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Chapter 216 - Fang Qiong Is My Girlfriend.

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 216: Fang Qiong Is My Girlfriend.

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    “Who says that I am your girl?” The tall and attractive girl gave Qiu Yilun an alluring glance and protested. However, her complaints sounded like flirting in the ears of Chen Fan.

    Greetings over, the three students finally learned that the girl’s name is Qian Lulu and she was the senior student who helped Qiu Yilun to his dorm when he first arrived. Today, they were planning a social for the boys in Chen Fan’s dorm and her dorm.

    “That would be awesome!” Zhang Mu’s eyes lit up with joy.

    However, Chen Fan and Qi Wangsun didn’t seem to be interested in the idea.

    “My roommates are all drop-dead gorgeous and so the competition is fierce. You guys better work hard.” As Qian Lulu scanned the boys in the room, she noticed that Zhang Mu and Qian Lulu were either too fat or too short, and Chen Fan also looked nothing extraordinary. Despite the pang of disappointment in her mind, she managed to keep a smile on her face

    “Will do! I will try my best!” Zhang Mu nodded and said.

    He was still a virgin and to be able to connect with gorgeous senior students was his dream come true.

    The Business School’s cafeteria was fully decked out, so much so that it was as fancy as a three-star hotel’s restaurant. There was Chinese food, Western food, and Thai Food. Needless to say that meals in this cafeteria cost a lot more than one’s average school lunch. Qiu Yilun had spent a great deal of his allowance and booked an entire section off. His generosity quickly caught Qian Lulu’s attention.

    When Qian Lulu’s roommates finally arrived, the boys reckoned that Qian Lulu had been telling them the truth. All three girls wore glamorous makeup, fashionable handbags and looked like white-collar office beauties. The one that stood in the middle of the three was particularly attractive and was as charming as female actresses.

    “Pan Li, Liu Xiaojin, Zhou Qinya.” Qian Lulu introduced the girls to the boys.

    Pan Li’s face was the least attractive of the three, however, she made up for it with her hot body and thicker make up. Her breasts were half exposed under her low cut shirt, threatening to pop out at any time. Liu Xiaojin was much more modest in her make-up and carried an artsy air about her. Finally, Zhou Qinya was the most attractive of the three. She had an egg-shaped face with delicate features, adding on her cold and aloof demeanor, she gave all the boys an unscratchable itch in their minds. Qian Lulu had told them that Zhou Qinya was the most popular girl in the Business School.

    “However, Qinya’s standards for her boy is very high, plus, she already has a boyfriend: an heir of a reputable family in the city. So you guys please just save your energy and use it on someone else.” Seeing Zhou Qinya and Qiu Yilun’s lewd glares directed at Zhou Qinya’s face, Qiu Yilun hurried to snip their fantasy in its nascency.

    “What a shame, I was going to introduce sister Qiu Yilun to my master.” Qiu Yilun heaved a sigh.

    “Oh? Who is your master?” Pan Li patted her lashes and asked.

    “I am the youngest in the dorm, so you know I am Sandy, Zhang Mu is the fat older one than me, so he is the Pigsy, while Brother Qi is small and older than Zhang Mu, so he is the Son Goku, the Monkey King, while the Master, of course, is Brother Chen. Haven’t I told you that Brother Chen was able to remain as stoic as a buddha statue even before my dad? Not even a lot of grown-ups can do that before my dad.” Qiu Yilun said as he gave Chen Fan a thumbs up.

    “Really? That’s funny you guys call each other after the book.” Pan Li, Liu Xiaojin and Qian Lulu giggled.

    However, Zhou Qinya didn’t seem to pay any attention to the conversation, all the while she looked down at her cell phone.

    Greetings over, everyone picked their seats. Pan Li sat beside Zhou Qinya, Qi Wangsun beside Liu Xiaojin and Zhou Qinya was beside Chen Fan. Neither Zhou Qinya or Chen Fan are the talkative kind and therefore they had let the two sit together.

