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Chapter 245 - The Bloodline Death Curse

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 245: The Bloodline Death Curse

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    The Ten Thousand Dharma Sect was famous for their curses. The perfected immortals who followed this sect were able to cast a curse from one end of the universe to kill someone on the other side of the universe. The curses’ ability to go beyond the constraints of time and space were feared by most cultivators of other sects.

    The Bloodline Death Curse was an infamous spell of the Ten Thousand Dharma Sect. With enough blood as a lead, it was able to trace everyone who was related to the blood and kill them all. Chen Fan’s power only allowed him to search across the globe, however, those powerful figures in the Ten Thousand Dharma Sect would be able to use the art and search the entire universe.

    “First kill.”

    Chen Fan plugged the nearly invisible lines as he would to a guitar.

    One end of the invisible line connected the burning crimson fireball while the other end shot into the distance. Chen Fan traced the line with his Divine Will and the line brought him to a private club. There were two young men sitting with two scantily clothed girls. They were drinking and singing Karaoke.

    “Young Lord Sheng, it was quite a display of power from the Sheng family this time. Even the new rising star, the Chen family was destroyed by Wan Rong Group with one blow.” One of the young men with greasy face said.

    “Of course. Chen family is nothing, they should know better than to compete with us for the East Mountain Meadow project.” The Young Lord Sheng said with a smug smile. “My Second Uncle was the richest man in Jiang Bei. He started with nothing and created Wan Rong Group. Those pathetic worms at the Chen family couldn’t compare.”

    “But I have heard that Master Chen of Jiang Bei is also from the Chen family.” Someone put in.

    “Hehe, Master Chen?” Young Lord Sheng narrowed his eyes and said: “From today on, he will cease to exist. There is only one thing waiting for those who dare to oppose the Sheng family: death.”

    “OH? The Sheng family is going to do away with Master Chen?”

    Everyone was shocked by the revelation. As the most powerful man in Jiang Bei, Master Chen was the equal of Tang Yuanqin. He also commanded many tycoons in Jiang Bei and could use many powerful Dharma Spells. People were hard-pressed to believe that the Sheng family was going to butt heads against such a mighty figure.

    “Fine, whatever is done is done. I might as well tell you guys.” Young Lord Sheng said proudly. “We spent over a billion yuan and hired the three leaders of the Heavenly Kill to get rid of Chen Fan. Even Zhang Donghai, the richest man in Jiang Nan Province, would not escape their assassin, much less, Master Chen.”

    “Heavenly Kill?”

    Everyone gasped.

    Although Heavenly Kill was not a renowned sect among the martial artists, however, they were well known as a powerful assassin group among the elite class of Chinese society. In the last decade, they had killed countless rich and powerful men in China.

    “Master Chen is not going to get away if the three leaders of the Heavenly Kill are after him.” Someone lamented.

    “From this day on, Sheng family is going to rise to power.”

    Many people looked at the young man with complicated emotions. Although he was just Sheng Ronghua’s nephew, he was bound to rise in social status as the Sheng family grew more powerful.


    Young Lord Sheng let out a peal of laughter. He had been waiting for this moment for a long time. Once the Chen family was finally uprooted, the Sheng family could finally get a solid foothold in Jin City.

    “Wait, why is everyone look at me so strangely?”

    “Uh? Hold on? Why can’t I feel my body?”

    “Wait… wait….what… what is this? …no… no… NO!”

    Under everyone’s surprised stare, the young man who had been laughing one second ago had turned into a ball of a burning flame. The fire was blood red, and sprouted out from Young Lord Sheng’s chest, and quickly spread throughout his entire body.

    “Ah!” “Ah!”

    The two slutty girls wearing heavy makeup ran away terrified after seeing what Young Lord Sheng had become. Despite the shocking development, everyone found it interesting that the flame only burned Young Lord Sheng but nothing else, not even the sofa he was sitting on. In a few seconds, the fire consumed Young Lord Sheng’s body and then even the ashes. It was as if the fire had deleted him from the matrix.

    “It. It..”

    Everyone was shocked by the scene, their faces paled as if they had just seen a ghost.

    A living person caught fire by himself and was reduced to nothing. Other than Young Lord Sheng’s car keys and wallet that were still on the table, there was no evidence that Young Lord Sheng was ever there in the first place.

    This scene played out not only in that one private club but also in many other locations in Jin City, as well as Chu Zhou City.

    Rich brats from the Sheng family suddenly caught fire by themselves and were reduced into nothingness.

    Elite members of the Sheng family enjoying a discreet moment with their mistresses disappeared after catching fire by themselves.

    Senior members of the Sheng family who were surrounded by grandchildren suddenly disappeared.

    “The seventh kill.”

    “The eighth kill”

    “The seventy-third kill”

    Chen Fan plugged the line gently and carefully with great emotion as if he was playing a guitar solo. Each motion of the string would send a pulse of energy to the receiving end of the line. Each plug of the string would take away one member of the Sheng family.

    Let them be seniors, middle-aged men, adolescents, or children, as long as they were related to Sheng Ronghua, they were dead.

    “What a pity that I can only trace the bloodline within four generations, but it should be enough. I don’t want to kill too many innocents either.”

    Chen Fan thought stoically.

    In less than a minute, he had killed seventy-three lives and nearly got rid of the entire Sheng family. However, he looked apathetic at the deceased. As the North Mystic Celestial Lord, Chen Beixuan had slaughtered countless sects and even eliminated an entire race. Billions if not trillions of lives were lost in his hand, so getting rid of the Sheng family was really nothing to him.

    “Only two let… one is Shen Junwen and the other was…”

    He looked into the burning ball of flame carefully and said.

    There were only two lines left connected to the fireball. One line led to somewhere in the Jin City, while the other extended far away, out of China to overseas.

    “Urh! Urgh!”

    Even having lost nearly all his blood, Sheng Ronghua was still alive. He could no longer form any words, so he stared at Chen Fan, begging him to spare his life.

    Whenever Chen Fan killed one of Sheng Ronghua’s family members, the scene would play out in the fireball.

    Therefore, Sheng Ronghua had watched as Chen Fan killed his entire family. The regret and remorse inside of him were beyond description. If he got to choose again, he would never choose to mess with the devil.

    Yes, the devil.

    Not a normal person could have used curses to kill everyone who was related to him. This heinous act could only be done by hellish demons and devils.

    Tang Yuanqin also saw everything while hiding behind a wall.

    “Only a descent of the Grand Magus from the Ghost Witch Sect could have pulled it off. I have only heard of the Bloodline Death Curse in legends but never expected to see it in person. Master Chen’s ability should make even the renowned magus from South East Asia feel ashamed of themselves.”

    The Bloodline Death Curse was truly terrifying.

    In fact, this was the first time that such a powerful spell was used on earth.

    The curse could kill anyone as long as it was used on someone who was related to the victim through the blood.

    Before Tang Yuanqin finished his seclusion cultivation, he had hoped to defeat Chen Fan with his new power. However, the development had robbed him of that hope.

    “He was not only a Grandmaster but also a terrifying Perfected Dharma Cultivator… I couldn’t believe that during my half-year of absence, such a demonic being would have risen to power.”

    Tang Yuanqin lamented.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan had dragged the last two lines.

    “The seventy-fourth kill, Sheng Junting.”