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Chapter 222 - Too Scared To Stand Up

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 222: Too Scared To Stand Up

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    “Is that Brother Xu you are talking about Chen Xu?”

    Even as Zhou Qinya was about to give up, she heard a calm voice came up beside her.

    “Do you know Brother Xu?” Loong Fei was taken aback.

    “It had only been half a year and Chen Xu is already getting worse!” Chen Fan shook his head and said: “I thought he would learn his lesson, but he is still the same!”

    “Hey asshole, watch your mouth.” Loong Fei narrowed his eyes and gave Chen Fan a cold glare.

    Zhou Qinya was taken aback by Chen Fan’s reaction. He knew that although Chen Xu was still a long shot from the top of the elite class in Jin City, he was still much more powerful and influential than the likes of Chen Fan.

    Pan Li and the other college students were stunned by the development.

    Qi Wangsun’s eyes glinted as he looked to Chen Fan thoughtfully.

    “Brother Loong, what brings you here?” Qiu Yilun and Qian Lulu finally returned to the group and seeing the tense situation, he hurried to Brother Loong and said: “He is my classmate, please forgive him if he said anything rude.”

    “Ah… It’s you, Xiao Qiu.” Loong Fei looked up and saw the awkward and fearful smile on Qiu Yilun’s face. He said: “Your classmate has balls. He just dissed Brother Xu.”

    “Brother Xu?”

    Qiu Yilun’s face turned dark.

    Although he was a newcomer in the Jin City, he had already got acquainted if not befriended most of the heirs of elite families in Jin City. Therefore, he knew who Chen Xu was and how powerful he was.

    As the CEO of the Chens Group, Chen Zhenxin father lacked any talent to boast about. However, the Chens Group had been making tailwinds lately and had acquired many multi-billion dollar assets. Chen Zhenxin was also promoted at work and adding Chen Xiao’s increasing influence, the Chen family had significantly boosted their capabilities and became more deserving of the name “Chen Family of the Jin City.” Everyone knew that the Chen family had the backing of the military, and no one in their right mind would mess with them.

    Chen Xu’s prestige surged as his family exerted more influence in the city. He quickly became the leader of his group that consisted heirs of above-average families.

    “Brother Loong, do me a favor please, don’t tell Brother Xu about it.” Qiu Yilun managed a smile.

    “Hehe, do you a favor?” Loong Fei’s lips curled in a smile. “Fine. Xiao Qiu, I will give you a second chance considering you and your friends are new here. But I want you to know that it will only take Brother Xu a word to get rid of you all from this city.”

    “Be careful about who you call friends as well. Sometimes you have to learn to distance yourself from some people for your own good.”

    Loong Fei left after let out a cold laugh, leaving Qiu Yilun to take in his condescending remarks.

    “It’s over, Xiao Qiu. Next time, you don’t have to stand up for your friends you have just met, you know. Brother Xu is not someone you want to mess with.” Qian Lulu whispered in her boyfriend’s ears.

    Qiu Yilun had just taken her to greet Chen Xu and she was still deeply in awe with what she saw.

    Compared to the small businessmen she had met before, Chen Xu and his friends were much more powerful than them. Every one of them was connected to huge wealth that was over a few hundred million. Although none of them controlled that wealth just yet, their combined resourcefulness and influence was incredible.

    Qiu Yilun was not sure what to make of his girlfriend’s comment. She was right that he had to think for himself, but he also felt the need to protect his friends.

    “Chen Fan, you need to think before you open your mouth. Chen Xu is not someone we want to mess with.” Zhou Qinya said with furrowed brows. “I really have no idea where you have found your confidence. You could think little of Chen Xu, but did you know how powerful his brothers, Chen An, and Chen Xiao are? One of them even worked closely with Tang Yuanqin. They are way out of our league.”

    “Oh, really?”

    Chen Fan replied lightly and kept on sipping his wine as if nothing had happened. His nonchalance didn’t sit well with his friends, including Qiu Yilun.

    Zhou Qinya shook her head and took out her cell phone. She wondered if she needed to call her new boyfriend for help.

    They had just started seeing each other and she had decided to take things slowly this time. He was too good to allow a screw-up. It was her dream to marry into a super-rich family and this was her best chance so far. If she let her new boyfriend know that she got into trouble in a club, she might have shattered her carefully maintained image before him.

    “Boss, you are making this very difficult for me.” Qiu Yilun heaved a sigh and then said. “I have heard of Tang Yuanqin even when I was in Lin City, and Chen Xu was the brother of one of Tang Yuanqin’s underbosses.”

    “I am not worried for myself since I wager Chen Xu wouldn’t do anything to me. But if Chen Xu had his eyes set on you, I wouldn’t know how I could help you with the limited resources I have.” Qiu Yilun said in a deep voice. “Boss, listen to me just once ok? Go and apologize to Brother Xu. Rich heirs such as Chen Xu loves people saying a good thing about him. I am sure he would let the matter rest if you say sorry to him personally.”

    “You want me to apologize to Chen Xu?”

    Chen Fan rolled his eyes and shook his head lightheartedly. “If I do that, it might scare him so much that he would collapse to the ground.”

