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Chapter 256 - Blad Strengthening Gourd

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 256: Blad Strengthening Gourd

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    “You… How did you get in here?”

    Zheng Anpin pointed at Chen Fan and asked in a trembling voice.

    He had bought the top floor penthouse on the 21st floor. This community was called the Blooming Garden, and it was one of the most high-end developments in Hong Kong. It not only had 24/7 guards at the entrance, but visitors also needed to use card keys to get through numerous checkpoints. The stringent security measures could make sure not even a mosquito could get in.

    However, there and then, Chen Fan appeared right by the window. Even the window behind Chen Fan was still locked from the inside. The sight sent a chill down Zheng Anpin’s spine as he wondered if Chen Fan was a mortal or a ghost.

    “The dip shit from Mainland?”

    As a cultivator, Yuan Hen was less surprised by the development. He knew that many martial artists who had reached the Dao-reaching level had unimaginable abilities such as scaling the walls of a high rise building.

    He narrowed his eyes as a cold light glinted in his eyes.”I was going to find you myself, but you saved me a trip.”

    “You said you are going to do away with me?” Chen Fan was unfazed and he slowly and calmly walked toward the bar and poured himself a cup of wine.

    Zheng Anpin had custom ordered this bar to store many luxury drinks he had collected from all over the world. There were 50 years old Johnnie Walker and CARDHU. These were perfect drinks when he was spending private time with his mistress. The bottle that Chen Fan had opened was one of the most expensive wines in the bar, it was 1847 Cabernet from the Cheval Blanc. It was said to be the favorite wine of the American president Jefferson. Each bottle is valued at over a hundred and thirty thousand dollars.

    Zheng Anpin’s eyes twitched a little; he meant to save that bottle for the most important moment of his life yet, it was squandered by a stranger.

    “So what? It’s not the first time a few tourists from mainland China who disappeared in Hong Kong. Do you know how many missing people there are in Hong Kong each year?” By then, Yuan Hen had already pulled himself together and was sitting calming on the sofa as he looked to Chen Fan with a smile.

    “However, I had never thought that you are one of us. I couldn’t register any Dharmic powers in you, so I wager you must still be an Internal Force user.”

    “He is an Internal Force user?” Zheng Anpin was taken aback by what he heard.

    As the heir of the most powerful family in Hong Kong, he knew the power of Internal Force users very well. There were a few Internal Force users currently serving under the Zheng family as bodyguards and one of them was a Phenomenal success level internal force user from the Southern Sect who was an expert in Hong Fist. He could fight off at least a dozen elite Law enforcement unit members. He knew that in this small room, an internal force user could have killed him with ease.

    The thought made Zheng Anpin panicked. His face was covered with sweat and his legs started to tremble.

    “Hehe, even if he was an Internal Force user, so what? This Hong Kong, the capital of Dharma Spells, not the capital of Martial Artists.” Yuan Hen crossed his legs and said haughtily. “Plus, you are the heir of the Zheng family, if he kills you, he wouldn’t be able to get out of Hong Kong alive.”

    “Just so!”

    Zheng Anpin agreed.

    However powerful Internal Force users were, the elite units of the Law enforcement were also a force to be reckoned with due to many powerful masters among its ranks. The Zheng family was a renowned family in Hong Kong, and the death of its member would almost definitely be caught the attention of the authority and the underground world. Once there was a bounty on him, the bounty hunters and assassins all over the world would go after him. That was why most powerful martial artists didn’t dare to cross any super-rich tycoons in the world.

    “Kiddo, I would let the matter slide if you hand over the Jade Gourd, otherwise, I will give you a taste of my power.” A cold light burned in Yuan Hen’s eyes as he uttered his threat.

    “Why do you talk so much? Use your Dharma Spells already, stop dragging this on.”

    Chen Fan took a sip of the wine and said casually.

    Yuan Hen furrowed his brows and narrowed his eyes after he heard Chen Fan’s reply. He registered that something was off as soon as Chen Fan appeared inside the room. He had hidden his hands behind his back and started to weave a powerful spell using hand signs while keeping a calm appearance.

    Compared to a martial artist, a spell caster needed significant time to prepare for his spell if he was not using a Dharma Artifact. The preparation time would be enough for a martial artist to end the battle. That being said, the spellcasters were feared by their opponents for their tricky methods. During most of the modern confrontations, the battle happened behind the scenes instead of face to face and on the spot. Therefore, most martial artists dreaded the fight against a spellcaster; one miss-step would have lost their lives.


    Yuan Hen’s spell was finally ready.

    Suddenly, a wave of Malice Qi came from out of the caster and swirled in the air before it stormed toward Chen Fan. Although this Malice Qi was invisible to naked the eye, its powerful presence could be felt.

    It was made out of the Malice Qi between heaven and earth and therefore was extremely deadly to anything alive. Any living being that came to contact with the Malice Qi would feel they were dropped into an ice cave in the middle of winter.

    Zheng Anpin and his secretary felt exactly like that. It was October in Hong Kong and due to the low latitude of the city, it was still pretty hot outside. However, there and then, Zheng Anpin felt that he had suddenly arrived in northern China in January. He wore only a button-down shirt and it was not nearly as enough to keep him warm. He watched as the rose flower on the coffee table wilted after it came to contact with the Malice Qi.

