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Chapter 262 - Shake The Zheng Family

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 262: Shake The Zheng FamilyTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    Anqi was taken away in front of everyone during her own birthday party.

    This news quickly reached the leaders of the Zheng family. The Zheng family was one of the elite families in Hong Kong and had dominated Hong Kong for many years. Despite the recent slipping in their ranking, they were still the top ten most powerful family in Hong Kong. They owned billions of assets and were well connected in every area in Hong Kong.

    When they heard that Zheng Haochang's daughter was kidnapped in broad daylight, they were first shocked, and then they were furious.

    "Who did that? Who dared to kidnap my daughter?"

    In a luxury mansion by the Repulse Bay, a middle-aged man shouted at the people around him furiously. He was surrounded by his brothers, sisters, and many other family members, none of them dared to say a word to the angry man.

    Over the recent half year, Zheng Haochang had taken the seat of power in the Zheng's Financial Group. His dominance lent him an overbearing demeanor even when he was among his family. Even his elder brothers dared not to talk back at him during the day to day company meetings, much less when Zheng Haochang was in a fit of rage after knowing that his daughter was kidnapped.

    "Ninth Uncle, we have already called Minister He from the Law Enforcement department. Mr. He had dispatched Law Enforcement units toward the Shore Diamond to investigate."

    A young man stood next to Zheng Changming said.

    This young man was called Zheng Anyi, and he was one of the most outstanding members of the Zheng family, and a trusted assistant of Zheng Haochang.

    The Law Enforcement Department dealt with the most serious crimes and if not because the case's victim was a member of the Zheng family, they would not be dispatched for a simple kidnapping case.

    "You have informed Minister He?"

    Zheng Haochang's face softened a little after hearing the news.

    Even as he spoke, a clamor rose drifted in from outside.

    He rushed out and saw a gorgeous looking woman holding an old man's arm as they both slowly made their way toward the meeting room. A scholarly- looking middle-aged man wearing a pair of circular rimmed glasses tailed behind the old man. The old man was in the nineties, but he looked like a healthy man in his early sixties.

    "Dad, sorry to disturb you."

    Zheng Haochang hurried to offer his arm to the old man to hold on to.

    This old man was the founder of Zheng's Financial Group, the legendary Zheng Zhongming.

    Zheng Zhongming said in a booming voice: "If I didn't come here, I am afraid you are going to tear this mansion down."

    "Dad." Zheng Haochang gave the old man an awkward look. "I am just too worried about Anqi. She was kidnapped in broad daylight. She is my baby girl, I can't let anything bad happen to her."

    He paused and then said vengefully: "If they catch that kidnapper, I will kill him myself!"

    "Sigh… This is what I am worried about." To Zheng Haochang's surprise, the old man heaved a sigh then made his way to the sofa. "Mr. Shi, please tell Haochang what you saw at the party."


    The promise of more information shocked Zheng Haochang and the other members of the family.

    As soon as he heard that his daughter was kidnapped, he rushed to the mansion, so he was not entirely sure what had happened at the party. All that Zheng Haochang knew was that the culprit had even killed a couple of people before he took his daughter away.

    "Yes, Lord Zheng." Mr. Shi bowed slightly and then took a step forward. "The man who kidnapped Miss Zheng is called Chen Fan. He not only kidnapped Miss. Zheng, but also killed Mr. Nin Tianchen."

    "Nin Tianchen? You mean Zhou Daoji's disciple Nin Tianchen?"

    A young man wearing a Gucci outfit exclaimed.

    The other young generation of the Zheng family were also shocked by the news. Nin Tianchen was nicknamed the LIttle Perfected Cultivator and was extremely popular among rich heirs of Hong Kong's powerful families. Many people knew that he was courting Zheng Anqi, however, they had never thought that such a powerful and talented spell caster would be dead.

    "Indeed. It's that Nin Tianchen." Mr. Shi nodded.

    "Nin Tianchen is a powerful spell caster who has Divine powers. Who is the killer? Is he also a spellcaster?" Another girl who was wearing Prada and heavy makeup asked while she distressingly clutched her Chanel handbag.

    The girl was in her late twenties. Although her face was not as attractive as Zheng Anqi, she has an extremely hot body. She wore her eyeliner way past the length of her eyes and made her look as seductive as a little fox.

    Her name was Zheng Anna, and she was Zheng Anqi's sister. She used to have a fling with Nin Tianchen and knew his prowess both under the sheets and during a fight very well. Most people would not last longer than one of Nin Tianchen's attacks.

