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Chapter 259 - She Owes Me Ten Billion

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 259: She Owes Me Ten BillionTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    "Of course he is not an ordinary man." Zheng Anqi replied vehemently.

    The memory of Chen Fan flying high into the sky and severing the giant snake into half still gave Zheng Anqi the shivers.

    The snake was as big as a seven or eight story high building and even a dozen elite bodyguards wouldn't be able to subdue it. The gunshots landed on its thick scaly skin felt no more than a few scratches and even Mr. Shi who was well versed in the art of spell castings could not bring it under control. However, powerful as it was, Chen Fan killed it using one strike.

    Zheng Anqi had never seen such power in any of the masters she had met in Hong Kong. The person she knew whose power was the closest to Chen Fan was Zhou Daoji, the number one master of Hong Kong. Although she had only visited him once with her grandpa, she could sense that his power was not nearly as deep and overwhelming as that of Chen Fan. That could also because Zhou Daoji had been hiding his real power before the public.

    If Chen Fan was not an incredible master, no one else would be.

    "That is not what I meant. I mean he has another identity." Mr. Shi furrowed his brows and said: "and if that identity turns out to be real, I wager that there is going to be more trouble ahead of us."

    "May I ask who you guys are talking about?" Nin Tianchen stood and listened to the two's conversation with glinting eyes. Then he asked abruptly.

    "Tianchen, this is my family business, so…" Zheng Anqi gave Tianchen an apologetic smile and continued. "But this person is very dangerous, and therefore I had asked Mr. Shi to investigate more details about him."

    "I understand Anqi." Nin Tianchen cracked a gentleman's smile but the cold light in his eyes didn't dim down. "Please, feel free to let me know if you need any help in the investigation. I am quite well connected in the grey area of the world and could be of help."

    So saying, Nin Tianchen let out a smug smile.

    His teacher, Zhou Daoji's influence coupled with his own level of attainment could persuade any tycoons of the underworld in Hong Kong to disclose any information he wanted to know.

    Zheng Anqi finally let out a joyful smile.

    She had been waiting for Nin Tianchen's offer for a while. Although she wouldn't get direct help from Zhou Daoji himself, his personal disciple should suffice. After all, she doubted that Chen Fan would be able to hold himself against Zhou Daoji. Chen Fan was a green babe in the woods compared to Zhou Daoji the veteran.

    The girl's expectant look made Nin Tianchen feel even more pride..

    However, Mr. Shi was still not very optimistic about the situation. Ever since he came back to Hong Kong, he had been contemplating Chen Fan's power and the odds of surviving a conflict with him. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he was. No ordinary Perfected Cultivator was able to kill the snake with one strike as Chen Fan had done. Even Zhou Daoji, who purportedly had the ability to form a Dharma Array in less than seven incantations might not be able to stand against Chen Fan.

    The news he got from his friends from the mainland had been particularly disturbing to him and had kept him sleepless at night.

    If the news was real, then even Zhou Daoji would have to bow respectfully before Chen Fan. After all, he would be the most powerful Grandmaster in China. Although Mr. Shi had no clue how Chen Fan transformed from a Perfected Cultivator into a Grandmaster, it was his deadliness that mattered to Mr. Shi.

    There was only a little connection between the world of Dharma Spells and that of the Martial arts. Compared to the Martial arts world that was more visible to the public, the world of dharma spells was much more discreet and clandestine in their actions. The masters of Dharma Spells either live in seclusion inside of caves deep in the mountains or hidden in plain sight among the public as frequent guests of the rich and powerful

    In a one on one physical fight, a Martial artist had a decisive advantage. As soon as a Grandmaster got within ten paces away from a Perfected Cultivator, his chance of killing the Perfected Cultivator would be very high. A Grandmaster such as Chen Fan would require the combined might of an all-powerful Perfected Cultivators in China to counter.

    With that thought in mind, he was about to tell Zheng Anqi something else, suddenly, a clamor from fireworks erupted as many colorful fiery flowers bloomed in the sky.

    Under a wave of "Happy Birthday", a two-meter tall, twelve level birthday cake was wheeled out on a cart. It was decorated with truffles, chocolates, and other expensive fruits.

    "Anna, go cut the cake now."

    Under everyone's urging request, Zheng Anqi gave Mr. Shi an apologetic look and dove back into the birthday party crowd. She would rather enjoy her birthday right now than think about the threat of Chen Fan.

    Mr. Shi stood there by himself and shook his head after studying Zheng Anqi who was already surrounded her friends. He heaved a sigh and said: "Little summer birds would never understand the harshness of winter."

    He had tried to persuade Zheng Anqi and her family to disclose the information about their debt owed to Chen Fan to the entire family. However, not only Zheng Anqi's father but also the old man Zheng Haochang had chosen to ignore the threat. They wagered that Chen Fan would never be able to take ten billion yuan back anyways.

    Hong Sect had put up a bounty of one billion dollars on the life of Chen Fan. Under so much danger and threats, any ordinary Grandmaster would have already hidden away from the public, but that was not the case for Chen Fan.

    "It would all come down to Old Man Zheng and his decisions." He recalled that the Zheng family had been secretly hiring many elite bodyguards and kept close contact with deadly mercenaries. However, Mr. Shi was not at all confident in their ability to protect the Zheng family from Chen Fan.

