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Chapter 266 - At the Peak of the Jiu Long Mountain

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 266: At the Peak of the Jiu Long MountainTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    The Jiu Long Mountain of Hong Kong was formed by eight continuous rolling hills and one main peak that jutted out among the other gentler slopes. These hills formed a windy mountain range that looked like dragons that had coiled their serpentine bodies. Therefore, this mountain was named Jiu Long Mountain, aka, The Mountain of Nine Dragons.

    Before the dawn break, many local residences, as well as tourist, had already arrived at the foothill.

    The sunrise at the Jiu Long District Mountain was a famous tourist attraction at the Jiu Long District. A lookout post was constructed at the top of the mountain for that specific purpose. Every year, countless tourists flocked to the Jiu Long District to enjoy the marvelous view of the sun rising from the sea.

    This tourist attraction spot was also on the list of Zhou Qinya and her classmates. They got up early and had a quick breakfast and hurried to the foothill. To their disappointment, the Jiu Long Mountain was closed today. Qian Lulu complained: "What is going on? We have woken up so early but without any notice, we can't even go to the mountain."

    "Could there be big wiggs who are going to climb the mountain, or may some crew is shooting a movie?" Liu Xiaojin asked in confusion. Hong Kong used to be a famous base for movie production, however, the movie industry went downhill ever since the 90s. That being said, it still wasn't uncommon to find movie crews shooting some scenes that required shutting down of an entire street or a district.

    Qi Wangsun shook his head and said: "This looked like something much more serious than shooting a movie. I wager there must be some important things going on at the peak of the mountain."

    Even as everyone discussed what was going on at the foothill, someone pointed to a person in the distance.

    "How come he could get in?"

    Qiu Yilun and the others looked toward the direction the man was pointing and saw a tall, handsome young man in black outfit slowly making his way along the mountain path.

    "Uh? He looks just like Chen Fan." Zhou Qinya exclaimed as she covered her mouth to suppress a cry.

    "Just so! He really looked like him." Liu Xiaojin and the others also nodded in agreement.

    "I wonder where the boss has been. He had left us a written message and then disappeared. We agreed to stick together in the beginning." Qiu Yilun complained. Qi Wangsun, on the other hand, lowered his head and fell into deep thought.

    His family used to hire a retired special agent to teach him human behavior and how to read people's expressions and movements.

    Therefore, he was able to judge a person's identity based on expression, motions, and demeanor. Those who had mastered the art could have recognized people they knew based on a glimpse from behind.

    The first time Qi Wangsun saw the person making his way to the mountain top, he noticed a lot of similarities between the stranger and Chen Fan, although it was evident that this man was much more handsome than Chen Fan. That being said, when he started to examine the man from behind, he noticed that other than his height was taller than Chen Fan, the way he walked, and the placement of his hands behind his back was a spitting image of Chen Fan.

    "Interesting. Could there really be two individuals who shared the exact same walking motion?"

    Qi Wangsun asked himself in confusion.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had slowly walked toward the top of the Jiu Long Mountain.

    The peak of the Jiu Long Mountain was about 500 meters above sea level. Each step Chen Fan took covered the exact same distance. Although the steps didn't seem to cost him any effort, he approached the mountain top very quickly.

    Along the way, he had met many cultivators. Only a small portion of these cultivators were local residents of Hong Kong, the rest were from all over China. They happened to be in Hong Kong for the Chinese Esotericism Conference. However, the fight between the Perfected Cultivator and the Grandmasters quickly took the spotlight from the conference and attracted all the spellcaster to gather at the Jiu Long Mountain.

    "That's him! He is Chen Beixuan!"

    Only a very few people had seen Chen Fan's photo, however, those who ran into Chen Fan along the mountain path recognized him right away as the number one Grandmaster on the Heaven roll.

    Chen Fan had revealed his Dao Body and looked as sharp as an unsheathed legendary blade. A light came up in his eyes, and his dark silky hair was covered with a pearlescent sheen. His body was in perfect proportion and he even smelled good, like fresh-cut grass. What really made him stand out, aside from his attractiveness, was the overbearing belligerence he carried all the time. It was a sure sign of his power.

    "Chen Beixuan is here, the battle of the century is finally about to start."

    Many people looked up at the peak of the mountain, where a hundred or so square meter platform was set. Although they were unable to climb any further, most martial artists and spellcasters were able to see the fight clearly from a couple of hundred meter distance. Some of them could make out the motions on the platform just by listening to the clamor.

    The closer Chen Fan was to the top of the mountain, the more powerful the spectators were.

    When he almost reached the peak, he saw an old man resting on a chair. The old man was in his nineties but looked healthy and strong. However, his pale face suggested that he had been overworked and was exhausted.

    "Zheng Zhongming?"

    Chen Fan recognized the super-rich man of Hong Kong. As a renowned tycoon, he often appeared on TV. Although Chen Fan's elixirs had saved this old man's life, Chen Fan didn't care to waste any time on him.

    In his eyes, Zheng Zhongming was as significant as an ant.

    Chen Fan needed just one legitimate reason to do away with the Zheng family without the government's interference. He had found that reason already.,

    He would defeat Zhou Daoji and kill everyone in the Zheng family.

