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Chapter 220 - Rise To Fame At Jin City University

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 220: Rise To Fame At Jin City University

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    “How is this possible?”

    Instructor Du stared at the blooming narcissus flower stupidly. Disbelief was brimming in his eyes.

    The more one learned about biology, the more they would be stunned by the development. An ordinary person would brush it off as some kind of magic trick and an uneducated country hillbilly might have thought it was a miracle performed by god. However, the scientists knew this was neither magic nor a divine intervention.

    It was possible to let a Narcissus flower bloom outside of its natural blooming season by controlling many factors such as temperature, water quality, etc. However, reviving a dead plant and letting the flower bloom was entirely a different story.

    “The core of the Biology study was life. However, you knew nothing about life.”

    Chen Fan said as he locked his gaze on Instructor Du. Seeing Instructor Du had been rendered speechless, he scanned the room and asked: “Who else has any questions?”

    A silence fell over the room as everyone was shocked by the development.

    Not even the wildest breakthrough theory they had read on scientific journals could compare to the stunning effect of what was happening before their eyes.

    “Well, I will continue the class if there are no other questions.”

    As Chen Fan carried on, more people started to understand the basic concept that Chen Fan was getting at. What Chen Fan was teaching was a branch of modern biology. The subjects perfected blended the modern biology and that of post-modern and Chen Fan delivered with easy-to-understand language. Although the scope of the class was within the broad umbrella of biology, the depth and breadth of the topic was substantially larger than the topics of current biology research.

    Even those old professors who had been about to leave the classroom came back to their seats and listened to Chen Fan’s teaching like devoted pupils.

    “Ah-Ha! That’s why my gene editing experiments failed so many times!”

    “No, no, no… This part is the exact opposite of what Mario Capecchi proposed.”

    “His theory is at least a few decades ahead of our current understanding of biology. No one ever conducted any experiments to prove his theory yet.”

    The old professors listened attentively. Some were smiling, some furrowed their brows and some was so stunned that they could only stare.

    The other instructors and students alike were all rendered speechless.

    “Professor Chen really is an expert in biology!”

    “Indeed! I had thought he was a fraud. Little did I know that not only did he have tremendous experience in the field of biology, but also was extremely ingenious in his theories.”

    “By the way, what was in that bottle of water anyways? How could it bring a dead plant back to life so quickly?”

    Xue Jiao looked to Chen Fan in surprise. She had lost all of her hope and confidence in Chen Fan, however, Chen Fan was able to turn the tables and transform into a biology expert as easy as Clark Kent pulling off his shirt.

    As she watched Chen Fan’s scintillating speech at the podium, she found it hard to make the connection between a man of such a young age with a well learned and reputable biology expert.

    Han Dongyu had walked back to his seat and locked his gaze on Chen Fan. This was the first time in a long time that he felt his being threatened. He conceded that Chen Fan’s knowledge in biology had far exceeded his. However, the presence of a strong foe only ignited his will to fight.

    “I will not be subjugated by him, not for Xue Jiao, but for my own honor”

    Thus it was, Chen Beixuan knew nothing of modern biology, however, he knew a lot about postmodern biology. As the North Mystic Celestial Lord, he had traveled the universe for five hundred years and discovered many highly developed civilizations. Some of them had achieved an incredible level of development in biology and they leveraged their knowledge in biology to create powerful biological weapons that could rival a cultivator.

    One civilization, in particular, found out a way to mass-produce Perfected Immortals of Dao Reunion level. However, before they could do that, the civilization was annihilated by the combined might of a few perfected immortal cultivators.

    Chen Fan had stayed on that planet for a few years and was exposed to their advanced stage biology. Therefore, In his eyes, the biology on earth was unrefined and rudimentary.

    “If I didn’t need the university’s special equipment to create the Catalyst Essence Serum, I would never need to go through the trouble of pretending to be a visiting professor”

    Chen Fan lamented in his mind.

    By then, Zhong Yaoyao’s eyes had turned into hearts and began to drool.

    “OMG! Xiao Qiong, I think I am in love.”

    “Aren’t you always?” Fang Qiong flung back at her.

    She had suspected that the young professor was the same stranger that greeted her half a year ago. The young professor’s performance of a miracle had confirmed her suspicion.

    By the end of the class, not only was the classroom packed with students, but also outside of the classroom, in the hallway. Many students and teachers got the message from their friends and flocked to Chen Fan’s class. Right before Chen Fan was about to dismiss the class, Instructor Du finally asked again.

    “Professor Chen, how exactly did you bring the narcissus flower back to life?”

    “Ah-right, Professor Chen, please tell us, we have been wondering too!”

    Many students pleaded while the other professors waited expectantly. Everyone was not only shocked by Chen Fan’s progressive theories in biology but also the incredible experiment he had performed earlier. After all, not just any biology expert could revive a dead plant.

    “Have you heard of the Yun Wu Spirit Water?” Chen Fan asked the people around him.

    “Yun Wu Spirit Water?”

    Most people looked at each other confusedly. However, the name rang a bell in the minds of those students that came from well-off families. The biology professors also furrowed their brows. They had heard of such water but never had the chance of getting their hands on it due to its outrageous price.

    “You mean the water that was worth a hundred thousand yuan a bottle?” Someone asked.

    “What? What kind of bottled water is that?” The crowd boiled over.

