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Chapter 241 - I Am Going to Kill

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 241: I Am Going to Kill

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    Chen Fan’s face darkened.

    Anger spurred him to shake body, sending out a wave of indivisible force from his puffed-up sleeves. Trees around him trembled and even the fallen leaves were crushed into dust as the force wave swept across space. He stomped the ground and created a large crater in the granite-stone path.

    Chen Fan was too furious to care about his surroundings.

    He had never been so unnerved ever since he was reborn. Sister An’s phone call had opened the gate of memory as scenes in his past life flashed in his mind. He had been sad, afraid and above all, mad. His father fell silent after he heard the news, and his hair turned white overnight.

    Wang Xiaoyun was the backbone of the family. Her death was a crushing blow to Chen Gexin, Chen Fan and An Ya.

    It took a while for Chen Fan to manage to hold back his anger and calm down. He then asked: “How’s mom doing.”

    Even as he asked the question, he extended his Divine Will and located the jade talisman. He had given An Ya, Wang Xiaoyun, Chen Gexin, and Fang Qiong each a jade talisman. It could not only ward off evil and protect them but also allowed Chen Fan to track them at any given moment.

    “Well, the talisman you gave her must have worked. It was a semi-truck carrying a full load of gravel that hit mom’s car. Mom only has some minor scratches, but she is still in shock. However, the talisman is shattered.”

    An Ya said.

    By then, Chen Fan had already located An Ya and his mother. Chen Fan registered that An Ya’s mind was calmer than her voice.

    He then scanned the scene of the accident. A truck carrying a few tons of gravel had rear-ended into Wang Xiaoyun’s Mercedes-Benz S-600. The backseat of the Mercedes was crushed and anyone who had been sitting there would have died instantly. However, despite her loose hair and her shocked face, Wang Xiaoyun was alive and well. The jade talisman had been shattered by an unknown force.

    “That’s good. As long as you and mom are safe. The jade talisman must have absorbed too much force and therefore was broken.”

    Even as Chen Fan tried to comfort An Ya. A cold light flashed in his eyes.

    The truck had run a red light and rammed right into the Mercedes-Benz. It was not an accident, it was attempted murder. The layout of the scene was very similar to the accident that had killed Wang Xiaoyun in Chen Fan’s past life.

    At that time, the truck driver confessed that he had drunk too much and due to the interference of forces behind the scene, the real cause of the accident was never revealed. However, this time around, Chen Fan didn’t need a jury to tell him who was guilty.

    “The Sheng family. Sheng Junwen and Sheng Ronghua!”

    Chen Fan looked up as azure flames burst out from his eyes.

    It was the first time Chen Fan conceded that he had made a mistake. He shouldn’t have underestimated Sheng family’s ruthlessness, and their determination to kill.

    The Sheng family wouldn’t rest easy until they were the only dominant force in the city. The Chen family’s success was built on three cornerstones: Chen Zhenxin, Wang Xiaoyun, and Chen Fan. Sheng family knew that only by getting rid of all three factors could they completely remove the Chen family from the city.

    “In this lifetime, I have never taken the mortals seriously. I always considered them less than insects. Even someone as powerful as Lei Qianjue was a weakling in my eyes and was killed by me with ease.”

    Chen Fan said slowly.

    However, Sheng Ronghua had taught him a hard lesson today. Even an insect’s bit would hurt if it landed on the right place. He wanted to slowly turn the heat on the Sheng family, giving them a painful and slow death. However, so merciless was Sheng Ronghua, that his attack nearly crippled the Chen family. His ruthless and unforgiving methods reminded Chen Fan how he became the richest man in Jiang Bei.

    “Mother and Sister An survived because of the Jade Talisman. What about next time?”

    Chen Fan finally realized how useless his preventive measures were.

    Clan wars were not playing pretend, it was a matter of life and death. Sheng Ronghua never once thought lightly of the matter and had given it all he had from the beginning. Meanwhile, Chen Fan had underestimated his opponent and even went off to attend a conference amidst the battle. His absence had made the accident possible.

    Although Wang Xiaoyun was unharmed this time, he could not guarantee her safety every time. Worse, if his opponent had learned the secret of Wang Xiaoyun’s jade talisman, they could purchase a counterspell to render the talisman ineffective.

    “I need more power and to become stronger to protect my loved ones. I might even have to kill..”

    Two balls of golden flame lit up in his eyes. The fire burned furiously, threatening to burn through the sky.

    “Only after I have killed so many people that the mortals start to fear me, will they learn to stay away from my family and loved ones. From now on, those who harm so much as a hair on my family would face death.”

    Chen Fan managed to squeeze out a few words from his clenched jaws. The golden fire in his eyes went out, fueling his determination to turn the world into a slaughterhouse.

    The ruthless and indifferent North Mystic Celestial Lord was finally back.

    Chen Fan looked up as a grin broke over his face.

    “So Sheng Ronghua had sent a few weaklings after me?”

    As soon as he finished talking, three deadly presence rose from behind the bush.

