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Chapter 246 - Terrorizing Jiang Nan Province

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 246: Terrorizing Jiang Nan Province

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    Meanwhile, on the Jin City Bridge, Shen Junwen sat in the driver’s seat and put his cell phone away.

    “What’s going on, Junwen?” Wan Jun asked curiously.

    “My dad just called me. He told me to run away from Jin City as far as possible.” Shen Junwen lowered his head and locked his brows.

    “Uh? What does that mean?” Wan Jun asked perplexedly.

    “I am not sure either. My dad sounded in a hurry and he hung up before I could ask anything.” Shen Junwen hesitated and then said: “I think I have heard his last words were ‘Master Chen’.”

    “Master Chen? Chen Fan? Didn’t you guys already take care of him by hiring the three leaders of Heavenly Kill?” Wang Xiaoyun asked curiously. The Sheng family had adopted a three-pronged approach in dealing with the Chen family. The Gao family was in charge of instigating the coup against Che Zhenxin, Sheng family was in charge of getting rid of Wang Xiaoyun and Uncle Lin was suppose to make Chen Fan disappear.

    “Brother Jun, I have a bad feeling. I wonder if everything went well with Heavenly Kill.” Shen Junwen furrowed his brows and said. He then pulled out his cellphone and called Uncle Lin, but no one answered the phone. He then called all the other higher-ups in the Wan Rong group, but couldn’t get through any of them.

    By now, even Wan Jun started to become suspicious of the situation.

    Even as the two tried to wrap their heads around the situation, they received a phone call.

    Shen Junwen’s face darkened after he hung up the phone. Wan Jun asked him what had happened, so he said: “Xiao Huang told me that Sheng Junlin is dead in a private club.”

    “What? Junlin is dead?” Wan Jun was stunned.

    He was Shen Junwen’s cousin and Sheng Ronghua’s nephew. His death would shake the entire Sheng family.

    “Xiao Huang also said that he was killed by a ball of red fire.” Shen Junwen said heavily.

    “Burnt to death?” Wan Jun fell into utter shock.

    “I have to get out of here. I think my father is in trouble too. Could it be that Chen Fan has gone to my father?”

    Shen Junwen pulled himself together and quickly made a decision. He pressed the gas-pedal and pulled the handbrake at the same time to turn his car 180-degrees. He revved up again and started off in the opposite direction. Luckily it was already late in the night, so the street was empty, otherwise, he would have to get stuck on the road for a while.

    Wan Jun kept his silence. He could feel that subtle danger lurking behind the development, therefore he decided to stay out of it for now.

    Soon, their suspicion was confirmed.

    In the next few minutes that followed, they received many phone calls from many different places, informing them that Shen Junwen’s sister, brothers, cousins, uncles, aunties, and even grandparents were all dead. The cause of their deaths was the same: fire.

    “How is that possible?”

    The last phone call Sheng Junting received was made from England, informing him that Sheng Junting was dead. Wan Jun was shaken by the news and could only gape.


    Shen Junwen heaved a sigh, eyes filled with remorse and indignation.

    “Brother Jun, we were wrong from the beginning. ”

    “The real power inside of the Chen family was not Qin Hua, neither was it Wang Xiaoyun. It was Chen Fan, Master Chen.”

    “You mean Chen Fan had done all of it?” Wan Jun asked incredulously.

    He had never thought that that ordinary-looking young man he met during the banquet at Chu Zhou City could possess such a mysterious and deadly power to kill so many people in different parts of the world.

    “What else could it be?” Shen Junwen let out a saddened wry smile. “Master Chen… Master Chen… I have always wondered why people call him a master… Now I understand, but it’s too late.”

    “This is not how it was supposed to end!”

    Wan Jun watched as Shen Junwen’s body started to glow red.

    A crimson fire burst out of Shen Junwen’s chest. The fire looked so much like freshly spilled blood that Wan Jun found it hard to tell which was fire and which was Shen Junwen’s blood. In a blink, the fire consumed Shen Junwen and then went to engulf the entire Ferrari.

    Other drivers watched in surprise as a luxurious car caught fire, rammed into a roadside pylon, and then turned into a ball of flame.

    The seventy-fifth kill, Shen Junwen!

    Chen Fan plucked the one last string and killed all the seventy-five men and women of the Sheng family. Adding those who were killed earlier inside the residence, Chen Fan had claimed over a hundred lives and erased the Sheng family from existence.

