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Chapter 215 - Catalyst Essence Serum

Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator
     Chapter 215: Catalyst Essence Serum

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    The news of a handsome and young visiting professor arriving at the biology department quickly swept across the biology department and spread into other faculties in the university.

    There were all sorts of opinions about this development. Some older professors shook their heads and lamented the current low standards of the Jinlin City University. The title of Visiting Professor at the biology department carried much more weight than that of the fine arts and should never be so easily given to anyone without strong technical background and experience. In addition, to run a public open elective was not a small task and the quality of the class also had important implications.

    What young boy less than twenty years old knew anything about Life Science?

    Driven by envy, the young instructors of the school filed into the School Principal’s office and lodged their protest for this brazen nepotism.

    When Xue Jiao returned her office, she was greeted by a roomful of people. They asked her right away.

    “Xue Jiao, do you have a handle on Professor Chen’s background? Is he from another university?”

    “Xiao Xue, whos ass did he have to kiss to get in here?”

    “Sister Xue, how does Professor Chen look? Is he really as handsome as everyone says?”

    Xue Jiao was bombarded by questions that she had no answers to. She hurried a reply: “I really don’t know the answers. Professor Chen doesn’t seem to talk much. However, I believe he has never been an instructor anywhere, he likely was a student before this.”

    “A student filling the visiting professor’s position?” The entire office boiled over.

    Xue Jiao immediately regretted her words. Seeing the green light in everyone’s eyes, she hurried to explain: “But I can tell Professor Chen knows about Life Science and he used to work at the military.”

    “Hehe, Xiao Qi, you are too gullible.” An old assistant professor shook his head and lamented. “Even if we generously assume that he is a prodigy and is able to finish his university at the age of 14, he would still need two to three years to finish his Masters and Ph.D. degree. That would put him around seventeen. So you do the math, and tell me how many years he had been solely devoted to his research?”

    “Scientific research takes time. Every project we are running would take at least one to two years if not even longer. The only way to suddenly rise to prominence at such a young age is to steal other people’s work.”

    “Just so! Professor Hu is right!” Many people nodded and said.

    “The kids nowadays can’t even leave the research field alone. It’s the last bastion of honesty and integrity, yet, they had to come here and mess things up! What a shame, what a shame!” Another old professor lamented vehemently.

    Han Dongyu cracked a cold smile and then returned to his own work. He had never considered Chen Fan his worthy opponent.

    Feeling everyone’s doubt toward Chen Fan, Xue Jiao started to waver as well.

    Chen Fan really didn’t have the vibe of a well-learned and renowned biologist.

    “Is he really after the fame of being a visiting professor?”

    Xue Jiao thought to herself.

    After Chen Fan returned to the Business School, he had changed his appearance back to his former self.

    “Brother Chen, you are back!” Zhang Mu was the only person that said hi to him when Chen Fan entered the dorm.

    Qiu Yilun buried his head in the large volume of English textbook, while Qiu Yilun was nowhere to be seen. Chen Fan walked over to the bed and laid down. He closed his eyes and started to plan his cultivation project.

    “Jin City was surrounded by mountains and rivers that were filled with Spirit Qi. It would be great if I could find a location that was similar to the Yun Wu Mountain so that I could cast a large Spirit Gathering Array much larger than the one I cast before. This Spirit Gathering Array will have to be large enough to cover a dozen acres that I will be using to cultivate spirit herbs.”

    “Although I have the Yi Wood Spirit Qi that can promote the growth of the herbs, I won’t be able to do everything myself due to the scale of the task. I remembered something called ‘Catalyst Essence Serum’ that could kick off the growth of the spirit herbs. Let me see… what was the recipe for the serum?”

    Chen Fan recalled in his mind.

    In the realm of Immortal Cultivation, there were countless means to boost the growth of a spirit herb. The simplest method was to grow the herb in an environment that was filled with Spirit Qi, such as the sacred ground at the center of the True Martial Celestial Sect. There, the spirit herbs could grow a few centimeters each day and within ten days, the herbs could reach the same maturity as a thousand-year-old herbs in the mortal world. In addition, there were many growth-boosting serums and solutions one could use on the herbs.

    However, earth lacked the ingredients to create those solutions.

    The condition on earth reminded Chen Fan of a few other Qi-deprived planets he had visited, where cultivators had used the power of technology to advance their cultivation due to the severe lack of Qi.

    “This Catalyst Essence Serum required a specific kind of yeast to create. The main function of the serum was to boost the growth of the spirit herbs. However, it was also useful in strengthening the human’s body, just like the Yun Wu Spirit Water.” Chen Fan thought to himself as he rubbed his chin.

    On the other hand, Yun Wu Spirit Water could also be used as a replacement of the serum. However, the production of Yun Wu Spirit Water was limited and was not enough to irrigate a few dozen acres of land.

    However, the Catalyst Essence Serum was a much more practical solution. It was a byproduct of a microorganism that consumes Essence Qi. These microorganisms were fast-growing and could produce over a ton of serum a day with ease. These microorganisms were not picky eaters either. They could consume not only Spirit Qi but also Malice Qi, Yin Qi, Death Qi, and Solar Qi. Therefore, these microorganisms could survive and thrive even without the Spirit Gathering Array.

