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Chapter 231 - Your Life Belongs To Me

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 231: Your Life Belongs To Me

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    “Mr. Chen…”

    Tang Yifei was the queen of the underground world of Jiang Nan Province, therefore she was still able to stand upright. and managed to call out to plead for her life.

    Her trickeries and ruses along with her power and influence all seemed like jokes before Chen Fan. Tang Yifei was defenseless before Chen Fan’s deadly presence. She winced and pleaded for her life as she scrambled in her mind to come up with any way of getting out of the danger.

    “Did you know that the moment I stepped into the Green Vines Club, I already knew your plan of ambushing me.” Chen Fan stood still as a large group of people kneeled before him. He looked calm and peaceful.

    “I had been curious as to what had emboldened you to mess with me. However, I am very disappointed. You only had a few Internal Force user and three sharpshooters.”

    He looked held Tang Yifei’s pleading gaze, and then shook his head.

    “Ah-what am I thinking. I shouldn’t have expected so much of you. However smart and cunning you are, you are just a mortal. Without learning martial arts and Dharmic Dao, that was about all that you could pull off.”

    So saying, Chen Fan slowly lifted a hand.

    Life drained from Tang Yifei’s face as soon as she saw Chen Fan’s motion.

    Chen Fan had killed her guards with a smack on the head using the exact same hand.

    “Mr. Chen, you gain nothing for killing me!” Life hanging by a thread, Tang Yifei’s mind raced. She shouted out:

    “I am the overseer of the Tang family, the daughter of Tang Yuanqin. If you kill me, my father and the Tang family will definitely seek revenge.”

    Chen Fan was impervious to the threat and his hand had already reached his chest.

    “Of course, what am I thinking. The Tang family must be so insignificant in your eyes and you could destroy it with ease.” Tang Yifei quickly changed tactics after seeing her threat had failed. “However, even if you could get rid of the Tang family, you would not be able to absorb all of its complicated connections and resources. If you let me go, I will surrender on behalf of the Tang family. By then, you would have the entire Jiang Nan Province in your disposal, including me. You can do whatever you want to…”

    Tang Yifei batted her lashes as she looked at Chen Fan with a sexually charged gaze.

    She was extremely beautiful even without any makeup and had a body to die for. She was at her prime year and adding on her prestigious background, no man would refuse her sexual temptation.

    However, the cold indifference in Chen Fan’s eyes disappointed Tang Yifei.

    The look on his face was that of a mighty war god looking at a worthless insect. Only those who have become numb of killing people would have such coldness and lack of emotion in their gaze.

    By then, Chen Fan’s hand had already reached up as he wrapped his fingers around her thin and elegant neck. With so much as a small twist, he could snap the underground queen’s fancy head off of her shoulder.

    “Mr. Chen…”

    Then and only then, Tang Yifei conceded that she really had nothing against Chen Fan. Let it be her gorgeous face or the Tang family’s billion yuan asset, none would be able to sway Chen Fan from killing her.

    “You can kill me but you can’t kill all of us in this garden. Someone is going to call the police and what would you do then?” Tang Yifei shouted at the top of her lungs. “Plus, what are you going to tell Fang Qiong about my death?”

    “Xiao Qiong?”

    Chen Fan paused a second and then scanned his surroundings with Divine Will. He registered that Fang Qiong was waiting anxiously outside of the garden. The entrance was blocked by the Tang family’s guards and therefore she would not enter the garden.

    Chen Fan hesitated. Unlike in the cultivation realm, there were laws and order on earth. If he killed Tang Yifei, what was he supposed to do with the other a hundred or so witness? Kill them all? No one could have covered up such heinous crime for him.

    When the last time Chen Fan taken a bunch of lives, he was enforcing justice by killing criminals. However, these men were innocent bystanders. Chen Fan wagered that if he ever killed these people he would have to hide overseas for a long time.

    Tang Yifei’s remark about Fang Qiong had also hit the target. How would he explain Tang Yifei’s death to Fang Qiong? He was not ready to expose his real identity to Fang Qiong just yet.

    “You see? Do you see what I am saying? You will gain nothing by killing me! But if you will just let me go, the Tang family will heavily reward you!”

    Seeing Chen Fan had paused his movement, Tang Yifei was able to pull herself together and let out an alluring smile.

    “Hehe. Silly girl, do you really think I won’t kill you?”

    Chen Fan suddenly let out laughter.

    “My power and abilities were beyond your imagination. I can kill you in the most unthinkable ways, and not even the Forensic officer would be able to tell the cause of your death. They might as well write your death off as a normal heart attack. No one would suspect me.”

    Chen Fan let out a cold smile and then shook his head.