    Chen Fan was telling the truth. His position in the Chen family was even higher than Chen Huaian. He could have fired Chen Xu’s father from his CEO position with a single word. If he mentioned what happened today at the family meeting, Chen Xu would be grounded for months. Of course, Chen Xu would be afraid of him.

    “This guys is insane.”

    Pan Li and others looked to Chen Fan as if looking at an idiot.

    Qi Wangsun straightened his glasses on his nose and murmured. “Chen Xu, Chen Xiao, Chen Fan… Could they be from the same family? That should explain why he was not afraid of Chen Xu at all as well as his purported relationship with Fang Qiong. ”

    “Who said that I would be scared?” A loud voice came up from the other side of the room.

    “ha, it’s you, Brother Xu! ” Qiu Yilun’s face paled as he hurried to greet the speaker.

    Zhou Qinya furrowed her brows and heaved a sigh. She rose to her feet and followed Qiu Yilun.

    Surrounded by Loong Fei, a young man with a solemn face walked over towards their table. He was Chen Fan’s cousin, Chen Xu.

    Chen Xu was in a bad mood of late. He had been hanging out in Jin City for half a year and suddenly got the news that his freak cousin is going to attend the same university as him. His parents reminded him to behave himself and focus his attention on studying.

    Indeed, in the eyes of Chen Xu, his cousin was a freak.

    Only a freak was able to unleash a Blade Qi from his fingertips and cut open a heavy oak table; only a freak could have reached the level of achievement as high as that of Shen Junwen; only a freak could have bent the knees of all tycoons in Jiang Bei at the age of sixteen.

    “He must be possessed by some kind of demon.” Chen Xu thought to himself.

    The thought of Chen Fan and his indifferent face still gave Chen Xu the shivers. The incident happened half a year ago was still vivid in his mind.

    “Hey, prick! Do you say anything about me? You … you….” Chen Xu walked over to Chen Fan and slammed the table as he shouted. However, as soon as he caught a glimpse of Chen Fan’s face, he was frozen in his tracks and words got caught in his throat.

    “Brother Xu, my friend didn’t mean to offend you. Please don’t mind him.” Qiu Yilun heaped smiles on his face and as he gave Chen Fan a glance, willing him to apologize. “Apologize … now…”

    Qian Lulu thought Chen Fan was going to lower his head and say sorry, however, to their surprise, they watched as Chen Xu dropped his knees and collapsed to the ground.

    “Brother Xu, what are you doing?”

    Loong Fei was taken aback and he hurried to help the young man to his feet.

    “Why are you so afraid of me?”

    Chen Fan furrowed brows. He knew he wouldn’t harm his own blood kin.

    “Xiao Fan… oh no.. I mean Brother Fan. I am sorry!” Chen Xu struggled to his feet, shaking like a frightened bird. He had completely forgotten that Chen Fan was actually younger than him, and called him “Brother Fan” as if he were his elder.

    Everyone was shocked by the development.

    What was happening? Why would Chen Xu suddenly shrink like a deflated balloon before Chen Fan?

    “Brother Xu?”

    Qiu Yilun’s smile froze on his face as he was dumbfounded by the development.

    Zhou Qinya stared at Chen Fan surprisedly. Could it be that this young man of mediocrity was actually a powerful heir?

    Qian Lulu and her friends were also confused by the turn of the event.

    “You are a member of the Chen family, so please act with some decency to honor our family name. Don’t let grandpa down again.” Chen Fan said lightly. “Don’t let me hear about you again, otherwise, I will cut off your allowance so you will never get a penny from our family.”

    “Yes, yes! Brother Fan. I got it!” Chen Fan nodded vigorously.

    “Go now.” Chen Fan waved a dismissal.

    Chen Xu and his entourage turned around and started off. Seeing the way their leader acted before the young man, no one dared to speak up against Chen Fan.

    After Chen Xu was gone, Pan Li asked incredulously.

    “Chen Fan, who the heck are you? How are you able to handle that?”

    “No kidding, Boss! He is Chen Xiao’s younger brother. How did you scare him away?” Qiu Yilun asked with complicated emotions.

    Chen Fan kept his silence and didn’t reply.

    “If my guess is right. You must be from the Chen Family as well. I wager you are Chen Xu’s younger brother? Is Chen Zhenxin your father? Or is it Chen Qiuxin?” Zhou Qinya asked abruptly. “Although Chen Xu was not the favorite child of his family, he is of the direct line of descent. You can’t be a nobody in the Chen Family to scare him like that.”

    “You are right, I am from the Chen family.”

    Chen Fan replied lightly. “And as for why Chen Xu is scared of me, that is only because of the strict family rules. If I tell on him before the family leaders, he would be in big trouble.”

    “AH-I see!”

    Realization suddenly dawned upon everyone.

    Everyone’s eyes were filled with admiration as they looked at Chen Fan.

    He was the heir of the Chen family of Jin City! Chen family had suddenly risen to power half a year ago and by then, its power was on par with some of the oldest families in the city. Pan Li’s eyes glinted as she realized that Chen Fan was a diamond in the rough.

    “I can’t pass up this opportunity!”

    Pan Li told herself.

    Zhou Qinya lowered her head as she wagered that despite Chen Fan’s background, his power was a far cry compared to her new boyfriend.