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Chapter 264 - A Ten Billion Yuan Be

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 264: A Ten Billion Yuan BetTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    Chen Fan sat on a flat rock on the top of the hill and let go of Anqi. He didn't even stop the girl when Anqi started to walk around. Anqi rubbed her neck, her fear was written all over her face. Despite herself, she asked Chen Fan:

    "You don't care if I run away?"

    "I can find you and kill you even if you ran to the end of the world." Chen Fan said stoically. His eyes were half-closed.

    He had covered the entire hill with his Divine Will and therefore, Zheng Anqi would have no chance of escaping. Even if she did, he would be able to trace her presence from miles away and get to her and kill her.

    Zheng Anqi was quiet for a while and then asked again: "What are you going to do? Keep me here as a hostage so that my family will give you the ten billion?"

    "Ten billion?" Chen Fan cracked a faint smile. "You have given me so much trouble, I think I will need more than just ten billion that you owe me."

    "I have warned you when we first met that you don't get away with not paying me." Chen Fan said as a cold light lit up his eyes. "I want to see you and your family suffer, in order to quell the anger in me."

    "Well, what if we don't give you the money?" Zheng Anqi protested.

    "I will destroy the Zheng family and kill everyone." Chen Fan said calmly, but his words scared Zheng Anqi. She knew that Chen Fan words were not empty threats. He had killed Nin Tianchen with a flick of a finger, of course, he could and would kill everyone in the Zheng family.

    The thought gave Zheng Anqi a pang of anxiety. She needed to rush home and warn her family, but how?

    Chen Fan sat still like an old monk meditating.

    His Divine Will had crossed the hill and reached the Zheng family's mansion miles away along the Repulse Bay. Chen Fan knew that the Zheng family would retaliate but he was not worried at all. Not only was he unfazed, but also wished that the Zheng family would give him a chance to feel the satisfaction of sweet vengeance and the thrill of violence. Without those two elements, his rebirth experience would be much less interesting.

    The evening was over very quickly

    Chen Fan could drink the morning dew and swallow elixirs if he got hungry, but that was not the case for Zheng Anqi. She was not only just a mortal but also a mortal who had never lived one second of hardship in her life.

    The insistent blowing of wind from the ocean had nearly frozen her into an icicle.

    The Zheng family had sent a couple of negotiators to Chen Fan, hoping to calm the situation, but Chen Fan had refused to talk.

    This standstill lasted until the third night when Chen Fan finally received an invitation to a duel.

    "The number one Master Zhou Daoji of the Southern Sect, invites Chen Beixuan, the first ranking Grandmaster on the Heaven roll to a duel at the top of the Jiu Long mountain."

    The peak of the hill was only a few dozen square meters in size. Chen Fan sat on a flat rock, facing everyone motionlessly like an old monk meditating. Zheng Anpin sat on a blanket while half leaning against an old tree. The ground beside her was littered with a bottle of water and kleenex.

    She was still wearing the same silver party dress, long lace gloves and a silver tiara on her head. However, after three days of torture by the elements, she looked like a princess in distress.

    "My name is Zhang Ziru, and I am the first disciple of Zhou Daoji of the Southern Sect. Nice to meet you Grandmaster Chen Beixuan."

    "I am here to hand over an invitation. My master will wait for you at the peak of the Jiu Long mountain as soon as the dawn breaks tomorrow for a duel."

    The young man stood stately before Chen Fan. The ocean wind tousled his long hair and puffed up the loose sleeves on his traditional robe. His voice boomed in the air, threatening to shake the rocks and trees on the hill.

    It was evident that the first disciple of Zhou Daoji had inherited most of his teacher's power and was already at Dharma Cultivation level.

    "Zhou Daoji.. he wants to challenge me?"

    Chen Beixuan finally opened her eyes. "Does he think that I, Chen Beixuan, could be challenged by just anyone?"

    Zhang Ziru was unfazed and replied: "The Zheng family had agreed to use the ten billion they owed you as a pledge for your victory. You can take the ten billion if you win the fight, but if you fail, please leave Hong Kong as soon as possible."

    "Ten billion?"

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and shook his head. "That's too boring. Let's spice things up a bit, how about we throw in the lives of Zhou Daoji and the entire Zheng family?"