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Chapter 236 - The Extraordinary

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 236: The Extraordinary

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    “Impossible! how could there be such powerful Heavenly Water on earth? I can sense its Life Force from a distance. It’s such a waste to use it on a rabbit.”

    Jason closed his fingers tightly as strong emotions roiled inside of him.

    Seeing the experts were still not convinced, Chen Fan ordered Xue Jiao to revise two wilted plants. After Chen Fan proved himself three times, the doubtful murmurs finally receded. Everyone rounded their eyes and stared at the young man in disbelief.

    This was not a magic show. These experts verified with their own eyes that the rabbit remained alive and well even after half an hour. Even the best stimulant substance would not last that long.

    “Andrew, is that the miracle cure we have dreamed about? We need to get it! We must!” The old man with aquiline nose announced in trembling voice.

    “Yes, Mr. Grant, we will spare no expense to secure its recipe.”

    Grant and all the other world-class experts were shocked by the development. They looked at Chen Fan enviously as a hungry wolf would to its prey.

    Experiments over, Chen Fan was about to walk off the stage with Xue Jiao. Suddenly, a wave of loud exclamations erupted among the audience.

    “OMG! Is that real? That’s against the law of nature!”

    “He had revived dead plants and revitalized a dying rabbit. This medicine is unheard of. It has the potential to change the human world!”

    “I can’t imagine how excited the rich and powerful would be once they hear of such a product.”

    Many Biology experts argued with each other back and forth, trying to make sense of what they saw. Many more people rushed to the stage and surrounded Chen Fan. Some to ask him questions, and some simply wanted to pay tribute to the young rising star.

    “Mr. Jason, do you think his experiment is real?”

    Han Dongyu’s heart sank to the bottom.

    He had been convinced that Chen Fan has used some tricks to fool everyone’s eyes, therefore, he had hoped that Jason was able to see through Chen Fan’s ruse. However, it seemed that even Jason was fooled by him.

    Jason didn’t have time to reply, his attention was still fixed on Chen Fan and the solution.

    Chen Fan quickly turned into the center of attention at this year’s International Biology Conference. Even the other scheduled speeches were requested to be pushed aside to make room for Chen Fan’s presentation. The attendees asked many questions after each presentation and most of them were related to the Yun Wu Spirit Water.

    People were disappointed after learning that the Yun Wu Spirit Water’s production was limited and the life-saving miracle required a concentrated version of the spirit water, which made it even more difficult to pull off. However, when Chen Fan announced that he was planning to create a lesser version of the Yun Wu Spirit Water that was potentially able to be mass-produced, the biology science community was shocked. Many representatives of world-class companies showered Chen Fan with financial promises and support in order to get the patent from him.

    Needless to say that Chen Fan would never offer them the recipe regardless of how much money they paid. However, he could offer them some of the sale profits if they were willing to chip in on the research by providing equipment and well-trained technicians.

    The conference lasted until midnight and as soon as it was over, the representatives rushed to their rooms and reported to their bosses.

    Since it was getting dark, Chen Fan decided to stay at the accommodation near the conference instead of going back to his dorm. Xue Jiao had been translating for Chen Fan and sorting paperwork all day long, therefore, she was exhausted. When she arrived at Chen Fan’s accommodation with him, she collapsed onto the sofa and didn’t get up for a while.

    “You need to get back now. You can’t sleep here, you know.” Chen Fan said as he shook his head.

    Although his assistant was a very hard worker, she could come off as too clingy at times.

    “Professor Chen, is your girlfriend pretty?” Xue Jiao lolled on the sofa, looking like a lazy panda. She asked out of the blue.

    Chen Fan remained silent.

    Suddenly the mood in the air became extremely awkward. Xue Jiao regretted blurting out that question without thinking twice. Suddenly, Chen Fan pulled a taut face and said: “Get up now, we have visitors.”


    As soon Xue Jiao jumped off of the sofa, she heard the doorbell ring. She swung the door open and was greeted by Han Dongyu and another blond youth.

    “Why are you here?”

    Shock and anger was written all over Han Dongyu’s face when he saw Xue Jiao. However, his task made him think better of acting up. He spoke to Chen Fan:

    “This professor from the University of Stanford, the youngest national search chair of America, and the holder of the John Bates Clark Medal, Mr. Mike Jason.”

    Before he had finished the introduction, Jason stepped into the room and scanned around before he landed his gaze on Chen Fan. He then spoke in perfectly fluent Chinese, which surprised everyone.

    “Mr. Chen, I am Jason from the Dark Totem, nice to see you. ”

    “I had expected that you are one of the ‘Extraordinary Ones’, but from my observation, you are just a beginner who had just unlocked the Extraordinary power. ”

    “Jason, you speak Chinese?” Han Dongyu was taken aback.

    The blond youth didn’t even spare him a glance. He carried a quality of indifference and aloofness that as if he was superior to everyone in the room.

    “Mr. Jason, you are being rude. You are in Professor Chen’s private room.”

    Xue Jiao’s face was flushed red. Although the blond youth was her idol, she adored Chen Fan much more.

