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Chapter 233 - Class Reunion

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 233: Class Reunion

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    According to Xue Jiao, this conference was attended by all the famous and renowned biologists from all over the world, including many representatives from large pharmaceutical companies. Some attendees were honored Nobel Prize holders. The scope of the conference will cover both biology and pharmaceutical science.

    The most powerful pharmaceutical companies also held authorities in matters of biology. Nearly all the most advanced biotech and bio-mechanical researchers worked for these companies’ labs. Chen Fan was the only person in Jin City University that could be considered to be on the same level as those experts. Therefore, the leaders of the university wished that Chen Fan would attend. Chen Fan agreed readily. He had been thinking of contacting those companies to purchase some of their equipment.

    After all, the manufacturing of the Catalyst Essence Serum required sophisticated technology that the Jin City University simply didn’t have. Therefore, Chen Fan wondered if those large companies would be able to offer some help.

    “Professor Chen, I have a class reunion party, would be please come with me?” Xue Jiao mustered her courage and asked Chen Fan before the latter left the classroom.

    “Class Reunion? Why do you want me to go?” Chen Fan asked curiously.

    “Everyone else is going to bring their date, but I don’t have one. It would be awkward if I go there by myself.” She looked down, trying to avoid Chen Fan’s gaze. “Please don’t worry, you just have to attend and enjoy the party with me, no strings attached.”

    After she graduated from her master’s degree program, she had been working for two years. By now she was over twenty-eight and most of her friends had boyfriends, if not married with kids. After she learned that one of her old-time rivals would be there as well, she felt more hesitant to go to the party.

    “Sure thing.”

    Chen Fan checked his schedule and realized that Xiao Qiong would be attending a board meeting at her dad’s company so he was free this evening.

    “Really?” Xue Jiao lifted her head as her eyes lit up with glee.

    She didn’t expect Chen Fan to accept her invitation.

    The promise of attending a Class Reunion with a handsome and charming rich heir by her side made her face bloom like a flower. She couldn’t wait to see the envy in everyone’s eyes.

    “It will be at six o clock, at the East Hua Restaurant. Don’t forget about it.”

    After Xue Jiao told him the details, she left the classroom to prepare for the night. She had already booked an appointment with her hairdresser this afternoon, and then she would buy some new clothing. None of her student clothing were good enough for Chen Fan’s company.


    Seeing his assistant’s silly smile, Chen Fan shook his head.

    He wagered that there was no harm in doing a small favor for her.

    Six o clock, Chen Fan drove an Audi A4 to the East Hua Restaurant. This car was assigned to him by the Jin City University for his personal use. Chen Fan didn’t buy a car yet, so it was quite useful for him.

    Suddenly, a brand new Mercedes-Benz S300 pulled over and a young man in his thirties stepped out of the car. He was encased in a black suit and looked like a financial elite form Wall Street. A moment later, a glamorous girl with dyed red hair also emerged from the passenger seat. She was wearing a short skirt with a low cut shirt. Although her looks were only above average, her make-up made her look extremely alluring and attractive.

    The girl in the red skirt caught a glimpse of Chen Fan’s Audi A4 and her eyes were filled with contempt. This was school property and therefore was not the most conspicuous luxury car out there. However, as soon as the girl saw Chen Fan’s face, her eyes were brimming with surprise. She nearly ogled at Chen Fan as a hungry old man would to a young college girl.

    “Yohui, what you are staring at? Let’s go.”

    A hint of displeasure flared in the young man’s eyes as he urged.

    “Ok, honey.” The girl answered. However, even after she had started off toward the entrance, she looked back at Chen Fan one more time.

    Chen Fan followed them and left the underground parking area to the elevator. Seeing Chen Fan was going to the same floor as she was, the girl’s eyes lit up with surprise. She said coquettishly.

    “Hey handsome, are you here for the Class Reunion?”

    “Sort of.” Chen Fan answered unenthusiastically.

    Chen Fan’s aloofness didn’t deter the girl, instead, she poured questions on to Chen Fan. Her infatuated gaze resting on Chen Fan’s irresistible face didn’t sit well with the young man beside them.

    However, the girl knew that a handsome face was as useful as a piece of painting. She would still have to rely on her husband to feed her and clothe her. After getting no answer from Chen Fan for a while, she finally quit talking and inched back to her husband.

    Because of this unpleasant run-in, Chen Fan gave the young man a bad first impression.

    When they finally reached the meeting hall, Chen Fan recognized Xiao Xue who was standing by the door waiting for him. His assistant looked incredibly pretty today. She was wearing a white Chanel’s jacket which might have cost her one year’s worth of salary. Compared to most of the other women, she seemed more curious. Her hips flared out with breath-taking curves that stretched the skirt to its limit. She wore light make-up on her face but still looked more attractive than the woman in the red skirt.

