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Chapter 223 - Chen Xiao’s Warning

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 223: Chen Xiao’s Warning

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    After Chen Xu was gone, Pan Li’s demeanor toward Chen Fan suddenly improved as she poured her attention on him. Chen Fan ignored her insistent persuasion to drink up, instead, he took only small sips of wine from his cup. He also noticed Pan Li’s flirtatious gaze that was locked on his face.

    Pan Li had always been a small ball of sexually charged fire. She let her sexual charm loose to attract the attention of Chen Fan, however, she ended up only arousing Qiu Yilun.

    A hint of displeasure flickered in Zhou Qinya’s eyes. Although she didn’t take Chen Fan too seriously, she was curious about Chen Fan’s background. Despite coming from a prestigious family, Chen Fan acted as if he was an ordinary person. They had hung out together for a few weeks and not until then did they realize his unusual family background.

    “Boss, I will drink up my wine as an apology. I was wrong”

    Qiu Yilun lifted the wine cup, looking embarrassed. Before Chen Fan could offer an answer, he poured the contents in his cup down his throat. Under Qian Lulu’s influence, he was very close to drawing a line with Chen Fan and siding with Chen Xu. After all, he had thought Chen Fan was just an ordinary college student while Chen Xu was one of the heirs of an influential family.

    “No worries. No harm is done.”

    Chen Fan drunk up for the first time. He knew Qiu Yilun very well. Although his personality was flawed with many shortfalls such as his promiscuity and arrogance, he was extremely loyal to his friends. In that respect, his girlfriend, Qian Lulu couldn’t compare.

    Qian Lulu also looked embarrassed.

    Qi Wangsun remained as calm as before, however, a sharp light flashed in his eyes from time to time as he fixed his gaze on Chen Fan.

    “So is it true that Fang Qiong is your girlfriend?” Zhou Qinya asked abruptly.

    The question caught everyone’s attention. They paused and looked to Chen Fan. Pan Li tightened her face and waited expectantly.

    “Of course.” Chen Fan shrugged.

    “Fang Qiong had been famous when she was only in high school. Many heirs of elite families line up to woo her.” Zhou Qinya stared at Chen Fna knowingly as she smiled lightly.

    “You guys might not know this. Ever since she was in high school, she has a spot in her father’s office and participated in her father’s business meetings. She went to school during the day and helped her father run his company in the night. Rumor had it that by then, she was practically involved in every operation of the company. Her father Fang Mingde had given her part of his authority and is going to let her be in charge of their new makeup company.”

    “Really?” Everyone was impressed.

    This information only circulated among the elites of Jin City. An average Joe might not even know who Fang Qiong was.

    The thought that Fang Qiong was already going to run a company while they wasted their lives away in bars and clubs made the college students lament how far they had fallen behind.

    “Therefore, most of her pursuers were from the top families such as the son of the owner of the Wan Rong Group, Shen Junwen. He was her good friend and classmate for many years. Son of Qin Hua, Qin Wenjun was also on the list.” Zhou Qinya looked to Chen Fan thoughtfully.

    “I have heard that Fang Qiong’s National University Entrance Exam grade was on the top ten list in the province. She could have gone to Huaqin University or Yan Jin University, however, she insisted on staying in Jin City University. Rumor had it that she did so because she is waiting for someone. Is it you who she is waiting for?”

    Chen Fan remained calm under everyone’s surprised glare. He took a sip of wine and suddenly, sorrow and wistfulness start to flicker in his eyes.

    In his last life, Fang Qiong had waited for him for six long years but in the end, he could only get into the Business School at the Jin City University. Although he still failed to attend the Jin City University with Fang Qiong in this lifetime, he was with her under a different persona.

    “So you guys are childhood crushes and made a promise to each other to attend the same university! Wow! that’s romantic.” Qiu Yilun exclaimed

    “Humph! Power and knowledge are useless for women. The top priority of us woman is to find a good man. Not everyone can stomach a strident strong woman.”

    Qi Wangsun’s hands shook a little after he heard the remark.

    He remembered his girlfriend who he had run away from. She was attractive and talented, but he couldn’t stand her strong and stubborn personality. In the end, their conflict drove him to run away far from her to this university in Southern China. His gaze landed on Liu Xiaojin and her innocent and kittenish appearance. It suddenly seemed much more appealing to him than before.

    Chen Fan kept his silence and didn’t say a thing,

    Pan Li was just an average mortal and she would never understand the thought had gone through him and the five hundred years’ suffering. She was his destiny. He loved Fang Qiong in his past life, and so would he this time around.

    “What the hell, who cares. let’s keep drinking!”

    Qian Lulu finally broke the awkward silence.

    After a while, the party was over. Qi Wangsun unprecedentedly invited Liu Xiaojin for a walk outside. Liu Xiaojin was elated by the turn of the events; her insistent effort had finally paid off.

    Qiu Yilun gave the rest of the girls a ride home, leaving Chen Fan alone with Zhou Qinya.

    “Do you want to head home now or you are in the mood for another one?”

