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Chapter 261 - Kill With a Flick of a Finger

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 261: Kill With a Flick of a FingerTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    The Dragon Taming Dharma Array was created by the most powerful Feng Shui Master of Hong Kong, Zhou Daoji by combining all the secret arts of many different sects, such as the arts of Shooting Stars of the Nine Palaces, Dragon Quelling Qi Point, Eight Trigrams and Six Cardinals. This Dragon Array needed to be cast using Finger and Palm methods, and channel the Power of Heaven and Earth through the Dharmic powers and summon endless Malice Qi. In the end, the Malice Qi would form chains to tie down the enemy. These chains were invisible but stronger than the hardest steel in the world.

    An ordinary Dao-Reaching Level cultivator could only unleash one Malice qi chain. However, Nin Tianchen was a genuine spell caster and therefore was able to summon three Dragon Taming Ropes at the same time. His teacher, Zhou Daoji purportedly was able to chain down nine dragons at the same time by unleashing nine chains. Even a Grandmaster would not be able to escape the web of confining malice qi chains.

    Once upon a time, there was a Grandmaster of Chinese descent from Southeast Asia that arrived in Hong Kong and threatened the local peace. Zhou Daoji unleashed nine Dragon Taming Chains at the same time to contain his movement and killed him with one finger jab. That event shocked everyone in Hong Kong and Zhou Daoji also quickly rose to fame and was granted the title: the Number one Arcane Finger Master in Southern Sect.

    Nin Tianchen was confident that even without using the art his teacher had taught him, he should be able to render the Semi transcendent martial artist defenseless.

    To his surprise, Chen Fan broke the confinement with a shrug of shoulders, sending a wave of explosion as the Malice Qi Ropes snapped one after another. In a blink, Chen Fan had regained his movement.

    "Remarkable power!"

    Nin Tianchen's face suddenly darkened.

    He had to restained a peak level Internal Force user using two Chains. A semi transcendent level Martial artist was more powerful than a peak level Internal Force user, but not by this much.

    "Maybe I am wrong… He is not semi transcendent level at all, he is a Grandmaster."

    An obscure idea came into Nin Tianchen's mind.

    The idea was so ridiculous that even Nie Tianchen quickly brushed it out of his mind. Grandmasters were the immortal dragons who lived in heaven. Even though his teacher, Zhou Daoji had killed a Transcendent State Martial artist, he would not dare to mess with a Grandmaster. Not all grandmasters' powers were equal, and some could be much deadlier than others.

    Despite discrediting his new evaluation of Chen Fan's power, he didn't let his guard down.

    He quickly stopped the Dharmic Seal and pulled out a sharp blade from behind his back. This blade was only ten centimeters or so in length. It was made out of black unknown material and looked primitive in craftsmanship. On its sharp glinting edges were mysterious inscriptions painted with red pigment. It emanated a primordial power that was ancient and dangerous. The handle of the blade was made out of some kind of horn and was carved into the shape of a snarling beast. Nin Tianchen brought the blade to his chest, charged up energy and slashed in the air.


    The slash seemed to have sliced open the very fabric of space. Sending a gust of wind down the Void Dimension. Suddenly, a sharp Blade Qi shot out from the tip of the blade and tore open the thick carpet on the ground. The tear extended from under Nin Tianchen all the way toward Chen Fan, looking like an ugly scar.

    "Blade of the Spring Immortal! The LIttle Perfected Cultivator is going all out."

    Some bystanders who had recognized the technique exclaimed.

    The Blade of the Spring Immortal used to be Zhou Daoji's Dharma Artifact before he became a master. Rumor had it that he had used it to slice a car into half. After he had become a Perfected Cultivator, he had never used the Dharma Artifact ever again. Little did people know that he had given the Dharma Artifact to his youngest disciple, Nin Tianchen.

    Legend had it that this blade used to belong to the Ancient Witch Sect. It was their ceremonial blade during the offering ceremony to the Spring Immortal. Once used by a powerful Dharma Spells user, it could unleash as much power as a Grandmaster. It would also allow a spell caster to project their Internal energy outward.

    However, in Chen Fan's eyes, this seemingly deadly Blade Qi was very different in nature with the Energy of Four True Righteousness unleashed by Grandmasters. The Grandmasters used only the True Qi stored in their system that had been refined to perfection. However, this Blade Qi seemed to come from the Essence Qi in the environment.

    The power of the Blade Qi was a far cry compared to the Azure Wood Qi Blade.


    Chen Fan snorted and shot out a hand. He closed his fingers and snatched the deadly Blade Qi with a bare hand.


    The powerful Blade Qi that could slice open a piece of steel was shattered in Chen Fan's hands into countless small pieces. These dust-sized particles were blown away by the shock wave that came after the impact. The ground trembled and cracked open.


    Nin Tianchen's face paled. He had tested the power of Blade of the Spring Immortal on a huge tree and the Blade Qi went through the wide tree trunk as if going through butter. He was convinced that not even a Grandmaster was able to stop the Blade of the Spring Immortal with their bare hands. However, Chen Fan had first broken free from the Dragon Taming Rope and then shattered the Blade of the Spring Immortal. Although Nin Tianchen couldn't tell Chen Fan's exact level of attainment, he was extremely impressed by Chen Fan's unimaginable physical strength.

    "Is this guy an S level Extraordinary One what had exemplary physique? Or is he a practitioner of ancient Yoga? Or is he a Grandmaster in Physique Refinement?" Many questions rose in Nin Tianchen's mind. Even as he contemplated the answer, he sent out more Blade Qi energy. Meanwhile, he stomped the ground and grumbled.

    A piece of ornamental jewelry made out of bone that hung from his waist suddenly exploded.