    “Ah! Why don’t we play truth or dare? Do you all have girlfriends?” Qiu Yilun asked as she looked to Qiu Yilun.

    Qiu Yilun was tall and handsome, full of energy. The showy convoy that brought him here which consisted of many BMW, Mercedes-Benz were all too conspicuous to escape the girl’s notice. Seeing the license plates on their cars were all from Tian Nan Province, a rumor started to spread that Qiu Yilun was a rich heir of a powerful family from Tian Nan Province.

    “I don’t, I never have.” Zhang Mu answered readily.

    “I had a few before, but now my eyes are set on Sister Lulu only.” Qiu Yilun said mischievously as his arms wrapped around Qiu Yilun’s waist. Qiu Yilun pushed his hands away but without much determination.

    “I used to have one, but now I am single. ” Qi Wangsun pushed his eye glasses up his nose and said seriously.

    Liu Xiaojin seemed to be interested in Qi Wangsun and had tried to strike up a conversation with him; however, Qi Wangsun’s lukewarm attitude didn’t sit well with her.

    Chen Fan was the only person that knew the reason behind Qi Wangsun’s solemn expression. His family had arranged a marriage for him even when he was still in his mother’s womb. However, he was not at all interested in his arranged spouse and the bottled-up resentment finally drove him to go overseas and never return.

    “Your turn now, Master Chen Fan, do you have a girlfriend?” Qian Lulu asked curiously.

    By then, everyone would concur that Qiu Yilun’s description of Chen Fan was fitting. He sat calmly in his seat, impervious to the conversation around him. Even the hottest girl right next to him didn’t seem to agitate him even the slightest.

    “Yes.” Chen Fan’s answer caught everyone by surprise.

    “Really? Where is she? How did you get to know each other? Why don’t you introduce her to us?”

    “We were friends ever since childhood, and she is here, in Jin City University.” Chen Fan answered.

    “Wow! Jin City University?”

    Everyone became quiet after hearing the remark.

    Although the Business School was right next to the Jin City University and was technically a subdivision of the Jin City University, the students in the Business School couldn’t compare with the straight-A students that entered the Jin City University through fierce competition. Most kids in the Business School were sent here by their well-off families to go through the motions of getting a university degree. In the end, their degree was as useless as a piece of paper.

    The fact that Chen Fan had a girlfriend who was actually a student of the Jin City University surprised everyone. The revelation even caught Zhou Qinya’s attention, as she finally gave Chen Fan a surprised look.

    “Really? What’s her name?” Qian Lulu managed to ask.

    She found it hard to believe that a boy from the business school was able to hook up with a straight-A student from the Jin City University. Her surprise was compounded by the pedestrian look of the boy and his run-of-the-mill family background.

    “Her name is Fang Qiong, a freshman in the economy faculty.” Chen Fan answered.

    Chen Fan knew that he had to spend a great deal of his life with this group of people, so there was no point in hiding anything from them. Chen Fan knew that after this meeting, Qiu Yilun and Qian Lulu were going to be joined at the hip. Much later, Qiu Yilun would try to break up with the girl, but each time, Qian Lulu was able to win him back using tricks as desperate as getting herself pregnant.

    “Fang Qiong? I have heard of the name. People were saying that she was the most popular girl in her high school and many rich and powerful heirs were vying her for her affection. She was also said to be the most attractive girl among all the freshmen.” Zhou Qinya suddenly put in.

    “Rumor has it that she was the daughter of the owner of the Ming De Group: Fang Mingde. He is a multi-billionaire and was one of the richest men in Jin City. Is that the same girl as your girlfriend?”

    Attractive, smart and rich: she was the epitome of a perfect goddess.

    To marry such a deva, Chen Fan’s family’s reputation had to be at least a few notches higher than hers. Her boyfriend would have to be at the very least the son of a successful businessman or a blue-blooded heir of an aristocratic family. To be on the top rich list of the province would be a minimum requirement.

