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Chapter 225 - Green Vine Club

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 225: Green Vine Club

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    “Xiao Fan, These are Song Zhe, Liu Daoyuan and Hua Zicheng.” Fang Qiong introduced.

    She only told Chen Fan their name but didn’t mention their background, fearing that information might give Chen Fan too much pressure. Everyone in that group were heirs of reputable households, born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Their upbringing instilled great ambition in them.

    “I am Chen Fan, Fang Qiong’s friend.” Chen Fan greeted the group with a nod.

    Song Zhe and the other young man looked to Chen Fan with a welcoming smile. However, Chen Fan was able to see through their fake masks and peer into the contempt and disdain in their eyes.

    “Junwen, who the heck is that dude?”

    Song Zhe asked curiously as soon as he was alone with Sheng Junwen in the car.

    Everyone knew that Shen Junwen had been trying to woo Fang Qiong for six years, but little did they expect to see a competitor. In addition, they also registered the strange affection in Fang Qiong’s eyes when she looked at Chen Fan.

    “He is Xiao Qiong’s childhood friend. They had promised each other to attend the Jin City University together when they were little.” Shen Junwen cracked a smile and said: “Don’t mind him; he is not worthy to be my opponent.”

    “True that! Who can compete with you?”

    Song Zhe nodded in agreement.

    Song Zhe was the oldest among his circle of friends and therefore he was the big brother of the group. He had been slowly taking over his dad’s business three years ago and by now, he had made it to the CEO’s seat, managing over thousands of employees. However, Song Zhe couldn’t help but feel afraid of this particular young brother before him.

    Shen Junwen’s ruthless methods and meticulousness in planning struck fear into Song Zhe’s heart. While talking to Shen Junwen, Song Zhe often had the illusion of talking to his father, a veteran businessman.

    It didn’t take long for the cars to arrive at the destination.

    The Green Vines club was nestled along the quiet shore of the Green Dragon Lake.

    It was surrounded by tall lush trees and a tall white wall that was covered with green vines. The path to the entrance was made out of pebbles. It led them to a red gate that was armored with golden studs at a few places. Two stone lion statues flanked the gate, along with a row of attractive girls in Qipao on each side. The visitors felt that time had frozen in here, and they were back in a time a hundred years ago.

    The owner of the club was an elegant looking girl wearing a cream colored dress. She pulled her hair back in a ponytail and was wearing a bead bracelet. It was difficult to tell the age of the woman from her appearance. Her features suggested she was only eighteen, however, she carried a mature and sultry air around her.

    “Sister Yifei, long time no see.”

    Zhong Yaoyao ran toward the woman and gave her a kittenish embrace.

    “I was dealing with some business at Wu Zhou, therefore I was late.” The woman cracked a smile as a few servant girls had brought out stools. This private club was elegantly decorated according to the aesthetic styles of the Tang Dynasty.

    A long and narrow tea table set at the middle of the room and a few refined servant girls kneeled behind the tall table. A few teacups and a teapot set on the table. They were so delicate looking that it was evident that they were made by master potters.

    From the decoration of the rooms to the overall demeanor of the servant girls, Chen Fan registered that the owner of the club was a woman of incredible power and prestige.

    The few elite heirs who could dominate the city followed the woman quietly as an employee would to their boss. Even Shen Junwen’s face looked fearful.

    This elegant looking woman was a legend among the elite class of the Jin City.

    She was Tang Yifei, the only child of Tang Yuanqin.

    Tang Yuanqin was a dominating figure of the Jiang Nan Province. The Tang family had deep roots in the Jin City; their connections and resources in the city were beyond anyone’s imagination. It was not an overstatement to say that the city was run by the Tang family.

    Despite the girl’s soft if not meek appearance, Shen Junwen and his friends knew that she was the one who had been handling most of the family business ever since Tang Yuanqin’s semi-retirement a few years ago.

    Since she represents the Tang family, she was the uncrowned queen of the Jiang Nan Province.

    After everyone settled in their seat, Tang Yifei started to prepare tea for the guests. Her pale skin seemed to glow under the sunlight, and even the white porcelain teacups couldn’t compare.

    “Supreme-grade White Hair Silver Needle Tea, steeped with the spring water from Hupao spring in a Jun ware teapot made in Jinde County. The flavor profile was rich and deep. This is sublime!” Shen Junwen raised his cup and smiled at it and then exclaimed.

    “Why of course! Sister Yifei made it. Even Qin Hua complimented her on her skills.” Zhong Yaoyao said with a smug smile.

    “Mr. Chen, please try some of the tea.” Tang Yifei picked up a cup and handed it to Chen Fan.

    “Thank you.” Chen Fan answered calmly and airily.

    It was as if he thought that the tea that was worth a hundred thousand a kilogram and prepared by Tang Yifei was not much of a big deal.

    Tang Yifei kept her smile, but surprise flashed across her eyes.