    The decision-makers of the Zheng family were all ordinary mortals and knew very little about the power of a Perfected Cultivator. Although they were familiar with Zhou Daoji and other Feng Shui masters, they simply couldn't measure up to Chen Fan's deadliness and power.

    Meanwhile, a red Ferrari pulled over to the entrance of the Shore Diamond.

    Chen Fan stepped out of the car and looked into the shiny jewels along the shore of Victoria Bay. He cast out the Divine Will and covered the entire building.

    It wasn't long before Chen Fan registered Zheng Anqia and Mr. Shi's presence. In addition, he also reckoned the life signal of a few spell casters. However, even the most powerful one among them had only reached the peak of the Dao-Reaching Level and would be no match against Chen Fan.

    "Let's go."

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind his back and sauntered on with a smirk.

    He trailed behind Zheng Anpin who was following a guard of Indian heritage and slowly made his way into the birthday party. He was in no hurry any longer since he had already located Zheng Anqi. As long as the girl was tagged by his Divine Will, she would never escape his radar ever again.

    He casually took a glass of Champagne from an attractive waitress and walked toward Zheng Anqi with great measure of leisure.

    Compared to half a year ago, Zheng Anqi looked even more scintillating. There was no doubt that she was the center of the entire party. Standing among a group of elites in spiffy business suits, she was able to control the ebb and flow of the conversation with ease, while creating an inescapable gravity around her personality to pull all attention closer to her. These men and women were managers and bosses of large corporations or elites of Wall Street; before the goddess-like Zheng Anqi, they competed with each other for her attention and show off their wealth as they heaped praises on to Zheng Anqi.

    "What a social butterfly."

    Chen Fan thought to himself.

    However indifferent to attention Zheng Anqi had claimed to be, her action right now was borderline attention-seeking.

    Chen Fan didn't want to waste any more time so he took a step forward and called out her name: "Zheng Anqi."

    Chen Fan had kept his voice low but everyone around Zheng Anqi had heard him.

    His voice had taken everyone by surprise. It was a social faux pas to call a girl by her name. Under such a formal situation, most men would address Anqi "Miss Anqi", "Lady Anqi", or straight up "Anna." The full Chinese name of a girl was reserved only for the elder generations to use on her.

    "Who is barking?"

    Many men shot a hostile glared at Chen Fan. They saw a young man holding a glass of Champagne standing outside of the circle of conversation.

    He didn't follow the dress code of the event at all and stick out like a sore thumb among other formally dressed guests. Regardless of their appearance, all the elites were encased in spiffy looking suits. Their shoes were polished, hair waxed and they smelled wonderful as well. However, Chen Fan was wearing a casual outfit and his hair was unkempt as most college students were. It was evident that he didn't belong here.

    "Who are you and who let you in here? You are trespassing on private property!"

    No one had recognized Chen Fan and some people started to question Chen Fan harshly.

    Chen Fan didn't mind the scolding. He took a sip of the Champagne and locked his gaze on Zheng Anqi, enjoying the subtle changes in her emotions.

    Zheng Anqi had never felt any emotion stronger or more complicated than what she was experiencing right now.

    She was shocked, surprised, panicked and terrified, all at the same time when she recognized Chen Fan. She was rendered motionless and was not sure what to do.

    Zheng Anqi didn't expect to meet Chen Fan so soon and neither did she think that she would meet him under such circumstances; she was not prepared at all. Chen Fan and caught her when she had no legal assistance, no background research, no planning, and above all, no protection of elite bodyguards.

    However, as the queen of Hong Kong's elite circle, she calmed herself down and said in a cold voice: "Sir, I have no idea who you are."

    "Did you hear that, dip shit? Miss Anqi said she doesn't know you! Now bug off!"

    "Just so! Where are security guards? How on earth did he get in here?"

    The ones that complained about Chen Fan were respectable local gentries. However, the most they could do was call the security guards to escort Chen Fan out of the room. Or, they would seek assistance from the police and accuse Chen Fan of transpassing.

    However, many other guests were convinced that the young man was Zheng Anqi's fan. As a world-renowned supermodel, Zheng Anqi had a large number of frenetic fans. She was particularly popular among teenage boys.

    "Anna, your male fans are too crazy! He has stalked you all the way to your private party!"

    "He looks young. Anna, I didn't know you are so popular among kids too."

    A few girls wearing ballroom dress giggled as they made fun of Zheng Anqi. They were Zheng Anqi's best friends and all of them were heirs of Hong Kong's major families. One of them was the daughter of the Casino King in Jin Men Island and none of the girl's net worth was lower than ten billion yuan.

    Even as Zheng Anqi was about to refute, Chen Fan took a step forward toward her. Some guests attempted to stop him, but they were knocked to the ground by a gentle wave of Chen Fan's arm. Chen Fan continued forward, stepping on guests who had fallen to the ground and quickly made his way to Zheng Anqi. He locked his eyes into the dazzling girl before him.

    "Sir, Miss Anqi does not know you, please leave."

    Nin Tianchen blocked Chen Fan's way with an icy glare.

    "She doesn't know me?" Chen Fan let out a burst of light laughter, however, his face was indifferent. "She owes me ten billion, yet she said she doesn't know me?"

    Ten billion?

    The announcement shocked everyone as silence fell over the room.