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Chapter 258 - Zheng Anqi

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 258: Zheng AnqiTranslator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

    Zheng Anpin had never been so afraid before.

    He was the heir of the Zheng family and a direct descendant of Zheng Zhongming. His father was the CEO of a publicly-traded jewelry company. he and his family owned this city, and even someone as influential as Yuan Hen had to respect him.

    However, there and then, he was just a nobody before the young man.

    His name was Chen Fan!

    That was about all that Zheng Anpin knew about him. He had no idea where he came from and what his family background was. He just appeared out of nowhere on the 21st floor of a high rise building and killed a spellcaster Yuan Hen with one strike. Yuan Hen had called him a Transcendent Grandmaster before he died.

    Although he didn't know what a Transcendent Grandmaster was, he could tell from the terror on Yuan Hen's face that it was something extremely powerful. The sight of Yuan Hen being reduced to ashes exacerbated his fear.

    "OK… I know where she is. I will take you to her right now."

    Zheng Anpin hurried to his feet and rushed toward the exit without even sparing his secretary a glance. Despite his trembling legs, when he finally arrived in the elevator, he started to think of ways to escape.

    "There are security guards who are equipped with tasers. I can also call the police. I will start running as soon as I see any guards, maybe, just maybe I will be able to escape this ordeal."

    However, as soon as he stepped outside of the elevator and met the first guard, he knew his plan B wouldn't work.

    "Young Lord Zheng, are you heading out by yourself?"

    The security guard bowed respectfully and said. Zheng Anpin was the heir of the Zheng family of Hong Kong and was the love child of the media. All the guards of the apartment building knew him and fawned all over him whenever they saw him.


    Zheng Anpin was shocked, so he turned around and saw Chen Fan stood right next to him as he had expected. However, for some reason, he was invisible to the security guard.

    "Ah… yes… Can you please bring my car to the front?"

    Zheng Anpin managed a smile despite the cold sweat running down his back.

    "What kind of trickery is this? Invisibility Spell? Ghost? Phantom?"

    He had no clue how Chen Fan could avoid being seen by the young security guard. However, this development reminded him how useless it would be even if he called the police. The police might have thought that he had gone mad.

    Zheng Anpin reckoned how terrible it would be to have an invisible enemy. He could be killed at any moment without even knowing what had happened. By now, Zheng Anpin had finally given up any hope of running away. He started the Ferrari F12 and started driving. He had a few luxury cars, but this F12 Berlinetta was his favorite. It had cost him over five million yuan. However, right now, Zheng Anpin didn't feel like he was sitting in his favorite car, instead, he felt he was sitting in an icy cell.

    "Are you afraid of me?" Chen Fan asked casually.

    Zheng Anpin felt his heart nearly skipped a few beats after hearing the question.

    After a while, Zheng Anpin managed to gather himself and steady the wheel. He squeezed a smile and said: "No… no…..You… you know Anqi?"

    "She owes me some money, I am here to ask her to pay up." Chen Fan said calmly. Seeing the young man's confused look on his face, he cracked a smirk and said: "Zheng Anqi didn't bring up her debt ever? I wager she never thought of paying me back from the outset."

    Despite his fear, the promise of Zheng Anqi getting in trouble made Zheng Anpin lighthearted.

    "Anqi had never mentioned you to us. I don't know if you know it or not, but she and her family have been controlling the entire family clan for half a year now. No one dares to ask them about the family business since even the old man seems to be on their side."

    Zheng Anpin went on to complain about Zheng Anqi and her family. A strong sense of indignation and anger rose inside of him as he brings up the old unpleasant memories.

    "Mr. Chen, may I ask how much money does she owe you?" Zheng Anpin hazarded.

    "Ten billion."

    Chen Fan's calm answer scared Zheng Anpin so much that he accidentally swerved the car to the side and nearly hit a traffic sign.

    "Ten billion? How is that possible?" Zheng Anpin could only gape. He stammered: "She… she is just a teenage girl. Why did she need ten billion for? Even her father wouldn't need that much money."

    Ten billion was an astronomical number. It could buy any luxury car, yacht, plane or mansion and would still have some left. Under most circumstances, only a large corporations debt would amount to such a huge number.

    "Are you sure she never mentioned it?" Chen Fan narrowed his glinting eyes."She bought the elixirs that saved your grandpa from me. Each pill was worth a hundred million and I sold her a hundred pills in total and that is ten billion."


    Zheng Anpin finally remembered something. He clapped his hands and shouted: "Ah-ha! Yes, indeed! Anqi bought back a bottle of medicine from the mainland and cured the old man. We have asked her many times the source of the medicine, but she refuses to tell us, saying that it was her own secret. We had never thought that…."

    Zheng family looked to the teenage boy with an indifferent face and suddenly felt worried for his cousin.

    She had crossed the wrong person and the entire Zheng family was going to pay for her stupidity. She had used the bottle of medicine to take control over the family clan but when it came down to paying the debt, the entire family would have to suffer.