    A ball of fire appeared in the sky and attached itself on the invisible Blade Qi. This flame was green in color and looked like the ghost lights that one could find in cemeteries. Green lights run down from the wall and the window, painting everything in the hall with an eerie green. Suddenly, three flaming Blade Qi appeared in the air and attacked Chen Fan from three different directions.

    This time, Nin Tianchen no longer held back his power and attacked with all he had. He had been cautious in his last attack since he didn't want to hurt Zheng Anqi. Despite him confessing his affection for Zheng Anqi, he loved himself the most. He couldn't allow a girl to slow him down when his life was hanging on by a thread.

    "Cursed Ghost Light?"

    Mr. Shi's face suddenly darkened.

    He had heard rumors that when Zhou Daoji obtained the Blade of the Spring Immortal, he had also gained access to some of the ancient Witch Sect's secrets.

    The modern Dark Witch Sect, Blood Witch Sect, and the Ghost Witch Sect could all trace their lineage to the Ancient Witch Sect. The Witch Sect excelled at the art of Insect controlling, Ghost Reigning, and killing people using curses. Although the ball of green flame looked benign, it was infused with vicious and deadly curses. Once it came to contact with a mortal, it would continue to burn, eating away the flesh until there was nothing left.

    It was evident judging by the method used by Nin Tianchen that he wanted Chen Fan dead.

    Nin Tianchen was confident that if he gave all he had, he would be able to kill even a Semi transcendent martial artist. However, Mr. Shi knew full well that the boy in front of him was the most powerful Grandmaster in China. The tricks used by Nin Tianchen were simply child's play to him. He could have punched a hole in the ocean with ease if he wanted to.

    Lo and behold, Chen Fan simply looked up and waved his arm lazily.

    The room was meant to host a birthday party, therefore, the club owner decorated the walls with countless birthday candles. Looking from afar, the hall looked like a sea of twinkling lights.

    However, there and then, these dancing flames suddenly converged into Chen Fan's palm and formed an orange fireball.


    Nin Tianchen panicked.

    He finally realized that he had been underestimating Chen Fan's ability from the very beginning. He had initially guessed that Chen Fan was a Semi transcendent martial artist after seeing Chen Fan project his internal force outward; later, he thought Chen Fan was a Physique Refinement Grandmaster. But there and then, after seeing Chen Fan's ability to command so many flames to converge into his palm so effortlessly, he started to suspect that this young man was a Master Fire Bender.

    "Dharma Cultivation! He is a Perfected Cultivator of Dharma Cultivation!"

    Nin Tianchen screamed his mind as he fell into utter disbelief.

    Regardless of the level of attainment of a spell caster, casting a spell would take time and a medium would always be required to channel the powers between the Heaven and Earth. However, Chen Fan had summoned a ball of fire without using any tool within a split second. It was a telltale sign that he was a Perfected Cultivator who had reached the Dharma Cultivation level.


    Chen Fan pushed the large glowing fireball and turned it unto a long fiery drake. After the fire drake devoured the three green Blade Qi, it increased inside and its scale started to gain a green undertone.


    Nin Tianchen pulled back while brandishing the Blade of the Spring Immortal in the air. The blade sent out a few more Blade Qi as the Bead Bracelet in his first exploded, sending out a few puffs of dark clouds.

    However, it was already too late. Chen Fan's unstoppable attack was already on its way.


    An explosion erupted in the hall as if a grenade had been thrown in the hall. Nin Tianchen's body was swallowed by the fire as the explosion send out countless fiery projectiles in all directions. The rich and powerful guests scrambled to get out of harm's way. Those who reacted too slow were burned by the fire.

    Nin Tianchen didn't reappear until the fire finally died down.

    His custom-fitted suit was in tatters and even his handsome face was covered with black soot and dirt. His hair was burnt and clamped together, and burn marks were all over his body. He no longer looked like a member of the elite class, instead, he looked like a bum on the street. If not because of the protection talisman given to him by his teacher, he would have already lost his life.

    Even though he was still alive, Nin Tianchen was so badly injured that he barely had enough energy to lift a finger.


    Chen Fan carried Zheng Anqi and walked to Nin Tianchen. Although this room was packed with elites from all over Hong Kong who were surrounded by their bodyguards, no one dared to say a thing. Even Zhou Daoji's personal disciple, Nin Tianchen was defenseless before Chen Fan, much less these mortals.

    Chen Fan came over to them and looked down at the young man who was burned to a crisp. Under his panicked watch, he flicked a finger on Nin Tianchen's forehead and poked a hole in it.


    Nin Tianchen rounded his eyes and could not believe that he would die in the hands of Chen Fan.

    Nin Tianchen's shock was shared by the others around him, including Zheng Anqi.

    Nin Tianchen was the final disciple of Master Zhou Daoji. Master Zhou Daoji treated him as one of his sons. To kill Nin Tianchen was to start a war with the mighty Zhou Daoji who had been dominating Hong Kong for decades.

    However, Chen Fan had killed him like squashing an ant.

    "Tell the Zheng family that they have to pay what they owe me in full, otherwise, they will die." Chen Fan said with an indifferent expression and then he left the hall while clutching Zheng Anqi in one arm. Everyone watched as Chen Fan left with Zheng Anqi as his hostage and none dared to stop him.

    He had come all by himself, killed Nin Tianchen, and kidnapped Zheng Anqi.

    Chen Fan had displayed his power before the elite members of Hong Kong. He had taught them the real power of a Grandmaster and why they were so feared by others.

    "Sigh! The Zheng family won't listen to me, now it's too late!"

    Mr. Shi had watched everything unfolding before him. He heaved a sigh of relief.

    Zheng Anpin hid in the order as a gleeful light came up in his eyes.