    “Oh, hi! Isn’t it Xue Jiao? I have never seen you wear makeup before. Why did you dress up today? Do you have a boyfriend now?” The woman in the red skirt asked Xue Jiao contemptuously to mock Xue Jiao in front of everyone.


    Xue Jiao didn’t reply. She lifted her chin up and walked over to Chen Fan and put one arm through his elbow. She smiled and said kittenishly: “Professor Chen, you are finally here. Let’s go in now.”

    “Xue Jiao, is that your boyfriend?” The woman in the red skirt asked in surprise.

    She found it hard to believe that her old-time rival would have finally found a prince charming.

    The girl in the red skirt was called Wu Yohui and she used to be Xue Jiao’s roommate at college. Their looks were on par with each other and were both considered some of the most attractive girls of the school. However, Wu Yohui was more skilled at painting her face and was more outgoing and therefore, she was much more popular than Xue Jiao. She had gone through many boyfriends during college and some of them were even Xue Jiao’s love interests. Needless to say, the two were at odds with each other.

    Before she came to the Class Reunion, Wu Yohui thought she could brag about her husband who makes millions a year. However, her husband quickly paled in comparison with Xue Jiao’s charming friend.

    “We are just normal friends.” Despite her words, she let out a smug smile.

    “Ah-Ha! Two of our most beautiful classmates have arrived. Come in, please.”

    One of the organizers recognized them and welcomed them into the hall.

    Wu Yohui snorted and then dragged her husband into the hall. As soon as she was gone, Xue Jiao suddenly let go of Chen Fan’s arm. “Professor Chen, I got carried away a little. please forgive me.”

    “That’s fine.”

    Chen Fan cracked a light smile.

    Chen Fan was reveling in these two girl’s drama, so he wouldn’t blame her.

    “Such was the limit of Mortals. They wasted their lives on meaningless squabbles and missed their chances of cultivating for longevity.” Chen Fan lamented in his mind.

    As he walked into the hall with Xue Jiao, he saw a great number of elites in society.

    These were Xue Jiao’s classmates from the Jin City Technology Institute. Most people who could make it to the Class Reunion had done pretty well for themselves after graduation. Those who lived below the class average wouldn’t show up. Xue Jiao had missed her promotion for three years and therefore, this was the first time she attended the class reunion in three years.

    “Ah! Miss Xue is here! Long-time no see! You look even prettier than before!”

    “Miss Xue, I have heard that you have been working at Jin City University ever since you graduated with your master degree. Have you gotten the Instructor’s designation yet?”

    “Oh, Xue Jiao, is that your boyfriend? He is so handsome!”

    Everyone greeted her and commented on her boyfriend.

    Xue Jiao had been the most attractive girl in her class and had many pursuers. Some of those pursuers had also come to the party, and they wondered if they still had a chance with Xue Jiao.

    However, as soon as they saw Chen Fan, their hearts sank to the bottom. Chen Fan was more handsome than any man at the party.

    “Xue Jiao, could you please introduce him to us?”

    One of the stately looking men at the party asked.

    “He was the leader of the student union, Zhu Yongchen. I heard that he is from a powerful family. His dad is some kind of big wig in the government.” Xue Jiao spoke under her breath and then let a broad smile break out over her face.

    “He is my friend and also my boss. Professor Chen.”

    “Professor Chen?” Everyone was caught by surprise.

    These were all college graduates, and so they knew how difficult it was to get the professor designation. However, Chen Fan looked like was only in his twenties, too young to even get an assistant professor position.

    “Is he an assistant professor at the Jin City University?” Someone asked incredulously.

    An assistant professor at Jin City University was a big deal since it was one of the best universities in China.

    “No, he is a visiting professor at our school.” Xue Jiao smiled proudly.

    “Visiting professor!”

    The revelation stunned everyone.

    A Visiting professor was an even more prestigious title than an assistant professor. These roles were usually filled by top experts in the field. Chen Fan must possess unprecedented talent if he was able to earn the position at such a young age.

    Many people felt slightly embarrassed about themselves before Chen Fan’s illustrious achievements.

    The eyes of the woman in the red skirt were filled with envy. Xue Jian’s boyfriend was not only irritably charming but also extremely talented. He was a dream boy in every girl’s fantasy.

    “No wonder Xue Jiao stayed single for so long and refused so many of our classmates. Her eyes were set on Professor Chen.” Zhu Yongchen cracked a smile and lifted a cup of wine.

    “Please drink up, Professor Chen! Kudos to you for taking the treasure away from us! Haha!”

    “That’s right! Drink up!”

    The rowdy guests shouted in excitement.

    Xue Jiao looked to Chen Fan concernedly. She knew that most scientists didn’t drink, and Chen Fan came off as one of those who wouldn’t touch liquor.

    To her surprise, Chen Fan replied readily: “Sure thing.”