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Chapter 228 - Visiting Green Vine Club Again

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 228: Visiting Green Vine Club Again

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    “Chen Fan, I am Fang Qiong’s BFF, you are not really going to break my leg, are you?” Zhong Yaoyao pulled herself together and asked pitifully.

    She was such a dainty little thing that her current sorry state would give any man a heartache. She sat on the ground, legs folded under her body. She looked up at Chen Fan with whatever dignity that was left in her, but it could not hide the sparkling tears in her eyes. She was truly worth the title of an Enchantress. Any normal male would not bring himself to press her even further after seeing her miserable state.

    However, Chen Fan was unaffected by her charm. He returned to his chair and asked with a great measure of interest.

    “Did you hear what they called me?”

    “What?” Zhong Yaoyao was taken aback. “They called you Master Chen, so what? Oh-wait! Master Chen? Are you the Master Chen of Jiang Bei?”

    As realization finally dawned upon Zhong Yaoyao, she pulled a tight face and looked at Chen Fan in disbelief.

    It made so much sense now. Only Master Chen could have scared off the elite fighters of the provincial Sanshou team without even making a move. Suddenly, the realization sent a chill down Zhong Yaoyao’s spine.

    She had been living in her own bubble, away from the real world. However, she was also well connected in the city and had heard of Master Chen’s name many times in passing.

    She also knew that Chen Fan had earned his title by killing many people.

    “How could that be? You are Master Chen?” Zhong Yaoyao exclaimed under her breath. She looked away from Chen Fan, scarcely daring to hold his gaze.

    She had never taken Chen Fan seriously, after all, she thought he was just a country boy from a little county. However, little did she know that Chen Fan was a mighty figure, whose power was on par with that of Sheng Ronghua, if not more. Even Tang Yifei and Shen Junwen wouldn’t be able to catch up with him for the next twenty or so years.

    That was the gap between the young rising stars and a seasoned veteran.

    Shen Junwen and Tang Yifei were outstanding members of the young generation, however, they still need to pass the test of time. On the other hand, Chen Fan already rose to power and became the equal of the powerful tycoons that had claimed supremacy over Jiang Nan.

    “Since you know who I am, you must also know that I will not let you get away with it.” Chen Fan lifted a cup and then poured some wine into it. Zhong Yaoyao had bought the wine to celebrate with the boys she brought after they have beat up Chen Fan.

    “Master Chen, I am sorry. Please forgive me, for the sake of Xiao Qiong.” Zhong Yaoyao finally put away her charm; she lowered her head and pleaded to Chen Fan.

    She knew that her family background was nothing in the eyes of Master Chen and only mentioning Fang Qiong might have saved her.

    “You are already dead if not for Xiao Qiong.” Chen Fan said with an icy voice. The words drifted into Zhong Yaoyao’s ears and they sounded like the gales on the Siberian Tundra. It sent a chill down Zhong Yaoyao’s spine, freezing her mind and soul.

    After Chen Fan had said that, he flicked one finger and produced a flaming lotus flower on his fingertip. The lotus flower flew toward Zhong Yaoyao.

    “What the…” Zhong Yaoyao’s body tensed up and fear seized her.

    Under her terrifying watch, the flaming lotus flower buried into her body.

    “The fire of red lotus. It will remain dormant in your body until you want to plot against me again. It will reduce you into ashes by burning you alive.”

    Chen Fan left the gym, leaving Zhong Yaoyao by herself. Her face was lifeless and pale.

    In Chen Fan’s last life, Zhong Yaoyao had tried to disrupt Chen Fan and Fang Qiong’s relationship many times, and therefore this punishment was justified.

    Ever since then, Zhong Yaoyao no longer interrupted Chen Fan and Fang Qiong when they wanted to spend time together quietly. Even if she walked into Chen Fan on campus, she would lower her head and hurry to get out of Chen Fan’s way. Later, even Fang Qiong noticed her BFF’s strange behavior and asked Chen Fan why Zhong Yaoyao was so afraid of him.

    Meanwhile, the battle between the Chen family and Wan Rong Group was heating up. Both sides had upped the ante ever since the war started. Wan Rong Group had pulled some strings and encouraged a government worker to blow the whistle about Chen Zhenxin’s alleged embezzlement of public funds. Meanwhile, the Chen family also hit back by targeting the Wan Rong Group’s stock price. The war had stirred up the entire city and everyone watched expectantly as they waited for the victor to emerge.

    One day afternoon, Fang Qiong came to Chen Fan’s dorm when Chen Fan was having lunch with his roommates.

    “Xiao Fan, Sister Yifei invited us to the Green Vines to have tea with her. She told me to bring you with me.”

    So saying, she looked at Chen Fan in confusion.

    Fang Qiong knew that Tang Yifei did not make friends easily. Of all the people in Jiang Nan Province, Tang Yifei would talk to only a very few people who she considered worthy of her time. As the ambassador of the Tang family, Tang Yifei was even more influential than many high-level government officials. Her invitation to Chen Fan had undoubtedly raised some questions in Fang Qiong’s mind.

    What about Chen Fan that had caught Tang Yifei’s attention?

    “Sure.” Chen Fan replied readily.

    After the two were both gone, Qiu Yilun slapped his thigh and exclaimed: “I just can’t read him! He has such a hot girlfriend but he never talks about it!”

    “Who is that beauty? She looked too pretty and sophisticated to be from our faculty.” Qian Lulu asked.

