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Chapter 260 - Dragon Taming Array

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 260: Dragon Taming ArrayTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    "Bull shit!"

    Even as a wave of surprised murmur rose from the crowd, a middle-aged man with golden rim glasses stepped forward and said with a serious face: "Sir, do you have any proof that she owes you ten billion?"

    "Do you have any legal documents?"

    "Transaction records? Witnesses?"

    The serious-looking man poured questions at Chen Fan. Seeing Chen Fan didn't have an answer, a distant look surfaced on his hard face: "So you have nothing to prove that Miss Zheng owes you ten billion. So does that mean I can claim that Superman Li owes me a hundred billion? What's the big deal anyway?"

    After he had said that, the entire room was filled with laughter.

    The ladies in the room still managed to keep their elegant demeanor so they simply covered their mouth and giggled. Some of the girls were wearing a low cut dress and their giggling shook their half-exposed bosom. Even Zheng Anqi was amused by the man's remark.

    "Mr. Hu, no wonder you are one of the most famous lawyers in Hong Kong! What a sharp tongue! This guy has nothing." Someone shouted.

    "Just so! Mr. Hu used to even point a finger at the judge during a court session and had forced the judge to apologize. What does a teenage boy mean to him in a debate?" Someone else said proudly.

    The serious-looking man was called Hu Zhicheng and he was one of the most famous lawyers of his generation. He worked as an associate in the famous Jade Law Firm, the fourth-best law firm in Hong Kong. His illustrious record touted thirteen consecutive successful cases, and he was well versed in nearly all law systems.

    "Sir, I will have you know that I can sue you for defamation and blackmailing. You will have to stay behind bars for at least three years."

    Hu Zhicheng took his glasses off and cleaned it with a piece of velvet handkerchief and then carefully placed them on his nose again.

    "Oh, really?" Chen Fan replied distractedly. He didn't even spare him a glance and fixed his gaze on Zheng Anqi.

    "I told you that I can give you some time, but don't make me wait. I am not very patient."

    "But you took my goodwill for granted." Chen Fan looked down a little as if heaving a sigh of disappointment. "Well, now my patience had worn out."

    Zheng Anqi's heart sank to the bottom as fear gripped her heart. She felt regret and sorrow roiling inside of her.

    "Sir, have you been listening to me?" Hu Zhicheng furrowed his brows and said: "You have transpassed a private property and injured an innocent guest. Then, you tried to blackmail Miss Zheng for ten billion and verbally threatened her. These are your crimes and there are plenty of witnesses around. Prepare to stay in jail for the rest of your life, punk!"

    Hu Zhicheng was convinced that if Chen Fan was indicted, he would be able to persuade the judge to give him a life sentence in jail.

    After all, this room was packed with the rich and the powerful. Their combined might was equivalent of half of Hong Kong's wealth. It wouldn't take much to convince the judge to throw Chen Fan into jail for what he had done.

    Most people believed in Hu Zhicheng's words and they looked Chen Fan pityingly.

    The boy had ruffled the wrong feathers, he should have never messed with tycoons. They just needed to whisper one word into the judge's ears, and Chen Fan would have to stay in jail for the rest of his life.


    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and waved a hand.


    Hu Zhicheng was dealt a blow by an invisible force. The force sent the man flying and knocking over a dozen banquet tables on his way until he thudded back to the ground. The golden rimmed glasses which he custom ordered from Italy for a hundred thousand US dollars were smashed into pieces. A red mark in the shape of a man's palm was branded on Hu Zhicheng's left cheek.

    A pin-drop silence suddenly fell over the room.

    No one had ever thought that Chen Fan would hit people without any warning.

    Did he know that Hu Zhicheng was one of the top lawyers in Hong Kong? No one dared to so much as swear at him, much less hit him, fearing the legal repercussions.

    Of everyone who has seen it happened, Nin Tianchen was the only one who was alarmed.

    He didn't even register Chen Fan's movement when the lawyer was dealt a blow. It was as if the force was invisible. How was that possible? Could the boy cast out his Internal Force? If so, this boy would be at least semi transcendent state. But he looked so young. How could anyone at this age become a Martial Grandmaster?

    As soon as Chen Fan showed up, Mr. Shi was frozen like a statue as if he had seen a ghost. He knew very well that this seemingly ordinary-looking young man was the most powerful Grandmaster in China. He could even kill the lawyer if he wished, much less hurting him. The Hong Kong government would not seek justice for a lawyer at the risk of offending a Grandmaster.

    "You… How dare you!"

    Mr. Hu searched his face with trembling fingers and finally found the remnants of the shattered glasses that was still on his face.

    "One more word, I will kill you."

    Chen Fan said with a stoic expression.

    Mr. Hu suddenly became quiet. However sharp his tongue was, he scarcely dared to utter a word and provoke Chen Fan further.

    Seeing the development, most other guests backed away from Chen Fan. Most of them lived a peaceful life and had never seen such action in real life. Fearing their safety, some had already started yelling for security guards.

    Chen Fan didn't pay any attention to the panicked crowd. He locked his eyes on to Zheng Anqi and said: "You have two choices, money or your life."

    Zheng Anqi had the face of an angel, the body of a devil, adding on her family background, she could be the dream girl of nearly all men in the world. However, to Chen Fan, she was nothing but an ant, although a pretty looking one. Therefore, Chen Fan's determination to get his money back would not be swayed by the girl's appearance.