    Zheng Anpin knew that his uncle's good days were numbered. He wagered if he could somehow capitalize on the ensuing conflict between Chen Fan and the Zheng family he could reclaim control of the family clan. With that thought in mind, Zheng Anpin's eyes lit up with glee. He pressed down the gas pedal and revved up the engine as the car vroomed toward the Victoria Bay.

    Meanwhile, in a well-lit building beside the Bay of Victoria, a small banquet was being carried out.

    This building was called the Shore Diamond and was made entirely out of glasses. One side of the structure was on the shore, the other half dipped into the water. The entire building was lit up by bright golden lights from inside of the building, making it a shiny beacon of opulence. From the top floor, one could have a terrific bird's eye view of the Victoria Bay.

    This was a private club that only accepted guests who were either rich or dazzling movie stars. Tonight's party was to celebrate the 25th birthday of Zheng Anqi.

    Zheng Anqi was wearing a white blouse. Small silvery plates were attached to the dress to support her ample bosom. She wore stiletto high heels and a silver tiara. Adding on her tall statuesque body, gorgeous curves, a face that looked like it was chiseled out of white marble and the cold demeanor, she looked just like a queen that lorded over the city.

    "Happy birthday Miss Anqi!"

    Many celebrities and elites attended the party.

    Among them were the sons and daughters of CEOs from large corporations, billionaires who made their own fortune from nothing and investment bankers from Wall Street. All of them were well dressed and spiffy. Many of them had scandals with famous actresses and actors who were also present at the party.

    Zheng Anqi wore a white silky glove and took a small sip out of her wine glass. No one dared to press her to drink more since she was officially the heir apparent of the Zheng family.

    By now, Zheng Anqi's status had risen beyond any ordinary rich heir. Not only was she about to inherit the most powerful family in Hong Kong, but her beauty was also craved by many young men present at the party.

    "Anna, how do you like everything?"

    A young man walked over to her and said with a smile.

    He was wearing a cream-colored tuxedo. His long dark hair hung loosely over his shoulders. Although he was not handsome, he carried an otherworldly indifference with him that made him look like a Buddhist monk.

    Registering the young man's appearance, the other guests backed away to make way for him. They all watched the young man with great measure of respect.

    He was not just any ordinary young man, he was the personal disciple of Zhou Daoji

    Zhou Daoji, the master of Hong Kong was considered the most skilled practitioner in the field of Feng Shui. He was skilled at Dharma Spells, Fortune Telling, Face Reading and Feng Shui. His abilities were boundless and unimaginable. Zhou Daoji had been dominating Hong Kong for over a decade and had weathered many challenges from other Spellcasters, Witchdoctors and Daoist Monks from outside of Hong Kong. By now, Zhou Daoji lived in seclusion somewhere in Jiu Long District and only the top richest of Hong Kong would be able to invite him to any event. In other cases, he dispatched his disciples to attend events in his stead.

    This young man was the youngest disciples of Zhou Daoji's three disciples. He was the master's final disciple and his favorite

    The young man also didn't let Zhou Daoji down. He had made a name for himself at the young age of thirty and was given the nickname "Little Perfected Cultivator." He was not only well known in Hong Kong but also in entire Southeast Asia. He also made frequent appearances on fashion magazines for scandals with numerous actresses.

    "Tiancheng, I feel uneasy lately. Thank you so much for organizing everything." Zheng Anqi managed a smile.

    As her grandfather's health recovered, her family, the ninth branch quickly expanded its influence and claimed the seat of power. However, this favorable development didn't bring Zheng Anqi any joy, instead, she became increasingly agitated.

    She alone knew the source of her unease: over half a year ago, she had obtained the bottle of Arcane Pills from Chen Fan using trickery.

    Zheng Anqi had never thought of paying for the pills in the beginning. Ten billion was a huge number even for the Zheng family and she knew it would be nearly impossible for the other family branches to spit out a dime even if the money was for the old man's health.

    "I think you have been working too hard. I have created an elixir that would be perfect for you to recuperate and de-stress. I will bring it to you next time." Nin Tianchen said with a tender smile.

    The caring words gave Zheng Anqi a fuzzy warm feeling inside.

    The young man before her met all of her criteria, let it be his abilities, appearance, and status, he scored ten out of ten in all of those categories. She wondered if she should give him a chance?

    So thinking, she saw a middle-aged man wearing a silk traditional dress hurry toward him.

    "Mr. Shi."

    A smile surfaced on Zheng Anqi's face.

    Nin Tianchen also nodded at Mr. Shi. Little was known about Mr. Shi but everyone knew that he was a peak Dao-Reaching Level spell caster. There were only a handful of other spell casters who could rival his skills.

    However, Nin Tianchen was unfazed by Mr. Shi's appearance; after all, he was the personal disciple of Zhou Daoji and had reached Dao-Reaching Level when he was only thirty. He was confident that he would eventually surpass Mr. Shi ‘s level of attainment and became a Perfected Cultivator. His apparent respect for Mr. Shi was only a show for Zheng Anqi.

    Mr. Shi furrowed his brows and said: "Miss Anqi, I have new information about the matter you asked me to investigate."

    "It is… very bad… That Chen Fan is not an ordinary person at all."