    There were many curses and Divine powers that could kill people without detection

    Chen Fan had killed Din Peng using the Curse of Heart Piercing Blade when he was at Lin City. Afterward, the police could not find any cause of death, much less suspecting Chen Fan. Without evidence and proof, the law was just a piece of paper.

    Tang Yifei’s face paled again.

    By then, she finally remembered that Chen Fan was well known for his Dharma Spells and that he was able to control lightning and kill people without even being noticed.

    “How dare you!”

    Tang Yifei’s eyes brimmed with terror and fear.

    She watched as an azure color light came up from the tip of Chen Fan’s finger. He swept his finger in the air and cut across from Tang Yifei’s neck to her cleavage. Tang Yifei didn’t feel any pain, but she saw many green lines pop up from her neck and chest. They quickly spread across all over her body like a green spider web.

    In a blink, the green lines had covered Tang Yifei’s entire body other than her head, hands, and feet. Those green lines formed a tattoo on her body and its eerie color made the girl look like an angry and creepy ghost. And then, as quickly as it surfaced on her skin, it disappeared.

    “What are those?”

    Tang Yifei could no longer hold back her fear as she stammered out a cry.

    She could feel a powerful invisible force had invaded her body and spread across her system. It bore into every inch of her bones and buried deep into her heart. However, she couldn’t do anything about it. An overwhelming sense of fear came over her. Living under the fear of the unknown was much more terrifying than death.

    “This was called Yi Wood Spirit Qi. It can be used to save lives as well as take life.”

    Chen Fan replied lightly. “It can bring you back from the brink of death even if you wish to die, and it could also turn into countless needles that will penetrate your blood vain, heart, lungs and every single inch of your muscles. In the end, you will turn into a vegetable while still being conscious.”

    “In the remaining days of your life, you will feel the energy slowly petrifying your body, until you turn into a dead log.”

    Chen Fan said slowly and calmly. However, every word coming out from his mouth send a chill down Tang Yifei’s spine.

    “You are the devil!” Tang Yifei cursed.

    Her mind finally broke down and could no longer keep her calm. The situation had shredded her defense layer by layer until she was no longer a strident Queen of Jiang Nan Province, but a naked and vulnerable girl.

    Only those who had real courage would calmly face death. Tang Yifei was not one of them.

    “Shu!” “Shu!” “Shu!”

    Even as Tang Yifei shouted at Chen Fan, many green lines resurface and formed ridges on her skin. It was as if these lines were going to burst out from under her skin, threatening to turn the girl inside out.


    Tang Yifei wailed in agony. She collapsed to the ground, rolling back and forth. The pain felt like a thousand knives cutting her insistently. Those tiny sharp edges would penetrate her skin into her flesh, organs, and bones.

    “A Hundred Thousand Arrows Through the Heart”

    Such a technique was the stuff of legends, and Tang Yifei had the misfortune to test it in real life. The torture slowly drove her mad, and she wished that Chen Fan would kill her there and then. Even death was a sweet release compared to the torment.

    A pin-drop silence fell over the garden. Everyone kneeled on the ground, trembling uncontrollably while listening to Tang Yifei’s horrifying howling.

    “Devil, he is a real devil!”

    Many people screamed in their minds.

    They were familiar with acts of murder, and many of them were also fearless warriors. However, they had never seen such brutal torture that would make death seemed a better option. Only the demons in legends could have pulled that off. The horrid scene was permanently tattooed in their memory and would torment them for the years to come.


    Chen Fan snapped a finger when he saw Tang Yifei’s skin had started to petrify. Her shouting had turned into a husky wince. Her eyes were bloodshot, hairs fallen lose over her discolored face, making her look like a ghost. Suddenly, the Yi Wood Spirit Qi reversed its function and started to heal the girl’s body. As gushes of life energy swept across the girl’s system, the wound created by the green lines were healed.

    In less than a few minutes, the girl had regained its former appearance. However, the exhausted look and loose hair suggested that she had just gone through something traumatic.

    “From now on, your life belongs to me.”

    After Tang Yifei struggled to her feet. Chen Fan linked his hand behind his back and said lightly: “That was just a small punishment for disobeying my order. I hope you have learned your lesson.”

    “Yes, master.”

    Tang Yifei nodded and hurried a reply.

    She would never ever want to go through that torture again. She had wished she could ram her head onto a pole and kill herself.

    However, to her fearful surprise, she realized that her shattered organs and petrified flesh somehow recovered quickly as if nothing had ever happened to them.

    It only took Chen Fan a split second to change his role from a murderer to a savior. Such an incredible display of power had deeply shaken Tang Yifei and robbed her of any desire for revenge.

    Despite the humiliation of having Chen Fan dictating her fate, Tang Yifei felt a slight satisfaction. Deep down, she had always desired to be dominated by someone with great power.