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Chapter 251 - The Capital of Spellcasters

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 251: The Capital of Spellcasters

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    “Her English name was Anna and her Chinese name was Zheng Anqi. She is a supermodel and was on the cover of VOGUE three times already. Even the chief designer at Versace invited her over to model for the brand.” Zhou Qinya explained.

    It was evident that she was well versed in the fashion industry. VOGUE was one of the most successful female magazines in the world. To be able to appear on its cover page spoke loudly of Zheng Anqi’s fame in the fashion circle.

    “Plus, she was also the female heir of the Zheng family, the daughter of the Zheng Haochang, owner of the Zhens Financial Group. Her grandfather was the legendary Zheng Zhongming. Her mother was royalty from England, a daughter of a duke or what have you. Anna had over billions of assets she could easily inherit, but she decided to create her own success in the fashion industry.”

    Zhou Qinya filled Chen Fan in about the Zheng family. Her voice was laced with admiration.

    The Zheng family of Hong Kong was a reputable family among Chinese communities. Zheng Zhongming had been on the Forbes Rich List for decades. Even the Sheng family and the Chen family would come off as nouveau riche compared to the Zheng family. I wager that only Zhang Donghai, the richest man of Jiang Nan Province could have rivaled the Zheng family.

    As Zhou Qinya’s idol, Zheng Anqi was an epitome of beauty, wealth and talent.

    “I know her.” Chen Fan replied.

    “You know of Zheng Anqi as well? I thought only those boys who are interested in fashion would know of Anna.” Zhou Qinya was taken aback, and then she smiled mischievously and asked: “Are you a fan of Anna? Do you like her type?”

    “No. She owes me money. That’s all.” Chen Fan replied lightly.

    “Owes you money?” Zhou Qinya frowned in disbelief. “Anna was the heir of the Zheng family of Hong Kong. Her father owned the Zhens Financial Group that was worth over a few trillion. How could she ever owe you any money?”

    Zhou Qinya asked with suspicion.

    Although Chen family was considered powerful in Jin City, they were insignificant in Hong Kong. The connections and resources at the Zheng family’s disposal were incredible and the Chen family simply couldn’t compare. Zheng family also had connections with all kinds of other financial groups and organizations that the Chen family might have never even heard of. Zhou Qinya thought that Chen Fan meant that he knew of Zheng Anqi, instead of him knowing her personally.

    Chen Fan smiled lightly and didn’t reply.

    He wagered that it would be difficult to explain the trillion-dollar debt to the girl so he didn’t even bother.

    Seeing Chen Fan had kept his silence, Zhou Qinya also kept her questions to herself.

    Four hours later, they finally landed at the Hong Kong International airport. The hotel that Qiu Yilun had booked had already sent a chauffeur to pick them up. As soon as Chen Fan and his friends entered the airport, they registered an unmistakable sense of opulence in society.

    It was really worthy of being called an International Metropolis. People from all over the world bustled inside the airport. They spoke English, Spanish, Thai, Japanese, and Korean and so on. Many people were having a short layover at the airport and would be on their way to elsewhere in the world.

    Chen Fan nodded. Back in 2008, Hong Kong was much more modern than Jin City. However, in his memory, Hong Kong seemed to have held onto its competitive edge for the ten years to come but slowly, the city went downhill. Cities in mainland China finally caught up with her and some, such as Zhong Hai and Yan Jin City even surpassed it.


    Chen Fan projected his Divine Sense out and felt that there were a few men and women around him who had possessed Dharmic Powers. Ever since the Martial Arts Conference at Lin City, he hadn’t seen so many powerful martial artists at once. Plus, this was just inside of the airport, how many more Martial Artists were there throughout the entire Hong Kong?

    “NO… they are not just martial artists, they were Dao-Reaching Level cultivators as well?”

    Chen Fan furrowed his brows.

    Ever since he was reborn, most martial artists he had met were Internal Force users, and rarely did he met any spell caster who used Dharma Spells. He could only remember seeing a few of them at the Ghost Witch Sect, the Bai family of Southwest China, and at the Medicine God Valley Sect.

    The difficulties in cultivating the Dharmic Dao was what contributed to the small number of spell casters. Although the Sect Master of the Bai family had reached the peak of the Dao-Reaching Level at a young age, his talent was exceptionally rare. Fearing his potential, the other six family clans of the southwest China even ganged up on him. However, the martial arts world never lacked talents. There were enough Transcendent Grandmasters in China to even make a list. On the other hand, it was almost impossible to meet a Perfected Cultivator. So far, Chen Fan only knew two of them: the King of Elixirs and the Sect Master of the Ghost Witch Sect.

    “Could it be that Hong Kong was the haven for spell casters? I heard that the southerners in China were experts in Feng Shui and Chinese Esotericism. Masters of those matters were worshipped by the public. It appears that the rumor was true.”

    However, that still didn’t explain the unusually high number of Dao-Reaching Level cultivators. With the task at hand nagging him in his mind, he let the matter rest and followed Qiu Yilun into the car and went toward the hotel.

    The moment Chen Fan pulled back his Divine Will, many people in the airport looked toward Chen Fan’s direction suspiciously.

    “What’s going on, grandpa?”

    A woman in a vibrant red outfit asked.

    “Strange! Why did I feel like I was being watched?” A white-haired old man rubbed his chin and said in confusion.

