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Chapter 237 - The Real Power

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 237: The Real Power

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    It was evident that Jason was an Extraordinary One with an affinity with the Wood Element.

    The affinity between Chen Fan’s Azure Thearch Longevity Body and the wood element was a hundred if not a thousand times stronger than that between Jason and the wood element. Without even utilizing any Dharma Spells nor Dharma Spells, he was able to command the wood element and control anything that contained a trace of such element. Once he reached the Initial Success in his Azure Thearch Longevity Body, he would be able to stand against a Connate Cultivator face to face.

    “Mr. Chen, I wish you to know that any martial artists and the Dao-Reaching Level cultivators have gone through years of hard training under the guidance of a powerful masters in order to achieve their level of attainment. However, Extraordinary Ones such as me. could unlock our abilities naturally. We just have to sit and wait as our power increases.” Jason shrugged his shoulders and said matter-of-fact-ly

    “I, for example, have used my Extraordinary Power and discovered the secrets of the Miracle Cells. I can live like a king while dating any girl I want to. Although I am only thirty years old, I have already reached A-Level. This is equivalent to a peak level Internal Force user. There are only a handful of youths in your country who could achieve my level of attainment at such a young age.”

    Chen Fan listened carefully and didn’t interrupt Jason.

    By now, he had only met one person in China who had reached the peak level in their Internal Force cultivation before the age of thirty. Most other people who claimed to have done the same had all became leaders of factions, such as Ye Nantian and Romon. The Extraordinary Ones indeed had a much easier time compared to cultivators in terms of growing their power.

    However, Jason had made a mistake. Chen Fan was neither an ordinary martial artist nor was he a Dao-Reaching Level cultivator. He was an Immortal Cultivator, a powerful one at that. In Chen Fan’s five hundred years of memory, he had seen countless people with the same power as Jason.

    The Son of the Azure Thearch, for example, was the heir of the Perfected Immortal of the Five Elements Immortal Sect. He was born with a Dao Body which carried him through his early cultivation and helped him achieve Nascent Soul with ease. After he had mastered the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, he was trillion times more powerful than Jason. However, he was annihilated by Chen Fan in the end. Chen Fan remained undefeated in the universe for the five hundred years he had lived.

    The journey of cultivation was that of constant evolution and perfection.

    Only hard work could elevate one’s existence beyond the earthly realm. Chen Fan had never met a Perfected Immortal who had achieved their attainment depending solely on raw talent. Without threading through the traitorous path and lifting the heaviest weight, no one could have achieved enlightenment.

    “Mr. Jason?” Xue Jiao asked incredulously.

    She couldn’t believe that the legendary prodigy Jason had cheated his way through his academic career. Even when he was not cheating academically, he was cheating with other girls. She couldn’t believe that she had considered him an idol.

    “Your servant girl finds it hard to accept reality. Doesn’t matter, there are plenty more girls who are more than happy to serve me.” Jason said with a smug smile.

    He was different than most other Martial Artist or Dao-Reaching Level cultivator. He carried an air of indifference as if he was above everyone and everything in the world.

    “Chen Beixuan, I have said what I want to say, it’s your turn now.” Jason pulled a taut face and locked his eyes on Chen Fan.

    “What if I refuse?” Chen Fan asked calmly

    “Hehe, i don’t think you fully appreciate the power of the Extraordinary”

    Jason cracked a smile

    He stamped his feet on the ground, and something from outside suddenly shattered the window of the room. It was a tree branch from an old Ginko Tree outside of the building. He produced a handful of grass seeds from his pocket and spray them in a circle. Suddenly, Green vines grew from between the floor planks. These vines were very sharp and could easily cut a human in half.


    Xue Jiao was terrified by the turn of events. Her body froze and was unable to move. Han Dongyu staggered back a few feet until he found a corner to himself.

    The scene had stunned them. They felt they were in the movies, and Jason was a monster that could control the movement of a tree. Under his command a large bough turned in to a wooden hammer and smashed a sofa where Chen Fan was sitting into pieces.

    “I am the Tree Herder from The Dark Totem. Nice to finally meet you Mr. Chen Beixuan.”

    Jason bowed to Chen Fan politely like an English Gentleman.

    His blond hair and green eyes made him look extremely handsome. He wore an expensive tuxedo, standing before a wall of branches and vines that moved under his command.

    “You are much more powerful than that Dao-Reaching Level cultivator, however, your energy is not nearly as refined.” Chen Fan nodded and said.

    Chen Fan had met Mr. Shi at the Yin Dragon Pond who happened to be a peak level Dao-Reaching Level cultivator that cultivated the Wood Element. Although Mr. Shi’s power was smaller in scale compared to that of Jason, he had much better control over the ebb and flow of the energy.

    “There are many powerful martial artists such as Ye Nantian, Green Dragon as well as Lei Qianjue from the Hong Sect. Of all the Extraordinary Ones, there were only very few people who could hold their ground in a fight against those martial artists. However, those powerful martial artists were few and far in between and every one of them required unthinkable dedication to their training. On the other hand, the Extraordinary Ones such as me could leverage our innate talent and keep improving ourselves without putting in much effort.” A green light flashed in Jason’s eyes as he said so.

