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Chapter 244 - Slaughter the Sheng Family

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 244: Slaughter the Sheng Family

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    By then the two fighters on the river were at each other’s throat again.

    Lin Tatian was the second most powerful foe Chen Fan had encountered. He was easily more powerful than Chen Jiuyang, Blacksnake, Lin Tatian and was only slightly less powerful than Lei Qianjue. The boiling dark energy around him suddenly turned into countless sharp edges and shot at Chen Fan. Chen Fan registered that the only thing that had stopped him from reaching the peak of the Transcendent State was an old injury he had sustained a long time ago.

    Chen Fan was not afraid of him. He was able to defeat Lei Qianjue who had not only reached the peak of Transcendent State but also perfected his physical condition. So Lin Tatian shouldn’t be much of a problem.

    Chen Fan’s hypersonic punch was difficult to pull off, after all, he had only achieved Initial success in his Dao Body cultivation. Only those who had achieved phenomenal success in their Connate Body cultivation could break the sound barrier at will. Nonetheless, Chen Fan should be able to defeat Lin Tatian even without using the hypersonic punch.


    A large wave came up and water splashed into the dark energy above. The water quickly took form and became countless sharp blades that shot out at Chen Fan. Out in the open, Lin Tatian’s power seemed to have grown by leaps and bounds, so much so that he was able to control the Essence Qi in between the Heaven and Earth and reach Union of Mortal and Heaven. However, his level of attainment was a far cry compared to that of Lei Qianjue.


    Chen Fan shouted at the top of his lungs and brought the Blade Qi down onto the incoming dark energy. The Blade Qi seemed to have torn open the very fabric of space and ripped the dark wave into half.

    Chen Fan killed Blacksnake with this exact same attack. However, Lin Tatian was a much more powerful foe. He folded his hands and then fanged both arms outward in a circular motion, tracing out a ring made out of dark energy. The ring multiplied and quickly became ring-mail that covered the entire space before Lin Tatian to block the incoming attack. Although Chen Fan’s Blade Qi was able to slice through the ring-mail like butter, Lin Tatian was able to get away using those few precious moments.

    “Such power. I believe that you are able to kill Lei Qianjue.”

    Lin Tatian glided back on the sleek water surface, and then looked to Chen Fan with a serious glare.

    “Well, I wish I could say the same about you.”

    Chen Fan pulled back the Blade Auras and closed his fingers as if he was snatching something. Suddenly, a dozen water sprouts erupted from the river and flew toward Lin Tatian like long fingers.

    “Humph! Kiddo! I don’t know how you can achieve such power, but you shouldn’t think so lightly of me.” Lin Tatian stomped his feet on the water and uttered coldly: “I shall indulge you with the coup de grace of the Lin Family!”

    “The Art of Qi Blade, form!”

    Suddenly, a white light spilled out from his mouth. He had been cultivating for many years and by then, it has started to take physical form. After he fused with countless True Qi, it was as hard as a diamond and as flexible as silk.

    The white sparkling light writhed like a dragon and circled around Lin Tatian before it swooped down close to the river, tracing a shining white line in the air. Whenever it landed on a water sprout, the latter would fall apart, reduced into a splash of water.

    “My Art of Dragon and Snake Transformation is based on The Art of Qi Blade.”

    Lin Tatian laughed proudly. “Since you have blocked the Dragon and Snake Transformation, I wonder if you could do the same with the decade-old Blade Qi in my mouth?”

    With a high pitched whistle, the white light shot up into the sky and then plunged down onto Chen Fan. Lin Tatian had been strengthening and cultivating the Blade Qi in his mouth for over a decade and therefore he was confident that the Blade Qi was able to kill even the most powerful Transcendent Grandmaster.

    “It’s a shame that my injury had prevented me from returning to my former condition. Otherwise, the power in this attack should have reached the Immortal level.” Lin Tatian heaved a sigh and then looked to Chen Fan.

    He expected to see Chen Fan being carved in half by the blade.

    To his surprise, Chen Fan had removed all the protection measures. He puffed his chest out to meet the incoming white light. The light shot through the sky like a lightning bolt and rammed into Chen Fan’s chest. However, it didn’t pierce through Chen Fan’s flesh, instead, it shivered into countless bright lights like a glass arrow.

    “This is… Impossible!”

    Lin Tatian was so shocked that he nearly lost his balance and fell into the river.

    The Blade Qi that was able to pierce through steel plate didn’t even make a dent on Chen Fan’s skin. What kind of body did he have? Was it made out of Diamond? Could he have achieved Diamond Body? Even the most powerful Physical Refinement Master would not withstand a frontal blow of his Blade Qi.

    “I have told you, you are just an insect in my eyes.”

    Chen Fan said indifferently.

    Lin Tatian was more powerful than most other Grandmasters he had met so far, however, his old injury had taken a toll on his power and rendered his strength inferior to Lei Qianjue. The Blade Qi was formed with decades of harnessing True Qi and could have rivaled the deadliness of a real Flying Sword. However, even a real Flying Sword would have been shattered into pieces if it landed on Chen Fan’s Azure Thearch Longevity Body, much less a fake one.