    Meanwhile, along the glittering shore of the Jin City River…

    The dining hall inside the restaurant called Victoria was lit up with old-fashioned candles. Many waiters in tuxedos bustled in between tables, serving their customers. This was the most expensive high-end restaurant in Jin City. It was owned by British Royalty and one meal here would cost at least ten thousand Yuan. Despite the outrageous price, it was jam-packed every day.

    An elegant looking girl followed a waiter to a booth. After realizing only Shen Junwen was there, she asked in surprise.

    “Where is everyone else?”

    “It’s gonna be only two of us tonight.” Shen Junwen cracked a smile and pulled the seat back for the girl like a gentleman.

    “I thought I was meeting Sister Yifei and everyone else. What is it? I’m busy.” Fang Qiong didn’t sit down, instead, she asked with a cold voice.

    “Xiao Qiong, didn’t you notice that we had been drifting apart ever since Chen Fan came?” Shen Junwen said and then heaved a sigh.

    “Please don’t call me Xiao Qiong, I have a name, you know.” Fang Qiong said with a frosty expression. “I can’t believe I used to be your friend. How dare you send assassins after Sister Yifei?”

    “Did Chen Fan tell you that?” Shen Junwen cracked a wry smile. He shook his head and said: “I guess he never told you who he really is?”

    “What do you mean?” Fang Qiong’s interest was piqued.

    “His father is Chen Huaian’s third son, and his mother, Wang Xiaoyun is the owner of the Jin Xiu Group, as well as the CEO of the Chens Group.”

    “Chen family of the Jin City? The Jin Xiu Group?”

    Fang Qiong covered her mouth to stifle a gasp.

    She had never thought that her childhood friend was from such a prestigious background. She wondered why did Chen Fan had to pretend that he was from an ordinary family?

    Hold on… didn’t the Chen family just clash with the Sheng family and lost the war? No wonder she hadn’t heard from Chen Fan for so many days. Fang Qiong wagered that Chen Fan must want to stay away from everyone else to clear his mind as he coped with the toughest time in his life.

    With that thought in mind, realization finally dawned upon Fang Qiong. Shen Junwen smiled wryly and said: “Xiao Qiong, I hope you understand that the Wan Rong Group simply did what we could to defend ourselves…”

    Fang Qiong didn’t even spare him a reply. She picked up her purse and rushed outside.

    She understood the Shen Junwen’s message perfectly well. There was no right or wrong in a clan war. However, since she was closer to Chen Fan, she was on the side of the Chen family.

    “Junwen, did you have to tell her all that?”

    Song Zhe emerged from another booth and he asked.

    “She will learn the truth sooner or later. Xiao Qiong is a smart girl, so she will understand me.” Shen Junwen heaved a sigh, but deep down, he didn’t stop cursing Chen Fan.

    “Chen Fan, after you are dead, Fang Qiong will be mine. She valued our time together before you showed up, I am sure of it. Without you in the picture, Fang Qiong would eventually accept my embrace.”

    The thought of Heavenly Kill’s message he received earlier made him feel light-hearted. So he let out a burst of laughter.

    He had been waiting for this moment for too long.

    Meanwhile, on a path near the Jin City University’s Business School, three dark shadows suddenly blocked Chen Fan’s way.

    The icy malicious feeling that came off of the three assassins was able to freeze one’s soul. They were elite assassins in China and had claimed over a hundred lives during their career. It must have cost their client a huge fortune to hire all three of them.

    They were the three leaders of the Heavenly Kill. It was almost an overkill to use three of them against a teenager.

    To their surprise, the young man was unfazed by their presence and he even cracked a smile at them. In his eyes, two angry flames burned.

    Suddenly the golden flame shot out from his eyes and landed on one of the assassins.


    The assassin’s cry was short and painful, it was cut off by his death. A powerful assassin of peak level Internal Force cultivation was reduced to ashes in a blink. Even the alloy dagger in his hand was melted along with his flesh.


    “This is… Impossible!”

    The other two assassins both gasped.

    The three of them had claimed countless lives, many of which were powerful peak level Internal Force users. If they worked as a team, they might even be able to kill a semi transcendent level master. However, Chen Fan had laid low one of their best in a blink.

    “Why didn’t you figure out who I was before you took the job?”

    Chen Fan took a step forward and disappeared and then reappeared beside another assassin. He reached out an arm almost lazily, and his hand went straight through the assassin’s chest and reached his heart. Chen Fan squeezed his fingers and turned the heart into a bloody pulp.

    A leader of the Heavenly Kill couldn’t even block his slow-moving arm.

    The last assassin shouted out with a contorted face: “Grandmaster, a Grandmaster!”

    “You are so young… Are you Chen Bei—”

    Before he could finish, Chen Fan’s fist had borne down on him from above, crushing his body into a bloody mushy mass. The force created an imprint on the ground in the shape of a palm

    “It’s too late.”

    Chen Fan said lightly and then disappeared from thin air.

    He was going to right the wrongs and kill some enemies.