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Chapter 248 - Tang Yuanqin’s Visi

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 248: Tang Yuanqin’s Visit

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    When Chen Fan was at the Yin Dragon Pond, he sold Zheng Anqi a hundred Arcane Pills at the price of one billion yuan each. Zheng Anqi had agreed that she would send him the money right away, however, it had been half a year now, and the money was still nowhere to be seen. Chen Fan didn’t see the news of the Old Man Zheng’s death, so he wagered that the Zheng family didn’t plan to pay him in the beginning.

    “It’s not that easy to get away with not paying me.”

    Chen Fan cracked a cold smile.

    Before Chen Fan knew it, the October long weekend had arrived. In the one month time he spent at his college, he had remained quiet and kept things to himself.

    This was the first long weekend for this year’s freshmen and therefore, Qian Lulu and her friends had already started planning their vacation. It had only been a month since they left home for school, so they didn’t feel eager to visit their parents yet. Therefore, the girls thought of going to some touristy place to spend the holiday.

    In order to save her relationship with Qiu Yilun, Qian Lulu had planned a seven day Hong Kong trip. Hong Kong was a paradise for shopping, the shining pearl of Asia, and a modern metropolis in 2008. Therefore, many people from the mainland wanted to travel there and visit.

    “There is Disneyland, the Central Market, the street food at Causeway Bay and the million-dollar villas by Victoria Bay….”

    Qian Lulu went on about Hong Kong’s tourist attraction and finally was able to pique Qiu Yilun’s interest.

    He had been to Hong Kong many times, however, he had never been there with a girl. Although he still hadn’t gotten over Qian Lulu’s action, the description of the lively city attracted his attention.

    “You are going to Hong Kong?”

    Chen Fan was light-hearted by the coincidence. He had planned to travel to the Zheng family in Hong Kong to retrieve the ten billion yuan they owed him. Chen Fan didn’t mind the company of his friends; instead, he would very much love to spend some quality time with his friends.

    “Sure, can I join you?”

    Liu Xiaojin dragged Qi Wangsun into the trip and Zhou Qinya also decided to tag along since she just had a fall out with her boyfriend and needed some fresh air. Qian Lulu’s original plan of a romantic two-person trip very quickly became a six-person group trip.

    Liu Xiaojin and Qi Wangsun’s relationship had heated up recently, and therefore Zhou Qinya and Chen Fan were two third wheels for the two couples.

    However, right before Chen Fan was going to leave for Hong Kong, someone visited him.

    “I, Yuanqin, humbly wish to have an audience with Master Chen.”

    An old man wearing a handmade shirt made out of plain cloth bowed to Chen Fan and said.

    Tang Yuanqin treated Chen Fan with a great measure of respect as a disciple would to his master. His eyes no longer flashed fear, instead, it was filled with respect and reverence

    “I wager you finally know who I am?”

    Chen Fan cracked a light smile.

    “I have eyes but failed to recognize a mountain. My mistake had led to the run in between you and my daughter. I wish you could forgive us.” Tang Yuanqin bowed again, much more deeply this time.

    Anyone would be surprised to see an old man pay so much respect to a young man. However, neither Chen Fan nor Tang Yuanqin felt the respectful bows were out of place.

    Such was the way of martial arts: age did not define power, the more powerful one would always be the master.

    No doubt, Chen Fans’s level of attainment in martial arts and his status in society had far exceeded Tang Yuanqin. Therefore Tang Yuanqin’s deep bows were justified.

    “You may rise.”

    Tang Yuanqin obliged and looked up respectfully at the young man.

    After he had returned home, he had contacted many of his friends to ask about Chen Fan’s background. Tang Yifei was just an ordinary girl, and therefore her connection was limited. However, Tang Yuanqin was a peak level Internal Force user, and therefore, he had much more string to pull than his daughter.

    After he had finally learned Chen Fan’s illustrious achievement, he panicked.

    In the half-year that he spent alone in seclusion, Master Chen of Jiang Bei had achieved numerous incredible deeds. He had killed the family lord of the Lu family, Lu Tianfen, Lei Qianjue of the Hong Sect; he had not only warded off many assassination attempts but also killed the King of the Assassins, Blacksnake. After he had climbed to the top of the Heaven Roll, he was considered the most powerful Grandmaster in China. He was thought to be as powerful, if not more than Ye Nantian, and had a nickname: Curmudgeon Chen.

    Adding on the Grandmaster he had killed just a couple of days ago on the river, he had killed four Grandmasters so far.

    Tang Yuanqin must be delusional if he thought that he could have defeated such a powerful man.

    The more Tang Yuanqin thought about Chen Fan, the more afraid he became. In the end, he decided to pay Chen Fan a visit when Chen Fan was not so busy.

    “Master Chen, I have arranged a banquet for you as an apology.” Tang Yuanqin cupped his fists and said. “My daughter didn’t know who you are, and therefore had offended you unintentionally. Lucky for her, you were merciful and had let her live. However, I am still troubled by the run-in, and feel deeply sorry about it.”

    “I wager that you didn’t know I have already planted the Yi Wood Spirit Qi into your daughter.” Chen Fan thought to himself as he gave the old man an amused look,

    Chen Fan didn’t care if Tang Yuanqin knew that or not. What could he do anyway? He was the top warrior on the Heaven roll, the most powerful Grandmaster in China. Even the collective might of Tang family was no match against Chen Fan, much less Tang Yuanqin himself.

    “Very well.”

    Chen Fan had some other matters on his mind that he wanted to consult Tang Yuanqin on so he accepted the invitation.

