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Chapter 227 - He Is Master Chen!

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 227: He Is Master Chen!

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    “What’s the matter, father?” Shen Junwen asked with furrowed brows. “He is Fang Qiong’s old friend, and I asked Uncle Yan to gather some of his information for me.”

    He paused and then asked hesitantly: “Is he related to the trouble at the East Mountain Meadow? He is just an ordinary member of the Chen Family. His mother is Wang Xiaoyun, but even with his mother’s help, he should not be so delusional as to challenge our multi-billion dollar project.”

    “You couldn’t be more wrong.” Sheng Junwen’s father picked up a few pieces of paper and studied them carefully. Then he shook his head and said with a smile: “Xiao Yan only investigated what’s on the surface. But the fault was not with Xiao Yan, after all, he is just a manager of our company, therefore he would have known who Chen Fan really is.”

    “So there is more than what meets the eye?” Shen Junwen asked curiously.

    “He is Master Chen of Jiang Bei.” Sheng Ronghua said after a long sigh.

    “Master Chen of Jiang Bei?” Shen Junwen was taken aback at first and then realization finally dawned upon him. His face darkened as fear rose inside of him. However outstanding and mature he was, he was only an eighteen year old boy not the seasoned businessman that ran the Wan Rong Group in a decade or so.

    Needless to say that Shen Junwen had heard of the name of Master Chen.

    He was the person who had taken his father’s seat of power in the Jiang Bei region. For the first half of this year, he had heard a lot of news about this man and it wasn’t until recently that the inpouring of news about him started to dwindle. He knew that Master Chen was a young man less than twenty years old, but little did he know that Master Chen was actually Chen Fan.

    “Impossible!” Shen Junwen lowered his head, eyes brimming with shock.

    When he was still trying —sometimes failing— to take over his father’s burden, Chen Fan had already risen to power and became his father’s equal. Their gap was unbridgeable. If the Fang family ever find out Chen Fan’s real identity, they would choose him over Sheng Junwen in a heartbeat.

    Shen Junwen’s heart sank to the bottom as he felt that Chen Fan had trampled on his pride and ego. Who would ever have thought that an ordinary young man could have been a powerful figure in the Jiang Bei region? He remembered the day when he first met Chen Fan and his showing off of knowledge and eloquence. In hindsight, he figured that Chen Fan must have been secretly laughing at him in his mind.

    So thinking, Shen Junwen closed his fist as anger and embarrassment filled up his heart.

    “Of course that’s possible.” Sheng Ronghua said as his lips curled into a cold smile.”No… it is not only possible but also the only explanation. The Chen Family would never think of stepping on our toes, but that is not the case for Master Chen. He is young, impudent and full of himself, so it is very likely that he wanted to mess with us over a girl.”

    Sheng Ronghua not only knew that this son was trying to win the heart of Fang Qiong but he also openly supported him. Therefore, he had been keeping an amicable relationship with the Fang family.

    “Do you mean…” Shen Junwen asked incredulously as his father’s words set in.

    “I mean he is after you, I am afraid.” Sheng Ronghua shook his head and said.

    Shen Junwen gasped as shock and disbelief came over him.

    If that’s true, Chen Fan had mobilized over a billion yuan to sabotage Wan Rong Group’s project. Shen Junwen’s meticulous calculations and micromanagement couldn’t compare with such strident actions of a few daring broad strokes in terms of audacity and confidence.

    “Hehe, Master Chen is a ‘go big or go home’ kind of guy. I doubt he ever took us seriously.”

    Despite himself, Sheng Ronghua cracked a smile.

    Shen Junwen knew that smile. He saw it on his father’s face when he was truly mad.

    “I have heard that Master Chen dominated the Jiang Bei region because of his Martial arts and Dharma Spells. Brother Lin, you are a martial artist as well. Could you please shed some light on that?” Sheng Ronghua turned around and looked at the white-haired old man.