    As the flame of curse finally died down, Sheng Ronghua also finally shut his eyes forever and left the world with incredible sorrow and regret.

    Chen Fan didn’t seem to be disturbed by his actions at all. He flicked a finger and shot out flames at the house to burning it down to the ground. There would be no evidence and no loose ends.

    Afterward, he turned around and locked his eyes on Tang Yuanqin who had been peering at him from behind a cover.

    Tang Yuanqin was stupefied by Chen Fan’s sudden gaze. The icy intend in Chen Fan’s eyes seemed to have frozen his mind and soul.


    The dominating power of the Jiang Nan Province dropped his knees and announced fearfully: “I am Tang Yuanqin, it’s an honor to meet you, Master Chen!”

    Chen Fan had killed a Grandmaster with ease and erased an entire family clan, Tang Yuanqin’s influence and power couldn’t compare. Chen Fan could have done the same thing to the Tang family as easily as he did to the Sheng family.

    His ambition of reclaiming the seat of power in Jiang Nan Province suddenly evaporated. His only thought was to live.

    The wind blew in from shattered windows and helped the fire spread through the room.

    Tang Yuanqin kneeled before Chen Fan for more than fifteen minutes and still didn’t get a reply. In the end, he decided to look up and noticed that Chen Fan was already gone.


    The old man slowly rose to his feet and realized that fear had exhausted him more than he had thought.

    “I will have to investigate this thoroughly. Who the hell spread the rumor that Master Chen was only a semi transcendent level?” He cursed under his breath.

    People in Jin City were hit by big news.

    In one night, the Sheng family who had just started to regain a foothold in Jin City were eliminated in the most thorough way. The Sheng family’s residence, gone; Sheng Ronghua’s son, killed in a car accident; all other members of the Sheng Ronghua, disappeared. Suddenly, the Wan Rong Group became rudderless and was on the brink of falling apart.

    Rumor had it that the Sheng family members didn’t just disappear, they were burned into nothing by a flame.

    These rumors were supported by many witness accounts and many elite members of the Jin City started to suspect that Chen family was behind all of this.

    Many pieces of evidence even pointed directly to the powerful Master Chen.

    Because of this, Chen Fan became a feared household name in Jin City.

    The incident cast a mysterious and deadly light onto his already intimidating title as the mighty figure of the underground. His ability to kill a large number of people spread over a few thousand kilometers area was unthinkable. He had single-handedly destroyed an entire family clan of reputable power.

    No one could have remained calm before such a frightening presence.

    Chen Fan became feared by all big families. Even the all-mighty Gao Tianmin thought twice of avenging the death of his daughter in law.

    “I came I saw I conquered.” Such was the journey of Chen Fan in Jin City.

    “Regardless if the rumor is true or not, from this day on, no one should mess with Chen family.”

    Qiao, Song, Hua and other renowned families quickly informed its members of the same secret message.

    Even if they were not certain that Chen Fan was the perpetrator of the mass murder, they couldn’t afford to risk it. What happened to the Shengs was their lesson. No one in their mind would mess with a murderer who could kill off the entire family clan without leaving a trace of evidence.

    The Sheng family collapsed and so did the Wan Rong Group.

    In contrast, the festering fear among other families, the Chen family’s mood was lightened.

    Just last night, everyone in the family put on a long face as they had to contain the damage done to the company, getting their patriarch back from jail, and deal with Wang Xiaoyun’s car accident. The Chen family had been on its last leg, yet one night later, the situation suddenly turned around.

    “Xiao Yun, did Chen Fan do all of this?”

    “Yea, did he? I saw on the news that Sheng Ronghua’s house was burned to ashes. Sheng Ronghua was nowhere to be found.”

    “That’s not all. All members of the Sheng family disappeared. Rumor had it that they were burned into nothing by a fire.”

    People around Wang Xiaoyun chatted excitedly.

    Chen Ning covered her mouth in disbelief. She couldn’t imagine that her cousin could have power straight out of fantasy books. No wonder people call him Master Chen.

    Meanwhile, Chen An looked gloomy and quiet.

    Guoguo was elated by the news. She ran back and forth, bragging about her cousin’s alleged power.

    “Shut your mouth! No one will talk about this ever again!”

    Chen Huaian shouted hotly.