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Chapter 247 - Green Dragon Grand Array

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 247: Green Dragon Grand Array

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    The news of the Sheng family’s downfall had shaken the Jin City. However, after a few days, people moved on. After all, most people had never even seen Sheng Ronghua in person. The emotional and heated debates about the news quickly turned into indifferent remarks.

    “Sheng Ronghua?”

    Jinlin City was a large city with over ten million population and the Jiang Nan Province has an even larger population. Although Sheng Ronghua’s company was huge in Jinlin City, it was an insignificant player in the entire Jiang Nan Province. In addition, most ordinary people only cared about their own benefits but not so much about even the nation’s affairs, much less the petty feud between Sheng and the Chen family. If not because Chen Fan’s fame had brought more attention to the matter, most people would simply flip this page over without overthinking.

    However, to other people who were more involved, the fall of the Sheng family was unthinkable. How could the richest family in Jiang Bei just fall overnight?

    Afterward, the Chens Group’s account was freed and the East Mountain Meadow was sold to Chens Group as well. The truck drive was ruled guilty of first-order murder and would be sent to the electric chair very soon.

    This time, Master Chen’s name finally became a household name in Jin City. Despite the rumor about him using curses to burn all the Sheng family members to death, there was no proof. Other than a dozen or so witnesses who had seen the Sheng family member’s self-immolation, there were no picture nor any video to prove that the Chen family had done it. However, this rumor kept ongoing among the elites of Jin City.

    Most elites knew that the court ruling most often did not provide the truth. If Chen Fan didn’t act, how come so many people from the Sheng family went missing that night? Could it really be like what the media said that the family had left China together?

    That’s preposterous. If there were only one or two people missing, then yes, that was possible. But a few dozen? It had to be a mass murder.

    They knew that Chen Fan was the only person who was likely to have done this.

    However famous Chen Fan was, there were only less than a few dozen people who had ever seen him. There were most people that knew of him than people who actually knew him. That was the same for Tang Yuanqin. Although he had been dominating the city for over ten years, most people in Jin City would have no idea who he was if he stood right in front of them.

    Master Chen, Tang Yuanqin, Chen family, Sheng family… these names were beyond the reach of ordinary people. Other than those who had their skin in their conflict, most citizens of Jin City, including the heirs of rich families had forgotten the incident very quickly.

    However, one person couldn’t forget about what happened.

    “I am glad that you are fine, Xiao Fan.”

    Fang Qiong heaved a sigh.

    Ever since he heard about the news from Shen Junwen, she rushed to the school and made a few phone calls to Chen Fan. Since Chen Fan was already heading toward the Shen family, he didn’t pick up the phone. When Fang Qiong had arrived at Chen Fan’s dorm, she was told that Chen Fan had gone home. She panicked right away.

    The girl knew Chen Fan very well. She knew that he would rush home to help his family. However, the battle between Chen Fan and the Sheng family was too dangerous for an ordinary college student. Chen Fan’s life was in danger.

    “Please don’t’ be so reckless next time. I have heard that your mother was even in an accident. Luckily both of you are OK. I can’t imagine what I will do if you ….” Tears welled in the girl’s eyes as her words were broken up.

    “Fine, fine. I am sorry. Please forgive me.” Chen Fan said apologetically. He should have told Fang Qiong where he was going.

    He closed in and rubbed Fang Qiong’s head with his forehead gently.

    When they were both kids, he often did this whenever Fang Qiong was angry at him.

    “Stop it. We are not children anymore.”

    The girl pushed him away, but the old trick worked as Fang Qiong’s tears were gone.

    Chen Fan apologized a few more times, and Fang Qiong finally decided to let the matter rest. However, she warned Chen Fan not to keep her out of the loop ever again. Then Fang Qiong asked curiously.

    “So Master Chen really is from the Chen family? I have heard that he killed the entire Sheng family.”

    “I think people have exaggerated his power. It’s like claiming to have seen a UFO. Rumors are just rumors.”

    Fang Qiong was a rational person ever since she was a child and didn’t believe in supernatural abilities.

    “Of course! I am Master Chen.” Chen Fan said proudly. “I can kill Shen Junwen with a snap of a finger. If Shen Junwen ever dared to come to bother you, I will let him get hit by a car.”

    “Oh, you! Stop that.” Fang Qiong rolled her eyes and didn’t believe anything that Chen Fan had said.

