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Chapter 243 - Fighting Lin Tatian

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 243: Fighting Lin Tatian

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    Chen Fan was taken aback after he realized that there was a Transcendent Grandmaster hidden inside of the Sheng family.

    Grandmasters were usually dominating powers of a region, such was the case for Chen Jiuyang of the Tai Chi Sect, Du San of the Miao’s Land, Hua Yunfeng of Zhong Hai and Lei Qianjue of Hong Sect. Even the worst of them, Lu Tianyun was a dominating figure in Tian Nan province. Therefore, having a Grandmaster hiding in the Sheng family was unheard of.

    Despite the turn of events, Chen Fan was not at all concerned. He doubled down on his art as the azure-colored Blade Auras surged. His opponent was just a Grandmaster, a level which Chen Fan was comfortable to deal with. After all, he had already killed three Grandmasters ever since he was reborn.

    The Azure Wood Qi Blade was a belligerent technique. It sliced open anything that was in its way, let it be a sofa, walls or human flesh. Two Wan Rong Group’s managers were unfortunate enough to be in the way of the Blade Aura and were sliced in half.

    “Bravo! What a good use of Qi Condensation!”

    Lin Tatian snorted coldly and stepped forward with a punch. Suddenly, dark energy waves bellowed out from his palm and quickly spread throughout the room.

    A Wan Rong Group manager was a little too slow getting out of the dark energy’s way, so he was ground into pulp by the seeming harmless dark energy. The dark energy looked like soft fluid, but each drop would crush a boulder. The death of a bystander didn’t disturb Lin Tatian in the slightest. He charged up more energy and caused a huge dark wave to go after Chen Fan.

    One can read in between Lin Tatian’s decision of saving Sheng Ronghua and killing bystanders and see the pride of a Grandmaster. A Grandmaster never cared for anyone except for those to whom they were in debt.


    Chen Fan brought the Blade Aura around and hacked. The Blade Auras surged into about three meters long and quashed absolutely everything and anything that it came in contact with. Sheng Rongchen, Sheng Rongfang, and Wan Zhengxiong, along with expensive decor were all sliced in half from the middle. After their blood bodies fell to the ground, their entrails spilled out from their opened bellies, they howled in terror and begged for a quick death.

    Chen Fan was impervious to their saddened pleading. Those were just insects he had killed. So he charged up energy once again and hacked at Lin Tatian.

    Lin Tatian’s dark energy was sliced through the middle, creating a path for Chen Fan. Chen Fan darted forward, through two walls of dark energy and arrived before Lin Tatian in a blink


    Lin Tatian’s face tightened.

    He had learned the dark energy wave from a master in South Eastern China. Once unleashed, the dark waves were able to submerge everything in a large area. Any ordinary people being caught inside the dark waves would be ground into a pulp. Even a Grandmaster would have to tread carefully around this art. The fact that Chen Fan was able to open up the dark energy with one slash using the Blade Aura, meant that Chen Fan’s Azure Wood Qi Blade was much more powerful than his Dark Qi Energy.

    “Come again!”

    Lin Tatian cracked a smile as he extended both arms before his chest and started to draw a long breath. Suddenly, the dark energy pulled back and converged and compressed into the middle of his arms. In the end, the sprawling dark energy was turned into a squiggly crystalline black snake.

    “Why don’t you try the Art of Dragon and Snake Transformation”

    Lin Tatian let out a grin and then flicked the tiny dark Qi snake out towards Chen Fan with his thumb.

    Chen Fan’s face tightened after he saw the incoming tiny wiggling snake. Although the snake was much smaller in size, the True Essence inside of it was so condensed that it was akin to True Essence. In other words, the small Qi snake was the equivalent of a True Qi Bomb that would kill everyone in the room once set off.

    This technique used by Lin Tatian was very similar to his Skyfall Hammer.

    However, Skyfall Hammer was able to harness the Power of Heaven and Earth to charge up the attack. Lin Tatian’s art on the other hand, only consumed his own True Qi that he had been cultivating for years. This difference was what caused Lin Tatian’s art to be much weaker.


    Chen Fan lifted the azure-colored Blade Aura with both hands. The Blade Aura had grown as thin a dragon fly’s wing. If one looked at the edge, the blade was nearly invisible. Then Chen Fan hacked the blade at the neck of the snake. The Blade Qi was insubstantial, like the fuzzy drizzling of the Jiang Nan province, it’s angle nearly inconceivable, but precise.

    His strike was executed in one go in a fluid and decisive motion. Not even a single breath was wasted. It was a move only a blade master could have pulled off.


    The blade Qi snake exploded in the air, the booming explosion shook the entire residential area. Many people turned on their lights and peered out from behind their curtains to see what the ruckus was about.

    Meanwhile, the shock wave swept through the room. It threw everything onto the ground, shattered all the windows, and cracked open the walls. Looking from the outside, the luxury manor was in ruins as if it was hit directly by an artillery shell. No one should have survived the attack.

    Chen Fan stood still and motionless. The floor around his feet was still in pristine condition, while anything about three-meter away from him was all destroyed. There were bloody body parts strewn around everywhere. No one survived the blast, except for one.

