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Chapter 240 - The Meaning of a Powerful Man

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 240: The Meaning of a Powerful Man

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    “The Sheng family has acted already?”

    Chen Fan didn’t expect that Sheng Ronghua and son would act so decisively. He had only been away for a few days to sort out some stuff related to the lab, and they had already struck, pushing the Chen family to its last leg.

    “Zhang Baojun controlled so many pieces of evidence that are detrimental to the Chens Group. It was evident that Second Uncle had been too careless for too long. His sordid deeds had nearly hollowed out the family so much so that the family would fall apart without any external support. It was no wonder that my family collapsed as soon as my grandfather died in my past life.”

    Chen Fan shook his head as he pondered on.

    He knew what kind of person Chen Qianxin was based on his actions in Chen Fan’s past life. If not because of the help of Jin Xiu Group, the Chens Group would have sunken to the bottom. This time around, the Shengs had chosen to attack another cornerstone of the Chen family’s foundation: Chen Zhenxin. As long as Chen Zhenxin could clear his name, damage to the Chens Group would be temporary.

    “When I heard about Zhang Baojun’s conversation, I thought that Qin Hua was playing the power game to put a halt on Chen’s family’s growth. However, now it seems that what they wanted was to get rid of the Chen family entirely.”

    Despite the situation, Chen Fan was not worried at all.

    “Boss, don’t worry, let’s think it through, maybe there is still hope.” Qiu Yilun managed a smile and tried to offer some solace.

    Everyone knew that Chen Fan was the heir of the Chen family. With the Chen family’s patriarch under investigation, Chen Fan also fell from a rich heir to a poor soul who had lost everything. Such a blow would be devastating to most ordinary people.

    Qi Wangsun and the others kept their silence.

    Chen Fan suddenly realized something and then he scanned the crowd in the room, paying attention to their expressions.

    Zhang Mu looked anxious, Qiu Yilun looked sorry, and Qi Wangsun looked calm and consolatory. On the other hand, Qian Lulu smiled gloatingly and Pan Li looked slightly gleeful. She felt lucky that Chen Fan had refused her so many times so that she would not be dragged down by Chen Fan and fall with him.

    Meanwhile, Zhou Qinya took pity on Chen Fan because of his fall from grace.


    Chen Fan cracked a light smile.

    He had seen through these mortal’s true nature a long time ago.

    Zhang Mu was naive and honest, Qiu Yilun was loyal to his friends, while Qi Wangsun, despite his reticent and aloofness, he would not hesitate to offer a helping hand when help was needed. Chen Fan was certain if he asked Qi Wangsun for help, he would contact his mightly family right away.

    As for Qian Lulu and Pan Li, they were the typical gold diggers. However, Liu Xiaojin was not as materialistic as her two friends.

    Chen Fan didn’t want to waste time on them so he got up and announced: “I need to visit my home.”

    Silence returned the room after Chen Fan walked out.

    In the end, Zhou Qinya finally broke the spell and said: “My boyfriend is looking for me, I need to go now.”

    “Ah-right! I have a date with my BFF. I am out as well.” Pan Li said.

    “Xiao Lun, the student union wants me to help out for the day. I will see you tonight.” Qian Lulu left the room despite Qiu Yilun’s protest.

    They were convinced that the Chen family was doomed and therefore was worthless to them. There was no need for them to pretend they still cared.

    By then, only the three boys and Liu Xiaojin remained in the room, still worrying for Chen Fan.

    “These assholes! The moment they heard trouble, they ran away faster than a jackrabbit. Didn’t Pan Li claim that she loved boss just two days ago?” Zhang Mu complained.

    “Xiao Lun, keep an eye on your girlfriend.” Qi Wangsun said with a faint smile.

    Qiu Yilun didn’t reply, but he was also angered by Qian Lulu and his girlfriend’s actions.

    Meanwhile, the apparent collapse of the Chen family stunned the entire Jin City.

    “The Chen family is in big trouble!”

    Many people lamented as they shook their heads.

    While many people lamented the fall of the Chen family, many more were stunned by Sheng Ronghua’s display of might. What had lent him so much power to topple a rising star and deter the interference of Qin Hua?

    Meanwhile, inside the East Mountain Villas, the Chen family was having a meeting again.

    “Ever since Xiaoyun returned, we have already handed in the money we owed the taxation department and paid-off our debt. Those who committed crimes were arrested and we have been slowly securing contracts. No later than tomorrow, the company account should be open again. If everything goes well, they should release Zhengxin soon. Once the other families see that we are back on our feet again, they would go away.”

    Chen Huaian announced to everyone with a great measure of decisiveness.

    The news lightened up the mood significantly.

    Although Sheng Ronghua had caught them by surprise, the attack was unable to uproot the Chen family. As long as the old man was still alive, his connections and resourcefulness would be able to keep the family going.

    “I have received a call from Xiao Fan. He is on his way here.” Chen Huaian announced.

    “Xiao Fan is back?”

    Everyone was elated by the news as their faces lit up with glee.

    “Hehe, Sheng family has underestimated us. They have made their move, now it’s our turn.” The third Uncle put in.

    He was the manager of the Chens Group and recently he had been through a lot while fighting on the front line.

    Suddenly, a young man rushed in an shouted: “Third Auntie had a car accident!”

    Wang Xiaoyun was in a car accident?

    Even as everyone tried to grasp what had happened, Chen Huaian’s face suddenly paled. Meanwhile, Chen Fan was walking on a path that led to the Business School.

    Dusk had just broken and most students were still in the class, so the path was empty. He had just called his grandpa to learn about the situation at home. After knowing that things had improved, Chen Fan heaved a sigh of relief.

    “It appears that I have underestimated Shen Junwen’s determination. But the current difficulties might not be a bad thing. It gave me time to prepare my killing blow. I want them to taste the bitterness of losing everything.”

    Suddenly, Chen Fan’s cellphone rang. He answered the phone and heard Sister An’s anxious voice.

    “Xiao Fan, mom and I had a car accident!”