    After the two had chatted for a while, Fang Qiong was about to leave. She hesitated for a second and said reluctantly: “Xiao Fan, my parents want to invite you over for dinner. Don’t let that get into your head, they just want to meet you.”

    So saying, she blushed and hurried away.

    Chen Fan scratched his head and thought to himself.

    “Do my father and mother-in-law want to see me?”

    Chen Fan didn’t like Fang Qiong’s mother. In his past life, she was part of the reason that caused the couple’s eventual break-up.

    When Chen Fan arrived at the dorm, he was greeted by Qiu Yilun and other roommate’s surprised stares.

    They had never thought that that the Chen family’s situation could have turned around just overnight.

    The Sheng family were gone, and in its ashes, the Chen family rose as the biggest family in Jin City. Chen Fan’s status as the heir of the rich family was restored. Pan Li regretted her actions for the second time and thought that she should have stayed with Chen Fan one more night.

    However, from then on, Pan Li was never invited to any of the parties. Even Qian Lulu and Qiu Yilun’s relationship was strained after Qiu Yilun had seen her true colors.

    However, those were trivial to Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan had been busy creating a few more Jade talisman for his mother. Afterward, he focused his attention on the East Mountain Meadow project.

    Although the buyer’s name on the contract was the Chen family, Chen Fan was the one running the show at the construction site. Under his supervision, large trucks drove into the East Mountain Meadow and transform the forested area into a flat land perfect for cultivation.

    Chen Fan had formulated a good layout in his mind to subdivide the plots. He was going to build a homestead in the middle of the land for his parents to stay after their retirement. By then, the East Mountain Meadow would be surrounded by Spirit Qi that was beneficial to human’s life.

    As the construction carried on, the matter of casting a Dharma Array also been put on the agenda.

    The Dharma Array Chen Fan plan to cast would be nothing like the Yun Wu Mountain or the Guardian Array at the Yin Dragon Pond. It would be a large size Spirit Gathering Array that can channel the Spirit Qi from the Green Dragon Lake to the land. In addition, it would also serve to misguide, defend, and assault any intruders. After all, the meadow was right next to the bustling Jin City and secrecy was on Chen Fan’s top priority.

    “Since the array uses the Green Dragon Lake’s Spirit Qi, I should just call it the Green Dragon Grand Array.”

    The Green Dragon Lake meandered around the valley like a long drake. There was plenty of Spirit Qi in the lake to charge the Green Dragon Grand Array. However, due to the size of the array, it required much more material to set up than the Yun Wu Mountain Array.

    The Chen’s Group purchased countless gems and jades from all over China. Among them were Yin Crystals, ten-thousand-year-old sea rocks, thousand-year-old wood… the Chens Group was not the only buyer, the other buyers included the Wei Family of the North Bank, Xu Ao of Hai Dong, Medicine God Valley Sect, Yin Ghost Sect and Lu family of Lin City.

    In a short time, they had collected a huge amount of materials, much more than Third Lord Wei had collected when Chen Fan was building the Yun Wu Mountain Array.

    The Green Dragon Grand Array used the Spirit Qi from the Green Dragon Lake. It was also a Yi Wood Dharma Array since its basic function was to grow herbs. Therefore, the Green Dragon Grand Array was a hybrid array of both Wood Element and Water Element. It also had an extremely high requirement for the Wood Element Spirit Qi in the environment from which it grew. Without the ancient trees on the slope of the East Mountain, Chen Fan would not be able to pull the array off.

    Another key factor in the success of the array was the Azure Thearch Longevity Body.

    Without it, Chen Fan would not be able to handle such a large array. Even if he had enough energy and time, he would not be able to gather enough materials if he could not use ancient trees.

    Despite the smooth sailing, money had been pouring out of Chen Fan’s bank account ever since he started the project.

    Over the last half-year, he had gained over a few billion by selling the Spirit Water. A part of that went to Jin Xiu Group, some went to Chens Group’s debt the rest was spent on the East Mountain Meadow project and the lab.

    In the end, Chen Fan suddenly realized that his bank account is nearly dry.

    He never had to worry about money ever since he was reborn. So the sudden break in cash flow had caught him off guard. Despite the help from the Medicine God Valley Sect, Chen Fan still didn’t have enough to continue the Green Dragon Grand Array. He needed more ancient trees and wood. Plus, the Catalyst Essence Serum and the herb seeds would also cost a huge fortune.

    “I remembered that someone still owes me ten billion. It’s time for them to pay up.”

    Chen Fan lifted his head slowly and looked toward the south, where Hong Kong was.