    “Yin Malice Array of Six Extremities”

    Yuan Hen’s lips curled into a grin as his fingers formed a strange sign. Six of the ten fingers pointed toward six different directions, as a visual representation of the six extremities. Suddenly, a deluge of Malice Qi converged toward the center of the array and formed an even larger flood of deadly energy that rushed toward Chen Fan.

    “Kiddo, you are still a green babe in the woods. You shouldn’t have allowed me so much time to prepare my spell.”

    This Yin Malice Array was the secret art of his sect. As the heir of the Southern Sect of the Arcane Finger Branch. Although he was not able to create an array in his palm as Huang Wenze did, he was able to cast an array using both hands.

    The Arcane Finger branch of the Southern Sect was well known for their abilities to cast array using fingers. They had defeated many opponents by summoning a large dharma array. Those opponents included some careless martial artists. However, physically strong martial artists were, they didn’t stand a chance before the Yin Malice Qi that devoured flesh and corroded their souls. Only a Transcendent Grandmaster would be able to survive such a deadly attack.

    Yuan Hen was certain that Chen Fan would be dead.

    He used the same move to kill a Polar bear. Chen Fan was a young internal force user, and Yuan Hen didn’t take him seriously from the outset. With that thought in mind, he glanced at his opponent, but what he saw stunned him.

    He watched as Chen Fan opened up his mouth a small tornado suddenly appeared before him. This tornado sucked all the Yin qi and Malic Qi into the center before the tornado was swallowed by Chen Fan.

    “This is… Impossible!”

    Yuan Hen could only stare.

    Even his teacher would not be able to swallow so much Malice qi and remain unharmed. This only meant that Chen Fan’s body, mind, and soul were nearly invincible; he was not a mortal!

    “Your Malice qi is too weak. Compared to the Yin Dragon’s hundred-year-old Malice qi, it tastes only a bit stronger than water.” Chen Fan tsked and then shook his head.

    When he was cultivating Void Mortal Refinement Art, he had used all kinds of energies such as Yin Qi, Malice Qi, Fiend Qi, and Aether Qi. This small dose of Malice Qi was not nearly enough to hurt Chen Fan, Instead, Chen Fan absorbed it as his own energy.

    However, Chen Fad had already reached Ethereal Enlightenment and therefore, this small amount of extra energy would do nothing to further his level of attainment.

    “Run, NOW!”

    Yuan Hen panicked; the smug expression was replaced with an alarmed frown.

    Chen Fan looked like a young teenager, but he was a Curmudgeon in disguise. The act of swallowing the Malice Qi alone was a terrifying sight to behold. Their conflict would only end in one result, death.

    With that thought in mind, Yuan Hen backed away and started to channel energy into the Illusion Dragon Bracelet.

    His bracelet was made out of small jade and bone beads. It was created by a few top masters from the Southern Sect. The bone beads were made out of the spine of arctic white snakes and it had been absorbing energy in a specially made Feng Shui Array for years. Once the energy stored in the beads was awakened by a spell caster, it would cast numerous illusions at its target’s mind.


    The small room was suddenly filled with Dharma Spells and Dharma Energies. Waves after waves of shrieks sounded out and the room turned into a ghastly hell.

    Yuan Hen knew that this Illusion Dragon Bracelet’s illusions were not enough to stop Chen Fan, he only hoped to slow him down, giving him time to escape through the window. He had neither the time nor the abilities to care for Zheng Anpin and his pretty girlfriend. Their lives were at the mercy of Curmudgeon Chen.

    Even as he thought that, he heard Chen Fan’s voice.


    The voice boomed in the room and echoed back and forth rebounding off the walls. It sent a shockwave throughout the room, knocking over and smashing everything and anything in the room. The illusion was gone before it could fully take form and even the bracelet was shattered into pieces and fell from Yuan Hen’s wrist.

    By then, Yuan Hen had already made his way to the living room, and one of his hands was already on the doorknob. Chen Fan waved a hand, and Yuan Hen was pulled by an invisible force and thudded to the ground before Chen Fan’s feet.

    “Grandmaster… he must be a Grandmaster!”

    Yuan Hen trembled uncontrollably, and he could only think of one thing in his stupified state.

    Although he had always looked down on Martial Artists, thinking that they only fought physically, but lacked the understanding of Dharma Spells, he was aware that Grandmasters were different. Any martial artist that had reached Grandmaster level possessed the equivalent power as Divine powers or Dharma Spells. Not even his teacher could have survived a confrontation with a Grandmaster, much less Yuan Hen himself.

    “Now, can you finally tell me why you need this Jade Gourd so bad?”

    Chen Fan produced the Jade Gourd and set it on the coffee table.

    Yuan Hen kept his silence. He was pressed on the floor by an invisible force.


    Chen Fan snorted. He flicked a finger and an azure-colored blade aura flew across the room and sliced one of Yuan Hen’s legs off.


    Yuan Hen shrieked painfully and rolled around on the floor. Even as Chen Fan was going to sever the other leg, Yuan Hen finally gave in: “OK, Ok! I’ll tell you”

    “It could be a Blade Strengthening Gourd.”