    She had to be the one since there couldn’t be two girls with the same name and the same age in the same faculty.

    The Fang Qiong in Chen Fan’s mouth was clearly the daughter of Fang Mingde. However, no one at the table could believe that Chen Fan would have such a deva as his girlfriend.

    Zhang Mu, Qian Lulu, and others looked to Chen Fan awkwardly and felt embarrassed for him. They were convinced that Chen Fan was bluffing, but the pretty little lie was exposed right away. The promise of drama and embracement piqued Pan Li’s interest. This was rich!

    “Ah, I think it must be a different person with the same name. There are so many new freshmen this year, it’s possible to have two girls with the same name.” Qiu Yilun tried to explain.

    “No, that is her.” to his surprise, Chen Fan nodded and said.


    Silence fell over the dining room again.

    After all, this was the first time they had met and lying was not the smartest thing to do. Zhou Qinya furrowed her brows and turned her head away from Chen Fan. Pan Li and the others had kept their silence, but their look was filled with contempt and disdain. They even started to view Qi Wangsun and Zhang Mu under different light after their friends’ behavior.

    Since the mood had soured, everyone focused their attention to finish up the food as quickly as possible and then left the party. After the girls were gone, Qiu Yilun heaved a sigh and lamented: “There goes your chance of getting a hot girlfriend.”

    Zhang Mu sat quietly, his mind was still on the sultry girl he had just met.

    Chen Fan rose to his feet and was about to leave. He didn’t have much time to fool around with these kids. He still needed to head into Jin City and seek information about the best possible land to cultivate the spirit herbs.

    A hint of suspicion flashed across Qi Wangsun’s eyes.

    He had been studying criminal psychology under a renewed international criminologist and therefore was able to detect the nuances of facial expression and body language while people were lying. A lying person would often display signs of shifty eyes and small behaviors that they didn’t even notice they were making. However, he couldn’t find any trace of those signs when Chen Fan was talking.

    “Could it be that Fang Qiong really was his girlfriend?”

    Qi Wangsun marveled as he suspected that there was more than what met the eye about this particular roommate.

    Nonetheless, Qi Wangsun was from an incredibly powerful family, and therefore he didn’t take this suspicion too seriously.

    After Qian Lulu and her friends returned to their dorm, Pan Li protested.

    “Lulu, what kind of boys are you trying to hook us up with? A bunch of country hillbillies! The Fat dude beside me is such a turn-off! He is going to crush me to death if we ever share the same bed.”

    “Just so! The nerdy boy never spoke a word while the other one kept on bluffing as if we are fools. Only that tall and handsome one beside you looked promising.” Liu Xiaojin lamented.

    “Heh, I had seen Qiu Yilun when he first arrived here. His family had sent half a dozen luxury cars with him and each one of those cars are worth over a million. He must be from a rich family. If not because Lulu acted first, I would have made a move on him.” Pan Li smiled mischievously.

    As the three girls chatted with each other, Zhou Qinya sat quietly by herself and was reading something on her phone.

    She had always been quiet and aloof so no one thought she was acting strange.

    Suddenly, her cell phone rang. After Zhou Qinya answered the phone, she nodded and then hang up immediately. Then she quickly grabbed her bag and headed downstairs.

    After Zhou Qinya was gone, Pan Li finally put in: “Must be her new boyfriend, the one driving the Ferrari.”

    “That dude is the heir of a rich family, some kind of a big deal in Jiang Bei. His grandfather is a general and his great uncle is also a big wig in the province. No wonder Qinya would fall for him.” Liu Xiaojin said.

    “That’s enough girl, stop gossiping.” Qian Lulu piped up.

    However, her voice was also filled with envy.

    Compared to Zhou Qinya’s boyfriend, Qiu Yilun was nothing extraordinary.