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Chapter 234 - Chen Family’s Crisis

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 234: Chen Family’s Crisis

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    To everyone’s surprise, Chen Fan could hold his liquor very well. Let it be Chinese hard liquor or Remy Martin Whisky, he poured them down his throat as if they were water. After seven glasses of hard liquor, he remained unaffected by the alcohol. The development stunned everyone.

    “Xue Jiao, your boyfriend is a badass!” Zhu Yongchen gave Chen Fan a thumbs up.

    “He is the best drinker I have ever seen!” Many people exclaimed.

    Even Xue Jiao was caught by surprise as she didn’t expect a twenty or so researcher would be able to hold so many liquor. Seeing how much Chen Fan could drink, many people gave up the thought of playing drinking games with him.

    After a while, the guests quickly forgot about Chen Fan’s party skills and changed the topic at the dining table from Chen Fan’s drinking skills to compliment some of the most successful guests. Zhu Yongchen was one of those successful classmates. His father was a big wig in the government and therefore, he was able to become a board member of a large company relying on his father’s influence. He made at least a million yuan a year.

    However, the most glaring star of the party was the husband of Wu Yohui: Zhang Baojun.

    “Youhui, I have heard that your husband is the manager of a large company, and he makes over a few million yuan a year.” A middle-aged woman who wore her hair in a bun asked with envy.

    Zhang Baojun took a sip of his wine and didn’t say a thing.

    However, Wu Yohui had been waiting for their question for a while, so she hurried to answer. “Yes, he works for the Chens Group. He is the CFO there. It means Chief Financial Officer.”

    A wave of exclamation and marvel came up among the listeners.

    Even Chen Fan nodded slightly and gave Zhang Baojun a quiet glance. He didn’t expect to meet a manager of his family’s company. He wagered that he was one of his mother’s close assistants to be able to get such an important position in the company.

    “Chens Group! I have heard of it before. It was one of the biggest companies in Jin City. Although the company hasn’t gone public yet, it is not any less powerful.”

    “The Chens Group had grown with incredible speed for this last half-year. It is even extending its business into real estate.”

    “He is the CFO! the most powerful man in the company under his boss. He is the most influential executive in the company.”

    Many people looked To Zhang Baojun with respect and admiration. To be able to become a top executive of a large company was some of their life goals.

    “That is nothing. My honey said he is going to sell his car and buy a Porsche Panamera.” Wu Yohui said with a smug smile. She also gave Xue Jiao a provocative look.

    Xue Jiao’s face darkened after registering the brazen taunt.

    “That’s enough bragging, Youhui.” Zhang Baojun coughed lightly and willed Wu Yohui to stop bragging about him. However, the pride in his eyes and the satisfied smile on his face betrayed his true feelings. He knew he was doing pretty well for himself, after all, he was just over thirty years old.

    “Let’s toast for Brother Baojun! My husband is a quiet and honest man and therefore people at his work always pick on him. If he ever quit his job in a fit of rage, he might have to seek help from you.”

    A young woman with a gorgeous face said enthusiastically. Her husband was sitting right next to her and hearing his wife’s unctuous remark, his face paled, but he couldn’t bring himself to refute.

    “Of course, that is for sure. “Zhang Baojun said lightheartedly as his eyes lit up with pomposity.

    After another few people offered toast Zhang Baojun was almost halfway there. Someone asked curiously.

    “Brother Baojun, I have heard that the Chens Group is fighting against the Wan Rong Group over the East Mountain Meadow. Is that true?”

    The question caught everyone’s attention, so they became quiet and looked to Zhang Baojun expectantly. Most of these guests were middle-class managers of sizeable companies in the city and therefore, they have all heard the rumors about the fight between the two large clans.

    “Sheng Ronghua was the richest man in Jiang Bei, do you think Chen’s Group can really out-compete them?” Someone asked.

    “Hehe, of course. Don’t you forget that it was Chen’s family of the Jin City behind the Chen’s Group.” Zhang Baojun said. Chen Fan registered a hint of contempt in his voice.

    Everyone decided to leave the matter at that since the fight between the Chen family and the Sheng family was way beyond their paygrade.

    Zhang Baojun kept on drinking and soon reached his limit. Face flushed red, he pointed a finger at Chen Fan and said: “Professor Chen, I despise people like you the most! Bunch of pretentious assholes. What does your research offer you? At the end of the day, you will have to crawl back to me and ask for fundings.”

    “Brother Baojun, you had too much.” Some refuted.

    “No, I did not. I am a simple man so I will just cut to the chase: these professors make only a few thousand yuan a month and their eyes will turn green with envy in an instance when they see how much money the businessmen are making. If they get a chance to turn their research into money, they will do it. They are all as greedy as anyone of us.” Zhang Baojun let out a cold smirk and then continued. “But look at me, I barely even graduated from college, yet I make more than a few million yuan a year without even much effort. Plus, I am going to get a paycheck large enough for me to retire.”

    “That’s enough. Zhang Baojun, you have drunk too much.” Zhu Yongchen finally flung at him.

    Zhang Baojun paused a second and then realized that he had said too much. A pang of fear seized him and paled his face.

    “let me take him outside to cool down a little. You guys enjoy your meal.” Zhu Yongchen rose to his feet and nearly dragged Zhang Baojun out of the dining room.

