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Chapter 217 - Chen Huaian’s Pride

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 217: Chen Huaian’s Pride

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    Thus it was, Chen Fan’s university life started with mundane classes.

    Due to the extreme hot weather, the military drills that was meant to instill discipline into the freshmen had to be pushed back for a few months.

    Qiu Yilun and Qian Lulu quickly started to see each other. Zhang Mu was also encouraged by his roommates and got Pan Li’s phone number. He mustered all the courage he had and sent a message to Pan Li. However, he never got a reply. Qiu Yilun, on the other hand, gave himself a loaded term. He attended four subjects in the same semester: English, Math, Accounting, and Statistics.

    Everyone was curious as to why such a studious guy would end up coming to the Business School?

    Qi Wangsun straightened his glasses on his nose and said: “I got full marks on my math and english, but only got twenty percent on my Chinese.”

    Although no one was sure what to make of the revelation, it confirmed their suspicion that Qi Wangsun was an erratic genius. After some poking around, the boys learned that Qi Wangsun had always been considered a prodigy in math and english. He had passed the highest level of english tests when he was in high school. Before his marks in the National University Entrance Exam were out, numerous high ranking universities had called him, including one of the top three universities in China: Zhong Hai University.

    However, Qi Wangsun didn’t pick any one of those universities and came to the ordinary Business School at the Jin City University. He often explained to others about his decision, saying that since the Business School was right next to the Jin City University campus, he only has to walk over to attend any class he wanted to. Plus, the university library was his favorite. , Liu Xiaojin quickly fell for Qi Wangsun’s, unique and enigmatic character, she met up with him every day at the library despite frequent cold shoulders from the boy.

    Meanwhile, no one knew where Chen Fan was during the day. He left the dorm early in the morning and wouldn’t return until late in the night.

    “I have investigated the area in and around the Jin City, and noticed only a couple spots suitable for casting the Spirit Gathering Array.”

    Chen Fan stood at the top of a skyscraper and looked down on the colorful and bustling city.

    Before him was a large lake that took up half of the Jin City. This lake was called Green Dragon Lake and it was long and narrow, circling the city like a Green Dragon. The East Mountain rose where the long lake started, looking like the pearl inside the mouth of the green dragon.

    “This configuration is what makes Feng Shui at the East Mountain so great. The lake was charged with Spirit Qi sprouting out from the mouth of the Green Dragon. What a marvelous land for cultivation!” Chen Fan exclaimed.

    The East Mountain Villas were the top real estate development in Jin City. A normal house would cost up to ten million, and the better ones would cost over a few hundred million. It was home to many rich and powerful men and women, including Chen An’s grandpa, Chen Huaian.

    “I haven’t seen grandpa yet after I returned. I need to make time to attend to his illness.” Chen Fan thought to himself.

    Although he still hasn’t created the Essence Enhancing Pill, the Yi Wood Spirit Qi was not any less effective in curing ailments and strengthening one’s body. What it lacked were the abilities to prolong one’s life.

    “I think I should set up my operation inside the East Mountain. There is a swatch of good land there.” After comparison, Chen Fan decided to settle on the East Mountain. There was a swatch of clearing tucked away deep in the mountains that were perfect for cultivating herbs. It was far from the noises in the city and the mountains also made it easy to cast arrays.

    After Chen Fan had chosen his spot, he went back to the family estate in the East Mountain Villas.

    “Xiao Fan, why didn’t you tell me ahead of time that you were coming back?” Chen Huaian’s face was lit up with joy when he saw Chen Fan.

    Chen Fan was the true dragon in the Chen family. Ever since Qin Hua had witnessed what had happened half a year ago, his attitude toward the Chen family improved significantly. By then, he had already become a frequent visitor of his former boss. In addition, Chen Zhenxin was also promoted at work and all in all, the fame of the Chen family was surging.

    Chen Huaian knew that Chen Fan was who had brought all these changes to the family.

    He still remembered the stunning sight on that day when countless powerful men came to pay tribute to Chen Fan. Afterward, the old man learned that Chen Fan, his grandson was the famous Master Chen, the kingpin of Jiang Bei region. He controlled a multi-billion dollar industry that revolved around the Yun Wu Spirit Water.

    Chen Huaian consumed one cup of Yun Wu Spirit Water every morning, noon and evening. After he had supplemented the Spirit Water with Essence Enhancing Pill and Arcane Pills, he felt his terminal ailment has been improved significantly. Other members of the family also got to try the precious Spirit Water from time to time.

    “Grandpa, how are you feeling?”

    Chen Fan’s question served only as a greeting since he had already scanned his grandfather’s body with Divine Will and noticed that cancer and already stopped spreading. He wagered that it would take another decade for the cancer to be completely eradicated.

    “I am doing well. I drink the Spirit Water and Spirit Pills just like you told me and now I can hang out with my old friends all day long without worrying about my sickness.” Chen Huaian let out a peal of laughter.

    The sight of his precious grandson lightened his mood significantly. He was tremendously proud of Chen Fan.

    “I came here to cure you. I will remove the illness from your body completely.” Chen Fan said.

    “Thank you! Good! GOOD!” Chen Huaian nodded, he was too excited to say anything else.

    “AH- look who is here! Xiao Fan, do you want Grandma to cook some food for you or lunch?” Chen Fan’s grandma walked into the room and said with an unctuous smile.

    She didn’t like Chen Fan because of his mother, however, after knowing how powerful and influential her grandson was, the old granny’s attitude toward Chen Fan took a one hundred and eighty-degree turn.

    “Thank you, grandma.” Chen Fan nodded.

    The grandpa and grandson pair set up a small dining table in the courtyard and Chen Huaian even brought out a fifty-year-old Maotai to celebrate his grandson’s visit.

    “Xiao Fan, Gexin told me that you were absent at school ever since the new year?” Chen Huaian put down the wine cup and asked caringly.

    “Yeah, I was at the military headquarters serving as the Cang Dragon’s Head Sergeant.” Chen Fan said calmly.

    Chen Huaian was a resourceful man so Chen Fan knew that he couldn’t fool him. The old man had many connections and it was only a matter of time before he found out the truth.

    Lo and behold, Chen Huaian was taken aback by the news. “Head Sergeant of Cang Dragon? I have heard that only a General level officer can fill that position. Are you—”

    “Indeed, grandpa. I was promoted to the rank of General just recently.” Chen Fan said with a smile.

    Chen Huaian’s body shivered, spilling out half of the wine in his cup. However, he quickly gathered himself and let out a peal of laughter.”Haha! So it is true! The Chen Family really is going to take off in your hands. No one will dare to challenge us as long as you are still with us.”

    The old man’s face bloomed.

    Deep down, he was not satisfied with his sons and grandson’s achievement. Even Chen An did not live up to his expectations. He was cold and aloof and cared only for himself. However, to his surprise, his youngest grandson turned out to be the black horse and achieved greatness at such a young age.

    “Chen Family of Jin City is finally going to make a dent in the world.” The old man wagged his head and said, drunken by the pride and satisfaction in his mind.

    “Grandpa, I also have a question for you.” Chen Fan asked abruptly. “Do you know anything about that swatch of clearing inside the East Mountain?”

    “You mean the East Mountain Meadow?”

    Chen Huaian paused a second and then said with a solemn face; his smile evaporated from his face instantly.