    Even the most expensive bottle water was about ten yuan or so a bottle. A hundred thousand a bottle was an outright robbery.

    “A bunch of hillbillies!” Zhong Yaoyao snorted. “The Yun Wu Spirit Water was spring water of magical properties from the Yun Wu Mountain near Chu Zhou City. It purported to strengthen one’s body, recharge energy and cure all ailments. Long term consumption of such water could significantly improve one’s immune system. In addition, it can also smooth one’s skin and revive the dry and grey hairs, improving one’s overall appearance. Due to its magical property, it is highly sought after and had been a public secret among the top tycoons in China, but most ordinary people would have never heard of it.”

    Hearing the girl calling them ordinary, many students furrowed their brows and gave Zhong Yaoyao a hot glance. However, after seeing Zhong Yaoyao’s cute and innocent face, their anger suddenly evaporated.

    “Brother Chen, is that the Yun Wu Spirit Water in your bottle?” Zhong Yaoyao batted her lashes and asked Chen Fan in a kittenish voice.

    “Yes and no.” Chen Fan didn’t even spare Zhong Yaoyao a glance. “Normal Yun Wu Spirit Water would not have revived a dead plant. I have concentrated the medicine substance in one hundred bottles of Yun Wu Spirit Water into this one bottle.”

    “A hundred bottle of Yun Wu Spirit Water?” Everyone could only stare at Chen Fan’s claim.

    Just one bottle of Yun Wu Spirit Water could cost over a hundred thousand, a hundred bottles would cost over ten million.

    That meant Chen Fan had just wasted ten million yuan to save the life of a narcissus flower! That much money could buy him three Ferraris or ten houses!

    If this was not a display of his wealth, Zhong Yaoyao had no idea what else could have been.

    He was tall, handsome, charming, knowledgeable, and most importantly of all, rich!

    Suddenly, Chen Fan had become the Prince Charming in the eyes of most female students. Zhong Yaoyao’s eyes lit up with hope and eagerness.

    “The method of refining the water is very complicated and required rare ingredients, therefore, I can not mass produce these concentrations just yet.” Chen Fan shook his head.

    “The class is over.” Chen Fan made a dismissive gesture and then walked toward the exit. Then he turned around and announced.

    “ah-I forgot to mention. I am the inventor of the Spirit Water, and I am going to build a lab in the Jin City University to continue my research on mass-producing the water. Any student who is interested in biology and Yun Wu Spirit Water can hand in your application to my assistant.”

    After he made the announcement, he sauntered out of the room.

    At first, the classroom was pin-drop quiet as no one spoke a word, and then the crowd suddenly boiled over.

    “What did Professor Chen say? He invented the Spirit Water?”

    “Is that for real? Just one bottle of spirit water is worth over a hundred thousand, how much money does he have? A Hundred billion.”

    “He would make over a hundred billion a year just from selling the spirit water.”

    Many students talked to each other excitedly, no one regretted attending this class.

    However, many professors and leaders of the university were more shocked by the development than the students were.

    “So Professor Chen was the inventor of the Spirit Water. No wonder he could become a visiting professor at such a young age.”

    “Just so! Professor Chen’s progressive and ingenious theories is indeed an inspiring eye-opener. Our research subjects simply couldn’t compare”

    “Professor Chen wanted to build a lab in Jin City University to further research the Yun Wu Spirit Water. Are you guys going to apply to work in his lab?”

    Everyone knew that if the Yun Wu Spirit Water was really as effective as it claimed to be, working in Chen Fan’s lab was an opportunity of a lifetime for them to get involved in world-changing research projects.

    If the Yun Wu Spirit Water could be mass-produced so that everyone could enjoy its benefits, their work would not only be remembered by China but also all the other counties in the world. It was going to change the world.

    Its importance was no less than the invention of the steam engine or electricity. Anyone involved in the research would be commemorated in the science hall of fame. Therefore, this was an opportunity that the researches couldn’t pass up.

    “He had invented the Yun Wu Spirit Water?”

    Han Dongyu’s face paled.

    He had never thought that his battle against the newcomer had ended so swiftly. Compared to the Yun Wu Spirit Water, his research projects were child’s play.

    “Professor Chen, wait!”

    The managers of the university rushed out of the room, trying to catch up with Chen Fan. Despite their huge bellies and short legs, they ran at incredible speeds. They had never thought that the researcher air-dropped by the military could turn out to be a diamond in the rough.

    “It’s the Yun Wu Spirit Water! Even if we failed to mass-produce it, the lab could surely push the fame of Jin City University to new heights. By then, Jin City University might even be able to replace the Huaqin University and Yan Jin University as the most prestigious university in China. the financial prowess of Professor Chen was able to create a world-class lab for the university, and that alone was an opportunity they couldn’t overlook.

    The director of the university felt he had stuck gold and good fortune had fallen right into his lap.

    By now, countless students and teachers rushed toward Xue Jiao to apply for a position in the lab.

    “Easy, easy!. Let’s do it one at a time. Please fill in your name and faculty first!”

    Xue Jiao shouted as she felt annoyed and happy at the same time.

    “He is such a mysterious man”

    Zhong Yaoyao said infatuated.

    Meanwhile, Fang Qiong sat quietly as light flickered in her eyes.

    On that day, the name of Chen Beixuan was heard across the Jin City University. Everyone knew that there was a young and handsome visiting professor at the biology department and he was not only extremely knowledgeable but also rich.