    Sheng Ronghua laid on the floor, his legs were caught by fallen ceiling debris. His dusty hair fell loosely over his shoulder, making him look like a ghost.

    Lin Tatian must have protected him at the last moment from the powerful blast.

    “Hey kiddo, you are indeed a powerful foe. This place is too small, let’s end this outside.” Lin Tatian let out a peal of laughter, then rammed through a wall and landed on top of the river.

    The river had swelled a few days ago so the water was rushing. The wind came up and broke the waves into white splashes.

    Despite the tumultuous river, Lin Tatian stood still like a stone pillar on the river bed. Around him, dark energy roiled, threatening to kill.


    Chen Huaian didn’t even spare Sheng Ronghua a glace, he flashed out of view and reappeared, standing on top of the river across from his foe. Everyone in the Sheng family, except for Sheng Ronghua was dead, and it wouldn’t be too much work for him to finish off Sheng Ronghua. However, if he let the Grandmaster sneak away, he might be able to harm his family later.

    Chen Fan might not have thought of so much before the wake-up call that nearly killed his mother. However, he had already reevaluated his situation and was more cautious.

    The North Mystic Celestial Lord had slaughtered many galaxies and knew the importance of leaving no loose ends.

    “I had never thought that anyone could have possessed such power at your age. You reminded me of someone I used to know.” Lin Tatian linked his hands behind his back and announced. His posture was statuesque and his demeanor godlike.

    “He was a dashing young lad just like you and earned himself the title of the most powerful Grandmaster overseas. He was thought to be very likely to achieve Immortal State. The last time I met him, he was on his way back to China to reclaim his dominance.”

    “I haven’t seen him for ten or so years, I wager, he had already reached the peak of the Transcendent State and is not far from the Immortal State.”

    “You are doing as good as him, if not even better in the future.”

    Lin Tatian lamented.

    “Oh, are you talking about Lei Qianjue?” Chen Fan said lightly. “I have already killed him.”


    Suddenly, Lin Tatian’s felt fear for the first time in a long time.

    Meanwhile, a homestead across the river was hosting a party.

    The elites of the Jin City knew that this manor was owned by a mighty figure of the Jiang Nan Province: Tang Yuanqin.

    The Tang family estate hasn’t seen so many guests for nearly half a year. Ever since Tang Yifei went into seclusion, only Tang Yifei and a few servants looked after the estate and rarely there were visitors. Today, Tang Yifei finally finished his seclusion cultivation, and therefore, tycoons all over Jiang Nan Province came to congratulate him.

    The dominating power of Jiang Nan province was finally back.

    “Dad, you are a Grandmaster now?”

    Tang Yifei help a cup of wine and asked with a smile. However, she was not able to hide the exhaustion in her eyes.

    No one wanted to let others dictate their life. What happened a few days ago in the garden of the Green Vines Club still kept her sleepless at night.

    “Hehe, it is not that easy to become a Grandmaster, you know.” The old man laughed out loud. His silver hair brought out the predatory sharpness in his eyes. His appearance and overbearing demeanor matched his title as the dominating figure in Jiang Nan.

    “Grandmasters are true dragons, they are the stuff of legends. There is only a handful of them in China. Such as the Hua family of Zhong Hai, Lu family of Lin Zhou City, Tai Chi Sect of Zhong Zhou, Ba Ji sect, and the Hong Sect, they are all mighty forces to be reckoned with. If I can be a Grandmaster, I shall claim the entire Jiang Nan Province and compete directly with that hotshot from Zhong Hai.”

    Tang Yuanqin then shook his head and lamented: “Unfortunately, I am still not there yet. That being said, I have already achieved a semi transcendent state. Even a peak level Internal Force user would not last long in a fight against me. Peak level Internal Force users such as that Master Chen from Jiang Bei.”

    “Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    Tang Yifei’s smile froze on her face as if she remembered something extremely unpleasant.

    “What’s going on?”Tang Yuanqin registered that his daughter was held back something. He had groomed his daughter to be his successor. So she had learned at an early age to handle herself calmly before the crisis.

    “Nothing…” Tang Yifei lowered her head and murmured.

    She couldn’t even bring herself to tell her father that Master Chen had already surpassed Grandmaster level, much less that her life was in the hands of Master Chen.

    “Humph! He would never think of provoking the Tang family if I am present.” Tang Yifei snorted and said: “Don’t worry, Yifei. Dad is going to Jiang Bei tomorrow avenge the humiliation you suffered. .”

    Having reached Semi transcendent, he felt that the energy coursing in his veins would give him enough power to kill Chen Fan with one strike.

    “NO… dad.” Tang Yifei hurried a reply.


    An explosion erupted from across the river. It sounded like someone had set off a bomb.

    “What’s that?” Everyone looked across the river but saw nothing. The river banks were too far apart for ordinary people to make out what was going on on the other side.

    However, Tang Yuanqin was an Internal Force user and had an extra acute sense of vision.

    “Those are… Grandmasters?”

    Tang Yuanqin’s face turned dark as if he had seen a ghost.