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Chapter 250 - The Value of a Grandmaster

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 250: The Value of a Grandmaster

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    “Number one on the Heaven Roll?”

    Tang Yifei murmured to herself as what happened in the Green Vines club kept on playing out in her head. Chen Fan had flicked a finger and killed the sharpshooters. In the end, not even his clothes were soiled in the slightest. Tang Yifei felt that Chen Fan was nothing but he surprised her.

    Chen Fan, he was the heir of the Chen family in Jin City, Master Chen of Jiang Bei, Transcendent Grandmaster.

    However, Tang Yifei had never thought that she would have underestimated Chen Fan’s power yet again. He had set her back on her heels with his incredible power. Even the Tang family had to be careful when he was around. However powerful Hua Yunfeng was, he only took the fourth spot on the Heaven roll. How powerful exactly was the boy at the top spot?

    “He is the most powerful man in China.”

    Seventh Lord Huang exclaimed.

    Like anything else, the title of the champion was always much harder to obtain than the second best or the third. Since Chen Fan had claimed the top spot on the Heaven Roll and was considered the most powerful Grandmaster in China, his status must not be lower than that of the richest man in China.

    “No wonder… He killed Sheng Ronghua and slaughtered the entire Sheng family, yet nothing had happened to him.”

    Chen Xiao said to himself.

    “Hehe, What is Sheng Ronghua to a Grandmaster.” Tang Yuanqin snorted. “He could handle a few more Sheng families at the same time. The bottom line is that the Chinese Government is not going to offend a powerful Grandmaster over the death of a small family. Look what happened to Gao Tianmin. He wanted to indict Chen Fan for his crime, but was fired by his boss.”

    Tang Yuanqin didn’t know that Chen Fan was the Head sergeant of the Cang Dragon, otherwise, he would be even more impressed by Chen Fan.

    Rich businessmen such as Sheng Ronghua were everywhere in China, however, there could only be one number one Grandmaster on the Heaven Roll. Every Grandmaster had to earn their spot using hard work, sweat, talent, and luck. A Grandmaster meant much more than wealthy men with over a billion yuan in assets. Ye Nantian, for example, had trained the Dragon Fang unit and pushed it to the top three list of the International special Law Enforcement units.

    In addition, Chen Fan’s Cang Dragon Physical Conditioning Exercise and Physique Refining Pill were able to help the Chinese military produce countless super soldiers. The Physique Refining Pill was still under development, and once it was able to be mass-produced, it’s significance was no less than inventing a new kind of long-range missile.

    The other Grandmasters also had their own contributions to the nation.

    Hua Yunfeng had been helping China defend countless foreign influences attempts. Zhong Hai was the biggest city in China and was considered China’s window to the world. However, there were often dark currents stirred up by the international criminal world. Hua Yunfeng was able to quell these disturbances and defend the peaceful life of the citizens.

    Therefore, Chen Fan never worried about any consequences for slaughtering the entire Sheng family. A nation only considered self-benefits and interests, and keeping an amicable relationship with Chen Fan was much more beneficial than being on a Grandmaster’s bad side.

    Tang Yifei, Seventh Lord Huang and Chen Xiao kept their silence.

    They were so shocked by the revelation that they would forever look at the world with a fresh new perspective. In the old world, the power of a nation needed to be taken seriously. Although they operated in the grey area of society, they needed to obey the laws set by the country.

    However, in the new world, they just discovered that Grandmasters were above the law. They could kill an entire family clan without worrying about the consequences. And this was the true color of the world. At the end of the day, everyone only cared about self-interest, that extends to the nations in the world as well.

    “From today onward, no one in the Tang family is allowed to offend Master Chen. Otherwise, I will chop him up and feed him to the fish in the Jin City River!” Tang Yuanqin announced.

    “Yes, Lord Tang”

    Everyone bowed respectfully.

    They would have obliged their family lord’s order even without being told the true power of a Grandmaster, although their reply wouldn’t be nearly as sincere and fearful as it was now. They had finally understood that Chen Fan wouldn’t even care to waste his time on them. They were too insignificant in his eyes. Neither would the government indict him, risking a bad relationship with the most important asset of the nation. Even Tang Yuanqin had to apologize to Chen Fan for a small run-in.

    A pang of despair gripped Tang Yifei

    If Chen Fan was truly so powerful, she doubted that she would ever free herself from the Yi Wood Spirit Qi.

    “Dad, so the government just lets these Grandmasters do whatever they want?”

    Tang Yifei asked hotly.

    “Of course not. Although Grandmasters are powerful, they have to give the authority some degree of respect. After all, not even a thousand Grandmasters are able to hold themselves against an army. Plus, there are still those other guys in China who could counter them.”

    “Who?” Tang Yifei paused.

    Fear flashed across Tang Yuanqin’s face, and he kept the answer to himself.