    Zhou Qinya’s lips curled into an alluring smile. She rarely smiled, but when she did, it was breath-taking.

    The more time she spent with Chen Fan, the less she understood him. In her mind, Chen Fan had transformed from an average joe to not only a direct descendant of the Chen family but also Fang Qiong’s childhood crush.

    Zhou Qinya had met Fang Qiong once, and she conceded that although Fang Qiong was not much prettier than herself, Fang Qiong’s graceful demeanor and breadth of knowledge was what completed her image as the perfect girl. Zhou Qinya wondered what would make a perfect girl fall for Chen Fan.

    “It’s fine. I will have to leave now by myself.”

    Chen Fan said lightly as he made his way toward a black Mercedes-Benz parked at the entrance.

    Zhou Qinya saw a young man taking a drag in the black car. She immediately recognized the young man by his signature cold and gloomy look.

    “Chen Xiao?”

    In Zhou Qinya’s mind, Chen Xiao was a legend. He rose to power in the Jin City before he even reached thirty and he owned over a few hundred million assets. He was extremely well connected and influential. Zhou Qinya wagered if she could achieve half of what Chen Xiao did in her entire life.

    “Chen Xiao came to pick him up? I think Chen Fan is more important to the Chen family than I thought.”

    With great surprise and shock, Zhou Qinya got into her car and drove away.

    Chen Fan linked his hands behind him and walked over to Chen Xiao. Seeing him approaching, Chen Xiao snuffed the cigarette and smiled at Chen Fan.

    “Well, should I call you Chen Fan or Master Chen?”

    The meeting was rich for those who knew the power dynamic between the two. Chen Xiao was Chen Fan’s cousin, but he was also the right-hand man of Master Chen’s biggest rival in Jiang Nan province: Tang Yuanqin.

    A great man could not brook a rival, so everyone knew that the two would one day clash.

    “Just call me Chen Fan.”

    Chen Fan said lightly.

    Even when he was much weaker, he never took Tang Yuanqin seriously, much less after he had proven himself to be the most powerful Grandmasters in China. That title alone should have brought Tang Yuanqin onto his knees.

    “You shouldn’t have come to Jin City.” Chen Xiao shook his head and said: “Boss Tang is a decisive man. If he learned that his rival is on his turf, he would spare no expense to kill you. Once you are dead, the tycoons in Jiang Bei would be rudderless and easy to handle.”

    “Oh? I didn’t know Tang Yuanqin is that ambitious.” Chen Fan was lighthearted by the remark.

    “Don’t you underestimate Boss Tang.” Chen Xiao furrowed his brows “His ability and resources are way beyond your imagination.”

    “If that’s the case, why don’t you bring me to Tang Yuanqin? Is it because we are related?” Chen Fan asked calmly.

    Chen Xiao was quiet for a while, and then answered:

    “I know you dominated Jiang Bei using only your personal fighting strength, but not because you are smart. I know the likes of you, the so-called Internal Force users. I am not so dumb as to fight you alone barehanded.”

    “BUT!” His face contorted as his voice suddenly turned cold and sharp. “However powerful you are, can you defend yourself against guns? I have seen an Internal Force user killed by guns before. So I say it again, Boss Tang will find you and kill you if you don’t leave now.”

    “Ah… It seems that Tang Yuanqin has forgotten to tell you who I really am.” Chen Fan looked to Chen Xiao with an eerie grin.

    “Who you really are?” Chen Xiao was confused.

    “Ah.. never mind. I wager that if he knew who I am, he must have told you. I think not even he knows the truth yet.” Chen Fan pondered for a second and then let out a smile. “I think Tang Yuanqin has grown content and disconnected himself with the outside world. Otherwise, he must have learned who I am, and what I have done.”

    Most Martial Artists knew only the name of Chen Beixuan and only a few knew Chen Beixuan and Master Chen of Jiang Bei were the same person. The thought that Tang Yuanqin was not aware of that amused Chen Fan.

    “I have no idea what you are talking about. I just want you to know that you should leave the city and don’t let me see you again.” Chen Xiao snorted and then got into his car. He rolled down the window and added.

    “I hope you don’t think that your backers in the military could help you. Boss Tang had been in the seat of power much longer than you, and his supporters are much more powerful than you think.”

    “For the sake of our kinship, this is a warning. However, the next time we see each other, I will not let you get away so easily.”

    Then, he revved up the engine and drove away.

    As the Mercedes-Benz passed Chen Fan, he could see an alluring image of a naked girl in the backseat of the car.

    “Bon Appétit, cousin.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and smiled. Then he turned around and started way.

    He didn’t care about Chen Xiao’s warning. He was way out of Tang Yuanqin’s league and anyone who wished to do him harm would have to mobilize a large army equipped with the most powerful weapons.

    “Humm… Zhou Qinya was right. I think it’s about time to meet Xiao Qiong and give the boys around her a stern warning.”

    He stood under a wash of street light which cast a long and stretchy shadow on the ground as he looked into the distance wistfully.