    “Maybe you are tired Grandpa. You are the Sect Master of the Earth Pacifying Sect, a spell caster who had reached the peak of Dao-Reaching Level. Who would dare to use a spell on you?”

    “True that.” The old man nodded with pride in his eyes.

    The journey of cultivating Dharmic Dao was much more difficult than that of martial arts. The world hasn’t seen a Perfected Cultivator for so long that even those at the peak of Dao-Reaching Level start to think that they were able to claim supremacy.

    “We need to put on a display of strength for these Feng Shui masters from the Lin Nan area during the Lin Nan Chinese Esotericism Conference.” The old man brushed his white beard gently and said with a smug smile.

    “Indeed. Zhou Daoji and Huang Wenze had been controlling the Feng Shui world in southern China for too long. It’s time for a change.” The granddaughter of the old man said vehemently.

    “Sigh… Nuannuan, Zhou Daoji should not be taken lightly. After all, he was the number one master of Hong Kong. However, Huang Wenze….” The old man paused as an icy light flashed in his eyes. “I think it’s time for him to give his title to someone else.”

    Meanwhile, conversations similar to this were carried out all over the airport.

    Compared to a martial artist, spellcasters were much more sensitive to the Divine Will. After all, they dealt with Soul Energy every day. However, Chen Fan’s Divine Will was so powerful and overwhelming, that there was no chance that they would trace it back to its source at all.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was in the vehicle sent by the Hilton Hotel. Qiu Yilun had spared no expense on this trip. A standard room at the Hilton would cost well over a thousand a night. The price during the holiday was even more. However, the rich heir had booked three business class suits, each costing him two thousand yuan a night. He booked them for seven nights and so that came up to about fifty thousand.

    Qi Wangsun, Chen Fan and Zhou Qinya were from well-off families and therefore they didn’t think much about the cost, however, Qiu Yilun and Liu Xiaojin were extremely impressed by the money squandering. Once they entered the hotel, they just wanted to spend the entire time in their luxurious rooms.

    “Boss, there are only three rooms. I and Lulu will share one, Qi Wangsuna and Xiaojin will have to share one as well. So you and hottie Zhou will have to be in the same room.” Before Qiu Yilun left for his own room, he winked at Chen Fan and whispered to him:

    “I have heard from Lulu that Hottie Zhou had a fight with her boyfriend, it’s your chance!”

    He then giggled and left the room, leaving Chen Fan alone with Zhou Qinya.

    Chen Fan was light-hearted by the development. Since he was already seeing Xiao Qiong, he would not so much as touch Zhou Qinya. In addition, Zhou Qinya didn’t give him a good first impression anyways. If he really wanted a mistress, he would choose anyone among Sister An, Xu Rongfei or Lu Yanxue.

    Zhou Qinya didn’t mind sharing the room with Chen Fan at all.

    “It’s a business suit, so there is a bedroom and a study. The study has a couch, so you can sleep on the bed and I can use the sofa.”

    “It’s ok, I will sleep on the sofa.”

    Chen Fan answered calmly.

    Zhou Qinya left the conversation at that and started to unpack.

    As a fancy rich heir, half of her bag was filled with beauty products, shoes, and handbags. She even pulled out a few pieces of underwear from the bag despite the fact that Chen Fan was right next to her.

    Chen Fan brought nothing with him. He had possessed the Azure Thearch Longevity Body and therefore his body was extremely clean. That saved him the effort of bringing any changes of clothing. The only thing he brought with him were bottles of Essence Gathering Pills.

    Chen Fan stood before a floor-length window and looked down at the colorful city below.

    The city was a few thousand square kilometers in size, however, it supported the lives of over a few million people. He looked into the distance and saw a small hill. On its green slopes sat many million-dollar houses. That was the famous mansion development called the Mid-level. It was home to many famous movie stars, and politicians; the Hong Kong equivalent of Beverly Hills. The Zheng family’s mansion was also over there.

    “Once the opportunity arises, I will meet Zheng Anqi and see how she will explain not paying me.”

    Chen Fan didn’t have much time to waste on the Zheng family. Asking for his money back was only one of his goals while here in Hong Kong. If he really wanted money, the many tycoons that supported him back home, such as the Lu family and the Medicine God Valley Sect could offer him enough financial support to get by.

    The other goal of Chen Fan on this trip was to search for ingredients for the Green Dragon Grand Array.

    The Green Dragon Grand Array was a large scale array that covered over a few dozen acres of land. The amount of resource it required was tremendous and ancient trees and wood simply wouldn’t cut it. Since Hong Kong is an International metropolis and was a land of Feng Shui masters, Chen Fan wagered that he would have a better chance of acquiring what he needed at many of the international auction houses here.

    As soon as Chen Fan landed in Hong Kong, he knew he was in the right place.

    He was impressed by how many Spell casters there were in the airport alone. Hong Kong was really worthy of being called the Asian Capital of Dharma Spells. A large number of spellcasters were a sure sign that the city had abundant materials for the Dharma Array. Even if he couldn’t find what he was after, he should be able to find substitutes here.

    “Boss, Hottie Zhou. There is an auction going on in the hotel, interested?”

    Qiu Yilun came to visit them as soon as they finished unpacking. He waved a pamphlet in his hand and asked excitedly.