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Chapter 263 - The Challenge Arrives

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 263: The Challenge ArrivesTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


    Everyone in the Zheng family was shocked by the revelation.

    Most people who weren't Martial artists might have a hard time understanding the meaning and the weight carried by this word, nor would they understand how much blood and how many lives were behind every syllable. However, that didn't prevent them from registering the message of Chen Fan's terrifying power.

    "So, you mean he is very deadly?" A light came up in Zheng Anna's eyes as she licked her upper lip unconsciously. In her logic, the better a fighter a man was, the more prowess he would possess in bed.

    Cui Qinhe had ignored the girl and looked to Zheng Haochang. He had no time to waste on a teenage girl's lustful fantasies.

    By then, Zheng Haochang was getting confused. Although Cui Qinhe claimed that Chen Fan was invincible, it was not a quantitative measurement of his exact power. A fighter who would defeat ten men at the same time and the other who could defeat the entire nation at the same time could both be called invincible, but their power was drastically different.

    If this man was only a little bit stronger than Cui Qinhe, Zheng family would not fear him the slightest. After all, however strong Cui Qinhe was, he was still a mortal, and so was Chen Fan.

    "That's bullshit! I think he is too high on himself." The third lord of Zheng family, Zheng Haomin guffawed.

    Zheng Haomin had never thought too highly of Martial Artists. He considered them boorish brutes who sell their muscles for money.

    Many of the younger generations of the Zheng family nodded in agreement, including Zheng Anna. They didn't think a martial artist would pose much of a threat in modern society with the rule of law.

    Anger flashed in Cui Qinhe's eyes after he heard the remarks. He lowered his head and laughed at these arrogant fools. They had no idea what it meant to be the first place on the Heaven roll.

    "Mr. Shi, based on your understanding, how powerful exactly do you think is Chen Beixuan?" Old Man Zheng finally broke the silence.

    Mr. Shi hesitated for a while and then said: "I am not too sure either. However, I know that he killed Grandmaster Lei, Lei Qianjue from the Hong Sect as well as Blacksnake from The Blood Skull."

    "Lei Qianjue of the Hong Sect!"

    Everyone was surprised by what they heard.

    Although not everyone knew who Lei Qianjue was, they had heard of Hong Sect. Lei Qianjue operated only in Canada, but the Hong Sect was well known by all the Chinese communities around the globe and was well connected with powerful Chinese families. Zheng family, for example, maintained an amicable relationship with one of the leaders in Hong Sect.

    "How does this Lei Qianjue compare to Zoro the Thunder King?" Second Lord Zheng Haoxun asked curiously.

    The underboss that the Zheng family was in good relation with was Zoro, the Thunder King. He was the underboss of the United Kingdom since Hong Kong used to be a British colony, the Zheng family had to deal with Zoro quite often.

    "That's enough." Even as Mr. Shi was going to talk more, Old Man Zheng spoke up and cut everyone short. "Lei Qianjue was the Grandmaster of the Hong Sect and was considered the most powerful Grandmaster. Even Zoro was his junior and needed to pay a tremendous amount of respect to him. He was revered even by the leaders of the Hong Sect."

    Hearing the old man's words, everyone was deeply shocked.

    If Lei Qianjue was the most powerful fighter in Hong Sect, then his influence must be no less than that of Old Man Zheng. If all the rich and powerful men in Hong Kong, only a very few of them were able to compete with him. The fact that Chen Fan was able to get away with killing one of Hong Sect's most powerful leaders spoke loudly of his strength.

    Then and only then, members of the Zheng family finally understood the meaning of "invincible."

    "He… he must be insanely powerful!"

    Zheng Anna covered her mouth, as fear flickered in her eyes. She doubted that there would be anyone in Hong Kong that would be able to bring Chen Fan down if the Hong Sect had failed to do so.

    "I had never thought that Lei Qianjue would be defeated by anyone much less being killed." Old Man Zheng lamented. "Twenty years ago, I had met Brother Lei in person. I was so impressed by his spirited and dominating demeanor, and never had I thought that he would perish before me."

    For a while, no one in the Zheng family spoke a word.

    After he learned Chen Fan's prowess, tension started to hang in the air, nagging everyone's nerves insistently. Even Zheng Haomin had to admit that Chen Fan might have been the most threatening opponent the Zheng family had ever faced.

    "What should we do?" Despair and panic surfaced on Zheng Haochang's face.

    He was just one of the many heirs of the family when the shit really hit the fan, he quickly turned into a bundle of nerves.

    "Don't worry! Your dad is still alive." Zheng Zhongming rose to his feet and knocked the floor with the walking stick. "Powerful he might be, but the Zheng family is not a pushover either. Worst comes worst, he will just take my life. If he wants to insult my family name, well, over my dead body!"


    Feeling ashamed of themselves, many second-generation leaders exclaimed with a guilty expression. Even Mr. Shi was deeply touched my Old Man Zheng's determination.

    Zheng Zhongming grew up during a tumultuous time and started an enormous enterprise from nothing. He was determined and full of gusto, his sons and grandsons simply couldn't compare.

    "Haomin." Zheng Zhongming cleared his throat and said: "Contact the seventeen factions of Hong Kong's underworld, I need to have a word with their bosses."

    "Yes, dad!" Zheng Haomin stood up and said.

    "Haochang, please formulate a letter to the Hong Kong Governor on my behalf."

    "Yes, dad!"


    Zheng Zhongming assigned tasks to all the family members and finally got everyone going. The Zheng family had been building up their strength in Hong Kong over a decade and by now, it had accumulated unimaginable resources and influence. Even the Wei family of the Northern Bank would pale in comparison with the Zheng family much less the Sheng family or the Chen family. Over the century, the Zheng family had built an unshakeable foundation and its power was beyond the measure of money. As long as the Old Man Zheng was still alive, the Zheng family would not fall apart.

    After he had finished assigning the tasks, Zheng Zhongming turned around and looked at Mr. Shi.

    "Would you be so kind as to send a message for me to Master Zhou Daoji? I wish to pay a visit to him tonight."

    "You mean…?" Mr. Shi was taken aback by the request.

    "Nin Tianchen was his personal disciple. I doubt he could simply sit around and let Nin Tianchen die in vain." A sly smile surfaced on Zheng Zhongming's face."Thirty years ago, I watched with my own eyes as he trapped a Grandmaster using nine dragons and killed the Grandmaster with one finger. I wonder if Zhou Daoji still has it thirty years later."

    "Yes, understood."

    Mr. Shi lowered his head.

    Old Man Zheng rarely got involved in outside business, but if he did, he could always avert the crisis with decisive and swift actions. Although Mr. Shi was still doubtful that the old man was able to make Chen Fan pay for what he had done, the promise of retaliation should have scared off any ordinary Grandmaster.

    Afterall, Grandmasters were all mortals and had friends and families who were vulnerable. Any Grandmaster who disregarded the rule of law and murdered innocent people on a large scale would have been dealt with by the government. Most Grandmasters knew not to mess with local tycoons because once the local tycoons joined forces, they would pose a threat to any Grandmaster.

    "However, Chen Beixuan was not just any ordinary Grandmaster…"

    A pang of concern rose inside of Mr. Shi

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan didn't return hotel, instead, he carried Zheng Anqi to the top of a small hill nearby.