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Chapter 242 - Knocking on the Sheng Family’s Door

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 242: Knocking on the Sheng Family’s Door

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    Jin City, Wan Rong Royal Wood Community, mansion number one…

    This group of mansions were developed by the Wan Rong Group and it took up a large swath of land along the shore of the Jin City River. Of all of them, the number one mansion had the best view. Nearly half of the building was cantilevered above the river. It had a few acres of lawn carefully decorated with meticulously trimmed flowers and plants. The entire estate was worth over a few hundred million, and it was not only a gift from Sheng Ronghua to his son but also the base of the Sheng family’s operation.

    Inside the mansion, lights were on and all the high-level officials gathered together in a celebratory party.

    There was Sheng Rongxuan, Sheng Rongchen, Sheng Rongfang, Zhu Houde, Wan Zhengxiong… Not only were the Sheng family’s leaders there, but also high-level managers of the Wan Rong Group as well as the Wan Family of Chu Zhou City. Today was the day that their alliance delivered the killing blow to the Chen family. After today, the Sheng family would reclaim its former glory and became one of the elite families in China.

    Sheng Ronghua linked his hands behind his back and stood before a floor-length window. Outside of the window was the rushing Jin City River. The white-haired Uncle Lin stood beside him quietly. Over the decades, Uncle Lin had never left Sheng Ronghua and followed him like his shadow.

    The rest of the managers of the Wan Rong Group stood behind the two in silence, waiting for their leader’s instructions.

    Sheng Ronghua’s decisive blow had toppled the mighty Chen family. It was a perfect display of his methods and ruthlessness. Those among his family members who used to doubt his abilities were impressed and turned quiet.

    “The Chen Group’s account was freed just now..”

    “The disciplinary units only arrested the manager of the Chens Group, Chen Qianxin was released under court order.”

    “Wang Xiaoyun had a car accident, the car was destroyed but she was unharmed.”

    None of the news had pleased Sheng Ronghua. However, Sheng Ronghua remained calm and confident.

    “Chens Group and Wang Xiaoyun were not the biggest problems. As long as we can do away with Chen Zhenxin, the Chen family would become rudderless and easy to pick off.”

    Surrounded by Wan Rong Group’s sycophants, Sheng Ronghua’s ego bloated. He looked back and didn’t see his son. He furrowed brows and asked.

    “Where is Junwen?”

    “Junwen and Wan Jun went to meet that girl from the Fang family.” Wan Zhengxiong said with a smile.

    “He shouldn’t be absent at this critical moment. Although we have planned everything well, I still have a nagging unease. Call him back, now.” Sheng Ronghua turned around and told the old man beside him.

    “Brother Lin, is everything going well with dealing with Chen Fan?”

    “Please be rest assured, my lord. No one could have escaped the three leaders of the Heavenly Kill. Even if he was of the peak level of the Internal Force cultivation, he would be dead before he knew what was going on.” The white-haired one said slowly: ‘Plus, even if they failed, you still have me. However powerful Chen Fan is, as long as he is not a Grandmaster, I am confident I can do away with him.”

    “Good, very good!” Sheng Ronghua nodded.

    “We are only waiting for the news from the Heavenly Kill. Humph! the Tang family thought we wouldn’t be able to handle Chen Fan?” Sheng Ronghua snorted.


    Suddenly, the gate to the mansion was busted open from the outside. The door was custom made from a swiss security company. It was able to block bullets shot at point-blank range. However, there and then, it was torn apart like a piece of toilet paper.

    “Who goes there?”

    The commotion stunned everyone in the manor, many of the bodyguards pulled out their guns and pointed toward the entrance.

    The leader of Sheng Ronghua’s bodyguards was a retired Special Force Sergeant. He put a calming hand before his boss and said: “Boss, please go to the second floor with the other managers.”

    “Don’t worry, we have Brother Lin here. I am not afraid of anyone.” Sheng Ronghua let out a cold snort.

    Everyone looked toward the entrance and they saw a young man wearing a white casual outfit and he linked his hands behind his back as he sauntered through the threshold. He was of average looks and height, and there was nothing extraordinary about him. However, some people noticed flashes of golden light that sparked in his eyes like fire.

    “Master Chen?”

    The Sheng family members gasped as they finally recognized the young man.

    They were originally from Chu Zhou City, and therefore they have heard of Master Chen. In addition, they had studied Chen Fan’s profile and background many times while trying to come up with a plan to deal with him.

    “Master Chen! How dare you trespass into my house.”

    Sheng Ronghua shouted at the top of his lungs. His eyes were clouded with concern.

    Chen Fan’s arrival meant the three leaders of the Heavenly Kill were all dead.

    “Young man, if you leave now, I will spare your life.” The old man narrowed his eyes and said in a sinister tone.

    “Oh really? If you kneel and beg me, I might promise you I won’t desecrate your dead body.”

    As Chen Fan took a step forward, the leader of the bodyguards threw himself at Chen Fan and delivered a roundhouse kick. The kick was powerful enough to snap a sizeable tree. However, before the kick landed on Chen Fan, Chen Fan had already unscrewed the bodyguard’s head off his shoulder.


    The old man snorted, as his body turned into a blurry shadow. In a blink, he had already made his way to Chen Fan and rose both of his arms. His gnarly fingers pointed down and bore down on Chen Fan from above.

    The old man’s speed was faster than any Internal Force user he had met. He might have been faster than even Lu Tianfen and other Grandmasters.


    Chen Fan waved a hand and unleashed an invisible Fist Qi. The Qi Energy whizzed through the air, creating a long white mark. Under everyone’s incredulous watch, the white energy shot at the old man.

    “Did he just unleash Internal Force? Is he a Grandmaster?”

    The old man’s face paled as he quickly stepped aside to avoid the Fist Qi. The Fist Qi missed the old man by a hair’s breadth and landed on a large TV behind him.


    The LCD TV exploded from the impact, sending countless glass shards in all directions. The members of the Sheng family covered their heads with both arms and scurried out of harm’s way. The Fist Qi had went through the TV and created a large hole in the thick wall behind it.

    “I never thought that you are a Grandmaster!”

    The old man paused right in front of Sheng Ronghua, shielding the latter. Uncertainty and concern flickered in his eyes. “A Grandmaster that was younger than twenty years old? I have only been away from the Martial arts community for a decade, and the community had already produced such a power powerful rising star!”

    “Is that right?” Chen Fan kept calm and kept on closing in.

    “Stop, you! Stop right there!”

    The old man straightened his back as his body let out a peal of cracking nosing like joints popping. In a blink, his height increased a few centimeters. His shriveled muscles swelled, stretching out the loose skin. The wrinkles on his wizened face disappeared and he has transformed from an old and frail-looking elder into a handsome middle-aged man with a perfect physique.

    “Brother Lin?”

    Sheng Ronghua was shocked by the development. Never had he thought that old man who had accompanied him for decades was actually younger than him. Many high-level managers of the Sheng family were also stunned by the development.

    “Sigh. I have lived under my lord’s protection for many years and saved him many times. I wager that my debt is paid. This will be the last time I help you, my lord. After this, I will leave the Sheng family and seek elsewhere to live.” Uncle Lin heaved a sigh and then he returned around to face Chen Fan.

    “Young man, you have achieved an incredible level of attainment at such a young age. Your future could have been bright. However, you shouldn’t have messed with me. I am Lin Tatian!”

    The old man announced proudly.

    “You talk too much.”

    Chen Fan snorted under his breath and unleased azure-colored Blade Auras. He yanked his arm and hacked the Blade Aura at Lin Tatian.