    Uncle Lin was originally from Hong Kong and he was invited by the Sheng family to mainland China decades ago. Ever since then, he had saved Shen Junwen many times from assassination attempts. He was so powerful that he could dodge a bullet with ease. However, he was rarely known by anyone outside of the Sheng family. Rumor had it that Uncle Lin was actually seeking protection in the Sheng family from a powerful foe, otherwise, he would have already made a name for himself out there in the martial arts community.

    Uncle Lin narrowed his eyes as something sharp glinted in his pupils. He then answered with a husky voice.

    “My lord, I have been away from the Martial arts community for many years and therefore I have never heard of this young man’s name. However, if he could be listed as powerful as Tang Yuanqin, I wager that he has reached at least the phenomenal success in his Internal Force cultivation, if not at the peak level.”

    “How about you, Uncle Lin?” Shen Junwen got right down to the point.

    “Me?” Uncle Lin laughed out loud and said: “Please be rest assured, my lord. Even Tang Yuanqin himself is no match against me.”

    “That is good to know. Thank you for reassuring me.” Sheng Ronghua nodded.

    As the richest man in Jiang Bei, he was not afraid of any battle on the business landscape, however, he was concerned that Chen Fan would use more direct methods to harm him.

    “Come test our might if you wish. We will teach you a lesson, I promise.”

    A flame danced in Sheng Ronghua’s eyes. Even Shen Junwen was affected by his father’s emotion and felt that his blood was boiling.

    This was the unyielding spirit of the Sheng family of Jiang Bei.

    A few days later, the East Mountain Meadow Development proposal was officially rejected by the government.

    That marked the beginning of the war between the Wan Rong Group and Chen Family. By then, the other families in Jin City finally caught up to the ongoing clan war. News about the conflict quickly spread all over the province and caught everyone’s attention.

    One party was the overseer of Jiang Bei, the king of Chinese real estate industry, Wan Rong Group.

    The other party was the Chen Family at its hay day with unprecedented achievements.

    The battle between the two factions would determine the course of which the city would take for the next few decades to come. If Chen family was able to emerge victoriously, they would be forever written into the history of Jin City.

    Meanwhile, Chen Fan suddenly got a text message from Fang Qiong, asking him to meet her at the school gym.

    After Chen Fan arrived, he immediately sensed that something was off. Fang Qiong wore the Jade Marrow pedant all the time, so he could sense her presence from miles away, however, there and then, her presence was missing.

    “Who is there?”

    Chen Fan shouted as he projected out his Divine Will.

    “It’s you, Zhong Yaoyao? Why did you trick me to come here?” Chen Fan’s face grew softer and asked lightly.

    Zhong Yaoyao emerged from behind a column with a mischievous expression. She was wearing a small black tank top and a pair of short pants. Her spinner body and an impressive six-pack made her look fit and tempting.

    “Chen Fan, haven’t you said that you are good at fighting? I have found you some sparring partners.”

    A few brawny men wearing boxing gloves emerged from dark corners. Their burgeoning muscles reflected the light coming from the ceiling. It was evident from the snappy way they carried themselves that they were powerful fighters. Standing before these muscle men, Chen Fan looked like a weak fledgling.

    “These guys are from the provincial Sanshou team. If you can defeat them, I might have a reward for you.” Zhong Yaoyao gave Chen Fan a flirtatious smile.

    Zhong Yaoyao had sent Fang Qiong away with some excuses and texted Chen Fan using Fang Qiong’s phone.

    “I will teach you a lesson today! ” Zhong Yaoyao thought to herself contemptuously.

    Zhong Yaoyao felt she had fallen out of love with her BFF ever since Fang Qiong and Chen Fan reunited.

    “You again?”

    Chen Fan looked to one of the big guys and let out a half-smile.

    As soon as the person recognized Chen Fan, his face darkened.

    The man was Brother Zhang who Chen Fan had met at Qin Yang County. He didn’t expect to meet him again at Jin City almost a year later.

    Brother Zhang was about to collapse to the ground. He was told by his friends that they were going to scare off some college student, and therefore he didn’t even think that his junior teammates would even need his help. However, he didn’t know that the so-called college student was Chen Fan.