    Although earth lacked Spirit Qi, it had abundant energy in other forms that couldn’t be easily used by cultivators. The Solar Qi, for example, to absorb it required a very special art that focused on Yang energy. Or, one would have to wait until he reached the Golden Core state when he could utilize all forms of energy in the universe. A low-level cultivator should stick with Spirit Qi since it was the most tamed energy in nature.

    “The serum combined with the Spirit Gathering Array and the Yi Wood Spirit Qi could increase the growth of the spirit herbs by ten fold. It would only take ten years for a herb to achieve as much energy as a thousand year old spirit herb.” Chen Fan calculated. But then he shook his head.

    “Unfortunately, the effect of the serum could not compare with the Spirit Qi on the prime planets for cultivation. On those planets, normal Spirit herbs grew and spread like dandelions. If a mortal was born on that planet, the environment factor alone could ensure the mortal to live longer than two hundred years. If I was able to land on those planets, I would be able to reach Connate Spirit level in one year and the Golden Core level in three.”

    Chen Fan lamented as he knew it was impossible for him to land on those planets right now.

    Since he was reborn on earth, he would have to make use of what he had.

    Chen Fan’s dire need for Spirit Qi was exacerbated by the requirement of the Azure Thearch Longevity Body Art. Should he cultivate any other art during the Ethereal Enlightenment level, the array should be able to provide him enough spirit qi. However, the Azure Thearch Longevity Body dictated that Chen Fan would have to consume as much Spirit Qi as a cultivator at Divine Sea level. Right now, Chen Fan’s only solution was to use elixirs and Spirit Pills. Thanks to the powerful Spirit Body that came with the Art of Azure Thearch Longevity Body, he could consume an unlimited amount of Spirit Pills without worrying about the side effects.

    “The Catalyst Essence Serum required not only cultivation techniques but also sophisticated scientific technology. I wonder if the scientific development on earth is up to the task.”

    The biology department at the Jin City University was on the top five list of all biology departments in China. Chen Fan would have to look into the national research labs if he wished to find any better facilities. However, it was not easy to get into the national research labs due to their high clearance level.

    “Well, I guess after my work is done, the faculty would rise to the top of the ranking.”

    Chen Fan shook his head and thought to himself.

    He started to question how practical his plan was. He would need helping hands while creating the large Spirit Gathering Array as well as taking care of the spirit herbs. He reckoned that there were not a lot of people in China that still possessed the knowledge of casting an array. Even the Seven Malice Poison Array at the Medicine God Valley Sect was cast by the Great Magus of the Dark Witch Sect a few hundred years ago.

    As for growing spirit herbs, he wagered that his best bet was in the Medicine God Valley Sect and the Li Family of Green Vines.

    Spirit herb cultivation required intensive care. It needed to be irrigated at the right time, several times a day. In addition, the worker needs to cast Wood Element spells to strengthen the herb and rid it of diseases. Therefore, this task definitely required a Wood Element cultivator.

    After the Spirit herb was harvested, Chen Fan would need help in turning them into elixirs. Chen Fan simply didn’t have the time nor the energy to do it all by himself. This was where the alchemists from the Medicine God Valley Sect came into play.

    “Before I left the Medicine God Valley Sect, I gave them many scrolls on elixir brewing. If they studied hard, their elixir brewing capability should have increased significantly by now. Even if that was the case, their abilities were just on par with the lowest rank of alchemist disciples in the real cultivation world.”

    “The creation of the Catalyst Essence Serum remains a problem. I will need help refining this serum. I have plenty of alchemists, but what I really need here is a biologist.”

    Chen Fan laid on his bed and heaved a sigh.

    He suddenly felt the difficulties of the task at hand.

    If he forsook the plan altogether, he would have to hide in the mountains and cultivate in seclusion for a few decades before he could be anywhere close to the Golden Core.

    “I don’t have decades to waste away, time is ticking as we speak and Xiao Qiong is still waiting.”

    Chen Fan shook his head helplessly.

    “But what’s the hurry anyway. I have achieved the Azure Thearch Longevity Body, so long as I avoid conflict with an army, I should be able to do things at my own pace without difficulties. I still have time.”

    Chen Fan rubbed his chin and contemplated if he should form a sect and take in a few disciples

    Although he had taught a thing or two to A’Xiu and Wu Shanhe, he didn’t truly disclose all the secrets in the art. However, the situation genuinely called for more helping hands and therefore Chen Fan started to feel the need to have a few disciples.

    Even so, Chen Fan would not teach them any immortal cultivation arts from the True Martial Celestial Sect.

    Dao never came easily.

    He had survived against all odds and finally became the true disciple of the True Martial Celestial Sect. Therefore, anyone who wished to become his disciple would have to go through the same tormenting process to prove his devotion and dedication.

    Even as Chen Fan thought so, Qiu Yilun walked into the room with a tall and attractive girl. His face bloomed like a flower.

    “Hey, bros! Listen up, I and my girl have some business to discuss with you.”