    “Chen Beixuan, this is your last chance. If you don’t join us today, I will kill your assistant first and plant these saplings into your flesh, tormenting you until you give up the location of the Heavenly Water!”

    As Jason said, a few vines slithered toward Xue Jiao and quickly wrapped themselves around the girl and dragged her toward Jason and hung her upside down.

    “Go away! No!”

    Xue Jiao shrieked and struggled to break free from the hold of the vines. However, these vines were much tougher than steel and the harder she struggled, the tighter it wrapped around her body. In the end, the vine-covered her entire body until she couldn’t even move a finger.

    “Han Dongyu, Professor Chen, save me!”

    The girl wiggled her body helplessly as she screamed.

    Han Dongyu scarcely dared to say a word much less save the girl. He covered his head with both arms and hide in the corner like a little chicken. The suffocating fear had turned his lips purple and he said with a shaky voice.

    “Don’t, please… don’t kill me. ”

    Xue Jiao felt a pang of desperation after she saw how useless Han Dongyu was. She knew that Han Dongyu had a crush on her and she might have even liked him in return. However, his cowardice at the critical moment of her life was a major turn off.

    She looked to Chen Fan for help and saw Chen Fan stood still calmly and didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

    “Professor Chen.”

    Xue Jiao knew that her hope of escaping alive, however slim it was lied only in Chen Fan and his miracles.

    “Chen Beixuan, if you don’t give me an answer, your assistant is going to die,” Jason said with a sadistic smile. He had revealed his true colors, the Tree Herder Jason who was feared even by underground criminals.

    “Sigh!” Chen Fan heaved a sigh. “You know Ye Nantian and Lei Qianjue, but you have no idea who I am?”

    “You?” Jason was taken aback.

    “Yes, me! You have been calling my name all the while, but you have no idea who I really am.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    “Who are you? Aren’t you Chen Beixuan from the Jin City University?” Jason said with a contemptuous smile. However, a second later, the smile froze on his face as if he had remembered something. He rounded his eyes in disbelief and asked incredulously: “Chen Beixuan, are you THE Chen Beixuan of China?”

    A lot of Chinese names sounded similar to foreigners and therefore it was difficult for Jason to tell one from the other. However, Chen Beixuan had become a household name since a few months ago and even Jason had heard of it in passing.

    He had killed the Grandmaster Lei and slaughtered forty or so top elite assassins, including the King of Assassins, Blacksnake.

    By then, Chen Fan had killed three Grandmaster level opponents. That would make him a world-class fighter. Worse, he was less than twenty years old and was even more talented than the most gifted Extraordinary One.

    “Just so! if he was not Chen Beixuan, how could he have access to the Yun Wu Spirit Water?”

    Jason’s first reaction was to run away. However, as soon as he saw Chen Fan’s indifferent glare, he felt as if he was suddenly being cast into a frozen lake as his heart sank to the bottom.

    He realized that before such a powerful Grandmaster, his chance of escaping was zero.

    “Shu shu shu.”

    A dozen Green vines lashed out at Chen Fan like steel whips.

    Under Xue Jiao’s incredulous watch, Chen Fan took a few steps forward with his hands linked behind his back. Although he didn’t do anything to block the attack coming at him, an invisible force knocked those vines to the side as they tried to inch closer to Chen Fan. This was a telltale sign that Chen Fan was a Grandmasters level martial artist.


    Jason commanded the wooden hammer made of a large bough to strike Chen Fan. However, the overbearing attack was blocked by Chen Fan using only one finger. Jason channeled more energy in the bough, but he was unable to push it forward in the slightest.

    “His power is terrifying, more so than even the top Extraordinary One I have met. Is this the power of a top Chinese Martial artist?”

    Jason was drenched in sweet, seeing Chen Fan didn’t stop coming at him, he shouted.

    “Chen Beixuan! I am a manager of the Dark Totem. If you kill me, you are waging a war against the entire Dark Totem. Our leader is a Super Overlord. Our organization also has many A-level Overlords.”

    “Oh Really? I guess I will have to kill them all if they show up.”

    Chen Fan said calmly as he made another step forward.

    By now, he was only ten steps away from Jason, as a Grandmaster, he should be able to cross that distance in a blink. Jason was turning desperate, so he shouted: “Stop! Don’t come to any further. Or I will kill your assistant.”

    His threat seemed to have worked as Chen Fan paused.

    Even as Jason heaved a sigh of relief, he watched as Chen Fan look up slowly and said: “You kept on calling yourself Extraordinary One, but to me, you are rather ordinary!”

    Under Jason’s stunned gaze, an azure-colored light surfaced on Chen Fan’s body. The light carried the vastness and primordial quality of ancient forests. Jason suddenly lost control on the vines as they all let go of Xue Jiao.

    It was as if they had seen their true master.


    Chen Fan flicked a finger and killed the Extraordinary One from Dark Totem who was still stunned by the development.

    The Tree Herder, Jason was dead.