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Chapter 235 - International Biology Conference

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 235: International Biology Conference

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    The Jin City was quiet as the Sheng family and the Chen family prepared for their final showdown. However, little did the Chen family know that most other factions in the city had already formed an alliance; including Qin Hua and many other opposing factions. The sudden rise of the Chen family had undoubtedly unnerved a lot of people.

    Meanwhile, the International Biology Conference had just started at Jin City University.

    Most of the attendees at the conference were young researchers from all over the world. Since many tycoons of the world-renowned Pharmaceutical companies and expert Biologists were going to be present, the Jin City University had spared no expense in preparing for this event. The school had rallied students to clean up and decorate the campus. They also hired many volunteers to welcome the guests.

    “Professor Chen, I wish you could be a keynote speaker at the conference on behalf of the Jin City University. To show the world what we have achieved in the research of Yun Wu Spirit Water under your leadership.” Xue Jiao trailed behind Chen Fan and asked quietly under her breath.

    Ever since they were back from the Class Reunion, Chen Fan’s assistant had been feeling sorry for what happened. Because of her, Chen Fan was humiliated by Zhang Baojun in front of everyone.

    “Yun Wu Spirit Water?” Chen Fan nodded.

    The Yun Wu Spirit Water existing production capacity was only enough to satisfy the elite market. However, if Chen Fan could make use of the plot at the East Mountain Meadow, the production of the water could be significantly boosted. The invention of the Catalyst Essence Serum alone would be a piece of sensational news among the scientific world. Many wealthy investors would compete with each other to get the technology for a profit. Although Chen Fan had a larger goal than simply making money, in order to set up a team to help him with producing spirit medicine he needed as much financial support as possible.

    “I have heard that Mr. Jason is going to attend the conference as well. He is a Nobel prize winner. He is a columnist at Cell and Nature journals. His current Miracle Cell research was a contender for the next Nobel prize in biology.” Chen Fan’s assistant kept on going about this Mr. Jason. It was evident that Mr. Jason was her role model.

    “That being said, your research on Spirit Water was not any less revolutionary than that of the Stem Cell. It would change the whole world.” Xue Jiao hurried to add.

    Chen Fan smiled lightly and didn’t reply.

    Meanwhile, at the Jin City International airport.

    Han Dongyu held a nameplate high above his head, waiting for a guest to arrive.

    A large group of men in black suits emerged from the exit. Among the group of buffed foreign muscle men was a blond youth in his early thirties. He and his entourage pushed people out of their way as they walked forward.

    “Mr. Jason, it’s me.” Han Dongyu came over to him, but he was stopped by one of his bodyguards.

    “That’s ok, Mike. He is my classmate at Stanford.” The blond young man cracked a warm smile and then asked: “Rain, how are you doing? How’s your homeland treating you?”

    “Nice to see you, Jason. I work in the Biology department at Jin City University.” Han Dongyu replied.

    “Jin City University?” Jason shrugged and said: “It might be a top university in China, but I have never heard of it. Neither do I know any renowned Biologists from that university. Rain, you should have stayed at Columbia or Stanford.”

    “Hehe, You might not have heard of it, but I promise you that you will. It’s going to shock the world.” Han Dongyu smiled back awkwardly and then said mysteriously.

    “Shock the world?” Jason asked incredulously.

    What kind of shocking advancement could a Chinese university make in the field of Biology?

    “Indeed. Have you ever heard of the Yun Wu Spirit Water?” Han Dongyu took a deep breath and filled his old friend in with what he knew about the spirit water.

    “Did you say the water can revive a wilted Narcissus flower?” Jason furrowed his brows and said: “Rain, you sound confused. There are no such things in this world. Even if it does exist, why would its owner sell it to the public? You know its priceless if it’s real.”

    “I have seen it with my own eyes.” Han Dongyu said readily but a hint of joy flashed in his eyes as he heard his friend’s disagreement.

    “I think there is more than what meets the eye in the spirit water. Perhaps it was some kind of trick.”

    A green light danced in Jason’s eyes as he curled his lips into a smile.

    As the opening of The International Biology Conference drew near, more and more renowned scholars across the globe arrived at Jin City University.

    The beginning of the conference was announced by the principal of the Jin City University and a Nobel prize holder. It was followed by a keynote speech by Chen Fan.

    These keynote speeches were reserved only for those who had made groundbreaking achievements in the field. Therefore, only very few people could have the credentials to make the speech.

    “Biology department of the Jin City University? I remembered that it is one of the top Biology research institutes in China. But I don’t recall any significant research programs there.” A professor from the University of Melbourne murmured to himself.

    “Ah, he could be a researcher from the Chinese Academy of Science. They often got seconded to another research institute in China.” Another scientist from Switzerland replied with a shrug.

    By then, Chen Fan had already made his way to the stage.

    “Is he the inventor of the Yun Wu Spirit Water?” Jason tilted his head and looked to Han Dongyu.