    Tang Yuanqin led Chen Fan to a Mercedes-Benz S-350 parked next to the school’s entrance. When Chen Fan got into the car, Zhou Qinya happened to walk by and saw him. Zhou Qinya didn’t think of anything at first since it was not the first time she saw a rich heir getting into a fancy car. However, she was shocked when she caught a glimpse of the driver.

    “That was Seventh Lord Huang?”

    “Seventh Lord Huang was a powerful tycoon in Jin City whose influence was on par with Chen Xiao if not more. Her father used to take her to visit Seventh Lord Huang, so she had recognized his face.”

    She knew that Seventh Lord Huang was more powerful than most of the elite class in the city, yet, he had lowered himself to chauffer for Chen Fan and that old man. Who was that old man anyways and how powerful exactly was Chen Fan? Suddenly, Zhou Qinya started to feel that she had been underestimating Chen Fan’s power. Perhaps, he was not just an ordinary rich heir, and there was more to him than what meets the eye.

    It wasn’t long before Chen Fan and his host arrived at the Tang family’s estate.

    Tang Yifei led a group of tycoons in the Jin City and had already stood by the entrance waiting for him. These tycoons were all formidable powers in their own region, however, there and then, they stood fearfully waiting for his arrival patiently and respectfully. Chen Fan caught a glimpse of Chen Xiao among the crowd and his face was written with shock and terror. He had never thought that Tang Yuanqin was able to persuade Chen Fan to come to the banquet and neither did he expect Tang Yuanqin to be so respectful toward the boy.

    “Yifei, I want to introduce you to Master Chen.”

    Tang Yuanqin said humbly.

    “Master Chen!”

    Complicated emotions roiled in Tang Yifei’s eyes. Ever since the incident in the garden, she swore to never see Chen Fan again, fearing that Chen Fan would take advantage of her situation. She couldn’t believe that her father had invited the wolf to the house willingly.

    “This is Seventh Huang.”

    “This is Eight Fingers.”

    “This is…”

    Tang Yuanqin didn’t notice his daughter’s awkward and reluctant expression and went on to introduce others to Chen Fan. He made sure that all of his subordinates had seen Chen Fan in person so that they knew who to stay away from. When he introduced Chen Xiao, a strong and complicated emotion rose in Chen Xiao. He remembered his warning to Chen Fan, however, it seemed that he had shot himself in the foot. By now, Chen Fan had become the most influential person in Jinlin City and was respected by even Tang Yuanqin.

    “From today on, you should all treat Master Chen like how you treat me. If anyone of you dares to mess with Master Chen, I will make sure you pay for your mistake.” Tang Yuanqin announced heavily.

    “Yes, Lord Tang”

    Seventh Lord Huang and the others cupped their fists and replied.

    Chen Fan had got rid of the Sheng family and made a name for himself in Jinlin City. The rumor of Chen Fan using spells to kill the Sheng family was still floating around and therefore, no one in their right mind would think of messing with Chen Fan. However, many people looked back and forth between Tang Yifei and Chen Fan.

    Although Tang Yifei tried to contain the spread of rumor, many people had learned of what happened at the Green Vines club. However, no one would risk the ire of Tang Yifei and snitch on her and tell Tang Yuanqin what they knew.

    “Master Chen, you are a martial artist, you should sit at the head of the table. ”

    When Tang Yuanqin invited Chen Fan to the head of the table, everyone felt the situation was even stranger than they thought.

    Tang Yuanqin didn’t seem to act out of fear for the same fate as Sheng family, but out of respect and reverence, as he would to a wizened wise man. However, Chen Fan was less than twenty years old, how could he manage to garner so much respect?


    Tang Yifei gasped.

    However fearful she was to Chen Fan, the sight of her father bending backward for a young man didn’t sit well with her. She felt so bad for her father that she was on the brink of crying.

    “My daughter is not aware of who you really are, please forgive her.” Tang Yuanqin said awkwardly.

    It was only natural for an internal force user to respect a Grandmaster. At Chen Fan’s level of attainment, his age was irrelevant, it was his unimaginable power that gave him the high status.

    “No harm is done.” Chen Fan said lightly. He was the North Mystic Celestial Lord, so he wouldn’t care what an insect thought of him. Plus, Tang Yifei’s life was still in his hands. He then asked with a serious face: “I meant to ask you something. Do you know who is the person I killed? I heard his name is Lin Tatian.”

    Lin Tatian’s power was just below that of Lei Qianjue. If he wasn’t injured, he would have already become a peak level Grandmaster. He was one in a million kind of warrior, a frightening force to be reckoned with.

    However, Lin Tatian had hidden under the umbrella of the Sheng family, disguised as a normal personal guard. Chen Fan smelled something fishy. It was as if he was trying to hide from something. What could have made someone so powerful so afraid?

    Although Lin Tatian was already dead, Chen Fan was not sure if he had to prepare for acts of revenge from his family and friends. It would be ideal if he could act first and get rid of any potential danger in the first place.

    “You mean that Grandmaster who wielded a Blade Qi?” Tang Yuanqin furrowed his brows and asked: “Lin Tatian… Lin Tatian? Humm… strange… I have never heard of any Grandmaster with that name. However, judging by his moves, he is a mighty warrior indeed.”

    “He said he was from the Lin family of Southeastern China. The Art of Qi Blade was his family’s secret art.”

    “Lin family of Southeastern China? The Art of Qi Blade?” Tang Yuanqin was taken aback. However as old memories came back to him, he exclaimed with surprise: “Could he be the traitor of the Lin family?”

    As soon as he said that, fear surfaced in Tang Yuanqin’s eyes and even his gaze on Chen Fan seemed to change its tone.