    "Chen… Mr. Chen…"

    Zheng Anqi managed a smile.

    Chen Fan had shattered her hope of getting off the hook with his violent actions. She knew then that legal contracts or rule of law meant nothing to the boy. If he wanted it, he would take it by force. Therefore, despite the resources at her disposal, she was not sure what to do with Chen Fan's threat.

    Wait.. there was one more hope.

    She watched as Nin Tianchen stepped forward and refuted Chen Fan: "I don't care if Anqi owes you ten billion or not. I, on behalf of the spell caster society, will not tolerate your actions!"

    To his surprise, Chen Fan didn't even spare him a glance. The boy's eyes kept on locking on to Zheng Anqi.

    Nin Tianchen snorted and then said hotly: "You think that as an Internal Force user, you can do anything you want, don't you? I would like to remind you that nearly everyone here has an internal force user as their bodyguard. Also, don't you forget about the other masters in Hong Kong! Hong Kong is the capital of Spellcasters, we will not allow you to just walk in and disrespect everyone!"

    "Indeed! the head of the security guards in my house is an internal force user. His name is Zhen Qishan, and he is a master in Praying Mantis Fist. Look kiddo, even some of the best internal force users have to work for us, that should make you think twice about messing with us!"

    Someone said hotly.

    "This kid is just a fledgling, yet, he thinks he is invincible. Doesn't he know that there will always be someone better than him? I am not a Martial Artist myself but have learned my lesson as a businessman. With the huge fortune I have built up, I can hire any martial artist to work for me." Someone else lamented as he shook his head.

    These men were either tycoons whose wealth was worth over a few billion, or the heirs of powerful families. Although they knew very little of the Martial Artist world, they had to deal with Martial Artists from time to time.

    They agreed that the Internal Force users were powerful fighters. However, they would not outrun a bullet. Therefore, these tycoons had very little respect for these martial artists.

    Nin Tianchen nodded in agreement with the crowds' sentiment.

    However, Mr. Shi couldn't stop shaking.

    This young man was not an ordinary Internal Force user, he was a Grandmaster who had reached the peak of Transcendent State. He could be invincible around the globe, much less in Hong Kong. What could weapons do to him?

    "They are right, young man. Time to stop this folly." Nin Tianchen said haughtily: "My name is Nin Tianchen, and my master is Zhou Daoji. If you know who I am you would stop your reckless action right now."

    "Zhou Daoji? Who's that?"

    To his surprise, Chen Fan shook his head and flashed out of view and reappeared right next to Zheng Anqi.

    One of his hands had already wrapped around Zheng Anqi's neck and then he yanked his arm up, lifting the queen of fashion into the air. Although Chen Fan was shorter than Zheng Anqi in her heels, the girl looked like a little helpless bird before Chen Fan's brute force.


    "Let her go!"

    "You are courting death!"

    Chen Fan's action angered everyone in the room. Numerous security guards rushed toward him, brandishing clubs and tasers. They pointed a finger at Chen Fan and yelled at him.

    "Get out of my face."

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows and snorted. Then he waved his left arm almost lazily.

    Suddenly, a huge wave of invisible energy swept across the room, knocking the guards, and tycoons onto the ground. The area within ten meters away from Chen Fan had turned into a vacuum.

    "Projecting the Internal Force?"

    Nin Tianchen murmured. He was alarmed by what he saw.

    He had never thought that this young man could be a Grandmaster who could project out his Internal Force. Although it was easier for Martial artist than spell casters to achieve the Grandmaster level, the fact that Chen Fan had done it before he reached twenty years old was very impressive.

    However, Nin Tianchen was unfazed. Even if Chen Fan was a semi transcendent state Grandmaster, he would be no match against the personal disciple of Zhou Daoji, the genius who had reached the peak of Dao-Reaching Level at thirty years old.

    "Hehe, so you are a semi transcendent level martial artist, so what? My teacher has killed a Grandmaster before, and a semi transcendent martial artist shouldn't be a problem for me."

    Everyone watched as Nin Tianchen cracked a cold smile and shot out two pale arms. The two arms waved in the air and formed a few signs. Slowly, Dharmic powers started to form around his fingers and palms and it wasn't long before the energy became sizzling.

    Arcane Finger of Southern Sect, Finger Palm Array!

    Nin Tianchen had cast an array spell in less than ten seconds; he was at least three times faster than Yuan Hen. Rumor had it that Zhou Daoji could cast a spell in less than seven incantations and that ability had earned him the title as the most powerful Feng Shui master in the Southern Sect.

    "Void Dimension Array, Tame the Dragon!"

    Nin Tianchen shouted.

    Everyone watched as the array formed out of thin air. Wave after waves of energy descended upon Chen Fan and Zheng Anqi from above and a Spellcaster would be able to register countless Malice qi converging together and form three ropes that were bonded by Dharmic powers. These three ropes wrapped around Chen Fan tightly, confining his movement.

    This was Zhou Daoji's famous spell: "Dragon Taming Rope"

    This array was able to tame a Cang Dragon.

    Zhou Daoji had used this spell on the entire Jiu Long District to locate and confined a Grandmaster before he killed him with one finger jab.