    Brother Zhang had witnessed with his own eyes as Chen Fan killed Linhu with three moves, that he had blocked a bullet with his own flesh, and killed Xin Zhong with one finger jab. Those memories still tormented him in the night, and he never thought that he would meet his nightmare again in real life.

    “Hey, kiddo, I have heard you are some kind of a fighter. Why don’t you try me?”

    One of the brawny men wearing a pair of blue jeans raised his fists and challenged Chen Fan.

    Zhong Yaoyao had many pursuers, and the man was one of them. His name was Xiao Long and he was one of the new members of the Sanshou team. He would be more than willing to show off his moves before the girl he liked.

    “Just so, Chen Fan, why don’t you come spar with Xiao Long?” Zhong Yaoyao lifted his chin and said with a smug smile. “If you don’t have what it takes to defeat Xiao Long, then you might as well stay away from Xiao Qiong, otherwise, I will ask Xiao Long to beat you up. ”

    “Hehe, how dare you to bother Yaoyao’s friend! I will break your leg…” Even as Xiao Long curled his lips into an ugly grin, he was dealt a blow at the back of his head.

    “Oh OUCH! Who hit me?” Xiao Long turned around and noticed that it was Brother Zhang. He asked with surprise: “Brother Zhang, why did you do that?”

    Brother Zhang was a senior member of the team and had won many awards. Therefore, he was much more respectable than Xiao Long.

    “Because you are an idiot!” Brother Zhang kicked Xiao Long and sent the latter flying.

    Under everyone’s confused stare, Brother Zhang rushed to Chen Fan and dropped both knees. He kowtowed and pleaded: “Master Chen! I apologize, please forgive us! Please!”

    “Brother Zhang, what the …?”

    Everyone was shocked by the turn of events.

    Chen Fan narrowed his eyes and then said: “This is the second time you tried to offend me.”

    Suddenly, Brother Zhang was drenched in sweat. He said with a trembling voice: “I am sorry! I am so sorry! I beg your forgiveness. My brother didn’t know it was you either.”

    “Hehe.” Chen Fan let out a faint smile and then looked to Xiao Long who had just managed to sit up. “What did you say? You want to break my leg?”

    “Master Chen! PLEASE!” Brother Zhang’s face paled as he let out a pleading cry.

    However, he was too late. He watched as Chen Fan’s body turned into a blurry shadow and disappeared. In a blink, it flashed into view right before Xiao Long and then he stamped his feet on Xiao Long’s leg.


    Xiao Long let out a saddening howl, and then he hugged his leg and rolled back and forth on the ground in agony. His thick and muscular leg was shattered. The terrifying sight drain life out of the other members’ faces.

    They didn’t even have time to tell how Chen Fan did that.

    “He is a badass, a total badass!”

    The fighters screamed in their minds. Following Brother Zhang’s lead, they kneeled down on the ground before Chen Fan, begging for forgiveness.

    “This is the second time, and also the last time. If it happens again, I will unscrew your head off your shoulder.” Chen Fan said calmly. Brother Zhang felt cold sweat slide down from his back. He knew that Chen Fan’s words were not empty threats. Killing a person was as easy as flicking a finger for Chen Fan.

    “Piss off now!”

    Brother Zhang and his teammates hurried out of the room while carrying Xiao Long, leaving Zhong Yaoyao alone with Chen Fan.

    Then and only then, the infamous Enchantress of the Jin City finally managed to gather herself. She squeezed out a placatory smile and said :

    “Chen Fan, It was just a joke.”

    “Joke, you said?” Chen Fan gave Zhong Yaoyao an icy glare. Suddenly, Zhong Yaoyao felt she was standing on a frozen tundra in the middle of January.

    “Can I tell a joke as well? I want to break your leg.” Chen Fan said with an eerily even voice.

    Zhong Yaoyao could no longer hold back the fear, and her legs finally gave in as she collapsed to the ground.