    “Yes.” Han Dongyu nodded.

    “Just watch me, I will expose his lies.” Jason gave Han Dongyu a half-smile. His knowing gaze shocked Han Dongyu. He knew that his friend had already seen through his mask and got a handle on the power dynamic between Chen Fan and other researchers.

    “He is even more astute than he had been in college.” Han Dongyu lowered his head and exclaimed in his mind.

    Chen Fan started his speech by introducing the theory behind the Catalyst Essence Serum. Despite Spirit Water’s miraculous effect, it’s production capacity was limited. Therefore, mass production was needed even though a drop in effectiveness was expected.

    Xue Jiao translated his speech into English and it wasn’t long before a wave of doubtful murmurs rose among the audiences.

    An old researcher stood up and shouted at Chen Fan in a foreign tongue.

    “Rain, it looks like I don’t even need to do anything. Professor Scott from Melbourne has done it for me.” Jason shrugged.

    Hearing his friend’s remark, Han Dongyu also cracked a satisfied smile.

    He recognized that the angry old man was the famous professor Scott who was well known for his hot temper and intolerance for academic fraud. He had publicly humiliated a few researchers who had allegedly cheated in their research.

    “…Your claim is preposterous! There is no such thing as a miracle cure in the world! It’s against the scientific spirit…” Xue Jiao translated the old man’s English into Chinese. She hesitated to keep on going as the old man’s words become increasingly harsh and unforgiving.

    “Tell him that I will show him proof.” Chen Fan said lightly.

    The audiences boiled over after Xue Jiao translated his words.

    The experts around the world murmured to each other doubtfully, while the tycoons from the International pharmaceutical companies furrowed brows and locked their gazes on Chen Fan, scrutinizing him. On the other hand, if the boy was able to produce convincing evidence, the development he had made would be groundbreaking.

    “Andrew, do you believe the so-called ‘Yun Wu Spirit Water’ could cure all ailments and strengthen physics?” An old man with an aquiline nose asked his assistant hotly.

    This old man was the representative from the Adison Pharmaceutical Inc and his name is Grant. He was one of the most respected authorities in the field of Bio-Pharmacy. He owned patents to many drugs for treating cancer, tumors, and other cardiovascular diseases. Grant attended the International Biology Conference every year and although this year the conference was held in China, he didn’t expect to find any groundbreaking researching from the host country.

    “Mr. Grant, if such medicine exists, its value would be more than that of the diamond. I wager only the most powerful families in the world would have access to such secrets.” The assistant said with a slanted eyebrow.

    “Just so! Who would be outspoken about such a valuable secret? If he took the patent to Europe, he might be able to exchange the secret for a royal title. At least he could have become an honored guest at the court.” Grant said with a smirk.

    They were not alone, most audience members remained suspicious of the medicine.

    Even as Chen Fan prepared to show them the proof, one after another renowned biologists voiced their concerns and questions. Many people even threatened to report Jin City University’s outrageous support for pseudoscience to the International Biology Committee.

    After a while, even the leaders from the Jin City University seemed to have lost faith in Chen Fan.

    If Chen Fan turned out to be a fraud, Jin City University would become a laughing stock around the world.

    “Professor Chen, the principal asked you how confident are you?” The deputy principal rushed to Chen Fan and asked. He was already drenched in sweat.

    Chen Fan didn’t reply. However, Xue Jiao answered for him hesitantly. “Deputy Principal, didn’t you seen Professor Chen’s demonstration a few months ago?”

    “Yes, but… but…” Deputy Principal stammered. He started to wonder if the demonstration he had seen a few months ago was just a magic show. After all, he had seen magicians make a large airplane disappear and reappear, reviving a wilting flower should be much harder than that.

    By then, the material for the test was finally brought up to the stage.

    It was a dying rabbit. Its fur was patchy and had lost its shine. The dull and cloudy eyes suggested that it was near its death. Chen Fan nodded at Xue Jiao, and the latter dropped a few drops of clear solutions he had prepared into the rabbit’s mouth.

    This solution was prepared by dissolving Essence Gathering Pill into water.

    The Essence Gathering Pill was able to clean up one’s system even down to the bone marrows, therefore it was able to revive a human much less a rabbit.

    Lo and behold, the dying rabbit suddenly sprung back to its feet and started hooping around. Even its fur turned into a shining coat of white silk. It was as if youth had been instilled into the rabbit’s system alone with that few drops of liquid.

    “How is that possible?”

    The development stunned all the spectators.

    “It must be some kind of stimulant. That rabbit will probably die very quickly after squandering its last few breaths.”

    “Just so, it has to be some kind of stimulant. ”

    The researchers started to deliberate about the nature of the solution.

    Jason’s eyes lit up with surprise the moment he saw Xue Jiao produce that solution.

    “This… this is Heavenly Water!”