    The crowd boiled over again. Many leaders of the Zheng family became gloomy and concerned after hearing the news. The kidnapper was not just an ordinary criminal, he was a spellcaster. Spellcasters were well known for their deadliness and cunningness, and therefore, not even the Zheng family would easily mess with them.

    "Chen Fan?"

    Zheng Haochang was taken aback by the familiar name.

    "Haochang, have you already forgot? He is the person who sold Anqi the medicine." Old Man Zheng knocked on the floor with his staff and reminded his son.

    "Him? That asshole who wanted ten billion for the medicine?" Zheng Haochang exclaimed flames of anger danced in his eyes. "He failed his blackmailing, so now he is trying kidnaping? He thought that I would capitulate to his savagery just because he has my daughter? I will never give him ten billion, dream on!"

    Despite the trillions of assets that the Zheng family owned, most of their assets were in the company's stocks. The total amount of liquid assets they owned was around thirty billion yuan. Ten billion yuan was one-third of all the money the family possessed; it would be a huge blow to the family's financial status and cause grave consequences.

    "What ten billion? What are you talking about?"

    Many youngsters of the family looked at each other in confusion.

    Most leaders of the Zheng family suddenly looked troubled as they remembered what happened half a year ago. Despite Zheng Anqi's depiction of Chen Fan's power, no one had taken the threat seriously, and none of them believed that there was a snake as tall as a building, that Chen Fan had killed the snake with one blow. They simply thought that Zheng Anqi had made up those stories to glorify her success in obtaining the medicine.

    It was as if someone told them that the aliens were coming to earth with a ten-mile long battleship. Even if it was their family member who said that they would still disregard it and consider it absurd.

    Seeing is believing. Even if they got hold of a picture, they would still think the photo was photoshopped.

    The Zheng family had been living in their bubble in the modern world for too long and knew nothing of Chen Fan's power.

    "He is not blackmailing. Miss Anqi had agreed to give him ten billion, I am the witness." Mr. Shi heaved a sigh.

    "Even if that is true, Anqi had no rights to make a deal that was worth ten billion. He could have talked to me! Plus, that doesn't make kidnapping right! He is a criminal, a CRIMINAL!" Zheng Haochang said hotly.

    "Just so!" Many other leaders of the Zheng family nodded in agreement.

    They would be more than happy to sit down with Chen Fan and negotiate, but they wouldn't allow themselves to be scared by Chen Fan's brutality and hand over the ten billion willingly.

    "I don't think we have a choice now. If we don't give him the money, not only Miss Anqi will be in danger, so will the entire Zheng family."Mr. Shi said with an ugly grin.

    "He wishes to topple the Zheng family my himself?"

    Third Lord Zheng laughed.

    The other leaders didn't seem to take the threat seriously either. The Zheng family had been dominating Hong Kong for decades and was one of the most influential families in Hong Kong. Not even the Hong Kong government dare to mess with them, much less a single person.

    "The problem is, I think this man might be able to do just that." Mr. Shi said with a serious face.

    "Was he from one of the top families in China? Or is he a member of an international group?" Zheng Anyi asked curiously.

    She was not alone in her curiosity. Everyone was convinced that it would take at least a superpower in China or the Hong Sect to threaten the Zheng family, no one else could.

    "No."Mr. Shi shook his head as fear flickered in his eyes. "He is more powerful than both of them. "

    "He is called Chen Fan, but he also has many other identities. One of them is Chen Beixuan, the most powerful Grandmaster in China, according to the Heaven roll."

    "Chen Beixuan? The Heaven Roll of China?"

    Everyone was confused and was not sure what Mr. Shi was talking about.

    The world of Martial Arts was too distant from that in which the Zheng family lived. The name Chen Beixuan was only known by the martial artists and a few bosses of underground organizations, but not those who had nothing to do with martial arts. It was the same way as some people who do not watch TV might not even know the most popular TV star right now.

    However, the man stood behind Zheng Haochang was shocked and terrified by the revelation.

    "What's going on, Qinhe? Do you know this Chen Beixuan?" Zheng Haochang noticed the fear on the man's face, so he asked.

    This man was called Cui Qinhe. He was the leader of the security guards in the Zheng family and Zheng Haochang's personal bodyguard. He was a powerful Internal Force user from Southwest China and had saved Zheng Haochang more time than Zheng Haochang could count. Because of that, Zheng Haochang trusted him a great deal and brought him wherever he went.

    "Yes." Cui Qinhe nodded. "He is very well known."

    "So is he a good fighter?" Zheng Anna asked contemptuously.

    "He is not just a good fighter." Cui Qinhe paused a then said heavily "He is… invincible."