    Chen Fan slowly lifted an arm.


    A deep rumbling came up high up in the sky. Then there was an azure-colored ray of light appeared out of the clouds. Chen Fan yanked his arm down, commanding the energy in the sky to bore down on Lin Tatian like a hammer.

    “What kinds of technique is this?”

    The sight scared the living ghost out of Lin Tatian. He managed to pull back and summoned a cloud of dark energy to protect his body. However, his defense was useless before the azure-colored energy. It was able to crush an armored vehicle much less Lin Tatian. Even a Physical Refinement Grandmaster such as Lei Qianjue would not be able to survive the attack.


    Lin Tatian’s was squashed into a bloody pulp from the waist down and fell into the gurgling river. His upper torso was still surrounded by the dark energy which supported him above the river.

    “Yi Wood Connate Spirit Grand Qin Na Hand!”

    It was an immortal martial art that came with the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Only those Five Elements Immortal Sect cultivators who had reached the Connate Spirit could have pulled it off. Chen Fan was able to use it thanks to the Azure Thearch Longevity Body. Although he could only use one-tenth of his power, it was enough to kill Lin Tatian like squashing an ant.

    Without Divine powers, and without using the hypersonic technique, Chen Fan had used their coup de grace to kill yet another Grandmaster.

    “You can’t kill me… I am the Grandmaster of the Lin family. I am the invincible Lin Tatian…”

    Seeing Chen Fan approaching him, a few words managed to come out of the dying Lin Tatian. Chen Fan didn’t even pause for a second. He jabbed the middle of Lin Tatian’s forehead with a finger, ending his misery.

    By then, Tang Yuanqin had just arrived at the battleground and witnessed Chen Fan’s killing blow.

    “Chen… Master Chen?”

    Tang Yuanqin was stupefied by what he saw. He stood still in disbelief.

    He had seen Chen Fan’s picture and therefore he recognized Chen Fan right away. His heart sank to the bottom. Tang Yuanqin had seen the two Grandmasters duke it out on the river as Blade Qi and Qi Energy lanced out in all directions. However, he had never thought that one of the Grandmasters was Chen Fan and he had won.


    Chen Fan didn’t spare him a glance and then flashed out of the view and reappeared in the Sheng family residence.

    He saw Sheng Ronghua was still working on the fallen debris that pinned his legs down. There was a cell phone near him and the screen was still lit. He must be calling someone. When he finally saw Chen Fan, life drained from his face.

    Chen Fan’s appearance meant that Lin Tatian was either killed or had run away, neither would help his situation.

    Seeing Chen Fan’s indifferent gaze, Sheng Ronghua shivered. He knew that Chen Fan had already made up his mind to kill him. He shouted desperately: “There are many people working for me outside of the house, aren’t you afraid of revenge?”

    “Did you call Shen Junwen?” Chen Fan stepped on the cell phone and crushed it into pieces. Then he said calmly: “Don’t worry, you will see your son soon. Not only your son but the entire Sheng family will join you down there.”

    “What do you mean?” Sheng Ronghua was taken aback.

    Chen Fan calmly shifted his fingers to make a few hand signs to summon a web of Azure-colored light that formed an intricate Dharma Array. Chen Fan used to use the same Dharma Array arrangement to create The Inscription of Perpetual Life.

    The Inscription of Perpetual Life had taken him a while to cast, but since he had reached Ethereal Enlightenment, it was just a stroll in the park.

    No doubt that the power of the Dharma Spells was unimaginable.

    “Inscription of Void Dimension!”

    Chen Fan exclaimed.

    The Azure-colored lights change shape again and formed Talisman Inscription with countless lines and nods. The glittering inscription gave off an overwhelming promotional sensation as if it was some ancient star chart.

    “Fire of Divine Power!”

    Chen Fan shouted again.

    He cupped one of his eyes, and seemingly dragged a golden flame out of the eye socket. The flame was small in size, but it burned so intensely that it could burn through a whole on the fabric of reality.

    This was the seed of the Li Fire Golden Eyes. Losing this seed, Chen Fan would have to recuperate for at least a month to regain his Li Fire Golden Eyes.

    “The Lure of Bloodline”

    Chen Fan shouted the third time.

    Chen Fan slammed Sheng Ronghua with his right hand and somehow blood started to squirt out from all pores and holes on Sheng Ronghuas’ body. These blood converged together, forming a bloody ball as Sheng Ronghua howled painfully.

    “Your blood will complete my death curse!”

    Chen Fan stamped the ground seemingly lightly, but even Tang Yuanqin from far away could feel the earth’s tremble.

    The star chart, golden flame, and the ball of blood finally merged into a crimson flame.

    The flame shot out a dozen invisible threads into the night sky. Chen Fan had commanded them to search for the Sheng Ronghua’s blood-kin.

    “Ten Thousand Dharma Sect’s Bloodline Death Curse; complete!”

    Chen Fan murmured indifferently.

    This time, he will slaughter the Sheng family and avenge his mother.