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Chapter 239 - Chen Family In Ruins

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 239: Chen Family In Ruins

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    As one of the biggest international pharmaceutical companies, Aid International had to deal with all kinds of powers, usually through its representative Grant. Therefore Grant had heard of Chen Fan’s name in passing many times.

    “Fine, then let’s negotiate with Mr. Chen then.”

    The aquiline-nosed old man said with a forced smile that looked more like a frown.

    His secretary and assistant looked at each other in confusion. However, since the order was from headquarters, they must oblige.

    Meanwhile, as the International Biology Conference carried on, the fight between the two clans of Jin City was about to come to a climax.

    The night before the storm came, inside the number one manner of the Royal Wood Community, Sheng Ronghua held a cup of wine in one hand and looked out through the window down into the bustling streets. Beside him stood Uncle Lin and his son Sheng Junwen.

    “Zhang Baojun has started our plan, hasn’t he?” Sheng Ronghua asked.

    “Indeed, father.” Sheng Junwen took a step forward and answered.

    “How about Qin Hua?” Sheng Ronghua asked again.

    “After Zhu Gemin’s persuasion, Qin Hua decided to be neutral in the conflict” Sheng Junwen answered.

    Sheng Ronghua cracked a cold smile and left it at that. He then asked: “How about Jiao, Xue, Song and Tang family?”

    “No one wants to see the rise of a superpower. The Chen family is growing too fast.” A manager at the Sheng family siad. “They all agreed to join us to dismantle the Chen family, except for the Tang family.”

    The mentioning of the Tang family made Sheng Junwen pull a taut face.

    He remembered the moment when Chen Fan slapped his face.

    “Humph! The Tang family is still on the fence. They think that we won’t be able to handle Chen Fan without them?” Sheng Ronghua snorted and then gave Uncle Lin a serious look. “Have you contacted the Heavenly Kill?”

    “Don’t worry, my lord. The leader of the Heavenly Kill had promised to help us personally.” Uncle Lin said in a wizened voice.

    “Very well. This time, we will erase the Chen family from Jin City.” Sheng Ronghua hammered the window and announced firmly.


    Everyone agreed as a vengeful flame danced in Sheng Junwen’s eyes

    Meanwhile, the CFO of The Chens Group, Zhang Baojun reported to the Taxation department of the city about The Chens Group’s evading over five hundred million yuan in taxes over the last decade. He also blew the whistle on Chen Zhenxin’s involvement in an illegal scheme by purchasing goods using government funds at a discount rate and then reselling them to the private sector at a much higher rate.

    Once the government had received the tip, the Law Enforcement unit was tasked to search a few key accounting offices of the Chens Group. The Law Enforcement units also made a few arrests.

    The second day, when then Chen family woke up in the morning, they realized that all their family assets had been seized.

    Seeing the Chens Group was under investigation, Chen Zhenxin called Qin Hua to ask for help. However, Qin Hua had brushed the investigation off. As soon as Chen Zhenxin hung up the phone, he was taken away by the Law Enforcement unit to the police office for investigation of his alleged crime.

    The companies that did business with the Chen family ceased their contract immediately and even the banks started to call the Chen family, asking them to pay up the debts.

    The sky above the Chen family seemed to have collapsed on them in one day.

    Meanwhile, in the East Mountain Villas.

    The entire family gathered at Chen Huaian’s residence. Everyone looked gloomy and troubled. Wang Xiaoyun had rushed back to Jin City from Zhong Hai and had brought a lot of cash with her to ensure the cash flow of the Chens Group.

    “Second Brother, what’s the word from the Song family?” Chen Huaian asked.

    “Many managers of the Song family told me that their family lord had ordered them to cease all contracts with us.” Chen Qianxin said with a frown. “The Hua family gave us the same answer. Over forty firms had canceled their contracts with us. Even the penalties for breach of contract wouldn’t deter them from severing the relationship with us.”

    “Hehe. Penalties for breach of contract? The Chens Group would have already been bankrupt when we finally get that money back through the court system.” Wang Xiaoyun snorted. She looked up and said: “Dad, I think we might as well pay up the fine for tax evasion and serve our sentences. I have brought back enough cash to save the Chens Group. As long as we still have our core business, we can always look for new contracts.”

    Hearing Wang Xiaoyun’s words, Chen Qianxin looked like he was about to cry.

    Although he had to hand over the seat of the CEO of the company, he had gathered many royal followers over the decades. However, most of the people who conducted the criminal acts had been his old subordinates and further investigation would definitely bring attention to him.

    “Dad, is there any other way? What did Uncle Qin say?” Second Uncle asked.

    “Sigh…” Chen Huaian shook his head and heaved a sigh. “Qin Hua didn’t answer my call.”

    A silence fell over the room as soon as they heard the old man’s words.