    “Baojun was not entirely wrong. Although Chen Fan is a professor, he doesn’t make a lot of money. I saw his car outside, he drove an old beat up Audi A4. Tell me, Xue Jiao, in how many more years do you expect him to earn enough money for your wedding and buying a new house?” Wu Yohui asked with a smirk.

    “None of your business.” Xue Jiao replied firmly.

    She felt indignant for Chen Fan. She knew that Chen Fan was the creator of the Yun Wu Spirit Water, so she looked to Chen Fan, willing him to tell everyone about his huge wealth. However, to her disappointment, Chen Fan shook his head at her.

    By then, Chen Fan had removed his attention from the dining table. Instead, he cast his Divine Will to follow Zhu Yongchen and Zhang BaoJun.

    The two walked into a washroom and Zhang Baojun rinsed his face with cold water. Zhu Yonchen lit up a cigarette and coldly said: “You almost spill the beans.”

    “It’s fine. None of them are from the Chens Group. They would just think that I have earned a year-end bonus.” Zhang Baojun managed a smile.

    “How’s the material I told you to prepare?” Zhu Yongchen asked.

    “Don’t worry. I have been working under Chen Qianxin for over eight years and he trusts me fully. I know every single transaction of the company and exactly how much tax money they have evaded over the years.” Zhang Baojun snorted and said: “Wang Xiaoyun sent me a new assistant. I knew what she was trying to do. She would slowly assign my job to my assistant and turn me into her puppet. In the end, when she had full control of my office, she would simply kick me out of the company. She would never have thought that I have prepared a plan B for myself.”

    “Don’t worry, I have already confirmed with the Wan Rong Group. As soon as you blow the whistle, you will then get a million US dollars wired into your account.” Zhu Yongchen puffed a cloud of smoke and then said: “The Chen family has made too many enemies. Shen Family was not the only faction that was at odds with it. You are smart to get off the ship before it sinks.”

    “Young Lord Zhu, I have heard that your father and Chen Zhenxin both work for Qin Huai, why would you…” Zhang Baojun looked at the young man and asked carefully.

    He knew that the young man’s father was an officer in the government whose position was as high as Chen Zhenxin. Rumor had it that the two were good friends.

    “Hehe.” Zhu Yongchen smiled lightly. His face was clouded in a puff of smoke. He said quietly under his breath. “No one wants to see a powerful Chen Family that could dominate the whole city. Their fast growth has unnerved many people.”


    Chen Fan retracted his Divine Will.

    He had never thought that his random decision of joining his assistant for a party would have exposed a mole in the Chen family working for the Shens.

    “Of all my Uncle’s coworkers, only Zhu Gemin had the same last name as Zhu Yongchen. Is he Zhu Gemin’s son?” Chen Fan lifted a cup of wine and fell deep into thought. “Zhu Gemin is Qin Hua’s most royal advisor, and I would be hard-pressed to think that Qin Hua was oblivious about Zhu Gemin’s action against the Chen family.”

    “It appears that the Chen family’s sudden rise to power has even made Qin Hua feet threatened.”

    Chen Fan found it hard to believe that Qin Hua would openly oppress the Chen family. However, it didn’t mean that Qin Hua would refrain from disrupting the Chen family’s further expansion clandestinely to weaken them. Qin Hua ‘s action also supported Chen Fan’s suspicion. He had supported the group whose goal was to sabotage the Chens Group but left Chen Zhenxin untouched. This would definitely slow down if not halt the Chen family’s development, but it would also preserve the Chen family’s current power.

    Chen Zhenxin was the most important member of the Chen family. Even the Chens Group could not replace Chen Zhenxin as the family’s protector.

    Zhang Baojun was one of Second Uncle’s men. Chen Fan’s mother wanted to get rid of him but failed. Wang Xiaoyun’s action must have alerted Zhu Yongchen and therefore, giving him a reason to switch sides. So powerful was the Shen family that it would rally all of Chen family’s enemies, including the Qin Hua, Zhang Baojun, Zhu Gemin, and many other factions. No wonder they were able to grow to become the most powerful family in Jiang Nan Province and then entire China in the future.

    Chen Fan had never taken Shen Junwen and the Sheng family seriously ever since he was reborn. He was confident that he possessed enough power to turn the situation around at any given moment. However, this did not mean that he would sit idly as the Shen family bullied his family. It occurred to Chen Fan that without his involvement, the Chen family could not hold against the Shen family.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t think that exposing the Zhang Baojun and his conspiracy would do any good to the Chen family. The Sheng family would easily buy off another one of the Chens Group’s managers. The root of the problem lay with the Shen family and their hostility. If Chen Fan got rid of Shen Ronghua and eliminated the Wan Rong Group altogether, the Chen family would face much less problems in the future.

    “Show me what else do you get.”

    Chen Fan took a sip of wine and sat calmly.

    The most heartbreaking moment in a man’s life was not the moment of his failure, but the catastrophic defeat when victory was already at their fingertips. Chen Fan was bullied by the Sheng family until he was on his last leg. He had to watch as his enemy rose to power and lived in glory and success. This time around, Chen Fan would deliver the killing blow to the Shen family when they thought their victory was already in the bag for them. He would return all the suffering he had to endure in his past life back to them.

    “Ah, right. Zhang Baojun mentioned a new assistant assigned to him by mother. Could that be Sister An?”

    The thought of Sister An made his gaze soften a little.

    He Hadn’t seen her for half a year and so he wondered how she was doing.