantric Buddhism; a finger represented one of the cardinal directions of East, West, South, North, Up, Down, History, Present, Near and Far. Zhou Daoji's Dharma Spells were similar to the secret ars of Tantric Buddhism as well as that of ancient Witch Sect.

    The Dharma Seal changed forms as he kept on the chanting words with primordial sounds. He had only chanted one incantation to summon the Malice Qi Dragon, but by now, he had already uttered more than a dozen incantations.


    Chen Fan snorted and grasped something in the Void Dimension.

    An explosion erupted in the Void Dimension as a large whirlwind appeared as if out of nowhere. This whirling tornado was at least one time larger than the last one and it spitting out countless sparks at the center which quickly turned into blue lightning which trained the entire tornado blue.

    The Art of Explosive Qi was part of the Wood Element Dharma Spells with the addition of Air Element and the Thunder Element. Despite it being an entry-level spell, without the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, Chen Fan would not be able to use it.

    Chen Fan yanked an arm and threw the two deadly whirlwinds out. They spun like the metal spin wheels wielded by the legendary Dharma-rāja of Golden Wheels. The whirlwinds shot at Zhou Daoji with incredible speed. Zhou Daoji was convinced that if the two deadly whirlwinds so much as grazed his body, it would grind his flesh into a pulp. No protection Dharma Artifact would be able to protect him from such power.

    However, Zhou Daoji was not concerned at all, instead, he cracked a smile.


    He folded his hands abruptly.

    Nine Malice Qi Dragons suddenly appeared out of nowhere. Each dragon was a dozen meters in length. The twisty Malice qi was visible to the naked eye. They came down at Chen Fan from all sides, trapped him into a cage made out of Malice Qi. Two of the Malice Qi Dragons rammed into Chen Fan's whirlwind and the dragon crumbled immediately. However, it wasn't long before the Malice Qi converged together and regained its shape.

    "The Art of Arcane Finger, Dragon Taming Dharma Seal."

    This was Zhou Daoji's coup de grace, the Art of Dragon Taming.

    He has used this exact same move to trap a Grandmaster and then killed him with one finger.

    While Nin Tianchen executed the same art, he was only able to summon three-week chains that were shattered by Chen Fan with ease. However, while the art was used by Zhou Daoji, each and every chain was as hard as steel. They could hold an armored vehicle in place, much less Chen Fan's mortal coil.

    Seeing Chen Fan was trapped, Zhou Daoji produced a short blade from behind.

    This short blade was identical to Nin Tianchen's Blade of the Spring Immortal. It appeared that it was returned to its former owner after Nin Tianchen was killed. Zhou Daoji raised the blade with both hands and hacked. The red inscriptions on the blade glowed in the air as countless trickles of blood channeled into the Blade of the Spring Immortal. As the blade started to soak up the blood, it started to hum. Suddenly, a Blade Aura shot out from the tip of the glowing blade.

    The Blade Auras possessed unprecedented power and as it shot through the air, it sliced open the two blue while winds and went straight for Chen Fan.

    After Zhou Daoji executed this move, he seemed to have gained a few more wrinkles on his face and his eyes also dulled slightly.

    Chen Fan finally realized why a Perfected Cultivator would look so wizened. The cause was the use of the Blade of the Spring Immortal. This blade was a ceremonial blade of the Ancient Witch Sect. Its power could only be awakened by drawing blood. That explains why Zhou Daoji had eventually given it away to his disciple instead of keeping it for himself. It was a powerful weapon, but also double-edged.


    Chen Fan cracked a smile and shot out both hands. Suddenly, an azure-colored hand sign formed before him.

    The two azure-colored hands break the position that formed sign and grabbed hold of the Malice Qi Chains instead. With one forceful yank, the cage was open. The hands then blocked the Blade Qi, shattering the deadly Blade Qi in an instant.

    "Yi Wood Connate Spirit Grand Qin Na Hand!"

    This was a Divine power used mostly by Immortal Cultivators. If it was used by a Connate Cultivator, he could outright crack open a mountain. Although Chen Fan had not yet reached the Connate Spirit level, he was able to shatter the Dragon Taming Dharma Seal and the Blade of the Spring Immortal's Balde Qi with ease.

    "Die, NOW!"

    Chen Fan didn't want to waste any more time on his test subject; he had seen enough and it was time to send Zhou Daoji on his way/

    In addition to the Divine powers, Hypersonic attack, the Qin Na Hand was his third most powerful technique and it was able to squash anything.


    The Blade of the Spring Immortal let out a sigh-like sound as its Blade Qi was shattered. A crack appeared on its body. The Blade of the Spring Immortal was a sentient weapon and like anything that has life energy, it could be injured by force.

    Having exhausted his methods, and was still no match against Chen Fan, Zhou Daoji became uneasy and his troubled look made him look much older.

    "Fine, fine… I had never thought that I would have to use this move. I thought I could keep this art a secret for the rest of my life." Zhou Daoji let out a wry smile as he looked up at the Turtle shell

    The turtle shell was glowing with yellow light, suddenly, as if powerful energy had gone through it, it started to shiver.

    "Old pal, thank you for being with me for so long."

    Zhou Daoji said wistfully. His eyes were filled with regret and sadness.


    The turtle shell suddenly shattered into pieces, unleashing nine bright lights that shot into the nine peaks of the Jiu Long Mountain. Meanwhile, Zhou Daoji stomped the ground and shouted at the top of his lungs.

    "Nine Mountains, please lend me your powers!"