    Since the National Day holiday was coming, Chen Fan wanted to wrap up some tasks at hand, so he could make use of the holiday to visit Hong Kong. He went to the Jin City University and inspected the progress of the lab. Xiao Xue had been working round the clock trying to set the lab up, and she had lost a few kilograms of weight. Chen Fan gave her a bottle of Yun Wu Spirit Water for her to recuperate. If the assistant knew that she was getting a hundred thousand yuan a bottle supplement, she would be so moved by her boss that she would start to tear up. On the black market, the price of one bottle of the Spirit Water was even a few times higher than that.

    Afterward, he went to visit the East Mountain Villas. Chen Huaian asked Chen Fan if they need to prepare for any repercussions for the death of the Shengs. Chen Huaian smiled and said:

    “Sheng Ronghua was nothing, he was just a real estate agent. But I am a Grandmaster, there are less than twenty Grandmasters left in China. So I am much more important than Sheng Ronghua.”

    In addition, Chen Fan believed that the military headquarters had monitored his every action. Even his plan of creating the Catalyst Essence Serum couldn’t escape the military’s radar, much less his killing of an entire family.

    Yun Wu Spirit Water not only had limited production capability, but it could also quickly spoil once produced. Therefore, it could only be used to meet a small number of privileged customers’ demands. However, once the Catalyst Essence Serum was created and put into use, the entire population in China could benefit from the Spirit Water.

    It was like the difference between Ferrari and Volkswagen. Although Volkswagen didn’t make fancy over the top looking sports cars, the company was ten times larger than Ferrari. Volkswagen was a key component of the automobile industry, while Ferrari are only toys for rich people.

    Transcendent Grandmaster, top Grandmaster on the Heaven roll, General in the military, Physique Refining Pill, Catalyst Essence Serum…

    When the decision-makers weighed the pros and cons of siding with Chen Fan, the scale was obviously one-sided. A few days later, Chen Fan heard the news of Gao Tianmin being fired. This was an olive branch from the government.

    After he had visited his parents, Chen Fan went to Fang Qiong.

    Fang Qiong wanted to go to Hong Kong with Chen Fan, however, she was tied down by the business at her dad’s company. She had been managing a makeup production-line in her dad’s company for a while now. To be a competent business leader was Fang Qiong’s dream ever since she was a child. However, she still felt sorry for being unable to spend more time with Chen Fan.

    “If you would like to try new makeup samples, I can provide you some.”

    Chen Fan remembered that he once wanted to create a perfume from the cultivator’s world for Sister An. However, due to the lack of ingredients, the project was shelved.

    The perfumes of the cultivators were not made from synthetic chemicals. They used extracts from natural plants and had a very high standard for the raw material used. It had taken Chen Fan a great deal of effort to find semi-spirit herbs and therefore he didn’t want to squander them on making perfume.

    However, once the East Mountain Meadow project was completed, Chen Fan would have a large plot to grow Spirit Herbs.

    With abundant materials in hand, it wouldn’t be difficult for Chen Fan to create beauty products.

    “Fine, fine Master Chen. I would love to see it.” Fang Qiong pushed Chen Fan out of the room and said with a smile: “You are such a know-it-all. Is there anything you don’t know about?”

    “Sigh… young lady, you will regret it for not believing in me.”

    Chen Fan faked a sigh and then sauntered away.

    By the time he had wrapped up all the loose ends, the national holiday has finally arrived. Chen Fan and his roommates were about to go on a trip to Hong Kong.

    There were six of them in total: Qiu Yilun, Qian Lulu, Qi Wangsun, Liu Xiaojin, Chen Fan and Zhou Qinya; two couples and two third-wheels.

    Qiu Yilun had taken care of the plane tickets, hotel, and car rental. Although Qiu Yilun had many bad habits, he was extremely nice to friends and very reliable.

    To two couples were seated together on the plane, so that left Chen Fan and Zhou Qinya to sit together.

    At school, she always wore makeup to look glamorous. However, today, she didn’t wear any makeup. She was wearing a loose shirt with a small bow tie around the collar and a pair of white jeans. Adding on a pair of plain sneakers and simple hair and makeup, she looked like a cute girl next door. She was drinking a cup of orange juice while reading a fashion magazine.

    The lack of makeup on her face revealed her incredible natural beauty. Her face was smooth and dreamy, making her look as sweet as a high school crush. Many men on the plane couldn’t help but stare at her.

    Zhou Qinya didn’t care for these men’s attention, instead, she looked to Chen Fan.

    To her surprise, Chen Fan lolled in his chair and had already fallen asleep.

    “So he doesn’t like me without makeup either?”

    Zhou Qinya lamented.

    She had seen Fang Qiong and remembered that Fang Qiong rarely used any makeup. From then on, Zhou Qinya was certain that Chen Fan liked the more natural look. Therefore, she had decided to give up on her makeup and try to pull off a girl-next-door look. However, to her dismay, Chen Fan had ignored her again.

    “Humph! Whatever, I think I’m too good for you anyway.”

    In a fit of anger, Zhou Qinya started to focus on the magazine and stopping caring about Chen Fan.

    Even as the girl flipped through the page, Chen Fan opened his eyes and caught a glimpse of the magazine’s cover.

    It was Zheng Anqi posing with her fine statuesque body. Her half white face looked attractive and aloof, befitting a queen.