    Standing behind Zheng Zhongming was a few stately looking elderly men. Pulsing Dharmic power emanated from every one of them. Anyone spellcaster would have recognized them since they represented all the master spellcasters in Southern China.

    Zhang Ziru was one of them. He was standing on the third to the left. The first and third one to the left both possessed deadly energy in them. Chen Fan wagered that both of them were Perfected Cultivators of Dharma Cultivation level. Their power was on par with that of the King of Elixirs.

    Including Zhang Ziru, there were at least three Perfected Cultivators, and then masters who had reached the peak of the Dao-Reaching Level. Chen Fan even saw Huang Wenze who he had encountered at Dong Du City.

    Chen Fan cared very little of these spectators. His attention was attracted by the man waiting for him at the top of the mountain.

    "Mr. Chen, if I give you the ten billion right now, would you give up the duel?"

    Old Man Zheng suddenly heaved a sigh and then said.

    He was confident in Zhou Daojis' victory before he saw Chen Fan in person. However, as soon as he met Chen Fan eye to eye, he started to waver. The old man couldn't sense the slightest anger or fighting spirit in the young man, instead, it was a terrifying void and a godly indifference inside of Chen Fan. He never even felt such indifference even in Zhou Daoji. The emptiness and the difference in the boy's eyes made him look like he was a god looking down at his own creations from above.

    Zheng Zhongming had felt an unprecedented fear and lost all of his hope in Zhou Daoji.

    "Too late."

    Chen Fan uttered two words and became silent.

    Zheng Zhongming had expected such an answer from Chen Fan, however, when the weight of the words came down on him, the old man suddenly felt that his days were numbered.

    Chen Fan didn't waste any more time with these top dogs in Hong Kong. He picked up speed and ascended to the top of the Jiu Long Mountain.

    When Chen Fan finally reached the peak, the sun leaped out of the clouds, showering the world with brilliant golden rays. The east-facing slope of the mountain was covered in iridescent light.

    "The beauty of nature was eternal, but our fight will be only a fleeting moment in history."

    An old man wearing silk traditional Chinese dress turned around and announced.

    This old man's wizened face was covered with wrinkles deep and shallow. However, his eyes were incredibly clear. Upon closer look, the darkness in his pupils were as deep as the abyss.

    He was the number one Feng Shui Master, the top spellcaster of Southern China, Zhou Daoji.

    He had in the past trapped a Grandmaster with nine dragons and killed him with one finger jab. There and then, before the fight of the century, he talked to Chen Fan as if he were his long-time friend. He cracked a warm and welcoming smile and said: "You are finally here. I thought you would find another place to settle the score with me."

    "Humph! Why would I show so caution while I'm just fighting you with your puny power?"

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and looked haughty as ever.

    While standing face to face before Zhou Daoji, Chen Fan used his divine will and detected Zhou Daoji's level of attainment with incredible clarity. Zhou Daoji's power was still a far cry from the Divine Sea. He could be considered at most a peak Dharma Cultivation cultivator, making him as deadly as Lei Qianjue.

    The Ethereal Enlightenment and the Divine Sea had a wide gap between them. Without entering the Divine Sea level, Zhou Daoji would never be able to defeat Chen Fan.

    That being said, Chen Fan was aware of the unpredictability of dharma spells. Therefore, he was interested to see the difference between the Dharma Spells on earth and that of the Immortal Cultivation World. Plus, he had registered a hidden power lurking behind Zhou Daoji's presence. It could be the power signal of a certain Dharma Treasure or Dao Spell. Although Chen Fan was far from being alerted, the presence of the hidden power caught his interest nonetheless.

    "Are you using Divine Sense on me?"

    As Chen Fan started his Divine Will, surprise surface on Zhou Daoji's face.

    Compared to a Grandmaster, a Perfected Cultivator's soul energy was much more active and sensitive. Although Zhou Daoji was not able to capture the exact movement of Chen Fan's Divine Will, he could detect its presence nonetheless.

    "I have seen a Soul Energy Master from western Europe who could materialize his Soul Energy in the mortal world and attack his opponent. However, even his energy lacked the depth and breadth as yours." Zhou Daoji shook his head and said: "But… what a pity! If you, my friend had already reached Immortal State, it would be you who would walk out of here alive."

    "You are too full of yourself." Chen Fan said calmly.

    Although Zhou Daoji had killed a Grandmaster thirty years ago, Chen Fan was convinced that it wouldn't be difficult for him to defeat him.

    "I have dominated Hong Kong for thirty years. I would never challenge you, the number one Grandmaster on Heaven roll without any confidence in winning. Even if you have already reached Immortal State, I would still not be afraid of you." Zhou Daoji laughed and said: "However, I doubt you are. I haven't heard of any new Immortal State cultivator for fifty years."

    "You will not be able to walk out of here alive as long as you are still below the Immortal State."

    "Is that so?" Chen Fan cracked a smile and was unfazed.

    He lifted his clean and unmarred palm and charged up his energy, summoning a few small whirlwinds to appear above his palm. Suddenly, these whirlwinds converged and formed a violent tornado with sharp edges. It spun like a top threatening to shred anything in its way into pieces.

    "Haha, Chen Fan, you think too lightly of me."

    Zhou Daoji laughed out loud as his long sleeves puffed up. Suddenly, the golden rays of sunlight changed direction and converged toward his body, granting the old man a godly halo.