    “Mr. Chen, please tell your servant girl to control her mouth. When an Extraordinary One speaks, mortals like her should shut up and be quiet.” He let smirked and then gave Xue Jiao an icy glare as a green light flashed in his eyes. As soon as Xue Jiao caught a glimpse of the youth’s icy glare, she was somehow rendered motionless as if she was frozen in place.

    “Are you here to brag about yourself?” Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and asked.

    “Of course not. I am here to extend the invitation of the Dark Totem to join us.” Jason said seriously. “All Extraordinary ones belong to one of the covenants, and our group is considered one of the strongest in the world. Since you have just unlocked your power, it will be a good place for you to learn the ropes.”

    “What if I refuse the invitation?” Chen Fan asked with a smile.

    “Well, then that will be very unfortunate, for you.” Jason shrugged as a green light flashed in his eyes again. “Do you really believe that the power-hungry companies would sincerely negotiate a price that both of you would agree on? As soon as they are back, their companies would spare no expense to claim what you have, so much as to send the most powerful assassins after you. They will do whatever it takes to take the recipe of the heavenly water from you.”

    “Each and every pharmaceutical company was built on the blood of competitors and the lives of innocents. They were the real magnates of the world and nothing would ever satisfy their appetite for more profit.” Jason shook his head and said.

    “If you join us, we will offer protection. However powerful those tycoons are, they would think twice before messing with us.”

    “Oh? Then what is the price for the protection? The recipe of the heavenly water?” Chen Fan asked. He seemed to be interested in the offer.

    “Haha, Mr. Chen, you and I are both Extraordinary Ones, so I will cut to the chase.”Jason’s eyes glinted and said: “I know Spirit Water doesn’t just exist anywhere. Such medicine can only be produced in an environment with highly concentrated Spirit Qi. In addition, Spirit Water was not even meant for mortals, its real function is to improve the power of the Extraordinary Ones. It could also help to produce new Extraordinary Ones if used properly.”

    “I have no idea what you are talking about!” Han Dongyu exclaimed confusedly. “Jason, aren’t you going to prove that his act of reviving the plant and the rabbit was nothing more than a magic trick?”

    “It’s fake?”

    The blond young man let out a peal of laughter.

    He extended a finger as a green light shot out toward a rose flower on the table.

    Most of the petals on the rose had already fallen off and the lack of care had resulted in the leaves to shrivel up. As soon as the green light came into touch with the rose, the leaves unfurled themselves as a lush green color returned to its tender texture. In a blink, the dying rose was blooming with joy.

    “It. It..”

    Both Han Dongyu and Xue Jiao were stunned by the turn of events.

    What they had seen was even more unimaginable than Chen Fan’s experiment. This was an outright superpower.

    “This is the power of Extraordinary Ones.” Jason pulled back his hand and said proudly. “All the other Extraordinary Ones like me possess power beyond the mortal’s imagination. We are the true lords of this world. Chen Beixuan, as long as you tell us the location where you have found this spirit water, we will promise to groom you into the next superhuman just like me.”

    “One day, you will be as powerful as me and other elites of our organization. We are able to turn the sea upside down and control the lightning. We are feared even by the most notorious criminals. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about threats from those tycoons. Once we have the heavenly water, we would be able to amass an army made out of Extraordinary fighters. By then, even the combined might of all the tycoons in the world would not be able to threaten us.” Jason said, trying to coax Chen Fan into submission.

    “So you mean there are no other ways of becoming an Extraordinary One without external stimulation such as using the spirit water?” Chen Fan asked abruptly.

    “Without stimulation? That is going to be hard. But it is possible with high enough raw talent, I guess. I wager such a member would be able to lord over the world.” Jason furrowed his brows and said: “There are many people that have tried to achieve power using various cultivation methods. However, their power was a far cry compared to ours.”

    “But it’s purer.” Chen Fan cut the young man short.

    “What do you mean?” Jason pulled a taut face and said.

    “I was wondering what the Extraordinary Ones meant, and then I realized that it was equivalent of obtaining an average Spirit Body. “Chen Fan shook his head and lamented. “Or, in truth, what you have was not even one-thousandth of the spirit body. If anything, it was just a fragile connection with the real Spirit Body itself.”

    Chen Fan had seen countless warriors whose power was on par with Jason and the so-called Extraordinary Ones. It was a dumbed-down version of the Connate Spirit Body. These warriors usually had an inborn affiliation with one of the natural elements. With proper stimulation, they could control the power of fire, earth, air, water, and lightning. Only after they had achieved a higher level of attainment in their cultivation, they could have accessed the real Connate Spirit Body.

    Such cultivators were given many different names on different planets: Spirit Channeller, Spirit Rooter, or The Gifted. Many primitive deities started from this origin. Minor Immortal Cultivation sects occasionally admit disciples with such inborn talent. They were usually given the type of art that they had the highest degree of affinity to in order to maximize the effect.

    However, in Chen Fan’s opinion, these cultivators in the Gifted category were just slightly more powerful than an average Joe.