    As Fang Qiong’s friend, she knew that Fang Qiong was infatuated with a childhood friend. However, she always thought that her infatuation would eventually wear off when the reality set it. After all, most people tend to glorify the image of their first love.

    The boy was from a little county in Jiang Bei, it was unlikely that he would be as outstanding as Fang Qiong thought him to be.

    After meeting the boy in person, Tang Yifei started to doubt her previous conclusions. She had a keen eye for talent and power, and despite Chen Fan’s average looks, she had sensed something unique in the boy.

    “He is so… indifferent. He is either very confident or arrogant.”

    Tang Yifei wished that it was the former.

    “Could this Chen Fan be some kind of big deal?”

    Tang Yifei furrowed her brows for only a brief moment. They were in the Jin City, the Tang family’s territory, even the combined might of all the other tycoons in the city wouldn’t be able to challenge her, much less a young man.

    “Please help yourself, Mr. Chen.”

    Tang Yifei replied, and then started to chat with the others.

    It was evident that Tang Yifei was the center of the group. She was the oldest and the most powerful. Closely behind Tang Yifei influence wise was Shen Junwen and Fang Qiong. At a few times, Chen Fan registered a slight conflict between the alpha of the group and the new rising star, Shen Junwen.

    “The Policy for the Jin City development is going to be issued. Would Wu Zhou partake this time?”

    “Wu Zhou is too close to Zhong Hai, so I doubt it.”

    “I have heard that the federal is going to release a stimulus package for the real estate industry. One of my uncles worked in the government said…”

    As they prattled alone, Chen Fan noticed that their topics were much different than Chen Xu and his friends. They were not interested in sports cars or chicks, instead, their conversation focused on government policies.

    Hua Zicheng talked the most, and he seemed to have an opinion on each and every subject.

    Liu Daoyuan seldom spoke, but whatever he said always hit the spot.

    Song Zhe’s opinions were often much more practical than the other speakers.

    Fang Qiong and Shen Junwen listened for most of the time, but they were the ones that led the conversation. With only a few words, they could summarize one subject and channel the flow of the conversation to another topic. In addition, both of their views were very similar to each other: great minds think alike.

    Tang Yifei watched and kept her silence most of the time. However, from time to time, she would offer a few pieces of information that no one else knew about. Some of that information was classified and were not meant for publics’ ears.

    Chen Fan and Zhong Yaoyao were getting bored as the conversation went on.

    “Hey, how’s it going? Do you feel alienated yet?” Zhong Yaoyao came over to Chen Fan and asked mischievously. The smell of perfume wafted into Chen Fan’s nose.

    “No.” Chen Fan said lightly. “No one is perfect but no one is worthless either. They would have no idea what I am talking about once I showed them what I am good at.”

    “Some people are good at ball games, but some are good at power games. Those are very different games for very different kinds of people.” Zhong Yaoyao asked: “What kind of game are you good at?”

    “The kind with a fist.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    “Fist? Fighting?” Zhong Yaoyao paused a second and then she gave Chen Fan a disdainful look.

    With her upbringing, she would naturally look down on people who make a living by fighting. Even the most powerful warrior could only work as a tycoon’s bodyguard. However, it was a seemingly weak and fragile girl such as Tang Yifei who had real power in her hands. One decision from her would change the lives of thousands, that was a much greater power than what fist could offer.

    “If you like fighting, you can spar with some of my friends. If you can beat them, I might give you some reward.” Zhong Yaoyao closed into Chen Fan and whispered in Chen Fan’s ears.

    Chen Fan felt her breath against his cheek and her whispering voice was inviting and tempting.

    However, Chen Fan didn’t notice the mockery in her eyes.

    “Zhong Yaoyao!”

    Fang Qiong caught the intimate scene at the corner of her eyes. She turned around and shouted at Zhong Yaoyao hotly.

    “Haha! I am just asking him about the kind of embarrassing things you have done when you were a child. Don’t get riled up please.” Zhong Yaoyao cracked a smile and then gave Chen Fan a knowing look. She moved her mouth silently. “Don’t forget!”

    “What a goofy girl.” Chen Fan was amused.

    The conversation went on for a while and finally, people decided to leave.

    After they have arrived at the entrance to the university, Fang Qiong dragged Chen Fan to a quiet corner and asked after much hesitation.

    “It’s late now. Where are you staying? Do you want me to book a hotel for you?”

    “It’s Ok. I am going back to my dorm.” Chen Fan pointed toward the Business School with a smile. “I am a student there. Although I can’t get into Jin City University, I am close enough to see you every day.”

    “Really?” Fang Qiong’s eyes lit up from the pleasant surprise.

    “The dorm is about to close, you should head back now. We will catch up later.” Chen Fan cracked a smile and walked the girl to the dorm. After they said goodnight to each other, Fang Qiong walked into the dorm reluctantly.

    Many people on campus had witnessed their interactions.

    The next day, news spread across the Jin City University: Goddess Fang Qiong has a boyfriend!