    Qin Hua was one of Chen family’s most powerful benefactors. The fact that Qin Hua ignored Chen Huaian’s phone call at such a critical moment meant that Qin Hua might have already given up on the Chen family, worse yet, he could be working with the Sheng family.

    “Damn you, Sheng Ronghua! I had never thought that he would do this to us!” One of Chen Fan’s uncle cursed.

    Sheng Ronghua’s attack was decisive and effective. Zhang Baojun had been working for the Chens Group for many years and knew the ins and outs of the Chen family’s financial situation. His betrayal would drag the entire Chen family down, uproot them from the City.

    By then, even Wang Xiaoyun was not sure how to deal with the current crisis.

    Although she was a veteran businesswoman, the problem at hand was beyond the realm of business but a competition of benefactor’s influence and reliability. Chen family had just rose to power and so far they had only one benefactor, Qin Hua. As Qin Hua started to waver, the Chen family suddenly lost their footing.

    “Maybe… we should call Xiao Fan. His project at the East Mountain Meadow was what led to this after all. Now his Great Uncle is going to jail because of him, he can’t just stand idly and watch the fire burn.” Great Aunty said in a broken voice. She lowered her head and sobbed.

    “That’s right, we still have Chen Fan!”

    The mentioning of Chen Fan lifted everyone’s spirits slightly.

    By now, everyone had figured out that Chen Fan was the Master Chen of Jiang Bei who controlled many powerful factions. His power was at least on par with the Wan Rong Group. In addition, he was supported by the Wei Family of the North Bank and Li Wuchen. If Li Wuchen was willing to speak out for the Chen family, the crisis would be averted almost immediately.

    Chen Ning sat still and didn’t say a word. However, a hint of hope rose inside of her.

    She had never liked Chen Fan. However, at this point, she conceded that Chen Fan was the only person who could save the family.

    “LIttle shit! If you can save my dad, I promise I will never speak against you again.” Chen Ning thought to herself.

    Chen An’s lips curled into a helpless smile. Try as he might, he was not powerful enough to help his family. Instead of him, it was Chen Fan they had to rely on in the end.

    Great Auntie, Second Uncle, Second Auntie all looked to Wang Xiaoyun pleadingly.

    Chen Fan was their last hope.

    “I have been calling Xiao Fan many times, but I can’t get hold of him. You know how he is… he will just disappear sometimes.” Wang Xiaoyun squeezed out a smile and said.

    Chen Fan had disappeared?

    The announcement made everyone’s heart sink to the bottom again.

    “Fine, fine…” Chen Huaian heaved a sigh and shook his head. “Let’s do as Xiaoyun suggested. I have confidence in Zhengxin’s moral bearing. I believe he will be fine.”

    Everyone looked gloomy as they walked quietly out of the house.

    Many people asked the same question in their head:

    “Is the thriving Chen family’s hay days about to end?”

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan was busy setting up the lab.

    He managed to persuade a few International companies to partake in the project. Chen Fan promised that he would give these companies exclusive sale rights if they could help him finish developing the Catalyst Essence Serum. However, Chen Fan would still hold on to the recipe and the list of ingredients.

    Chen Fan didn’t tell the other companies that he was going to dilute the Catalyst Essence Serum with water at a ratio of one to ten before he sold them.

    The mortal world was not ready for powerful advancements such as the Catalyst Essence Serum. The Catalyst Essence Serum was able to unlock normal people’s supernatural potential and turning them into Extraordinary Ones. However, after diluting it with water, its effects were nearly unnoticeable.

    If the production of the Catalyst Essence Serum didn’t require advanced technology, Chen Fan would never expose such secrets to the scientists he hired, neither would he have to purchase expensive equipment.

    Fortunately, he was in a solid financial situation and had the full support of the Jin City University as well as many other Biology experts.

    Ever since the incident that led to Jason’s death, Xue Jiao became even more of a fangirl of Chen Fan and was more motivated to work hard. After a while, she had become a competent lab manager.

    When Chen Fan felt that things were on the right tacks and he could leave the rest to Xue Jiao, a few days had passed since the conference.

    He arrived at his dorm and was greeted by his roommates and their girlfriends. However, they all looked at him with complicated emotions mixed with pity, regret, and sorrow.

    Zhou Qinya even looked disappointed.

    “What’s going on?” Chen Fan asked in confusion.

    “Boss, haven’t you heard the news?” Zhang Mu said.

    “What news?” Chen Fan was taken aback.

    Qiu Yilun handed him a newspaper, and its headline read: “Chen’s Group Under Investigation. Chen Zhenxin Accused of Embezzlement Crime. ”

    “Something big had happened to the Chen family.” Pan Li said under her breath.

    Chen Fan kept his silence as a cold light came up in his eyes.