    Fang Qiong was about as attractive as Zhou Qinya, however, she carried a refined quality that would make Pan Li and Liu Xiaojin pale under comparison.

    “She is Fang Qiong.”

    Zhou Qinya said lightly as envy flashed in her eyes.

    It wasn’t until Zhou Qinya met Fang Qiong face to face did she realize why so many rich heirs were after her. Her elegance and confidence were unmatched by anyone she had seen.

    “She is Fang… Fang Qiong? The Goddess of Jin City University? Her family owns over a few billion assets.” Qian Lulu stammered. Pan Li’s face was as pale as a piece of paper. She had given all she had, trying to coax Chen Fan into her embrace. Despite Chen Fan’s cold shoulder, she had been confident that, with time, she would be able to gain his trust and slowly win him over.

    However, little did she know that Chen Fan already had a girlfriend. She was not only extremely attractive but also richer and smarter than her.

    Even as Chen Fan’s friends marveled at his luck, Qi Wangsun furrowed his brows and fell into deep thought. He had found some similarities between his strident fiancee and Fang Qiong.

    Fang Qiong drove her red Audi model TT and arrived at Green Vines.

    When they walked to the same vine-covered red gate that he saw last time, Chen Fan noticed that they were not the only visitors. Chen Fan furrowed his brows and walked in.

    As soon as he entered the club, he was greeted by Song Zhe, Liu Daoyuan and their friends. The surprised looks when they saw Chen Fan suggested that they didn’t expect to see Chen Fan again. Some of them wondered if Chen Fan was going to be officially accepted into the clique.

    Unlike everyone else, Shen Junwen kept calm and sipped on his tea.

    “Mr. Chen, you have finally arrived.” Tang Yifei rose to her feet and came over to Chen Fan in a few sultry steps. “Xiao Qiong, can you please look after the boys for a second, I need to have a few words with Mr. Chen.”

    So saying, Tang Yifei gestured Chen Fan to follow her. She then walked toward a side door. Chen Fan followed her closely.

    The room boiled over as soon as the two left.

    “Who the heck is he? Why does Sister Tang want to talk to him in private?”

    “Just so! It’s the first time I have ever seen Sister Tang talked to anyone with so much respect.”

    “Fang Qiong, your childhood friend must be hiding something from us.”

    Liu Daoyuan exclaimed. Fang Qiong’s mind was filled with questions. If Chen Fan really was just the son of a county officer as she thought he was, then why did Sister Yifei speak to him so carefully. Zhong Yaoyao wanted to chime in and tell everyone what she knew, but the promise of being burnt alive made her think better of it.

    She had woken up by the same nightmare for many nights. In her dream, she was surrounded by fire, and she watched as her body was burnt to a crisp before it was reduced to ashes.

    Shen Junwen was still working on his tea, however, a cold light started to glow in his eyes.

    Chen Fan followed the girl out of the tea room, to the backyard of the club. This yard was a textbook example of the private garden in Jiang Nan province: a windy path wrapped around the pearl-shaped pond that centered in the garden; along the path were painted pavilions and benches for resting, man-made rock hills with caves that fit only one person and ancient gnarly trees whose trunks were so slented that their branches were kissing the water.

    Tang Yifei walked quietly with Chen Fan.

    She was wearing a green Qipao with a high slit. Every step she took would expose her breathtaking thighs. Her snowy white hand was decorated with a green jade bracelet on her wrist. She wore her hair in a bun that rested high on her head. She looked like a young lady of the last century in a sexually charged ballroom dress during her debutant.

    “Mr. Chen, should I call you Chen Fan or Master Chen?”

    Tang Yifei paused and then fixed her stare on Chen Fan.

    “Call me anything.” Chen Fan was unfazed after knowing his cover was blown. “did Zhong Yaoyao tell you about it?”

    “Yaoyao can’t even look at you in your eyes, much less snitch on you.” Tang Yifei said: “It was Junwen. Without his tip, I would never have thought that the famous Master Chen was Xiao Qiong’s pursuer.”

    “Shen Junwen?” Chen Fan was taken aback for a second and then he nodded. “It must be because of the East Mountain Meadow project. I knew Xiao Qiong ever since we were children. Why can’t I take our friendship to the next level?”

    “Then why don’t you tell her who you really are?” Tang Yifei cracked a smile. “What will be the harm in it? Who would refuse you anyways, not me of course. ”

    So saying, Tang Yifei looked to Chen Fan with a sultry glance that would render many men defenseless.

    “Hehe.” Chen Fan cracked a smile and left it at that.

    Tang Yifei would never understand the love between him and Fang Qiong. If he really wanted to be conspicuous, he might as well tell people that he was the North Mystic Celestial Lord. Not even an Immortal Cultivator could have resisted the temptation of dating someone so powerful. However, he was reborn as a mortal to reclaim the love that was pure and untainted.

    By then a white-haired old man walked over to them and spoke to Tang Yifei respectfully.

    “My lady, everything is ready. ”

    After Tang Yifei nodded, the old man retreated behind Tang Yifei. Judging from the look of the old man, it was easy to tell that he must be a powerful dominating figure in public. However, in this room, he acted as if he was Tang Yifei’s servant.

    “Mr. Chen, I want you to know that I can make you disappear from this world on a whim.”

    Tang Yifei cracked a faint smile. The alluring light in her eyes were replaced with an icy intent. She had finally put away her mask and revealed her true colors: the queen of Jiang Nan’s underground world.

    Suddenly, footsteps rose from all directions; they were all coming toward Chen Fan.